After Transmigrating Into The Weak Villain Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Awakening

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After leaving the palace gate, Xu Chunmu initially walked slowly along the road. He didn’t have a house in the capital city, so for now, he had to seek refuge with his elder brother, Xu Changling. However, when he raised his head, he realized that he was heading into the bustling market. 

In a few days, it would be the Qixi Festival, so the streets and markets in this area had been very lively in recent days. 

There were lanterns and decorations everywhere, with flowers and greenery adorning the streets. 

But it seemed that officials and guards were dispersing the crowd ahead. Xu Chunmu focused his gaze and saw that at the end of the street was the sedan chair of Duke Yue’s residence. 

However, the Duke of Yue’s residence was clearly located in the southeast direction, so why would they be heading in this direction? 

After a moment of contemplation, Xu Chunmu urged his horse forward a few more steps.

Ahead, a horse-drawn carriage blocked the path, and a crowd of people surrounded it. Xu Chunmu grew even more suspicious and whipped the horse fiercely. He pulled the reins tight, and his horse, which had been through many battles and shared a deep bond with him, seemed to understand. First, it used the wall on one side to gain momentum, then stepped onto the roof of the luxurious carriage, and finally, it leaped over the crowd, landing steadily on the ground. 

The clattering of hooves gradually subsided. 

The wind lifted a corner of Duke Yue’s sedan curtain, and the crisp sound of pearls and jade colliding reached his ears. 

Inside the sedan was a figure in white. 

It was Chu Xie. 

Xu Chunmu’s expression changed slightly. 

He briskly rode through the crowded crowd, and the guards couldn’t stop him. Zhao Xuan looked on in astonishment as the curtain of his carriage was lifted, and he was still covered. He asked, “You… you…”

Xu Chunmu didn’t reply. He just reached out to check the person in Zhao Xuan’s arms. The person’s breath was weak, and there was a strong scent of blood all around. From his back to his thighs, he was soaked in blood.

He had lost a significant amount of blood, and his limbs were icy cold.

Xu Chunmu’s gaze sharpened, and he removed the thick cloak he was wearing, using it to wrap the injured person tightly. Avoiding the wound, he cradled the person horizontally on the horse’s back and then supported them. With only a brief statement, he said, “This won’t do. I’ll take him.”

The young Shizi immediately tried to stop him. “Hey, you…!”

He hastily ordered his men to follow, but Xu Chunmu rode off like the wind, disappearing into the distance along with the horse and the injured person.

Not far from the corner where he had stopped, the curtains of a horse-drawn carriage were lifted by a frail hand. It turned out to be the carriage of the Duke Rongguo. At that moment, the Duke himself, Chen Lianzhou, gazed at the fading figure with a furrowed brow and asked his grandson, “Is that someone from the Xu family?”

“Huh?” Chen Shizi, who had extended his head to look, saw nothing but empty space. “I, I’m not quite sure…”

“Xu Yi is very fortunate. His grandson has the same spirit he had in his youth.”

Chen Family’s Shizi sat down somewhat awkwardly and echoed, “Grandfather is right.”

Chen Lianzhou thought to himself, why did the Xu family decide to rescue Chu Xie? Could it be that the Xu family was secretly opposing Ningyuan Wang? 

By taking this path with Chu Xie, they were clearly supporting Jiang Yanchi, the young crown prince!

This was not good.

Chen Lianzhou thought carefully and became increasingly worried. Now that Xu Changling had control over half of the Forbidden Army, which was the Emperor’s personal guard, it could stand against thousands of troops outside.

Coupled with Xu Chunmu, who commanded 300,000 troops, entering the capital and rescuing Chu Xie, they held sway over most of the Three Provinces and Six Departments.

Could it be that the Xu family intended to deal with Duke Rongguo’s mansion?

Dark thoughts swirled in Chen Lianzhou’s eyes.

“Go and kill Xu Chunmu.”

As Xu Chunmu rode through two streets, he immediately sensed hidden figures lurking on the rooftops. He extended his hand, holding an iron bow, and fired it backward without looking. The three arrows aimed at him were shot down effortlessly. Then, with a quick twist of his head, he avoided a flying dagger that was coming straight for him.

