After the Breakup, He Washed Away the Memories Chapter 50

Chapter 50

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Rong Qiu felt like he was going crazy.

Clearly, his body had just experienced the utmost pleasure, yet his complexion remained black, dark clouds pressing down, as if a storm would sweep in the next second.

He placed that hand under the running water and repeatedly washed it.

As if doing so could wash away the subtle sense of betrayal.

Rong Qiu’s hand was almost numb from washing, but he continued the motion. The beta’s gaze was fixed on the ring on his ring finger.

On one side was his beta lover, on the other was Qin Muye.

Rong Qiu slightly curled his fingertips, finally closing the water flow when his fingers were wrinkled and white from washing.

Rong Qiu took out everything related to Ah Ye in his home.

Although labeled as “everything,” there were still very few things. Searching to the end, there was only one selfie of the man in his phone, and the ten silver rings he had personally crafted.

He had seen this selfie countless times. In the past five years, this photo had been a tool to soothe him during the lonely nights. The curve of Ah Ye’s brows and the smooth lip line in the photo had left a deep imprint in Rong Qiu’s heart.

Rong Qiu’s fingertips paused at the man’s earlobe in the photo.

There was a small red mole here, kissed several times.

He had seen it clearly.

His love for Ah Ye was a habit, and this reminiscence was also a habit.

But what he couldn’t see was that his so-called habits and reminiscences were just for the fragile sense of security. It was as if as long as he always remembered his beta lover, there would be someone in the world connected to him.

This was proof that he had been loved.

And now, Rong Qiu looked at this photo, involuntarily comparing it with another person.

Qin Muye.

Qin Muye’s face and Ah Ye’s face in the photo were like a mold. Even now, if Qin Muye appeared in front of him, he could completely play the role of Ah Ye.

No, that’s not right.

The appearance might be similar, but the temperament was completely different.

Ah Ye from five years ago was still in his youthful days, and that kind of pure youthfulness was something Qin Muye couldn’t act out. Qin Muye was more like what Ah Ye would become five years later, mature and calm, handsome and powerful. If his Ah Ye hadn’t died, he might have grown to look like Qin Muye.

Rong Qiu tightened his grip on the phone.

He had completely lost sight of what he liked.

He had his Ah Ye.

But in his fifth year after his lover’s death, he was developing desires for another person’s face.

And, only the face.

Rong Qiu had no desire to explore a person’s soul.

Or to be more specific, he had no desire to explore any alpha’s soul. Alphas were arrogant and selfish, their so-called inherent physical traits had long led them astray. If it weren’t for the resemblance of Qin Muye’s face to his lover’s, he wouldn’t have had so much entanglement with Qin Muye.

But he knew Qin Muye was different.

Because when he saw Qin Muye being humble in front of him, a pang of pain would arise in his heart.

It seemed as if he had experienced something similar. This kind of pain, like a needle pricking, gradually penetrated his heart and soul. But in his short fifteen years, he had never experienced such a humble moment. Although there were occasional difficulties in his career, emotionally, his relationship with Ah Ye was harmonious and pleasant, without any side lowering their waist or compromising to such an extent.

Rong Qiu could only attribute this familiar feeling to his underlying wishes.

Rather than hoping that Qin Muye wouldn’t be so submissive, it was more accurate to say that he hoped he wouldn’t be like this. It would be best if he never found himself in such a situation of being low for someone in his entire life.

If it were him.

He wouldn’t stoop to this extent.

The knot that had entangled Rong Qiu’s heart for a long time finally showed signs of relief at this moment.

As for the phrase “bed partner in reserve” that he mentioned, it was just something he casually said. He softened and left a sweet gesture for Qin Muye, who was so distressed at the time.

But when this sweet gesture could be unraveled, who would unravel it, was uncertain.

At least, it wouldn’t be unraveled when he didn’t want it to.


And now, the night was deep.

A certain bed partner in reserve was diligently studying how to become an excellent bed partner.

Being a bed partner in reserve was something Qin Muye could endure.

Present-day Qin Muye had the appearance of someone who could endure silently until old age.

Even when they met that day, his pursuit of Rong Qiu as a partner, showing his assets, was a mild and strategic plan to control his intense possessiveness. If he directly applied to be a bed partner, he would undoubtedly be rejected by Rong Qiu again. So, he took a step back.

He asked for a position as a bed partner, hoping to unexpectedly gain Rong Qiu’s softness.

Even if it was just a position as a backup bed partner.

Qin Muye was already content.

He admitted that he had selfish motives, and he schemed.

But could he bear to leave Rong Qiu?

Absolutely impossible to leave.

The grief he felt after hearing Rong Qiu’s response at the time was genuine.

He wanted to become his own substitute.

And if he hoped that Rong Qiu would never remember the pain of five years ago, then he would have to be beta Qin Ye’s substitute for his entire life.

For a lifetime, to become someone’s substitute.


Rarely, before going to sleep, Qin Muye didn’t continue with official business.

He took ten minutes to browse through all the contacts on his phone.

But none were suitable.

No one had experience being a bed partner.

These alphas who had some connection with him, even if they had bed partners, were just manipulating others.

Just like he used to be.

He thought he controlled Rong Qiu.

