After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 36

Chapter 36 The most decisive denial, come and fight if you don’t believe it.

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“This is the most straightforward rumor dispelling I’ve ever seen.”

“You accuse me of cheating? Fine, then come and take the test with me again, 6666…”

“After finally finishing the monthly exam, who in the world wants to relive the nightmare?”

“Why not let Jiang Fuyue take the test alone?”

“Why should she take the test alone? Oh, so rumor-mongers can just flap their gums without paying a price? That seems a bit too low-cost…”

“Stop arguing and look at the test papers!”

“I have to say, Jiang Fuyue’s handwriting is pretty good.”

“She started her essay with such a strong opening sentence. Indeed, parallelism is an easy way to get high marks.”

“Why are the answers to the last few questions on the math reference paper all ‘omitted’?”

“It’s the same for physics.”

“Chemistry isn’t any better…”

“Uh! If everything is ‘omitted,’ then how can we cheat?”

There was silence at the scene.

“People who had the detailed answers didn’t cheat either. Look at this question, the answer is a very traditional method – substituting numbers first, and then solving step by step. But Jiang Fuyue proved this formula first, and then directly applied it later, putting the numbers in and getting the answer in one step…”

“Wow! That saved so many steps. No wonder the test paper looks so clean and neat.”

“Come and look at her English essay. What does this word mean? And this one… why do I feel like I can’t pronounce them? The meanings are also weird.”

“Ling Xuan, do you know?”

“……beast means wild animal. This is a famous quote from Aristotle, A loner is either a beast or a God – those who live alone are either a beast or a god.”

“Famous quote, feels so cultured.”

“Both received the same compulsory education, why is she so outstanding?”


Sun Cheng’s arm was draped over Ling Xuan’s shoulder, listening to the continuous sighs and amazement around him, he chuckled, “Clear logic, smooth writing, and using classical allusions while also incorporating humor, I’d give her full marks too. Don’t you agree, Ah Xuan?”

Ling Xuan brushed off his hand and turned back.

“Hey…” Sun Cheng caught up, grinning, “Don’t you have anything to say?”

“What is there to say?” Ling Xuan’s footsteps didn’t stop.

“Jiang Fuyue didn’t cheat and got first place.”

“So?” He raised an eyebrow.

“She beat you.”

“…D*mn it.” The word “beat” made him furious.

Sun Cheng said, “Do you feel threatened now?”

“Shut up.”

“I suspect you’re ashamed and angry.”

Ling Xuan’s forehead twitched. “There won’t be a next time.”

Sun Cheng asked, “Next time for what?”

Next time hearing him say this kind of thing again? Or… next time letting Jiang Fuyue take first place?



Jiang Fuyue’s test paper and answer key were posted on the school forum less than five minutes after being released.

【Clarification post: Did not steal exam papers or answers, there’s evidence to prove it. Those who don’t believe can come and challenge me! Those spreading rumors are not good people!】

Original poster [WanWanNever]: … Based on analysis, Jiang Fuyue got a full score based on her abilities. Who else dares to shamelessly accuse her of cheating?

Comment 1 [SisterHanImtheBiggest]: Agree! Fuyue is amazing!

Comment 2 [GeGeNotDreaming]: Rumor spreaders should die!

Comment 3 [SiSiHeartbeat]: A group of envious people! Heaven has its ways of dealing with those who do wrong.

At that moment, Wan Xiutong, Jiang Han, Ge Meng, and Liu Sisi were gathered together, intently staring at their phones and typing quickly.

Jiang Han: “There’s someone on the 46th comment who insulted my Fuyue. Sisters, let’s go and attack!”

Ge Meng: “Got it!”

Liu Sisi: “Already on it.”

Two minutes later–

“Huh? Why isn’t he responding?”

“Did we kill him with our insults?”

Wan Xiutong timidly raised her hand and shyly pursed her lips. “Um… I banned him from commenting.”

“…” You’re the original poster, you can do what you like.

Grade office.

“Old Yu, are you still playing with your phone? Did you finish looking at the questions I gave you?”

“Almost!” Yu Wenzhou didn’t even raise his head, tapping away on his phone.

Comment 296 [LittleGossipExpert]: Jiang Fuyue is a good classmate.

Comment 301 [LittleGossipExpert]: Getting a full score on an exam isn’t luck, it’s skill, and even more so, talent.

Comment 317 [LittleGossipExpert]: I suspect her IQ is 180. Do you believe it?

“Old Yu!” Meng Zhijian slammed his mouse down and stormed over to him.

“Yu Wenzhou flicked his hand, turned the screen down and said, “Hey hey… just about to look over it, now I’ll get started immediately! Oh, by the way, did Jiang Fuyue agree to join the physics class competition?”

“I talked to her, we’re starting this week.”

“Well, then we need to prepare well…” Remembering the perfect score test paper, Yu Wenzhou’s eyes lit up and he rubbed his hands together in anticipation.

He was eager to know what Jiang Fuyue’s limits were.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve come across such a talent…”

Meng Zhijian raised his eyebrows and said, “Then why don’t you take a look at the questions? I need to print them and we have to use them on Thursday.”

“What about my lab class?”

He and Meng Zhijian were responsible for the lab class and the written test respectively.

The lab class and written test should have been conducted at the same time, but since the physics class of No 1 HighSchool had not achieved any outstanding results in recent years, the lab class was suspended.

Meng Zhijian also lowered the difficulty of the written test, no longer requiring students to reach the level of the physics competition class, but only expanding on the basic textbooks.

Rather than calling it a “physics class,” it was more like a “physics extracurricular tutoring class.”

Now that Jiang Fuyue had joined, Meng and Yu wanted to cultivate this promising student well and could not continue to stay at this level of difficulty.

So Meng Zhijian re-planned the training schedule and stayed up late to find many new questions.

But he felt like he had forgotten something important…

It wasn’t until after school in the afternoon that Zhao Tiejun had received no “objections” about Jiang Fuyue’s exam results.


When spreading rumors, everyone was talking non-stop, giving those people a chance to speak, now they all backed down.

He picked up the phone: “Principal, it’s all taken care of.”


“What about investigating the source of the rumors?”

“Go ahead, this Jiang student is not easy to fool.”

Zhao Tiejun’s scalp tightened. After hanging up the phone, he whispered, “Indeed, not easy to fool…”

The school was so small, and the sophomore year was even smaller.

With only a few hundred people back and forth, it was impossible to withstand a thorough investigation, especially with the “black posts” on the school forum exposing Jiang Fuyue’s cheating in the exam.

Although the poster used an anonymous mode, with a little effort, the IP address could be traced, and the person behind it would be exposed.

Looking at the investigation results in his hand, Zhao Tiejun shook his head and sighed, “These young brats really don’t know their limits!”

Li Xue panicked.

She had lost her footing ever since she found out that the anonymous post couldn’t be deleted.

Why did the administrator lock her post?

Did they suspect something?

Or were they investigating and tracking it?

So they had to keep a record?

She quickly erased her browsing history, cancelled her posting account, and even changed her phone after going home.

Just as she breathed a sigh of relief, thinking she could relax, Zhao Tiejun’s recognizable voice sounded, standing at the door of the classroom like a towering mountain, “Li Xue, come to my office.”

The girl’s face turned pale…

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