After Rebirth, I Am the White Moonlight of All The Big Brothers Chapter 99

Chapter 99: Striving for Perfection, Identifying the Flaw

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“You’re talking nonsense! I haven’t eaten sour cabbage, nor have I touched any, how could there be a sour cabbage smell?” Fanye’s face turned red with anger as she glared at the girl who was mocking her, resembling a little lion.

Both are sisters, why are these people so inferior to Sister Yue even by just a fingernail?

The girl was scolded by Fanye in front of everyone and couldn’t hold her ground, “Who knows? Maybe you Duofu people are naturally smelly! You can’t even wash it away!”


Seeing that Fanye’s fists were clenched, Jiang Fuyue interjected, “If you feel uncomfortable, you can get off the bus.”

The girl couldn’t believe her ears, “Get off? Why should I? Who do you think you are?”

“Firstly, this is a charter bus provided by the organizers, not from No. 7 High School. As one of the competition candidates, you have the right to sit, and we have the same right.”

“Secondly, our status is equal, and there’s no reason for you to act superior. You don’t need to look down on others.”

“Lastly, suggesting someone to get off the bus is just that, a suggestion. Whether to leave or stay is your choice, but you can’t command others to get off because you don’t have that authority.”

She listed these three points, logically progressing from one to another.

The girl was dumbfounded.

The other students from No. 7 High School were also momentarily speechless.

Fanye quickly clapped her hands in agreement, “Exactly!”

“Is it full now? Let me check…” At that moment, the leading teacher got on the bus with a paper and pen, his gaze falling on Jiang Fuyue and Fanye, “Why are you still standing? We’re about to depart. Quickly find your seats.”

The journey was dull, and the atmosphere inside the bus was off.

The teacher was oblivious to the situation and was secretly pleased—this batch of candidates seemed quite mature, not noisy at all, making things easier for him.

No. 7 High School students: “…” We were forced into this!

And what about Jiang Fuyue and Fanye?

One put on headphones and started listening to something, while the other was engrossed in watching a cartoon on her phone.


So annoying!

Half an hour later, the bus stopped at the main entrance of Q University.

All the candidates got off the bus and gathered, then were led to the examination hall.

Along the way, teachers explained road signs and markers, reminding everyone not to go to the wrong examination venue the next day.

“Why did you help that Duofu person?” Lin Yuan stood next to Jiang Fuyue, but her gaze was fixed ahead.

There was some distance between them, and from their back view, it didn’t seem like they were having a conversation.

Jiang Fuyue didn’t look at her either. Upon hearing the question, she continued reviewing the examination arrangements and quickly found her seat number, “Why is it your concern?”

“I heard you’re the all-subject top scorer from No. 1 High School?” Lin Yuan’s face showed a hint of annoyance.

Jiang Fuyue’s expression remained unchanged, “What does that have to do with you?”

Lin Yuan turned her head sharply, her eyes carrying a hint of anger, “Don’t act all high and mighty—”

Jiang Fuyue still didn’t look at her. After noting her seat number, she began searching for Fanye.

“Avoiding to talk to you is unable to know what’s good for oneself?” She snorted, “You’re really overestimating yourself.”

“You!” Lin Yuan clenched her teeth, “Don’t be so smug! Being an all-subject top scorer doesn’t mean anything in the NOI. You can’t score high just by studying!”

High score? Jiang Fuyue’s lips curled up.

She really hadn’t thought about it.

Because she was aiming for a perfect score.

After familiarizing themselves with the examination hall, everyone dispersed.

For schools like No. 7 High School, which had teachers leading the group, for safety reasons, most of them were required to return to the hotel and were not allowed to go out again, focusing on preparing for the exam.

However, for individuals like Jiang Fuyue and Fanye, who participated in their personal capacity, they were free to move around.

The same was true for two other male students, Huang Hui and Gao Zhaoming.

The former was from Province A, tall and thin, while the latter was from Province H, a bit shorter and on the chubby side, but with fair skin.

Both of them were going to enter their second year of high school in September, making them younger than Jiang Fuyue.

Huang Hui: “I heard that Q University’s computer science and physics programs are ranked top in all domestic universities. We just visited the computer science building earlier. How about we take a look at the physics building?”

Gao Zhaoming raised his hand, “I agree! It’ll give me an early glimpse of the place where I’ll be shining brightly.”

“Oh, didn’t expect that! You’re planning to study physics at Q University?” Huang Hui playfully nudged him.

“Why not? Is there a problem?” Gao Zhaoming huffed, a confident look in his eyes.

Fanye whispered, “Sister Yue, are you going?”

Meeting her hopeful gaze, Jiang Fuyue’s initial refusal turned into, “Sure.”

“Then let’s go!”

Walking through a tree-lined path and turning left for about two hundred meters, a five-story building stood before them.

Above the main entrance, in bold characters, it read “School of Physics.” Next to it was a white building with new-looking walls and windows adorned with light blue glass. Most of the windows were closed, and on top, there was a balance scale and an apple, giving it a very artistic feel.

Fanye exclaimed, “That little building is so beautiful!”

Huang Hui murmured, “Could it be the Hongmeng Building…”

“No,” Jiang Fuyue spoke up, immediately capturing the attention of the other three, “That’s just an experimental building. The Hongmeng Building is in the southeast direction, near the Chemistry Department. Its walls are brick-red, and it doesn’t have the strong blue-isolation windows.”

“Senior, have you been here before?” Gao Zhaoming asked.

Jiang Fuyue shifted her gaze, “No.”

“Then how do you know so much?” Knowing even the details like windows.

“Oh! Look over there! Are they conducting experiments?” Fanye’s exclamation interrupted Gao Zhaoming’s question.

Everyone turned to where she was pointing. On the grass, three students in lab coats were gathered around a peculiar-looking machine. The machine had metal pipes of varying heights on its sides, coiled with wires. The coils had different densities.

Fanye walked over and asked in a hushed voice, “Are you conducting a comparative experiment?”

The three students simultaneously stopped what they were doing, somewhat surprised. This petite girl in front of them didn’t seem very old; she probably hadn’t even started high school. Yet, she could immediately tell they were doing a “comparative experiment.”

After a moment’s thought, they realized that Q University never lacked for geniuses, so they understood.

“Yes,” one of the students nodded.

Fanye continued, “Why are you doing it outside instead of in the lab?”

“Because it needs to charge.” Before the others could respond, Gao Zhaoming had already spoken.

“Exactly, this machine runs on solar energy.”

Gao Zhaoming’s eyes lit up, “Older Brother, Is this the deep-sea ocean simulation apparatus?”

“Huh? You’re a student of marine physics? You don’t seem like it, you’re quite young, and I haven’t seen you in any of our specialized classes…” 

Gao Zhaoming scratched his head apologetically, “I’m in the second year of high school, haven’t gone to college yet… But I really like oceanography!” 

“No wonder you know about the deep-sea ocean simulation apparatus.” The boy smiled friendly, his eyes filled with the warmth of an older brother talking to a child. “Are you here for a visit?” “Yeah!” 

Fanye looked at the machine for a long time, showing a puzzled expression. “Is this machine broken? Why isn’t it responding at all?” 


The expressions on the faces of the boys were all different degrees of embarrassment. “There might be a small malfunction; we’re still investigating.”

Initially, they thought it had run out of power and even moved it outside to soak up the sunlight, but after two hours of exposure, it still showed no response. They were drenched in sweat and growing increasingly anxious. 

“The turbine has been in use for too long, the oil consumption is too high, and the heat generated by friction is causing a short circuit.” 

“Ah?” Several people looked at Jiang Fuyue simultaneously.

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