After Transmigrating Into The Weak Villain Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Intent to Kill

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After leaving the pavilion, Chu Xie went directly back to his residence.

However, as soon as he returned to his mansion, he heard the deafening screams from the system.

“Ah ah ah ah ah—”

Chu Xie was deafened. “What’s wrong now?”

The system replied, “Host!! Another host has entered the wrong world. Now, you have to follow the plotlines of two people alone.”


Chu Xie was dumbfounded. Entering the wrong world? Was that even possible?

“Can he come back?”

“Impossible. Once he enters the new world, his identity will be bound, and he won’t be able to return to this world until he completes that character’s storyline. Let me see… in that world, he still has… wow, reincarnation, and he has to live for ninety-six years.” 


D*mn, this is exhausting. 

Chu Xie rubbed his temples. “Then change to someone else to play the role of Xu Chunmu.” 

“I’ll check… Ah, sob, host, it’s estimated that no one will help us for the next one thousand three hundred and sixty-eight years…” 

Is the labor market that scarce? 

Chu Xie almost lost his breath. “What’s the script for this guy?”

“Let me see… Ah, he has the ‘White Lotus’ plotline. He will protect the male lead from your hands, accompany him, and eventually die to save him.”

Chu Xie found it ironic that the roles were completely reversed.

Chu Xie heard this and, with a world-weary expression, lit a cigarette. “Can we change to a different world for the mission?”


Chu Xie remained unfazed.


Chu Xie rolled his eyes.

He couldn’t help but open the tool menu and saw that almost all the small icons were lit up.

His gaze landed on the “Unremovable Mask” icon. When he clicked on it, it was priced at 300,000 points. It was a mask that, once worn, would not be easily removed by any external force or accident.

It covered almost the entire face, leaving only the eyebrows, eyes, and forehead exposed.

He understood the logic behind it, but why was it so expensive?

Chu Xie had a splitting headache, and the system weakly reminded him, “Because this mask has a plot-influencing effect… If you wear it, no one will associate your appearance and voice with Chu Xie… and it won’t be easily removed. Host, buy it. The small treasury is yours; we can afford it…”

“Can’t I just directly enter Xu Chunmu’s body?” Chu Xie asked.

The system sensed that he was wavering and desperately cried out, “No, you have already bound yourself to Chu Xie’s body. Unbinding it and entering Xu Chunmu’s body is not possible…”

With no other options, he would have to play two roles in one body.

“Host… there are only two years left anyway. Why don’t you just continue to complete the mission in this world…”

Two years? Fine.

Chu Xie, or rather Chu Buxie (meaning Chu Never Rests).

Chu 007, Working 24/7, Day and Night, and Never Resting, Chu Ever Resting.

This sucks.


That night.

A creaking sound came from the window pavilion. Jiang Yanchi’s face slightly changed, and his eyes suddenly became sharp. He reached for the short knife at his waist and moved silently, keeping close to the wall and bending his knees.

The window was slowly pushed open.

Just as he was about to stab with his knife, he unexpectedly encountered a hand holding a stack of papers.

Jiang Yanchi paused, and in that moment, the stack of papers was placed down and then quickly retracted. Jiang Yanchi heard footsteps gradually moving away.

He picked up the stack of papers and found that they were all copies of “National History” that Chu Xie had ordered him to write, and the handwriting had been imitated so well that it was hard to distinguish from his own.

Who could it be?

Jiang Yanchi looked at his fingers, covered in frostbite and cracks, and neatly stashed away the papers. However, he did not submit them the next day.

Several days later, that person came again.

Again, it was at midnight, when they handed the papers in through the window, as if afraid of being discovered.

It was a pair of clean, fair hands with evenly proportioned fingers.

Jiang Yanchi looked at them for a moment and suddenly reached out to pull them inside. There was a soft “yelp” as the other person’s left hand grabbed the windowsill, almost falling inside.

Jiang Yanchi didn’t use much force, but he didn’t expect the other person to be so weak that they fell down with just a pull.

Quickly, he used his other hand to support the person’s abdomen gently.

It seemed like he hadn’t expected Jiang Yanchi to be standing by the window, and the person exclaimed in surprise, steadying himself. He then tossed a thick stack of papers into the air, and they scattered with a flutter. 

