Cactus in Distress Chapter 10

Chapter 10

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As they moved towards the bed, Sun Yutan’s heart raced with anticipation, and a mixture of exhaustion and pleasure consumed her. Chen Rui, on the other hand, remained enthusiastic and energetic throughout their intimacy. The atmosphere was charged with the intensity of their passion, as they lost themselves in the moment. 

As they reached their climax, Chen Rui collapsed onto the bed, his breathing heavy and labored. Sun Yutan lay beside him, her mind clouded with confusion and uncertainty. Was this encounter just a drunken mistake? But she hadn’t been drinking and Chen Rui… he was sober too.

Questions swirled in her mind, and she couldn’t help but wonder when Chen Rui had realized it was her. Back then, she had dismissed the whole thing as a foolish mistake and tried to put it out of her mind as soon as she got home. Had he known all along?

Sun Yutan sat up, her mind racing with confusion and disbelief. How could Chen Rui have known about the love letter she had ghostwritten for her friend Tang Guo? It didn’t make any sense.

As she tried to make sense of it all, Sun Yutan began to recall the events that had led up to this moment. She remembered the day when Chen Rui had mentioned the love letter, quoting parts of it without revealing who had written it. She had been caught off guard at the time, but now it all seemed to make sense.

The memories flooded back to Sun Yutan, taking her back to the days of her teenage years. It was the third year of high school, and the countdown to graduation loomed overhead. But even with the uncertainty of the future, teenage love and infatuation still held a strong grip on their hearts.

Sun Yutan sat on the edge of the bed, lost in thought as she recalled the day that the love letter incident had taken place. It was a lazy Sunday afternoon, and she had agreed to meet her friend Tang Guo at KFC to do homework.

As they sat there writing, Tang Guo suddenly blurted out, “You know, I like Chen Rui from Class 1.”

“Now I know,” Sun Yutan replied calmly.

Tang Guo commented, “I saw you greeting him.”

“Then you must have seen that he doesn’t pay much attention to me,” Sun Yutan pointed out, “We just know each other through our families, so it’s just a matter of courtesy. We’re not close.”

“Graduation is coming up soon,” Tang Guo sounded melancholic, “Maybe we’ll never see him again.”

Sun Yutan didn’t know how to respond, so she just made a sound of agreement.

Tang Guo continued, “It’s so regretful when the person you like doesn’t even know you so exist.”

“What’s the point?” Sun Yutan replied. “If you like him but he doesn’t like you back, and you let him know, wouldn’t that just be embarrassing? It’s better not to say anything.”

“But what if he likes me?” Tang Guo asked.

Sun Yutan choked on her words when she heard this. She and Tang Guo stared at each other for a few seconds, and then she reluctantly said, “Well, it’s not entirely impossible.”

Tang Guo took out a piece of white paper and solemnly opened the pen cap. “Why don’t I write a love letter?”

Sun Yutan nodded and told her to write whatever she wanted, while she continued working on her exam paper. By the time she had finished half of her paper, Tang Guo’s paper was still blank. She looked at Sun Yutan with a pained expression and asked for help, “What should I do? I don’t know how to write. Sun Yutan, can you teach me?”

“I don’t know how to write either.”

“Can’t you help me come up with something?”

Sun Yutan handed her phone to her and said, “Check the web for ideas, then either plagiarize or mix them together. You’ll definitely come up with something.”

“How do I search for it? Should I look up love letters for a boy?”

“Why don’t you just search for Yuan Xiangqin’s letter? It’s very practical, about a silly girl and a cold-faced school hunk.”

“Oh no, I don’t want to do that. Can’t you just write one for me, please? You did a great job helping Wu Junzhe last time. His crush fell for it as soon as he read the letter.”

Sun Yutan wanted to say that the girl was not attracted to the love letter, but to Wu Junzhe’s face. However, she couldn’t stand Tang Guo’s persistence and had to scribble a few nonsensical lines on a scrap piece of paper. To her surprise, Tang Guo was content with her sloppy and inferior letter and even took the effort to purchase fancy paper to transcribe it neatly.

Sun Yutan shook her head, thinking that she was beyond redemption.

“My dear Tantan, can you deliver this to Chen Rui for me?”

Sun Yutan was incredulous. “Hey, Tang Guo, are you kidding me? I put so much effort into writing this for you, and now you want me to deliver it too? That’s too much. Then, what about your part? Do you really like the person?”