Someone dared to attack him like this.

He had just entered the imperial city, and these people already knew about him. They were well-informed.

Suddenly, he reached out and intercepted one of the arrows at the back of his neck. His entire body arched backward, and he used his right foot to pull the reins, causing the horse to make an immediate right turn at the next intersection. While doing so, Xu Chunmu drew the long arrow from his hand and shot it back.

One arrow pierced the heart of an assassin, and the assassin tumbled down.

Passing through two narrow dark alleys, they reached the front of the Chu Residence.

Xu Chunmu lowered the person.

He was two inches taller than Chu Xie, and his cloak was unusually large, hanging down when he wrapped the person in his arms, making it seem like his entire body was buried in the fabric.

Years of fighting on the battlefield had sharpened his keen sense of danger.

As soon as his feet touched the ground, he heard the sound of the wind from behind.

Without hesitation, he bent his knees, avoiding the attack. Then, he gently lifted the person in his arms and used a short blade from his waist, adjusting the blade’s direction in his hand to prevent it from touching the person’s back. With a swift motion, he cut the person’s throat.

Fresh blood splattered onto his wrist. Xu Chunmu quickly caught the falling person, making sure to cushion the impact to avoid harming him.

Without knocking, he entered directly.

Facing him were the Chu Residence’s hidden guards. He immediately spoke in a low voice, “This is Lord Chu.”

The blades that were dangerously close to him stopped.

“Quick, go and fetch the physician from the mansion.”

After ensuring Chu Xie was settled, Xu Chunmu wiped the blood off the blade and carefully cut the thin fabric covering the person. He removed the clothes that were sticking to the skin and took out hemostatic medicine from his sleeve. However, he was stopped by the steward.

“These were brought back from the battlefield by me, and they are effective for hemostasis.”

The steward hesitated for a moment, mostly due to the fact that this man spoke so candidly that it was hard not to trust him. He finally allowed him to use the medicine.

When Doctor Zhu arrived, he placed a piece of thousand-year-old ginseng on the person’s tongue and had him hold his breath. Then, he used a silver needle to stimulate acupuncture points and treated the wounds.

After thorough cleaning, he looked at the young man beside him with handsome features and asked, “May I ask who you are…?”

“My surname is Xu, and my name is Chunmu.”

“Turns out you are the Young Marquis Xu from the Northern Border.” Doctor Zhu gave him a respectful bow. “Thank you, Young Marquis Xu, for your assistance.”

The person seemed to finally breathe a sigh of relief after receiving treatment, but he hadn’t awakened yet. His lips moved, and a maid immediately tried to feed him some water.

However, the water couldn’t be swallowed and only flowed down from the corner of his mouth, wetting the pillow. The maid was distressed and ended up replacing it with a bowl of water and changing the pillow for the man.

“What exactly happened?”

“Our lord… was taken to the Zhao Prison, and the Crown Prince… personally brought people to arrest him, accusing him of attempting to assassinate the Crown Prince. In just two or three days, it has come to this…” The maid, a young girl with a delicate appearance, cried bitterly. She was so worried and upset that her words came out stuttering and sobbing.

An assassination attempt on the Eastern Palace.

Xu Chunmu seemed to realize something.

He immediately spoke with a solemn tone, “If he poisoned the Eastern Palace, how did the Crown Prince escape? Tell me everything.”

Doctor Zhu’s expression changed slightly, and he glanced at Xu Chunmu with a hint of suspicion.

Tao Li stamped her foot and said indignantly, “It’s all a false accusation from outsiders. The officials from the Prison and Ministry of Punishment searched for a whole day but found no evidence! It’s all rumors! The Crown Prince, for some reason, believed those baseless accusations…”

Xu Chunmu fell silent.

However, the palace guards soon reported that the young crown prince was outside. Upon hearing that it was the Crown Prince again, Tiao Li, who was already in tears, became even more frightened. She sat down by the bed and wiped her tears, saying, “Back then, it was our lord who helped this young prince ascend to the throne. But now, this Crown Prince keeps causing trouble for our lord every other day. What should we do…”

Doctor Zhu’s expression also turned grim, and he immediately ordered someone to go to Duke Yue’s residence to deliver the news.

