After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 60

Chapter 060: Ninth Master Makes a Move and Injures Her

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The moment the person landed, Xie Dingyuan realized that he had knocked down a girl.

In fact, he should have noticed it earlier, considering that she had long hair and an obviously slender figure. However, in his state of urgency, he didn’t have time to think and just acted.

Because he was facing the other way, he couldn’t see the expression on the girl’s face, but he could clearly see that both of Zhong Ziang’s cheeks were unnaturally flushed, as if he was on the verge of suffocation.

He couldn’t afford to delay.

“Cough, cough, cough…” Having escaped from near-death, Zhong Ziang slid down the wall and sat on the ground, clutching his chest, gasping for breath, accompanied by a painful cough.

“Are you alright?” Xie Dingyuan furrowed his brow and glanced at him.

Zhong Ziang couldn’t speak, he just waved his hand in response.

Without further questioning, Xie Dingyuan redirected his gaze to the motionless figure not far away.

The girl laid curled up on the ground, her face turned to the side, her ponytail loose, and her long hair scattered. But Xie Dingyuan knew that she was not unconscious. Her slender back rose and fell unevenly due to her irregular breathing.

She was adjusting her breathing.

In the instan of the fall, Jiang Fuyue experienced two seconds of confusion.

But the pain in her arm and the side of her face immediately brought her back to full consciousness.

She tried to get up but had no strength at all.

She could only take deep breaths and wait for the intense pain to subside and her strength to recover before slowly standing up.

Xie Dingyuan observed her unsteady figure, as if she might collapse again in the next second. However, she stood firmly and naturally maintained a straight posture.

Then, she slowly turned around, and their eyes met…

The girl had a pair of beautiful eyes, her skin was a cold, fair complexion, and there was a scratch on her left cheekbone that was bleeding. At first glance, it looked like a drop of red tear, contrasting eerily against her snow-white skin and pitch-black hair, carrying a strange allure that was both terrifying and enchanting.

Her gaze at Xie Dingyuan was cold, filled with anger and ruthlessness, but she wisely refrained from making any rash moves.

Xie Dingyuan also observed her, his expression calm and his gaze composed.

However, his right hand, hanging by his side, unconsciously moved its fingers, occasionally brushing against the seam of his pants, once, twice…

Jiang Fuyue raised her hand to wipe off the blood from her face and spoke indifferently, “Take care of your family’s child. Otherwise, every time I see him, I’ll give him a beating.”

Xie Dingyuan frowned.

He didn’t like the tone in which the girl spoke. It was radical, stubborn, and clashed with her gentle and delicate appearance.

But whether he liked it or not, after Jiang Fuyue finished speaking, she turned around and walked away.

She knew very well that she was no match for that man.

Her slender figure moved further away, but her back remained straight, as if it would never bend or yield.

Xie Dingyuan retracted his gaze, lowered his head, and glanced expressionlessly at Zhong Ziang, “Get up if you’re not dead.”

For once, Zhong Ziang obediently complied and stood up with the support of the wall.

“Uncle, I…” Zhong Ziang began to speak.

Xie Dingyuan had no intention of listening further. “Go home first.”

After saying that, he swiftly walked away.

Zhong Ziang hurriedly followed.

Yutianhua residence.

“Speak,” Xie Dingyuan sat on the sofa, his brows furrowed and his expression cold and solemn.

Zhong Ziang lowered his gaze, unable to articulate the explanation he had prepared.

“Fine, if you won’t speak, then I’ll ask. If you utter a single lie, I’ll personally have Zhong Yunyi escort you back to the capital tomorrow!” Xie Dingyuan declared.

Zhong Ziang’s expression slightly changed. “I won’t go back!”

Xie Dingyuan began to interrogate him, “Who is that girl?”

“…Jiang Fuyue,” Zhong Ziang replied.

“What’s your relationship with her?”

“…No relationship.”

“Think carefully before you answer. This isn’t a game, and there won’t be a second chance.”

Zhong Ziang pressed his lips together tightly and mumbled, “… should be classmates.”

“Should be?” Xie Dingyuan raised an eyebrow.

“Not in the same class, but in the same grade.”

Xie Dingyuan continued, “Why did she laid hands on you?”

Zhong Ziang remained silent.

“Speak!” Xie Dingyuan demanded.

“I confronted her on the way home from school.”