Tang Guo immediately backed down and stopped making unreasonable demands. However, Sun Yutan never asked whether or not Tang Guo actually delivered the letter, and Tang Guo never mentioned it. After taking the college entrance exams, Tang Guo started dating their class monitor.  Faced with Sun Yutan’s questioning face, Tang Guo confessed, “The class monitor was also someone I liked, among others.” Sun Yutan nodded in understanding and said it was totally okay.

Could Tang Guo remember her nonsense? Sun Yutan quickly dispelled the thought, feeling that it was too embarrassing for her.

Under the soft glow of the moon, Sun Yutan gazed at Chen Rui, who lay on his side, lost in slumber. His chiseled features were bathed in the silvery light, and his rhythmic breathing seemed to suggest a sense of contentment, as if he had just experienced something deeply fulfilling. With a final, wistful glance, she turned over and allowed herself to sink into the depths of sleep.

What Sun Yutan did not know was that Chen Rui’s good friend, Yuan Zheqi, happened to be sitting right behind their seats in KFC that day. From the moment Chen Rui’s name came up in their conversation, Yuan Zheqi pricked up his ears and eavesdropped.

As the first rays of dawn began to filter through the curtains, Sun Yutan stirred from her slumber. She cast a quick glance at the figure lying next to her before silently slipping out of bed and tiptoeing towards the bathroom.

The dark circles under her eyes were almost down to her cheeks in the mirror. Sun Yutan held her discolored skin and cursed under her breath as she stepped into the shower.

She came out wrapped in a towel and stood in front of the wardrobe looking for clothes.

“So early?” Chen Rui woke up, his voice hoarse.

Sun Yutan merely responded with a soft hum, not turning around to face him. She heard the sound of him getting out of bed and then felt his arms wrap around her from behind.

For a moment, they fumbled against the door, lost in a tangle of limbs and passion. But then, with a gentle nudge, Chen Rui guided her back towards the bed, where they lost themselves in each other’s embrace once more.

The next time she woke up, it was already daylight. She glanced at the clock and realized that she had dozed off for a few more hours than usual. As she stretched her limbs, she realized that indulging in morning pleasures was indeed a helpful way to fall back asleep, something worth advocating for.

Feeling revitalized, Sun Yutan got out of bed and walked towards the living room, where she saw Chen Rui standing by the table, sipping on a glass of water. The sight of him made her heart race with inappropriate thoughts, and she couldn’t help but freeze in his presence.

“You haven’t left yet?” She remembered the cause of the trouble again. “What if you can’t open the door?”

“My assistant is coming over.”

Sun Yutan nodded and went into the bathroom. When she came out, the person in the living room was gone.

Soon after, the doorbell rang at Sun Yutan’s house.

Chen Rui had changed into a crisp shirt and meticulously tied his tie, looking as dashing as ever. In his hand, he held a tray of breakfast, the aroma of fresh coffee and croissants filling the room. As he approached Sun Yutan, she couldn’t resist the urge to kiss him and quickly grabbed his collar, drawing him towards her. Their lips met in a passionate kiss, and for a moment, Chen Rui was caught off guard by her sudden embrace. He responded eagerly, wanting to continue the embrace, but Sun Yutan pulled away just as quickly as she had grabbed him.

Tang Nuo had an unusual day that started with him receiving a strange phone call while he was already at work. When he heard Chen Rui’s voice on the other end of the line, he had to confirm it again to be sure. Chen Rui asked him to deliver a spare key to Anshan Road, which was a completely new experience for Tang Nuo. He stood in the hallway, but couldn’t see Chen Rui, so he was about to call back the unfamiliar phone number when the door next to him opened and Chen Rui came out. 

Chen Rui took the key from Tang Nuo and instructed him to wait in the car for a while.

Tang Nuo sat in the driver’s seat, checking emails while keeping an eye on the window outside. A few minutes later, Chen Rui emerged but didn’t head towards him. Instead, he went into a breakfast shop carrying bags of food. Tang Nuo thought that the boss was treating him for running around so early in the morning. Little did he know that Chen Rui was catering to someone else. Chen Rui then turned around and walked back without acknowledging Tang Nuo.

Tang Nuo sensed that something was off. He frequently looked at the rearview mirror on the way to the company, but Chen Rui didn’t even lift his head and said, “Watch the road.”

Fearless, Tang Nuo asked, “Senior, where did you sleep last night?”

Chen Rui closed his laptop and said, “Aren’t you going to Yancheng for research tomorrow? Take Huang Shuyu with you.”

Tang Nuo opened his mouth and then closed it, not asking anything else.

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