However, he felt something was amiss and quietly called someone to send a letter to the Grand Tutor’s residence.

Xu Chunmu’s keen ears picked up on this, and a glint appeared in his eyes.

He then heard some commotion outside. Most likely, Jiang Yanchi had entered but was stopped from entering the inner chamber. As Xu Chunmu stepped out into the courtyard, he saw Xu Changling, who was taller and larger in stature, standing behind the Crown Prince.

Naturally, Xu Chunmu noticed him.

“Oh, why are you here?” His elder brother raised an eyebrow.

Jiang Yanchi, after being surprised by Xu Chunmu’s presence, finally said, “Young Marquis Xu, can you step aside? I have something to ask Chu Xie.”

Xu Chunmu didn’t move and just looked at the two of them. He spoke softly, “He hasn’t regained consciousness yet. If you have any questions, it might be more convenient to tell me. I can ask him as soon as he wakes up.”

“Judging by your tone, are you planning to stay here?” Xu Changling sneered. “What’s this? You don’t even want to stay at my mansion. Do you have to move into someone else’s home?”

Xu Chunmu’s eyes scanned the area, and he replied calmly, “My elder brother is already married, so it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to disturb him.”

Xu Changling looked at his dignified appearance and couldn’t help feeling annoyed. He raised his nose and laughed, “You staying at the Chu Residence is even more inappropriate. Wouldn’t it be better to stay at the Eastern Palace?”

Jiang Yanchi seemed to recall something and walked a few steps closer to Xu Chunmu. “Tell me the truth. Did the Xu family plant spies in the Chu Residence?”

Xu Chunmu paused for a moment and shook his head.

“As far as I know, there haven’t been any.”

Jiang Yanchi’s gaze dimmed.

Xu Chunmu gave a respectful salute before saying, “The man is barely clinging to life. Even if you were to ask him something, he might not be able to respond. It would be best for you to return, and once Lord Chu awakens, I’ll inquire on your behalf as soon as possible.”

But Jiang Yanchi didn’t leave.

Not only did he not leave, but he also called for the steward of the Chu Residence and had all the household staff, from the steward to the accounting office, and even the servants who cleaned and maintained the house, brought forward one by one. He examined each of them.

The most frustrating part was that he couldn’t recall the person’s appearance or features.

Even his voice was very vague.

It was a futile effort.

But Xu Chunmu sensed that something was amiss and asked, “Is Your Highness looking for someone?”

Jiang Yanchi neither confirmed nor denied it.

“What kind of person? Is it someone from the Chu Residence?”

“I don’t know.”

“What about their height, age, or appearance?”

“I don’t know either.”

Perplexed, Xu Chunmu asked, “So, why is Your Highness looking for this person?”

Jiang Yanchi clenched his hand into a fist, his tone vague as he said, “He saved my life.”

Upon hearing this, Xu Chunmu’s eyes flickered, and he immediately connected the dots, “Your Highness means that Chu Xie attempted to poison the Eastern Palace, and someone saved you.”


Xu Chunmu contemplated for a moment. Jiang Yanchi thought he was about to ask something and was about to inquire further when he heard Xu Chunmu say, “Since this person saved you, why wouldn’t you know their appearance?”

Jiang Yanchi remained silent, but in his heart, he had already given up hope.

It had been so many days, and there was no news at all. Every night, he would light the signal fire, but the person never appeared again.

He must have met with an unfortunate fate.

Jiang Yanchi had thought this way countless times in his heart, but he couldn’t bring himself to truly believe it. 

Ah Mu, you were right. I can bring down Chu Xie, I can take control of the Eastern Palace. You’re so clever, you can predict everything. 

But why are you also so foolish? 

Clearly, you’re just an ordinary person without status, yet you risk your life again and again to help me. Chu Xie won’t let you off easily. 

“Seal the city.”

Jiang Yanchi exhaled deeply and turned to glance at Xu Changling. “Close the city gates for a month. Search inch by inch, we must find him.”

“But…” Xu Changling hesitated when he saw the Crown Prince’s stubbornness. “We don’t even know what he looks like….”

“Very slender.” Jiang Yanchi gestured with his hand. “His wrist is about this thick, with evenly long fingers. He’s literate and plays the zither beautifully.”

