After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Running Errands for Her, Li Xue’s Unease

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“Brother Hu, you finally came!”

Hu Ben stood in the shadows, lit a cigarette in his hand, and glanced at the restaurant in front of him: “When did they go in?”

Little Six took out his phone and checked the time: “Half an hour ago.”

“Hmph, these b*stards couldn’t wait to go to the restaurant as soon as they came out!” another little brother cursed. He was still hungry!

Hu Ben was also hungry, but he still owed Jiang Fuyue a favor. He could fill his stomach after finishing it.

That’s right, Jiang Fuyue reported to the police and taught him how to escape, but all of this came at a cost.

“Bring out some spirit! We’ll go straight into the black alley across the street later and deal with them!”

Little Six said, “Don’t worry, I’ve already had our brothers set up an ambush.”

Hu Ben asked, “Are the sacks and wooden sticks ready?”

Little Six nodded, “They’re all ready, and we also have rope.”

“Great job!”


Compared to Little Six’s unquestioning obedience, the other little brother was clearly more lively. He couldn’t figure it out: “Brother Hu, that female student was clearly playing us. Those bodyguards came for her, but she tricked them into coming over to our side and used us as henchmen. In the end, she even reported the incident like a madman. Why are we helping her now?”

Hu Ben took a drag of his cigarette, exhaling a plume of white smoke that conveniently veiled the frustration between his brows. 

He remembered the two sentences Jiang Fuyue whispered in his ear before the police stormed into the alley: 

The first sentence: “Don’t forget our agreement. Once this is over, we’re even.” 

Implication: Even if you know I’m playing tricks, there’s nothing you can do to hold me accountable. 

The second sentence: “If you don’t want to be detained, do me a favor.” 

Hu Ben reluctantly agreed, biting his teeth and accepting the situation, even though he felt unwilling. 

“Brother! They’re coming out!” 

“Let’s go!” 

In the pitch-black alley, the sound of clubs landing on their targets echoed, accompanied by muffled cries of pain, ultimately fading into silence. 

“Brother, it’s done.” 

Hu Ben looked at the five sacks before him, kicking each one in frustration. “Thought you were tough, huh? Hmph.” 

“Open the sacks,” he pointed casually. 

Little Six stepped forward, and soon a bodyguard was released, but his mouth was stuffed with something, so he was only able to emit a muffled whimper of discontent. “You still dare to make noise?” Hu Ben went up and threw a couple of punches, subduing the person before continuing. Soon enough, the bodyguard yielded.

“Hiss… Whose socks are these? They stink so d*mn bad.”

“I ask, you answer. If you dare to lie, you won’t walk out of this alley in one piece. Got it?”

The bodyguard was intimidated by his aura. “I understand, I understand…”

“Why were you tracking Jiang Fuyue?”

“The Eldest Miss instructed me to do so.”

“What were your plans for her?”

The bodyguard’s eyes flickered.


At 8 pm, Jiang Fuyue was on her fifth exam paper, while Little Brother Jiang had just finished the questions she assigned.

“Sister, I’m done.”

Jiang Fuyue looked down and saw that his thinking was clear and the answers were correct.

“Not bad.”

“Did I get full marks?” The young boy looked at her with shining eyes.


He leaned his head a bit closer.

Jiang Fuyue didn’t understand.

He leaned in again, his eyes full of expectation.

“What are you doing?”

“Sis… Do you think my hair has grown longer?”

“I didn’t notice…” She realized he was subtly acting cute.

Jiang Fuyue’s eyes lit up with a smile as she reached out and ruffled his hair.

Little Brother Jiang felt satisfied.

At that moment, a vibration came from her pocket. Jiang Fuyue asked him to continue studying and went to the living room.

A text message came in from an unknown number.

She clicked it open —

[Those people were preparing to take compromising photos of you and post them online.]

The words were short, but Jiang Fuyue stared at them for two full minutes.

When she looked up again, her eyes were dark, and a sinister light flickered within.

“Sis, are you going out?”

“Mm.” Jiang Fuyue put on her coat. “Can I borrow your cap?”

“Sure!” Jiang Chenxing quickly dug it out of the closet and handed it to her. “Where are you going?”

“Running an errand.”

“Can I come with you?”

“No, you can’t.”

“…Oh.” Little Brother Jiang looked disappointed.

“I’ll bring you some late night snacks when I come back.”

“Okay!” His tail wagged again.

Jiang Fuyue left the house and headed straight for the internet cafe, stepping into the darkness. She had changed out of her school uniform into black clothes and pants, and the brim of her hat covered most of her face. With her height, no one would have thought she was a high school student.

She paid the internet cafe manager ten yuan and walked straight to the computer at the far end of the last row. With the sound of the keyboard clacking, a large amount of code appeared on the screen. Soon, information about a company called “Charm Daily Necessities” appeared before her eyes, including not only the information that could be found through legal channels, but also a lot of confidential information.

For example, the boss behind the company is surnamed Li.

And also, the daily revenue of this company and its huge cash flow are not proportional at all.

Having obtained the information she wanted, Jiang Fuyue erased all traces, took care of everything, and left quickly. The time was neither long nor short, exactly one hour.

On the way back, Jiang Fuyue passed by a private restaurant and went in. Ten minutes later, she came out empty-handed.

“Sister, you’re back,” Little Brother Jiang ran to open the door for her, ears perked up like a dog waiting for praise.

“Mhm, did you finish your homework?”

“I finished it and also did a set of English questions, and studied the text for half an hour,” he said, looking at Jiang Fuyue with eager anticipation.

“Good boy,” Jiang Fuyue praised him, and Little Brother Jiang blushed.

“For being so diligent, I’ll reward you with a big meal,” she said, and as soon as she finished speaking, there was a knock at the door.

“Hello, your takeout is here.”

Ten minutes later, Jiang Chenxing looked at the exquisite meal in front of him, trying to swallow his saliva.

“Sis, this is…”

“Late night snacks.”

“Is it really expensive?”

“It’s okay as long as it tastes good.”


They saved some food for Jiang Da and Han Yunru, and the siblings began to eat.

Ten minutes later, Jiang Fuyue put down her chopsticks and said, “I’m full. The rest is up to you.”

Little Brother Jiang cutely pursed his lips and began to devour the food…

Mmm! This lobster is so big!

This meatball is so smooth and bouncy!

And that plate of tofu, even though it’s supposed to be vegetarian, why does it taste like meat?

The blueberry yam drink is so good…

Jiang Fuyue sat beside him, watching with great interest, feeling like she could eat some more.

That night, Little Brother Jiang didn’t go to bed hungry.

Jiang Fuyue had a good night’s sleep and felt refreshed when she went to class the next day. As soon as she stepped into the classroom, she felt a beam of eyes staring at her. She looked over and caught Li Xue’s expression of unwillingness and resentment.

Jiang Fuyue, with no emotions, gave her a slight smirk.

Li Xue frowned fiercely. What happened yesterday? Did the bodyguards succeed? Why haven’t they replied to her messages yet?

Jiang Fuyue’s behavior was too normal, as if nothing had happened…

But that smile was too eerie, as if brewing something that was about to explode.

Li Xue was uneasy throughout the morning, and tried to contact the bodyguards several times, but every message and call seemed to have disappeared into thin air.

She had a feeling that something bad was going to happen.

Soon, her premonition came true…

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