After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 57

Chapter 57 Physics Competition Preliminary Test, First to Submit

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On the day of the exam, the sun was shining and people’s moods were also bright.

The exam was held at Second Highschool, and Jiang Fuyue arrived on time.

In the same exam room with her were Liu Bowen and Hou Siyuan, but their seats were separated.

Half an hour before the exam.

The two came to find Jiang Fuyue-

Liu Bowen clasped his hands together: “Please bestow me with the power, Goddess, to answer all the questions and get them all right.”

Hou Siyuan closed his eyes: “Amen.”

Jiang Fuyue: “…”

A burst of laughter came from the back seat, and a girl covered her mouth, saying, “Where did these three crazies come from?”

At 8:40, the invigilator entered the room with the exam papers.

At 9 o’clock, the exam officially began.

After receiving the exam paper, Jiang Fuyue didn’t rush to start writing, but instead browsed through it from beginning to end.

The exam was out of a total of 200 points, with mechanics accounting for nearly 50%, followed by electricity at 25%, and thermodynamics and optics at about 10% each. The rest was modern physics.

There were three types of questions: multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, and calculation.

The multiple-choice questions were all worth 6 points if answered correctly, 3 points if partially correct, and 0 points if wrong or not answered. There were a total of 5 questions, which Jiang Fuyue finished in three minutes.

Next were the fill-in-the-blank questions, with a total of 5 questions, each worth 10 points.

The question stem wasn’t too complex, only three or four lines of text, and the meaning was also easy to understand. The only difficulty was probably the amount of calculation.

Liu Bowen got stuck on the third question, as the first calculation step resulted in an infinitely repeating decimal. To ensure the accuracy of the final result, he expressed it as a fraction. The next step also led to an infinite and repeating result, and from then on, he was like he had been cursed with an infinite and repeating spell.

Since he gave up on keeping three decimal places from the beginning and instead used a fractional form, the numerator and denominator became increasingly larger towards the end.

Liu Bowen looked at the final result he had calculated, his eyes blackening, and began to doubt whether he had made a mistake in one of the earlier steps. It shouldn’t be like this…

After struggling for two minutes, he decided to start over from scratch and keep three decimal places this time.

While Liu Bowen was still struggling with his calculations, Jiang Fuyue had already finished half of the calculation questions.

Compared to the multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank questions, the calculation questions are not in the same league in terms of the complexity of the question stems or the examination of students’ comprehensive knowledge application.

The only thing worth being happy about is that the numbers are not complicated, and the amount of calculation is moderate, at least better than the fill-in-the-blank section.

There are 6 large questions, each worth 20 points, and the difficulty increases gradually.

However, for Jiang Fuyue, there was no difference between the increasing and decreasing difficulty, only the difference between knowing and not knowing.

Zhang Ju is the person in charge of physics competition training at Second Highschool. Over the years, relying on outstanding teaching and rich competition experience, she has won many honors for Second Highschool, easily crushing their old rival, No. 1 High School.

In recent years, the physics competition at No. 1 High School has been declining, while Second Highschool has been making great strides under her leadership.

Zhang Ju stood in the middle of the classroom, with a cold gaze scanning around. When passing by a certain seat, she couldn’t help but soften.

Originally, she shouldn’t have appeared in this exam room, but her daughter also participated in this preliminary exam, and she was worried, so she exchanged places with her colleague.

From the distribution of exam papers until now, her daughter’s state was obviously good, and she was controlling the rhythm with a calm and composed demeanor.

Zhang Ju looked satisfied.

After all, she is her own flesh and blood, and she has taught her so

Jiang Fuyue: “I want to turn in my test paper.”

Ten minutes ago, she had finished the test, but the rules stated that test papers could only be turned in after forty minutes had passed. That’s why she had to wait until now.

Zhang Ju suppressed the astonishment that appeared in her eyes, raised her wrist to check the time, and found that it was exactly forty minutes.

“Are you sure you want to turn in your test paper?”

Jiang Fuyue nodded. “Yes.”

At that moment, the sound of brushing and answering questions in the entire examination room seemed to stagnate for a moment. Many people looked up in her direction.

Zhang Ju’s peripheral vision swept over the seat behind her, and she found that her daughter, like everyone else, had been distracted. Her brow furrowed involuntarily.

“Organize your test paper and draft paper on the desk, and then stand up and leave quietly.”

Jiang Fuyue followed the instructions and left the classroom, escorted by another invigilator, to the rest area.

Zhang Ju didn’t look at the test paper, although she really wanted to. It was against the rules.

All test papers must be left untouched until the end of the test. When all the candidates have left in an orderly manner, the front and back doors closed, and at least two invigilators were present then can any test paper or draft paper be touched. Otherwise, it would be a serious violation.

However, Zhang Ju couldn’t resist glancing at the top two blank draft papers, which contained nothing except two simple formulas.

It’s probably someone sent by a school to fill up the numbers, no wonder they left as soon as the time is up. 

Zhang Ju shook her head and didn’t think much of it.

Meanwhile, Jiang Fuyue, who had been taken to the rest area, was being monitored by invigilators and four cameras.

She asked for a glass of water and five sheets of draft paper, took a sip, and then began to write and draw on the paper with the exam pen.

The invigilator sat not far away and occasionally glanced over at her with some curiosity.

Finally, he couldn’t help but walk over to Jiang Fuyue.

“What are you writing?” he asked.

“Questions,” Jiang Fuyue replied.

“What questions?” he asked.

“The questions from this exam,” Jiang Fuyue said, and just then she looked up, revealing what she had been hiding on the paper, which was naturally clear.

Then the male invigilator was stunned.

Jiang Fuyue continued to write on the second, third, and fourth pieces of paper without paying attention to the male teacher who stood nearby, silently watching her with a range of emotions that progressed from “unbelievable” to “how is this possible” to “incredible” and finally to “genius.” He had wanted to ask her several times what she was doing, but refrained from doing so as he didn’t want to disturb her.

Finally, after she finished writing and put down her pen, he couldn’t contain his curiosity any longer and asked her, “Did you memorize all the questions?! How did you manage to do that?!”

Jiang Fuyue thought for a moment and replied earnestly, “I have a good memory.”

“…” Isn’t that obvious? 

“Do you have any special memory techniques? I heard that people with exceptional memory always have some secret methods.”

“I’m not sure about others, but I don’t have any,” Jiang Fuyue replied.

The male teacher believed her and asked, “Which school are you from?”

“No. 1 High School.”

“What grade are you in?”

“Second year.”

The male teacher nodded and suddenly remembered something. His eyes lit up as he asked, “I heard that your grade recently had a straight-A student who scored full marks in all subjects during the monthly exam. Do you know them?”

Jiang Fuyue, the straight-A student in question, replied, “I can be considered…to know them.”

She knew herself, of course.

The male teacher wanted to ask her more questions, but unfortunately, the bell rang, signaling the end of the exam. 

Jiang Fuyue folded up her papers several times until they were the size of a mahjong tile and clutched them in her hand as she said goodbye to him.

“Hey!” The male teacher suddenly stood up and chased after her. “What’s your name?!”

Just then, a group of students poured out of the exam room, and the noisy commotion drowned out his question. 

In the end, he only saw her gradually receding back, disappearing around the corner…

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