These descriptions were essentially useless. 

These features were not distinctive at all. There were plenty of young men who were literate and skilled at playing musical instruments.

However, Xu Changling couldn’t say anything more.

As Jiang Yanchi continued to speak, it was as if he suddenly remembered something. “Go to the music house and inquire about anyone who plays those obscure and long-lost ancient tunes.”

This left Xu Changling even more puzzled. There were hardly any literate people in the music house. Why would they go there to find someone?

But Xu Chunmu asked, “Which ancient tune did that person play?”

“Xiao Ya.” 

“Which verse.”

Jiang Yanchi recalled carefully. “It was the third piece in Xiao Ya Kong Gu.”

Xiao Ya Kong Gu.

Xu Chunmu seemed to ponder for a moment, then suddenly raised his head. 

Without a word, he subtly glanced towards the inner chamber where Chu Xie was resting.

When the people from Duke Yue’s residence hurriedly arrived, Jiang Yanchi had already been sent off by Xu Chunmu, and he had only taken a few steps. Zhao Xuan watched his retreating figure and couldn’t help but bow respectfully to the young marquis by his side. “This time, we truly have to thank Young Marquis…”

“What is Shizi thanking me for?”

“Young Marquis, you may not know this, but the Crown Prince and Lord Chu have been at odds for a long time, especially since the incident at Jinhuan Gambling House half a year ago. If this Crown Prince truly ascends to power and rules the world, I’m afraid the Chu Residence will suffer immensely.”

As Xu Chunmu watched the twilight, his gaze seemed distant. His dark-blue attire contrasted with the white walls and black tiles, and his figure blended into the dusk.

“It’s indeed…”

Disaster upon disaster.

The last trace of twilight disappeared from the horizon.

The Chu Residence was brightly lit, with lights shining in every room, making it the brightest place in the entire capital.

Xu Chunmu seemed like a member of the household, so he invited Duke Yue’s Shizi to have dinner before returning to Chu Xie’s bedroom.

Tao Li, who had been awake for over ten hours without rest, was so exhausted that she kept nodding off, so the steward told her to take a nap in a side chamber.

From the warm bedding, Xu Chunmu carefully examined Chu Xie’s wrist, measuring it with his thumb and index finger while recalling the hand gestures the Crown Prince had made earlier, his gaze growing deeper.

Could it be—

No, it couldn’t be.


That night.


Other than pain, there was no other sensation.

Chu Xie finally regained some consciousness but didn’t have the strength to open his eyes.

“Host, you finally have some consciousness…” The system cried for quite a while. “I’ve been keeping the pain relief buff active for you. How do you feel now?”

“Mmm…” Chu Xie didn’t want to move a single strand of hair. “It still hurts.”

“Of course, you were almost beaten to death…” The system continued to cry. “Luckily, you have a strong life force… sob, sob…”

“Don’t cry, you’re annoying.”

Chu Xie’s mood was getting irritated due to the pain.

“Ding, Xu Chunmu’s character compatibility has reached 80%. Congratulations, Host, for setting a new record!”

Chu Xie was stunned.

What was that?


“Ah, ah, ah… Host, Host!” The system’s voice exploded like a bomb in his head. “How did you do it, Host? You’re amazing! Oh, oh, oh, Host… Both character compatibilities are now above 60%, and the plot completion is at 75%. Just five more points, and you can complete the mission and rebirth!”

But Chu Xie himself was bewildered. How did Xu Chunmu’s character compatibility suddenly reach 80% during the time he was asleep? What happened?

It seemed like the changes were completely unpredictable, or perhaps there was a pattern, but he had overlooked it.

Wait. That wasn’t the main point.

He only needed five more points, so that meant he could complete one more plot at most.

Chu Xie’s spirits lifted.

“What’s the next plot?”

“Host! The next plot is simple. It’s ‘The Death of Chen Lianzhou,’ in half a month.”


He could rebirth!

“However, Host, you may not be able to get out of bed within half a month. To complete this plot, you must witness Chen Lianzhou’s death with your own eyes… Should we skip this one, take some time to recover, and wait for the next plot?”