In the midst of the falling papers, their eyes met, filled with panic and confusion. 

The person quickly turned away, keeping his back to Jiang Yanchi. “Your Highness,” he stammered. 

Jiang Yanchi only lowered his gaze and noticed the papers were indeed the national history texts that Chu Xie had ordered him to copy. 

“Who are you?” Jiang Yanchi was on high alert, his hand instinctively reaching for the hilt of his dagger. 

The intruder wore a mask and was dressed in black, likely for ease of stealth. 

“I… I’ll leave first,” he said, taking a couple of steps back. However, Jiang Yanchi swiftly threw his dagger, embedding it into the wall with a loud thud. 

“Stay where you are.” 

Chu Xie stared at the dagger embedded in the wall, perplexed, before turning back to face the teenager who was not yet sixteen. 

…When did the male lead become so skilled in martial arts? 

Jiang Yanchi sneered and narrowed his eyes, blocking Chu Xie’s path. “Do you think my residence is a place where you can come and go as you please?” 

How the h*ll did the male lead become so assertive in his speech? 

Chu Xie was taken aback for a moment, unable to speak for a long time. He glanced at Jiang Yanchi’s sharp brows and eyes, then quickly shifted his gaze to focus on a corner of the room.

What’s going on, what’s going on?

Is this person Jiang Yanchi?!

That useless cowardly waste of a crown prince?!


Behind, there was the sound of a sword being drawn, and a cold blade immediately rested lightly on their shoulder, cutting off a strand of hair.

Chu Xie’s heart went cold.

This body had no skills at all, it was frail and sickly, unable to run fast.

And at this moment, the bone-chilling cold behind them penetrated their marrow, the blade edge approaching their neck, as if it was about to cut their throat at any moment.

“Your… Your Highness…”

In the critical moment, Chu Xie always softened quickly, tremblingly turned around, and in response to his questioning, quickly admitted fault, “Yes, I’m sorry… I won’t easily come in next time…”

The blade didn’t immediately cut their neck.

The eyes under the mask were like peach blossoms, slightly reddened at the corners, filled with fear at the bottom.

Jiang Yanchi thought for a moment and temporarily put away the knife.

Only then did Chu Xie dare to face Jiang Yanchi in front of him.


The person in front of him was completely different from the b*stard he had seen two years ago!

He had sharp eyebrows and starry eyes, his gaze cold and deep. His movements in sheathing the knife were swift and decisive, clearly someone experienced with blades.

D*mn, could this kid be—

Was he pretending to be weak and helpless all this time, pretending to be a pig to eat a tiger?!

Chu Xie once again couldn’t control his expression, full of astonishment, took several steps back, feeling the painful deception in his heart.

I knew it. How could a crown prince who was like a little lamb three years ago suddenly come into power. It turns out there was a solution to this puzzle—

He had been pretending all along.

Pretending to be a useless prince who couldn’t even draw a bow or lift a sword, pretending to be a puppet who couldn’t read a single word.

Since he came here, Chu Xie had always been confident in his acting skills, with a high level of professionalism.

Today, he realized that he had encountered a true master, a master of the craft.

Disrespectful, disrespectful.

He should have thought of it earlier. A mother and son who could survive in such a brutal Cold Palace for over a decade, how could both of them be meek little lambs?

There must be one of them who is sharp-toothed and bloodthirsty, like a tiger or leopard.

Suddenly, Jiang Yanchi frowned and took a step forward.

Chu Xie couldn’t react in time, retreated a bit, and bumped his lower leg against the table behind him, causing a cascade of high stacks of scrolls to fall.

He also fell backward.

A hand timely reached out and blocked his lower back, and his entire body was pushed into the arms of that person.

The guards at the door immediately made some noise and were about to barge in.

Jiang Yanchi quickly held Chu Xie horizontally, lifted the bedding, and pressed him inside, flipping over and getting on the bed.

“Your Highness.”

The guards entered and scanned the surroundings, bowing to Jiang Yanchi.

“I accidentally knocked over some books as I was about to read before sleep, no harm… I can clean up by myself.”


Chu Xie, under the bedding, heard the voice of the little prince that was usually gentle and soft.

Like two completely different people.

