Cactus in Distress Chapter 12

Chapter 12

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Despite her earlier statement, Sun Yutan still took a photo of the school gate, and sent it to Chen Rui. After waiting for a while with no response, Sun Yutan angrily threw her phone on the table, exclaiming, “See! Men have the attention span of a gnat.”

Sun Nianxi took the phone and was immediately drawn to the contact name. “What? Why is this person’s name ‘Profession’?”

Sun Yutan blinked and replied, “Do a profession, love that profession.”

Sun Nianxi almost spat out the watermelon she was eating. She was speechless for a moment. “Sun Yutan, you’re too wild.”

“Nonsense, no one is more conservative than me.”

Sun Yutan posted a picture of fried potatoes on Moments and added a picture of Gavin’s Milk Tea Thoughts. She then put away her phone and went to buy milk tea with Sun Nianxi.

The two of them were walking on a street far from the high school when Sun Nianxi suddenly said, “Actually, I used to have a crush on a boy. It’s strange, I didn’t know him at all but I liked him a lot.”

“What happened later?”

“Later, I never saw him again. If I could, I would love to meet him again. Unfortunately, it’s difficult. We weren’t even in the same grade, and I was too shy to do anything. I only know his name now.”

“Do you want to do something with him?”

“Of course I want to. Alas, it’s just unrequited love in my youth. It’s a little hard to accept.”

“Actually, if you really want to find him, you can. Aren’t you afraid of Lin Xuan teasing you?”

“…Yes, I am afraid.”

“Let’s play ‘The Moment When the Dream Ends’ for Little Miss Sun.”

When she checked her phone again at home, there was already a lively discussion going on in the comments section of Sun Yutan’s post. Her former classmates scattered all over the place expressed their longing for good food and their complaints against her.

Sun Yutan laughed as she read the comments, thinking to herself that this was what a response looked like. Waiting for Chen Rui was really hopeless.

Suddenly, Chen Ting sent her a video call request. Sun Yutan was a little surprised, but she accepted it.

Chen Ting’s bright face appeared on the screen. “Xiao Tan,” she greeted Sun Yutan warmly, “You’re back in Haicheng?”

“Yes,” Sun Yutan replied with a smile. “Not long ago. What’s up?”

“Nothing much, but Chen Rui is also in Haicheng. Haven’t you seen each other in years?”

Sun Yutan replied, “We’ve seen each other already.”

“Do you want to meet up and have a good meal together?”

Sun Yutan quickly shook her head. “No need, we’ve already met and had a good meal. No need to be polite.”

“Oh?” Chen Ting sat up straight, looking very surprised. “How did you see him? Did he come to find you?”

Just then, a little girl suddenly ran into the screen and threw herself into Chen Ting’s arms, looking up with a joyous face. Her voice was soft and cute like a cotton candy. Chen Ting coaxed her for a while, and she obediently sat in her lap, leaning towards the screen to talk to Sun Yutan. “Hello, Big Sister, my name is Lu Yuxi~ my nickname is Xixi~”

“Hi Xixi~” Sun Yutan smiled.

Every time Lu Yuxi celebrated her birthday, Chen Ting would post a few photos on her Moments, featuring the little princess sitting in the C position of Chen’s family, with Chen Rui rarely showing a smiling face behind her. Sun Yutan had even saved these photos on her phone, so she could see this delicate little girl growing up little by little.

“Okay, go find Dad.” Chen Ting pinched Xixi’s chubby cheek. “Big Sister and I have something to talk about.”

Xixi chirped a few words and scampered off.

“So cute,” Sun Yutan exclaimed.

“Come to my house, I’ll let you play with Xixi.”

“That’s too far, just package Xixi and send her over,” Sun Yutan joked.

“That’s too much trouble. It’s better to let her uncle come and take her away. But that little brat Chen Rui, I called him on video ten times and he refused to answer nine times. He’s so annoying. By the way, you just said that you and him met, how did that happen?”

“It was a coincidence. I happened to run into him in Haicheng on the day I came back, and we had dinner together.”

“Just the two of you?”

“No. With my boss and his assistant.”

“That’s a coincidence,” Chen Ting said, but changed the subject, “Then does my brother have a girlfriend?”

Sun Yutan hesitated for a moment before replying, “I’m not sure. He seems pretty busy every day.”

“How do you know?” Chen Ting asked.