Chu Xie was being annoyed to no end. He had lost a lot of blood this time, and his injuries were severe. He could barely focus his vision.

“No need. Let’s go directly. I want to rebirth as soon as possible…”

The ringing in his ears gradually subsided, and he heard the quiet chirping of crickets in the night.

There was also a very faint sound of footsteps moving closer, just a stone’s throw away.

Chu Xie suddenly tensed up, and his pupils dilated. He felt his entire body tremble when he smelled the stench of blood all over himself—could it be that Jiang Yanchi, that scoundrel, realized he wasn’t beaten to death and came for another assassination in the middle of the night?

Just as he was about to struggle, he felt a tearing pain in his back and heard a voice say, “Don’t move.” Sensing his slight trembling, the voice added, “Don’t be afraid; I won’t harm you.”

The person gently examined the wound on his back, adjusted the blanket covering him, and then let out a soft sigh. “Lord Chu, you’re finally awake.”

It was a very unfamiliar voice, clear yet gentle.

“You are…” Chu Xie tried to speak but found his throat dry and scratchy, as if he had swallowed ashes. “Who are you?”

Suddenly, the voice of the system burst out, but this time, instead of screaming, it gave a solemn reminder, “Host, it’s, it’s Xu Chunmu! The real Xu Chunmu!”

“I’ve heard of Lord Chu’s great reputation. My name is Xu Chunmu. I am the grandson of Marquis Zhenguo, Xu Yi.”

The clear voice reached his ears once again.

Chu Xie was shocked.

But then he saw the person crouching down, touching his forehead with cold fingers, with a gentle and cautious movement.

“Wait, wait… Something’s not right, Host. Something’s wrong…”

Chu Xie had not yet reacted when his vision finally focused, and he saw the person’s face clearly.

It was a beautiful and refined face, with delicate features.

Xu Chunmu did not call any servants or maids; instead, he reached out and gently held Chu Xie’s shoulders, slowly helping him shift from lying on his stomach to lying on his side, without disturbing the wound. Then he went out for a moment and returned with a bowl of thick black herbal medicine, which he offered to Chu Xie’s lips.

Chu Xie tasted the bitterness in his mouth, but when he drank the entire bowl, it didn’t seem as bitter.

Seeing this, Xu Chunmu pushed a date with a sugary coating into Chu Xie’s mouth.

Chu Xie felt something was strange and couldn’t help but glance at Xu Chunmu.

“It won’t taste as bitter this way. When I was a child, I used to fall off horses frequently. Every time I had to take medicine, my mother would give me a sugared date.” Xu Chunmu explained in a calm tone.

This… what was going on? How could Xu Chunmu be here?

Chu Xie, maintaining his professional demeanor, continued the conversation, “Young Master Xu must have had a happy and privileged childhood.”

Xu Chunmu seemed momentarily stunned but chose not to continue in that direction.

After placing the empty bowl on the table, he helped Chu Xie lie down again.

“This time, you were lucky not to have died in the Zhao Prison. Aren’t you afraid?”

“Afraid of what?”

Xu Chunmu withdrew his gaze from Chu Xie’s face, devoid of any emotion, and said, “Aren’t you afraid for your own well-being and not getting a peaceful end?”


Terrified to death!

In his previous life, Chu Xie had always been afraid of pain from a young age. Even with a 95% pain relief buff, the pain of being beaten with a cane was still unbearable. Now, the mere thought of Jiang Yanchi’s face gave him psychological trauma.

Chu Xie’s soul nodded vigorously like a chicken pecking at grains—indeed, he felt that Chu Xie had always been pushing himself to the brink of death. Heroes really did see eye to eye.

Now that Jiang Yanchi had ascended to the East Palace and he and Chu Xie were in a standoff, Chu Xie knew that within a year, Jiang Yanchi would become emperor and completely eliminate him.

The days ahead would only become more difficult. Saying he wasn’t afraid, was that even possible?

What was most distressing was that Jiang Yanchi’s actions were completely unpredictable! The main storyline had already collapsed, and he still had to diligently follow the subplot, and not just one, but two subplots involving two people!

Thinking about it was already making him feel overwhelmed.

