After Transmigrating Into The Weak Villain Chapter 43

Chapter 43

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In an instant, Jiang Yanchi applied force to Chu Xie’s shoulder blades, pushing him backward. Chu Xie couldn’t support himself in time and fell onto the soft cushion.

The Crown Prince looked down at him, his eyes seeming to choose his next move carefully.

“Chu Xie, what has Jiang Jingan done to provoke you?”

Jiang Yanchi forced out the words through clenched teeth.

Chu Xie thought carefully but couldn’t come up with a substantial reason for his intense enmity with Jiang Jingan.

Chu Xie couldn’t exactly respond with, “I didn’t provoke anyone; it’s just that the plot needed to progress.” So, he maintained a cold, unyielding demeanor and said, “I just wanted him dead.” 

Jiang Yanchi seemed to have a realization. 

Suddenly, a significant portion of his raging anger dissipated. He sat down with a grumbling tone and called out to the people outside, “Hurry up!” 

In Chu Xie’s heart, he regretted not delivering that fatal blow to Jiang Jingan more quickly. 

Missing that opportunity, he now had to figure out how to deal with him in the future, which was quite a headache. 

Jiang Yanchi, it’s you again.

Every time you ruin my good moments, every time the plot takes a wrong turn, it’s always because of you.

Unable to unlock the plot and clueless about the fate of Xu Chunmu, Chu Xie’s frustration grew. With his hands bound, he resorted to kicking, directing a forceful kick toward Jiang Yanchi. 

Jiang Yanchi, who had been lost in thought, was unprepared for this and tumbled halfway off his seat, propping himself up on the ground and turning to Chu Xie, saying, “You!” 

It seemed like he had become unrecognizable, even to his own mother. He, himself, had died in the capital city once, losing some of his power. Jiang Yanchi had seized control of the Eastern Palace’s power faster than expected. 

If Jiang Yanchi wanted to protect Jiang Jingan, it would be challenging for Chu Xie to take action. 

He couldn’t kick, lose his temper, or bear grudges.

He wanted to try to sway him with reason and appeal to his concerns about Jiang Jingan. 

He quickly analyzed the situation in his mind. 

“Your Highness, you’re being misguided,” Chu Xie said, restraining his anger and offering advice in a seemingly friendly tone. “Jiang Jingan is the son of Ningyuan Wang and a prince personally appointed by His Majesty. Even if his father and brothers are deceased, the Wei West Nine Commanderies still look up to him. Cutting the grass without uprooting the roots, it will grow back with the spring wind…” 

Jiang Yanchi’s gaze shifted, initially darkening, then turning to surprise, and finally settling into a deeper shade. 

His lips involuntarily tightened, and his brows remained furrowed. 

“Do you really want to exterminate the entire line of Ningyuan Wang?” 

The carriage rocked, and Jiang Yanchi stood up to dust off his clothes. “Of the three who supported Emperor Xuanhe and stirred up chaos across the realm, two are already deceased. If Jiang Jingan dies, are you planning to target Marquis Zhengguo, Xuy Yi, next?”


Did the Crown Prince figure out his identity? 

Chu Xie’s heart tightened. 

“So, you followed Xu Chunmu to the Northern Territory. You intended to use Xu Chunmu to get close to and kill Xu Yi, didn’t you?” Seeing him remain silent and lower his head, Jiang Yanchi grasped his chin, forcing him to look up. “If I hadn’t incited the Hubei troops to cause chaos in the Western Territory, would you have acted?” 

“Do you really think you could have killed Xu Yi within the Northern Territory?” 

Jiang Yanchi shouted in a deep, furious voice, increasing the pressure in his grip. His voice was filled with post-fear. “If you made any move, in an instant—” 

Xu Yi or not, right now, I’m talking about Jiang Jing’an! 

Why was Jiang Yanchi’s thinking so disjointed? 

I went to the Northern Territory to follow Xu Chunmu, not to kill anyone like Xu Yi. That’s not on my to-do list, thank you! 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Chu Xie said, forcefully turning his head, breaking free of the hand. Two red marks from being pinched appeared on his fair face, and Jiang Yanchi’s gaze quietly withdrew his hand back into his sleeve.

Although he didn’t understand why the conversation had shifted to the Northern Region, Chu Xie decided to explain the situation regarding his visit to the Northern Region.

“If I had intended to kill Xu Yi, I wouldn’t have withdrawn from the three commanderies near Changye Commandery.”

Jiang Yanchi still seemed puzzled by Chu Xie’s explanation.

If Chu Xie wasn’t there to kill Xu Yi, why did he go to the Northern Territory? 

This man was extremely astute and a smooth talker. He couldn’t let himself be outmaneuvered by him. When Jiang Yanchi heard the horses outside slowing down, the carriage came to a steady halt at the palace gate. He displayed his palace insignia for a brief moment and then tucked it back into his sash. The carriage entered the palace. 

Chu Xie thought, “This isn’t good.” 