“Just that?”

“…And I said she had no shame even when given face.”

Xie Dingyuan’s brows and eyes turned cold. “Tell me, how did she have no shame?”

Zhong Ziang choked on his words.

“Cat got your tongue?!” Xie Dingyuan gritted his teeth and said bluntly, “I pursued her, she didn’t accept, and she even asked me why I didn’t go die! Is there any woman in this world like her? Heartless and ungrateful. I just scolded her a bit, I didn’t lay a hand on her. Yet, she almost strangled me. Didn’t you see it? I didn’t report her to the police; letting her rot in jail would have been merciful enough!”

“So, you think you’re in the right?” Xie Dingyuan sneered. “Just because she’s a woman, she must accept your pursuit. If she doesn’t accept, she doesn’t know what’s good for her, and she deserves to be taught a lesson? Zhong Ziang, I didn’t realize your face was so big. You’re even more arrogant than your own father, aren’t you?”


“Didn’t your mother send you to Linhuai to focus on your studies, not to engage in romance and confessions? From now on, put your thoughts into studying. If your total score in the final exams is below 400, ha… I’ll give your hide a good tanning!” Xie Dingyuan exclaimed.

Zhong Ziang’s neck shrank back.

“Did you hear me?!” Xie Dingyuan raised his voice.

“…I heard,” Zhong Ziang replied.

After finishing his reprimand, Xie Dingyuan stood up, preparing to go upstairs.

Suddenly, he paused. “About this Jiang—”

“Fuyue! Jiang Fuyue,” Zhong Ziang interrupted.

“Is she the same person who punched you last time?” Xie Dingyuan asked.

Zhong Ziang: “…” What happened to the rule of not hitting someone in the face or exposing their flaws?

Xie Dingyuan continued, “And she’s also the one you sent the roses?”

Zhong Ziang: “…” 

No wonder…

When he remembered the chilling gaze in the girl’s eyes, Zhong Ziang couldn’t help but feel powerless. It was not surprising at all.

Meanwhile, after leaving, Jiang Fuyue went to a nearby clinic to treat her wounds. 

The scratch on her face was caused by a stone, but fortunately, it wasn’t deep enough to leave a scar if she took proper care of it. 

Her elbow was more severe, with a large patch of scraped skin and dirt embedded in it, requiring cleaning and disinfection with hydrogen peroxide.

“It might hurt a little, so bear with it,” the doctor told her.

Jiang Fuyue nodded.

After that, she remained silent.

“Alright,” the doctor patted her shoulder. “I didn’t expect you, a young girl, to endure so well.”

Jiang Fuyue paid and left the clinic.

When she returned home, her Little Brother Jiang had already prepared dinner and was doing his homework while waiting for her.

“Sis, what happened to your face?” he asked.

“Accidentally scratched myself,” Jiang Fuyue replied.

Little Brother Jiang furrowed his brows and then quickly ran into the bedroom. After about ten seconds, he came running back and handed her a tube of ointment. “This one works well! It won’t leave a scar.”

Half a year ago, when Jiang Chenxing fell and hit his head at school, Han Yunru specifically bought this external wound ointment from an old Chinese doctor. It should be the same one.

Jiang Fuyue took it and casually rubbed his fluffy head. “Thank you.”

Little Brother Jiang blushed again, feeling shy as he lowered his head, his eyelashes fluttering.

The next day, Jiang Fuyue didn’t find any flowers or snacks in her table. 

She went to class and did her assignments as usual, as if it didn’t surprise her or… maybe she never cared?

On the other hand, Liu Bowen and Lin Qiao were not used to it. After all, they no longer had free snacks.

Wan Xiutong quietly approached Jiang Fuyue and smiled, revealing two small dimples. “Jiang Jiang, I thought about it seriously yesterday. You’re right, those two guys are too ordinary, not worthy of you.”

Who knows who will be worthy of her in the future?

She stared at the fair side of Jiang Fuyue’s face, completely captivated. Even with a scratch, it didn’t diminish her beauty in the slightest.

Ahem, it was another day of infatuation with her desk mate~

After school, Jiang Fuyue spent twenty minutes explaining math problems to Jiang Han and Ge Meng before going to the small clinic to change her dressing.

There weren’t many people, so she finished quickly.

As she stepped out, she suddenly paused and coldly looked across the street…

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