His internal turmoil was intense, but he maintained a calm exterior and replied indifferently, “Young Marquis Xu, what is the purpose of your words?”

Xu Chunmu knew that Chu Xie was fond of tea, so he started a small fire and began to prepare tea.

“Do you know my nickname?”

“Yes, it’s Yuan.”

Xu Chunmu hesitated for a moment while holding the teapot and then poured the first pot of tea away. “Yes, my grandfather named me Yuan, meaning to live a quiet and peaceful life in a corner. He didn’t expect me to achieve anything significant in life, as long as I am happy, carefree, and content, it’s good.”

Chu Xie listened to these somewhat philosophical words but remained silent.

“…You’ve actually accomplished quite a lot.”

Three hundred thousand calvalry. At such a young age, with remarkable military achievements, he was truly a young talent.

“I mean, sometimes people become too obsessed with their goals, indulging in them, which can easily lead them down the wrong path… or even cost them their lives.”


It seemed like there was more to his words than met the eye.

Chu Xie opened the system again and glanced at Xu Chunmu’s character profile. It was originally supposed to be a reserved and taciturn character, but in reality, Xu Chunmu was quite talkative.

Not only talkative, but philosophical as well.

Philosophical to the point where Chu Xie couldn’t comprehend it, leaving him unsure of how to respond.

The only sound in the room was the boiling of the tea, a constant bubbling.

The silence lasted for so long that Chu Xie wanted to say something to change the topic. Just as he was about to speak, he turned his head and met a pair of deep brown eyes.

As their eyes met, Xu Chunmu spoke first, “In a few days, it will be the seventh day of the seventh month. How about I take you out for some fresh air?”

“I don’t need to, I…” I’m so injured that I’m not sure if I can even get out of bed, let alone have the mood to go out. 

Chu Xie paused, “I don’t like these things.” 

“You should interact with the world more. It can be interesting. The Qiqiao Festival… there will be a lantern festival, very beautiful.” 

Chu Xie finally understood what was being implied. 

He said to the system, “This Xu Chunmu…” 

“He seems like a male version of Duan Se.” 


“It seems like he’s the kind of innocent and kind-hearted child who has never seen the world and is fascinated by the lantern festival when he first arrives in the capital city.”

As it turned out, it wasn’t Xu Chunmu who hadn’t seen much of the world, but Chu Xie himself. 

Chu Xie had been in this world for nearly a decade, immersed in following the character’s storyline, and his heart had been shattered by the plot. He had never had the leisure to stroll through a lantern festival in the Western Capital. 

He could hardly imagine that the ancient capital could be so splendid, with fireworks filling the sky, dragon dances on the streets, and the aroma of food wafting from the restaurants. 

Young ladies were dressed in their finest, with makeup that highlighted their beauty, and they smiled alluringly.

Half of the city’s lanterns illuminated the splendor of this ancient capital.

It was a breathtaking sight.

Chu Xie was currently living in constant fear of death. Even as he strolled through the lantern festival, he kept his face concealed, afraid that someone might try to assassinate him.

“The imperial capital of Great Wei is indeed magnificent.”

Xu Chunmu, by Chu Xie’s side, spoke his mind.

Chu Xie, pretending to be nonchalant, replied, “It is indeed different from the Northern Border.”

“But the Northern Border has vast mountains and rivers, stretching ice plains. It has its own unique charm.”

Xu Chunmu handed Chu Xie a white crane-shaped lantern and continued, “Life is full of variety, but it only lasts for a hundred years. In the end, how we live is what matters.”

Here he goes again.

If Xu Chunmu were born in the modern era, he would definitely be a philosopher.

Chu Xie looked at the exquisite lantern in his hand and nodded slightly, a faint smile on his lips.

Illuminated by the flickering flames, his smile appeared graceful and ethereal.

Xu Chunmu leaned close to Chu Xie’s ear, almost embracing him, and there was a burning lantern between them. “Ah Xie, let it go.”

His voice was filled with deep sorrow.

“Don’t… don’t go kill Chen Lianzhou.”

Chu Xie widened his eyes suddenly, dropped the lantern in his hand, and burned the lifelike paper crane completely.

“You will die.”

The author has something to say: Xu Chunmu: Yes, I’m a reincarnator.

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