His peripheral vision faintly caught a glimpse of the Eastern Palace insignia on Jiang Yanchi’s sash. 

Chu Xie had always excelled in his skills of thievery and espionage. Even the experienced general Huchi Er had fallen victim to him in the past. 

Chu Xie pretended to struggle, tumbling from the seat as he intended to endure some pain and roll to the ground, hoping that Jiang Yanchi would assist him back up. 

But to his surprise, as soon as he made a move, it was as if the man had been keeping a close eye on him. He immediately placed his shin against Chu Xie’s abdomen to stop his descent, while Chu Xie’s bound hands held his thighs, tilting his body forward slightly, and it seemed as though his chest would collide with his knees. 

Jiang Yanchi used his other hand to support Chu Xie’s shoulder, steadying his posture. “Don’t move!”

Jiang Yanchi glanced at the man and leaned down to whisper in his ear, “We’re almost there.” 

Chu Xie saw him leaning down, and the subtle scent of sandalwood on his body wafted into his nostrils. He reached out with his bound hands, but unfortunately, his fingertips only brushed against the tassel of the insignia. He simply wanted him to come closer, so he put on a somewhat uncomfortable expression.

Unfortunately, just as the carriage came to a stop, Chu Xie intentionally bumped into the person holding him.

Jiang Yanchi didn’t resist and simply held Chu Xie horizontally. He lifted Chu Xie off the carriage and rushed toward the palace, moving swiftly.

As soon as they reached the bedroom and Jiang Yanchi placed Chu Xie on the bed, he hesitated for a moment. Eventually, he decided to untie the bindings on Chu Xie’s hands. He ordered a basin of hot water and helped him change out of the clothes and shoes that had traces of blood.

After a brief pause, they heard a message that the Imperial Physician and two officials from the Duke’s residence were seeking an audience with the Crown Prince.

Jiang Yanchi glanced at Chu Xie, who looked as if he were about to fall asleep on the bed. He hesitated for a moment and asked, “Hasn’t the Imperial Physician arrived yet?”

“They are on their way and are already outside Danyang Gate. Your Highness, would you like to meet with the officials from the Duke’s residence first?”

“Very well,” Jiang Yanchi said after a moment of contemplation. He decided to dismiss the visitors from the Zhao family first and instructed, “Administer the medicine to him when it’s ready.”

As if he were still concerned, he raised his voice slightly, ensuring that the person on the bed heard him clearly. “If he refuses to drink it, just force it down.”

In the study of the side hall, as soon as they entered, the three officials immediately knelt down and paid their respects. The new Duke Rongguo, Chen Yuqing, exchanged a glance with Zhao Yu and had a sorrowful expression on his face. They took the lead in kowtowing and weeping, saying, “Your Highness! This Chu Xie is truly audacious. He dared to enter the Duke’s residence multiple times and even attempted murder in broad daylight. Your Highness, he first attempted to assassinate a high-ranking official in our dynasty. It seems he has not reined in his wicked actions. If such evil deeds are tolerated repeatedly, I fear that there will never be peace in the capital!”

“I also implore Your Highness to punish Chu Xie, strip him of his official position, or at the very least, send him into exile, never to be recalled!”

Zhao Yu, Duke Yue, added his voice to the appeal.

“The case of the attempted assassination in the Duke’s residence has not been resolved, and the charge of attempting to murder a high-ranking official is still unclear,” Jiang Yanchi replied, feeling a bit fatigued from his recent exertion. He drank some tea to refresh himself and delayed the response.

“Your Highness, do you suspect that the poisoning incident in the East Palace was carried out by the Duke’s residence? How is that possible? At the time, in the Prison, Chu Xie himself confessed…”

Jiang Yanchi suddenly raised his eyes.

He gently placed the cup on the table, and the porcelain cup made a clear, crisp sound, interrupting Chen Yuqing’s words. The atmosphere suddenly froze.

The Chief Minister noticed something was amiss and subtly signaled to Chen Yuqing to hold back his admonishment.

With his official robe swaying, the Chief Minister folded his hands and offered a formal bow, saying, “Your Highness, do you mean to turn a blind eye to Chu Xie’s actions?”

“Have you considered, Your Highness, that relying on Chu Xie to stabilize the East Palace is akin to making a pact with the devil? If his power continues to grow, there will be no one left in the capital capable of restraining him.”

Jiang Yanchi ran his index finger along the rim of the cup, not giving a clear response. 

There was another period of silence, during which the Chief Minister thought the Crown Prince might be swayed by his words. Seizing the moment while he pondered, the Chief Minister continued, speaking words meant to reach his heart, “It was not easy to reduce Chu Xie’s power by even a fraction. Your Highness, are you really going to backtrack and allow the entire capital city to fall back into the hands of a eunuch? This time, Duke Rongguo perished by his hand. What about next time? Who will fall victim to him next?” 

Jiang Yanchi sighed. 

“Loosen the restrictions and send Lingcheng Wang out of the capital city.” 

Duke Yue’s expression brightened.

As long as Jiang Jingan, could leave the capital, there was still hope for his survival.