After a while, the bedding above was lifted, and Chu Xie saw the person assessing him, saying, “You really have no martial skills whatsoever. How did you manage to get in this large palace?”

This question was sharp and direct. Chu Xie’s mind raced as he pretended to have some hidden difficulties, saying, “I… have my own methods.”

“You copied my handwriting, transcribing the entire ‘National History’ for me, and brought it to me in the dead of night. What was your intention?”

A series of difficult questions followed, and Chu Xie hadn’t expected this white lotus drama to be so difficult to navigate.

Chu Xie swallowed and said, “You’re always getting chilblains in the winter and can’t write like that. I copied your handwriting from the past and brought it directly to you, so the Zhangyin wouldn’t notice.”

The person chuckled lightly.

He completely uncovered the bedding, and the glaring candlelight shone in his eyes.

“Then let me ask you. How did you obtain my handwriting?”

This question and the previous tone were completely different, indicating that this was what he truly wanted to ask.

It turned out to be a series of connected questions.


“Can’t answer?” Jiang Yanchi got off the bed, his voice calm. “No worries, you can make up a story and then answer.” He squatted down, picking up the scattered papers and books on the ground, arranging them neatly on the desk.

Chu Xie frowned, thinking that Jiang Yanchi was truly not someone to be trifled with.

He had played a straight ball, so Chu Xie decided to follow suit.

“I want to help you, Your Highness.”


Jiang Yanchi held the last bamboo slip in his hand, finished arranging it, and didn’t turn around. He scanned himself in the reflection with his peripheral vision. “Help me with what?”

“Overthrow Chu Zhangyin.”

Jiang Yanchi was momentarily stunned.

His lips finally curved slightly, but it seemed mocking. “Oh, could you tell me about your plan?”

He was about to close the window when he heard the person behind him hastily say, “Wait!”

Then, somewhat shyly, he said, “Don’t, don’t close the window.”

Chu Xie, trying to take the lead and assuming a genuine tone, tested the young wolf cub in front of him.

 “I… I also dislike Chu Xie very much. I know that there aren’t many people left in the palace who dare to oppose him. If things continue like this, the entire Great Wei might be ruined by him. I’m insignificant and powerless, but I hope to protect His Highness. I hope that one day, His Highness can become strong again and regain power. Great Wei cannot remain under the control of a eunuch forever.” 

Jiang Yanchi’s obsidian-like eyes turned towards him, looking directly at him. 

Chu Xie’s eyes were filled with sincere goodwill as he earnestly said, “I was sent by Marquis Zhenguo, the Xu family, to assist Your Highness.” 

A glint of insight flashed in Jiang Yanchi’s eyes.

Suddenly, he grabbed Chu Xie’s throat and lifted him, pressing him against the door. Chu Xie’s frail body struggled.

Chu Xie didn’t understand why Jiang Yanchi had suddenly become hostile. All he knew was that the plan had likely failed. He immediately thought of using his system to exchange for a tranquilizer and make an escape.

Jiang Yanchi leaned in close to the person’s ear and whispered, “After midnight, the guards in the Cold Palace will withdraw to the courtyard. No one will save you even if you scream.”

What did that mean?

Before Chu Xie could react, he was immediately thrown under the huge pear blossom tree by the door.

Jiang Yanchi stood above him, stepping on his chest. The wind rustled through the pear tree, and the fragrant blossoms fell all around.

The clean and elegant fragrance filled the air.

Jiang Yanchi held a sharp blade and once again raised it high, aiming directly at his heart.

“Two years ago, there was a eunuch who cursed my mother when she was seriously ill. So, I killed him and buried him under this pear tree… I thought that when the flowers bloomed, it would please my mother, and he would have atoned for his sins…”

“You see how beautifully the pear tree blossoms year after year. Is it because there’s a dead body buried here? Well, how about you join him?”

The blade reflected a sharp glint in the moonlight, shining in Chu Xie’s widened eyes.

“Wait, why are you killing me!”

Chu Xie asked in bewilderment, “I’m… I’m from the Northern Region’s Xu family… sent to assist you…”


The moonlight made the child’s face look cold and solemn.

“The fragrance on you is cypress, which the royal family of the Wusun tribe often uses. You’re not from the Xu family’s side but rather a lackey of Chu Xie.”

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