After Transmigrating Into The Weak Villain Chapter 117

Chapter 117 Extra – Brother

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Drip, drip, drip. 

The unfamiliar sound echoed incessantly in his ears, and his body seemed to retain the pain of torture and death. The young man suddenly opened his eyes, half-sitting up, but due to dizziness, he fell back heavily. 

The IV bag by the window was pulled and swayed together. 

The young man squinted slightly, surveying the snow-white walls and ceiling around him. In no time, a nurse pushed a metal cart in, “You’re awake. Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?” 

At this question, the young man looked at his wrist, and a burning pain spread from there. 

Wrapped in thick gauze. 

He lifted it up to take a closer look. 

“You were almost lost. This child, why is he so desperate and having these thoughts?” The nurse injected another dose of medicine into the IV bag and said gently, “You’ve been in a deep sleep for three whole days; your sister was almost frantic.” 


The young man’s eyebrows furrowed slightly, still not uttering a word. 

Due to his condition, he didn’t meet the nurse’s mentioned sister until the seventh day. 

She was a girl of about ten, with fair skin and a pointed chin. Thin and small, she was pushed in a wheelchair by the nurse, holding a bunch of beautiful sunflowers in her arms. 

“Let’s go home.” 

The girl reached out a small hand, tugging at the young man’s hand, only to be avoided. 

She wanted the nurse to leave first. 

Seeing the partially opened window, she pushed the wheelchair to open it wider. The chirping of cicadas loudly entered the ward, noisy as if clamoring in the depths of the heart. 


Shen Yin reluctantly squeezed out a smile, handing the sunflowers to the young man, “I’m fine, brother. I survived.” 

The young man’s dark eyes showed no emotion, even carrying a strange cold gleam. 

Underneath his hand was a sharp needle, just removed from the nurse’s metal cart. 

The sharp tip of the needle was hidden under the blanket, held in his hand. 

“Brother, why did you, why…” 

Shen Yin couldn’t hold the smile on her lips, and burst into tears, “Why did you want to die for me, why do such a thing… Didn’t I say, if I die, I die. In that accident back then, originally only you should have survived…” 

The young man’s eyes lifted slightly. 

Peripheral vision swept over the girl’s face. 

This child was still so young. 

But she cried so heartbreakingly, tears dropping one by one on the blanket. Her eyes were red like a little rabbit, exuding a melancholy that a child of her age shouldn’t have. 

Seeing that he remained silent. Shen Yin reached out to hold him, wiping away the tears, “Brother, let’s, go home first.” 

The young man’s eyebrows tightened even more, emitting an aura of not to be approached by strangers. 

Just as she finished speaking, the girl suddenly covered his chest. The postoperative reaction made her face suddenly pale, her whole body stiffened, and she fell onto the young man. 

Soft, warm. Incredibly fragile. 

The needle in his hand loosened silently. 

The little ball of a girl was quickly supported and lifted by the rushing nurse. 

The young man pursed his lips, watching as the girl put on an oxygen mask and was placed on the adjacent bed for urgent cardiopulmonary resuscitation. 

It was chaotic. 

However, the young man’s forehead never relaxed, and he didn’t ask a single question. 

It was as if the person teetering on the edge of life and death was not his only relative, showing complete indifference. 

In the end, when the girl briefly regained consciousness, she grabbed the nurse’s hand and clothes before leaving the ward, saying, “Tell my brother, if I die…” 

“He must stay alive.” 

The girl was pushed into the operating room once again. 

The young man pushed the IV stand, wearing hospital slippers, slowly moving his steps in the corridor. 

With the help of a male nurse, he headed towards the place called the bathroom, looking at the pale and green face of the young man in the mirror. He knew that the deceased boy’s name was Shen Chu. 

Originally, he should have been called Shen Chu too. 

The door of the operating room was pushed open, and Shen Yin came back to life once again. 

They accumulated a huge surgical expense, further plunging into the harsh winter of financial difficulties. The young man had to quickly adapt to everything in this world, starting with finding a lawyer to mortgage their old house for money to clear the debt. 

Then, he began to seriously consider their future life. 

His junior high school teacher visited him once, suggesting that he could provide him with a rudimentary place to stay before graduating from high school. 

The young man insisted on signing a lease contract with that teacher, promising to repay double the rent after going to college. The teacher sighed and said, “You seem a bit different from before.” 


He didn’t know what the former boy was like, and he didn’t care. 

Fate had given him a chance to live again in another world. In a completely different world, there was not a trace of overlapping memories from the past. 

Escaping from that heavy hatred, that deceitful struggle. 

Here, he would start anew, taking on the identity of a boy named Shen Chu. 

He was very poor. 

So, in order to survive, the first thing he had to do was to abandon his incurable sister. 

As long as he carried this seriously ill girl, his life could never get better. 

It was the first time the young man took Shen Yin to the welfare institute. 

After explaining the situation to the director, they expressed their willingness to take in this girl. If her health condition was good enough, they would ensure her compulsory education and normal life. 

He originally thought the girl would cry when leaving. 

However, unexpectedly, the girl did not try to keep him, only standing at the window of the welfare institute and watching him leave. 

Later, Shen Yin transferred to another school. For a whole half year, he did not go to that welfare institute again but focused on preparing for the college entrance exam. 

Introduced by his homeroom teacher, he worked part-time teaching zither at an art training school on weekends. Later, somehow, his private photos were posted online, causing a small sensation, and he was discovered by a modeling agency to shoot magazines. 