Thinking about this, Qin Muye’s heart ached again.

But he had become numb to the pain.

After he made up his mind to be the substitute for Beta Qin Ye for the rest of his life, every minute and every second, he was in a state of simmering discomfort, like a slow-cooked stew of sourness.

There was no suitable person in the contacts.

So, he went to the blacklist.

And there was only one person in the blacklist.

His childhood friend.

The one he used to have a good relationship with, but later broke ties with – Su Ran.

Su Ran, who received a message from Qin Muye, was currently at a late-night dinner party, challenging himself to drink and ordering more dishes. Nowadays, the alpha didn’t have the arrogance of Su Ran in the past. Although Qin Muye showed leniency towards the Su family, there was still an impact. This was why Su Ran, the eldest son of the Su family, was still out drinking so late.

The phone made a special alert sound, and Su Ran thought he might be getting confused from drinking too much.

Since Ah Ye asked him to pull out the surveillance footage from the shop along the river a few months ago, Ah Ye hadn’t contacted him.

Now, what could be the reason for Ah Ye to contact him?

Su Ran wasn’t afraid of trouble.

In fact, he wished he could do something for Qin Muye.

This was a sense of guilt.

If it weren’t for him instigating at the time, Ah Ye wouldn’t have treated the little beta like that, and later, he wouldn’t have ended up with such a strained relationship with Ah Ye. Regretful Su Ran stumbled out of the crowd. Taking advantage of the moonlight outside, he saw that Qin Muye had sent him such a message.

[Ah Ye: How to be a qualified bed partner]

Su Ran rubbed his eyes.

Did he read it wrong?

Could it be that Ah Ye didn’t send – How to find a qualified bed partner?

Su Ran looked more carefully.

Qin Muye didn’t send it wrong; that was what he meant.

Did Ah Ye want to be someone’s bed partner??!

There were no examples of alphas eagerly offering themselves as bed partners.

But considering Ah Ye’s special status and the little beta that Ah Ye valued so much, Su Ran’s thoughts became clear.

Wasn’t Ah Ye trying to be a bed partner for Rong Qiu!

The alcohol in Su Ran’s system instantly subsided.

Su Ran adjusted his tie, furrowing his eyebrows so much that he could catch the night insects flying around. He carefully crafted his response.

[Su Ran: A qualified bed partner probably needs to be a bit obedient, right?]

[Ah Ye: Mmm.]

[Su Ran: Also, must be obedient and available at any time?]

Actually, Rong Qiu from before was the perfect bed partner.

But Su Ran didn’t dare to say this sentence.

What Ah Ye least wanted now was the matter of hurting the beta five years ago. There was no need for him to touch that sore spot.

But after he finished, Ah Ye on the other side seemed to feel that what he sent wasn’t effective and sent him a ruthless six dots.

[Ah Ye: ……]

[Su Ran: Ah Ye, wait a moment. Let me ask someone.]

[Ah Ye: Go ahead.]

Qin Muye leaned back on the sofa in a daze. The light screen next to him was split in half, one side being the current chat with Su Ran, and the other side being the chat records with Rong Qiu.

The last time he and Rong Qiu chatted was quite early.

And the content was minimal.

Just a few simple sentences, very distant and estranged.

This reminded Qin Muye of the mobile phone he used in college, which was an ordinary spare phone. As one of the few contacts in the list, Rong Qiu sent him a lot of messages, so many that if he hadn’t checked in a few days, he could scroll from top to bottom, full of them.

But now, as he looked at the empty chat page, he deeply regretted his past unworthy behavior.

He thought that Rong Qiu at that time was just his bed partner.

Since he had to separate from Rong Qiu, the backup phone he used to contact Rong Qiu was naturally thrown into the trash.

But besides the phone, it seemed that some other things were thrown away as well.

He furrowed his brows.

However, he couldn’t recall exactly what it was.

While waiting for Su Ran’s message, he rubbed his forehead with his fingertips, as if the act of rubbing would erase his restlessness. But it didn’t. The more he rubbed, the more anxious he became, even a sense of panic, as if something extremely important slipped away from his fingers without his knowledge.

Until he received Su Ran’s message, he still couldn’t remember what that thing was.

[Su Ran: Ah Ye, I’ve found out. Sending you the information.]

Qin Muye retracted his forearm supporting his upper body.

Su Ran’s message was quite long, indicating that he had earnestly inquired from others.

Qin Muye silently sighed, suppressing the faint anticipation in his heart. However, he only glanced at the first line, and the stifling feeling lingered in his chest.

[Su Ran: “How to Be a Perfect No. 1 Lover,” “Guide to Developing Excellent Pao Friends,” “Blushing, These are the Positions You Should Secretly Watch with the Lights Off,” “Type 1 Loved by All Os, Do You Know?”]…

Su Ran sent quite a few files, over twenty in a row before finally stopping.

Then, he was still enthusiastic.

[Su Ran: Ah Ye, is it enough? If not, I can give you some techniques for being a No. 1?]

What No. 1 techniques?

Qin Muye’s face turned as black as ink.

He downloaded all these files one by one, and then, with an expressionless face, replied.

[Ah Ye: No need, I’m a 0.]

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