Cactus in Distress Chapter 24

Chapter 24

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During the conversation about college application, Chen Kaisheng suggested that Sun Yutan and Chen Rui should both study business. He even promised, “Xiao Tan, study hard in school and come work for Grandpa directly after graduation.”

Sun Yutan replied, “Thank you, Grandpa, but I would like to study English literature.”

“That works too!” Chen Kaisheng didn’t think the two options conflicted.

Chen Ting asked, “Which school are you considering, Xiao Tan? Will you be my junior?”

“I’m still thinking about it. I don’t know whether to choose Beicheng or Tangwai,” Sun Yutan answered.

Chen Rui, who had been keeping his head down, suddenly looked up and caught the attention of Chen Ting next to him. She glanced at her brother and noticed his mood had been low recently. He had been frowning all day, and this afternoon he had even reached his peak frustration, spending almost half an hour choosing his clothes, which showed how irritable he had become.

She vaguely felt that something was wrong, and followed her brother’s intense gaze to see Sun Yutan listening to someone talk with her chin propped up. Chen Ting’s heart skipped a beat, and a guess floated into her mind. Suddenly, various details emerged to support this hypothesis, and the answer became apparent. She was slightly shocked.

Su Nan asked, “Where is Xiao Rui planning to apply? Huada?”

Chen Rui replied, “Yes.”

He was still looking at Sun Yutan, but Sun Yutan didn’t even glance in his direction. Chen Ting’s gaze wandered between the two of them, and she decided to help her unlucky younger brother. She said, “Xiao Tan, I vote for Beicheng. It has a strong foundation and a good atmosphere. Besides, Chen Rui’s school is right next door, so you can take care of each other.”

Sun Yutan nodded and said, “It’s okay, it’s still early. I’ll think about it.”

Chen Rui was so impatient that he didn’t even bother to look at her. “As if we could take care of each other,” he thought. Just then, Sun Yutan’s phone vibrated on the corner of the table. She picked it up and saw that Wu Junzhe had sent her an adorable waiting emoji. She smiled and was about to reply when he sent her a location. Surprisingly, he was in the same hotel as her. Sun Yutan replied, “?”.

Wu Junzhe: “I’m downstairs.”

Wu Junzhe: “No rush, you take your time eating. I’ll play a game.”

Sun Yutan discreetly looked at the table and turned to Chen Ting, whispering, “Sister Chen Ting, do we have any plans after dinner?”

“No, tonight is just a casual gathering, nothing special.”

Sun Yutan was relieved and Chen Ting asked, “Is everything okay?”

“A classmate is waiting for me to go out and play.”

“Who? Your boyfriend?”

Sun Yutan wanted to deny it, but then she thought it might be easier to get out of the situation this way. Who would want to make things difficult for a young couple who had finally seen the light of day? She just smiled and said, “He’s waiting for me downstairs.”

Chen Ting wiped her mouth slowly and said, “Tell him to come up.”


“He’s already here, it’s impolite not to say hello.”

Sun Yutan thought for a moment, and realized it was no big deal. Wu Junzhe was not the type to be intimidated by small situations like this. She sent him the room number. “We’re almost done, but you have to come up so I can leave.”

Wu Junzhe immediately replied, “Meeting the parents?”

“Yes, dare?”


Not long after putting down the phone, the door of the private room was knocked and Wu Junzhe came in generously. Sun Yutan leaned back in her chair, smiling at him. He raised his eyebrows at her, greeted her parents whom he already knew, greeted unfamiliar elders one by one, and introduced himself as Sun Yutan’s good friend. He heard she was having a meal here, so he came to say hello and ask her out to play.

He had thick eyebrows and big eyes, and was naturally good-looking and cheerful, which was the elders’ favorite face. Su Nan smiled and invited him to sit, but Wu Junzhe declined and walked straight to Sun Yutan.

Everyone looked at this obviously not simple “classmate” with different expressions, some with doubts, some teasing, and some who knew the truth and remained calm. Only Chen Rui, who had a cold demeanor, was completely uninterested and didn’t even bother to glance at the newcomer’s face.

Chen Ting looked at Wu Junzhe and then at her younger brother. She found that once she saw through someone’s thoughts, they became as simple as paper and as transparent as water in front of her. She looked curiously at Chen Rui. Her younger brother had always been direct and straightforward with his emotions and words, never beating around the bush. When did he learn to conceal his emotions?

Unfortunately, as soon as Sun Yutan left, even Chen Kaisheng could tell that Chen Rui was distracted. The two families didn’t stay long and soon parted ways.

After sitting in the milk tea shop for a while, Sun Yutan finally found out why Wu Junzhe had to leave so suddenly. It turned out that his mother had returned.

“They were talking, and Teacher Wu didn’t think it was urgent. After all, once he went to Australia, it would be difficult to come back. What difference does one summer make? But my mom said she has waited long enough, and this summer is the last chance. She’s leaving tomorrow, and I’ve already packed my luggage.”

Despite only hearing fragments of what Wu Junzhe said, Sun Yutan knew that his mother was a very strong-willed person, while Teacher Wu, who had been their homeroom teacher for three years of high school, was easygoing, humorous, and without any airs, with a temperament that couldn’t be better.

Sun Yutan sighed, “It seems that we will have to look at each other across the ocean from now on.”

“I will come back.”

Sun Yutan looked at him with pity, “I don’t think your mom will let you come back.”

“I think so too,” Wu Junzhe said, “As soon as I think that I will wake up every day in the fresh air and beautiful scenery of the Australian wilderness, I feel sad.”

“…” Sun Yutan didn’t argue with him and looked around. “Shouldn’t we call our other classmates?” She remembered he had a group of friends.

“Forget it, it’s not interesting to make a fuss. Don’t call Tang Guo either, it will be awkward if it gets too sentimental. Sun Yutan, you are fine, you are more ruthless and indifferent.”

Sun Yutan doubted her ears, “I’m indifferent? I’m so emotionally attached that I even skipped my meal to accompany you.”

“Why is Chen Rui here too? Are your two families old friends? Sun Yutan, are you the daughter of some conglomerate?”

“You’re thinking too much. My family works for his family.”

“Do you remember the first time we talked?”

Of course she remembered.

Back then when Sun Yutan just transferred to Haicheng No.1 High School, she felt a little out of place in the class. Despite her good looks and friendly personality, and her expertise in getting along with classmates, she couldn’t understand the local dialect of Haicheng. Even if two people were sitting in front of her and criticizing her, she would be unaware, let alone making friends with them.

So everyone unanimously thought that this new student from another place was introverted and shy, until one time when Wu Junzhe was playing chess, and she was watching and couldn’t help but remind him of a risky move.

Wu Junzhe immediately refused, “Two against one is not fair.” He looked at Sun Yutan. “Either you come and play with me, or Sun Yutan, can you help me with a move?”

The classmate immediately stood up, “She can come.”

Sun Yutan didn’t hesitate and sat down. Her family has been a fan of chess since her grandfather’s generation. She had been exposed to it since childhood, and had been beaten by her cousins and older relatives at home. Although she didn’t win much at home, she was rarely defeated by her peers. She was definitely not afraid.

The game was stuck until the end. The crowd watching outside the classroom had three layers of people, and even the teacher didn’t notice as he walked in. The teacher didn’t make a fuss and just walked over, watching for a while before directly pinching Wu Junzhe’s face and scolding, “You useless boy, how long does it take you to make a move? End the game, let’s start the class.”

Everyone dispersed like birds and beasts. Sun Yutan calmly shifted her buttocks and returned to her seat.

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