Within a short year, he quickly understood the survival rules of this world. 

That was money. 

Introduced by the magazine editor, his excellent expression management, natural demeanor, and the addition of special talents made him even more successful. 

This allowed him to enter an advertising company and secured his first advertising contract. 

Before graduating from high school, he paid off the rent for the teacher’s house from junior high school. 

He even saved enough money for university tuition. 

Then, he remembered the girl he had left at the welfare institute. 

After six months, inexplicably, he came back to the welfare institute again. The girl was still sitting by the same window where they had parted. As soon as he entered, some of the children in the welfare institute recognized him: “Are you Shen Yin’s brother?” 

The young man frowned, “How do you know?” 

The child ran into the room and took out an old magazine, turning to a page, “She said this person is her brother. Is it true, or is she lying?” 

The young man didn’t answer. 

Seeing him, the girl immediately ran downstairs but stayed in the shadow at the bottom of the stairs. The sunlight shone on the young man, making him look dazzling and bright. 

“Shen Yin, is this your brother?” 

“No,” the girl supported herself against the wall, “He is not my brother.” 

“I knew you were lying. Little liar!” The children in the welfare institute burst into laughter. “How can someone so good-looking be your brother! Little liar!” 

He looked at the girl in the shadow with a furrowed brow, thinking she might blame him. As he approached, the girl took a few steps back. 

“Are you here to take her back, Mr. Shen?” The director of the welfare institute pushed up his glasses and asked seriously, “Do you have the ability to support this child now?” 

“Don’t take me away.” 

Shen Yin choked up, holding onto the old green-painted wooden door. “I like it here.” 

The stubborn look in the girl’s eyes left him stunned. 

“Oh?” He approached, crouching down to look her in the eye. “What do you like about here?” 

“I like everything.” 

She was lying. 

He could tell, but he didn’t expose it. 

The director sighed, leaning against the window frame and looking at the sunny scenery outside. “She doesn’t dislike you, Mr. Shen.” 

“You don’t know. When she showed those magazines to the other kids, telling them it was her brother—how happy she was.” The director softly revealed the little girl’s hidden thoughts, “She just doesn’t want…” 

“Brother, abandon me.” 

Shen Yin leaned against the door frame. “Go live your own life. Don’t look back, don’t come looking for me.” 

The director of the welfare institute still held a glimmer of hope. She hoped that the young man would take the girl away, especially since he now had some meager income. 

But he didn’t. 

He said, “Shen Yin, I need to take the college entrance exam, go to university. I have to work part-time on Sundays, and I don’t have the time or the ability to take care of you.” 

The words sounded as cold as if he were just making excuses. 

The director’s heart cooled down. 

So, this “brother” turned out to be extremely selfish, but even so, he could have phrased it more tactfully. 

On the day the young man left, the girl still sat by the window watching him. 

This time, the young man didn’t look back. 

Until three months later, Shen Yin fell seriously ill. The welfare institute called him, saying they might give up the surgery this time and asked for his opinion. 

The director of the welfare institute could see that this young man was a very selfish and cold-hearted person.

His departure was resolute both times; he truly had no intention of taking this sister. Even the call was made just to inform them. 

Unexpectedly, on the same night, the young man visited the clinic next to the welfare institute for the third time. 

He handed a bank card to the director.

In the dark night, the young man’s eyes were deep and dark, not like the gaze of an eighteen or nineteen-year-old. “Save her. This is all my savings. If it’s not enough, I promise to pay it off within a year. Take her to the hospital first.” 

Suddenly, Shen Yin started crying. 

“I don’t want it, don’t treat me anymore.” 

Her voice trembled, she helplessly covered her eyes, letting tears fall. “Don’t borrow money again. Last time, the house was already sold, and you couldn’t pay it back. Brother… don’t bother about me anymore.” 

“I can still pay it back.” 

“I won’t go to the hospital.” 

The young man reached out, holding the small bundle in his arms, just as warm as when he first woke up. 

“Shen Yin, look at me. Listen to me, I can still pay it back.” 

The young man lowered his gaze, looking at the girl in his arms. “I will save you.” 

This time, Shen Yin’s serious illness once again depleted all of the young man’s savings, and even left some debts. 

After curing her, he once again sent Shen Yin back to the welfare institute. 

This time, the director seemed to understand the young man’s intentions. 

Smiling as she sent him away, she patted his shoulder at the door, saying, “Mr. Shen, good luck in the college entrance exam.” 

When the third round of college entrance exam results came out, the scores were excellent, enabling him to enter a top national university. Following his promise, he worked part-time for two more months and finally cleared all debts before the start of the school year. 

Then, on the day he took Shen Yin out of the welfare institute, he applied for medical school as his first choice. 

When Shen Yin saw the admission letter, she started laughing but soon began crying again. 

In a daze, she realized that this time, her brother’s “I will save you” was different from before. 

Everything began to develop in a positive direction. 

“Shen Yin.”

The young man squatted in front of her, a faint smile on his lips. Seeing this smile, the cold and stern look disappeared from his eyes. Shen Yin realized how long it had been since she last saw her brother smile. His voice was clear, “Call me again.” 


“Call me.” 

Shen Yin stared blankly, not reacting for a while. It took her some time to understand his meaning. 

Blushing, she whispered, “Brother.” 

A barely perceptible soft light flashed in the young man’s calm eyes. 

“Well, let’s go home.” 

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