It turned out that the Crown Prince still had a compassionate side.

Just as the Chief Minister was about to speak further, he heard Jiang Yanchi say, “We need not bring up Chu Xie’s matter again.” 

“Your Highness!” Chen, upon seeing him about to leave, immediately knelt down and kowtowed vigorously. “Your Highness, you cannot let Chu Xie go! If we let him go now, in the future—” 

“When I was in the Cold Palace.” 

Jiang Yanchi stood at the door, just one step away from crossing the vermilion threshold. The window pavilion allowed light to filter through, isolating him from the outside world. “Minister Xu once petitioned to have me and my mother executed when I was in the Cold Palace.” 

“When Father was gravely ill, Duke Rongguo’s residence overlooked my status as an imperial heir and insisted on bringing the son of Ningyuan Wang into the capital to seize the throne overnight.” 

“Even Duke Yue, in reality, didn’t want me to ascend to the Eastern Palace.” 

The three of them exchanged puzzled glances, unsure of Jiang Yanchi’s intentions in recounting these events. 

Could it be that he wanted to settle old scores?

“Although Chu Xie is cunning, he is the only one who has consistently supported my position as Crown Prince from beginning to end. Didn’t the Duke say, when the hare is dead, it’s cooked, and when all the birds are caught, the bow is stored away. It is not the way of a wise ruler. How can the same principle be reversed and used day and night?”

Jiang Yanchi silently took another sip of tea.

“Your Highness, times have changed, and we must embrace the new…”

“I am protecting Jiang Jingan, just as I am being lenient with all of you. Protecting Chu Xie will be the same,” Jiang Yanchi said in a calm voice. “If there’s a need for execution, then let them both be executed together.”

A glimmer of light appeared in the Chief Minister’s eyes.

The Crown Prince spoke gently, but his intentions were clear.

Jiang Jingan had always had the Wei Western Nine Commanderies as his backing. Although he currently posed no threat to Jiang Yanchi, releasing him from the city could lead to future troubles. However, executing him might alienate the old ministers and provoke public anger.

Originally, Jiang Jingan had been detained in the capital as a hostage, preserving his life while preventing future calamities. But now that Chu Xie intended to kill him, the situation had changed.

Despite Chu Xie’s treachery, he had indeed supported Jiang Yanchi throughout, even acting as a puppet to stabilize Jiang Yanchi’s position as the Crown Prince.

It seemed that Jiang Yanchi wanted to push Chu Xie back into a higher position, ensuring his own security as the Crown Prince.


How was this any different from inciting the Northern Xiong to create chaos in the western borderlands? Such reckless means to secure the throne could bring catastrophic consequences to Great Wei!

In the end, it showed a lack of foresight!

Well, after all, he was a child who had come out of the Cold Palace, lacking proper upbringing. He might be smart, but he had little worldly experience.

The Chief Minister felt greatly disappointed, but he also understood the Crown Prince’s intentions. He wouldn’t say more and only exchanged a meaningful glance with the two Dukes. Today’s audience had come to an end.

At least Jiang Jingan’s life had been spared.

Jiang Yanchi sent the three officials away and returned to the Eastern Palace. Upon entering, he found that the medicine had been brewed and placed to cool on the side. Maids and imperial physicians were attending to him, changing his dressings. As they carefully removed the layers of gauze from his back, Jiang Yanchi took a cloth and wiped away the traces of injuries on his skin.

The person winced in pain, their face turning pale, but they clenched their hand and remained silent. 

Their eyelashes trembled slightly, and their eyes appeared somewhat unfocused. They bit their lower lip, causing a few drops of blood to seep out.

Suddenly, Jiang Yanchi took two steps forward, pushed the maids aside, and supported the person, allowing them to lean against him. He remembered the way Chu Xie’s maid had comforted him during a similar situation when changing his dressings. He raised his hand and began awkwardly stroking the person’s forehead, softly saying, “It doesn’t… hurt anymore, it doesn’t hurt.”

Chu Xie slowly closed his eyes, seeming to become more docile in his embrace, and his tightly clenched teeth relaxed a bit.

Seeing him relax, Jiang Yanchi’s heart felt as if it had been released from some invisible tension. The fear he had been carrying gradually eased.

His movements became gentler, and his voice lost its stiffness, as if he were accustomed to comforting someone, saying, “It’s okay, it doesn’t hurt anymore…”

Little Xizi watched with a puzzled expression, wanting to speak but hesitating.

What was wrong with this atmosphere?

The person behind them was applying medicine, and Chu Xie’s entire body shuddered. He nuzzled into Jiang Yanchi’s embrace. There was a tightness in Jiang Yanchi’s chest, and he held Chu Xie even tighter. 

One of Chu Xie’s hands slowly extended, gripping his sleeve as if seeking help. 

“It’s okay, it’s…” 

He began to say but abruptly fell silent. 

He immediately sensed on the other side a hand subtly and noiselessly moving towards the Eastern Palace insignia on his waist.

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