“He’s living on Anshan Road now, right across from me. He leaves early and comes back late every day,” Sun Yutan explained.

Chen Ting raised her eyebrows and asked, “He lives there?”

“Yes, he does. I think he’s got some projects around here, so it’s more convenient for him to live here,” Sun Yutan replied.

“Oh,” Chen Ting chuckled, “Good Xiao Tan, can you do me a favor and tell him to get more sleep and do less work?”

“Sure,” Sun Yutan agreed, but then felt something was amiss and added, “But I rarely see him around.”

“That’s okay,” Chen Ting returned, suppressing a laugh, “If you do see him, just pass on my message. Thank you, Xiao Tan.”

“Okay,” Sun Yutan calmly replied.

She felt like she couldn’t continue the conversation, otherwise she would probably give herself away. Fortunately, Chen Ting didn’t bring up Chen Rui’s matter anymore.

The day that Tang Nuo went to discuss team building matters with Yizong, Sun Yutan happened to be in attendance. It was a crucial moment for their team, as this was one of the most significant projects they had taken on since the establishment of their branch in Haicheng. Everyone had poured their hearts and souls into the project, working tirelessly to create a stable and exceptional impression that would serve as an impressive business card for their team.

Sun Yutan only participated in a small part of the early stages, after all, she was still considered an unofficial employee, and her opportunities for growth were precious. They had to allow the others to plan, think, and stumble on their own.

Therefore, she was only listening on the sidelines, and only saw the company name when it was time to sign the contract. It was the Yunkai Group established by Chen Kaisheng.

She was surprised for a moment and glanced at Tang Nuo. Tang Nuo had already noticed her, and he was looking at her profile, feeling that he recognized her eyes. But when he tried to remember where he had seen her, he couldn’t recall it.

Tang Nuo walked away with a frown on his face.

The other people in the meeting room breathed a sigh of relief. A girl patted her chest and said, “He had a poker face the whole time. I thought we made a mistake.”

Sun Yutan asked Xiao Shan, “What date did they set?”

Xiao Shan gave her the specific date and joked, “Why, are you coming to play?”

“No.” Sun Yutan tapped him on the head with a file. “I’m going to work as a staff member.”

Sun Yutan was obviously talking nonsense. Everyone was organized and there was no need for her to cause chaos. Although she was dressed as a staff member, she was just wandering around. The cars drove in one by one, and the men and women dispersed into several groups.

Huang Shuyu got off the car with a sun hat on and walked down with Chen Rui. While Tang Nuo was still parking the car, she quietly said to Chen Rui, “Brother Rui, if we have to split into groups later, let’s be in the same group.”

Chen Rui refused, “I’m not playing.”

Huang Shuyu looked at him in shock and asked, “Then why did you come?”

“To watch you play.”

Huang Shuyu persuaded him with great effort, “Chairman Chen, it’s not good to be so unfriendly.”

Chen Rui looked around, was about to leave, but Huang Shuyu grabbed him and said, “Are you really not playing, Chairman Chen? My sports cells are well developed. Let’s join forces and be unbeatable.”

Chen Rui couldn’t help but laugh and said, “Are you sure? Do you remember how old you were when you learned to walk?”

“Don’t bring up the past.” Huang Shuyu suddenly widened her eyes. “Brother Rui, I just saw the sister you like.”

Chen Rui was about to turn around, but Huang Shuyu held his face on tiptoes, and she looked into his eyes and said seriously, “Don’t turn around. Boss, do you want me to help you try it out and see if the sister likes you or not?”

Chen Rui used two fingers to push her forehead away and warned her, “Huang Shuyu, if you lay a finger on me again, I will fire you.”

“Oh,” Huang Shuyu pouted, “Okay, Chairman Chen. New things might be shiny, but old clothes are always more comfortable to wear.”

Chen Rui ignored her and walked towards Sun Yutan.

Huang Shuyu stood there motionless, her expression a mix of confusion and sadness. Tang Nuo, who was about to make a snide remark, suddenly felt a twinge of empathy and decided to keep quiet.

Huang Shuyu turned around and caught sight of him. “Why are you staring at me like that?”

Tang Nuo lifted his chin and replied in a sarcastic tone, “Who said I’m looking at you? I’m admiring someone else, someone who’s wealthy and beautiful.”

“Oh,” Huang Shuyu moved aside and before leaving, she actually patted his arm, “Then, take your time. I won’t disturb you.”

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