After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 4

Chapter 004 School Grass Ling Xuan, Sister Yue counter-kills

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The messenger was a girl from the same class.

Jiang Fuyue was not familiar with her. In any case, there was no such person in the original owner’s memories.

Unsure if it was because her voice was already loud or if she was being intentional, anyways this roar was so loud that when Jiang Fuyue got up and went out, countless gossipy eyes followed closely.

“Ling Xuan…” A girl murmured in a daze, “Why is he looking for Jiang Fuyue?”

In the corridor.

Ling Xuan looked at the girl in front of him and couldn’t help but be startled.

She had a small, palm-sized face and pale, snow-white skin. Her hair was tied into a ponytail which revealed a smooth forehead, and she had a pair of peach blossom eyes that reflected the waves, flowing and transparent. The moment she looked at him, it seemed to hold a magical attraction, alluring and seductive.

“What’s the matter?” Compared to the other party’s overly focused look, Jiang Fuyue only glanced coldly.

She had to admit that he was indeed a handsome boy. He was tall, fair-skinned, and thin with broad shoulders and long legs. Even in the most ordinary school uniform, it was hard to hide the brilliance of his self-confidence.

She just did not expect that the original owner, who was such a surly person, would actually like this kind of noble and benevolent character.

But on second thought, it was not surprising that the more you don’t have something, the more desirable it would be.

“Jiang Fuyue?” Ling Xuan regained his senses and put away his momentary gaffe.

But, how did this woman seem to have changed overnight?

“What’s the matter?” she asked again, impatience hidden in her brows.

Ling Xuan raised his eyebrows, this reaction…

Oh, it’s kind of interesting.

“I’m here to tell you that I have a girl I like, hence I can’t accept your confession, sorry.”

The tone was sincere, the attitude was earnest, and even the guilty expression was quite in place.

It’s a pity that the volume that was never lowered revealed his glaring malice.

Jiang Fuyue glanced at the door frame, where the crowd was eavesdropping on the commotion because of this shocking gossip, and her eyes suddenly turned cold.

However, Ling Xuan didn’t seem to notice and he was still acting like a graceful young man who was in distress after being confessed, still gentle even when he rejected her.

Only then did Jiang Fuyue look at him, and suddenly, she smiled: “It was just a bet, I didn’t expect you to really believe it.?”

Three points nasty, seven points ridicule.

The young man was stunned.

The crowd of melon eaters looked at each other in dismay.

Whereas Jiang Fuyue had already turned and returned to the classroom. That was being calm and indifferent.

In the afternoon, the gossip spread like wildfire throughout the second grade in just a few hours——

Jiang Fuyue from class 3 made a bet with others and ran to confess to School Grass Ling. Unexpectedly, Ling Xuan took it seriously and especially went to the door of the other person’s classroom and rejected her face-to-face.

“Uh… Am I the only one who thinks School Grass Ling is a little embarrassed?”

“Brother, don’t panic, me too.”




“A boy rejecting a girl’s confession in front of so many people, it doesn’t seem very polite.”

“According to the commenter upstairs, anyone who confesses to Ling Xuan, as long as it’s a girl, he has to agree, otherwise it’s rude?”

“Hehe, I finally saw how a gangster replies today. Please read clearly, I emphasized ‘in front of so many people’, understand? The school is so big, why do you have to say it at the door of the classroom? Even if you want to say it, is it difficult to be a little quieter?”

“Although what Ling Xuan did was inappropriate, Jiang Fuyue was even worse. She actually used this kind of thing as a bet, she was not punished, but Ling Xuan was accused, where are your brains?”


The forums on campus have never lacked enthusiasm, especially news related to the most handsome boy in school, but in just a few hours, the building had been built hundreds of stories high.

There were those who helped Ling Xuan, and there were those who degraded him, instead, Jiang Fuyue was not mentioned much.

The main reason was that this person was too notorious. As the saying goes, debts do not weigh down on the body, and dead pigs are not afraid of being scalded.

Ling Xuan was different.

As the well-known School Grass, as well as a straight-A sophomore, this person was like a god high above, being looked up to and worshipped, but one day the god suddenly fell to the ground, how can everyone not be excited?

Jiang Fuyue smirked, shoved her phone into the hole in the table, and looked up at the blackboard.

Well, this physics class is not bad.


Sophomore’s class 1.

“D*mn! Do these people have sh*t in their heads? Instead of scolding Jiang Fuyue, they criticized you instead?” 

The boy twirled the pen in his hand and suddenly raised his head: “Do you also think that she came to confess to me because of a bet? “


“Is it not? It can’t be because she likes you, right?” Sun Cheng blurted out without thinking.

Ling Xuan’s eyes narrowed slightly: “Why?”

“Ah? Why what?”

The boy’s jaw tightened, and seriousness flashed in his eyes: “Why can’t she like me?”

It wasn’t a joke, he was asking seriously.

Sun Cheng’s expression became weird: “Jiang Fuyue, that person? Can she like others? Hmm…..” He shuddered suddenly, goosebumps appearing, “It’s hard to imagine.”

Ling Xuan frowned.

“Besides, the two of you have nothing to do with each other, and haven’t even spoken a few words, right? She has no reason to like you. Well, although you are the most handsome boy in school, I feel that Jiang Fuyue is so arrogant, her eyes should be different from ordinary people……”

Ling Xuan understood why everyone believed in Jiang Fuyue.


This girl is really too rotten.

“No, Ah Xuan…” Sun Cheng reacted and widened his eyes, “Don’t tell me towards her you……”

Ling Xuan’s eyes suddenly sank: “Not possible.”

“Yes, you definitely won’t like this type of girl. Should I take care of this post? Would you like me to help you block——” Sun Cheng made a gesture of slitting his neck.

“Ignore it.” Just a bunch of boring people.

It’s just Jiang Fuyue……

He kept feeling that there was something strange. The girl who gathered up the courage to stand in front of him yesterday, lowering her eyes and saying the words “I like you” shyly and timidly, and today’s cold-eyed girl that went against him, were they really the same person?

Those kinds of unintentional nervousness and shyness, Ling Xuan was all too familiar with, as all the female classmates who confessed to him were the same.

It couldn’t be faked!

So, what exactly does Jiang Fuyue want to do?

Doing the opposite to show her uniqueness?

Or to play hard to catch and arouse his interest in her first?

Ling Xuan was thoughtful. If he knew earlier, he wouldn’t have thrown away that love letter, he should have opened it up to have a look…

“By the way, Ah Xuan,” Sun Cheng suddenly said, “Have you finished the competition’s pre-test paper given by Old Xu? I thought about the last proof question for a long time and couldn’t come up with the answer.”


The physics teacher was a “middle-aged internet addict” who loved surfing the internet.

As soon as the post on the school forum came out, he was silently peeping at the screen. During the afternoon class, it was inevitable that he would pay more attention to the “heroine” Jiang Fuyue.

This attention was incredible, the last place in class was actually listening to his lectures carefully?

Yu Wenzhou thought that he had to give the scumbag student a chance to improve and then pointed at Jiang Fuyue to get up and answer the question.

Hey, she even got it right!

“Student Jiang, keep it up! You can do it!” Yu Wenzhou stepped over to her side after class and suddenly dropped such a sentence.


This was the last class. Jiang Fuyue packed her schoolbag and hung it on her shoulder. When she left the classroom, she was blocked before she could go downstairs.

Looking at the fat girl leading the group in front of her, she smiled.

An acquaintance……


Ling Xuan: “Not possible.”


After a while, “My face hurts a bit.”

1校草 School Grass (direct translation) : a term/nickname for the most handsome boy (either in school or grade)

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