Cactus in Distress Chapter 7

Chapter 7

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Sun Yutan was left stunned, unsure if Chen Rui was serious or simply joking. She grabbed his hand with both of hers and said, “Then I won’t let go.”

To her surprise, Chen Rui acquiesced with a smile, remarking, “A true gentleman always sees a task through to the end. Allow me to assist you.”

Although she knew she should have refused, something made her hesitate. As Chen Rui leaned in closer, she turned her face towards him and tucked her stray hair behind her ear. She could slowly feel Chen Rui’s warm breath on her neck, and she restrained herself, staying vigilant and not showing any signs of unease.

However, for some reason, Chen Rui slowly rubbed her earlobe, causing half of Sun Yutan’s body to tingle. She felt that something was slightly amiss and couldn’t help but look at his expression, but Chen Rui used the back of his hand to press against her cheek and said, “Don’t move.”

His voice went straight into her ear, and Sun Yutan instinctively pulled back her neck and said, “It’s so itchy…” She really wanted to press her ear and rub it hard.

“What?” Chen Rui leaned closer and looked at her.

Sun Yutan couldn’t take it anymore. “I think I should just do it myself.” She reached for the small piece between his fingers, but Chen Rui dodged it with a turn of his hand. “Be patient,” he said.

After what seemed like an eternity, the metal finally touched her earlobe, and the earring slid in smoothly. Chen Rui stood up and settled back into his seat.

“Thank you,” Sun Yutan carefully observed his expression, but he lowered his head to check the time as his phone rang again.

“I’ll be leaving first,” Chen Rui bid her farewell.

Sun Yutan absentmindedly touched the pearl dangling from her ear as she watched Chen Rui disappear around the corner. Sun Yutan couldn’t help but feel a strange sensation stirring within her mind. She couldn’t quite place what it was, but it lingered like a vague and elusive memory just out of reach.

The first rays of dawn had barely begun to peek over the horizon when Sun Nianxi arrived at Sun Yutan’s doorstep, laden with bags and boxes. She knocked eagerly, a wide smile plastered across her face, knowing all too well that Sun Yutan was an early riser. To Sun Nianxi, it almost seemed like her sister was an elderly person who couldn’t go back to sleep once she was awake.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the door creaked open, and Sun Yutan appeared before her, her eyes still heavy with sleep. Sun Nianxi felt a pang of guilt knowing that she had picked a bad day to come, one when Sun Yutan was finally able to catch up on some much-needed rest. Now she had added another offense to her record and Sun Nianxi felt even more guilty as she slinked into the room.

“Are you still sleeping?” Sun Nianxi asked softly.

“What do you think?” Sun Yutan gave her a cold glance and sat down on the carpet, closing her eyes.

Sun Nianxi apologized with a cheerful smile and busied herself with chores around the room, trying to make up for her early arrival. She pulled open the curtains to let in the morning light, set the table for breakfast, and gave Sun Yutan a gentle massage on her shoulders and back. Sun Nianxi moved around the room like a butterfly, both busy and delicate, like a beautiful flower that had been nourished.

“Don’t you need to be with your boyfriend?”

“He’s gone again. He’s very busy.”

“Really? He came back just for one night, he doesn’t mind the trouble?”

“You don’t understand, time is money.”

“I just had a wild dream.”

Almost choking, Sun Nianxi stared at Sun Yutan. The two of them remained silent for a few seconds, then Sun Nianxi apologized sincerely, “I’m really sorry for coming over today, it was a complete mistake.”

Sun Yutan chuckled, “You’ve said enough.”

Sun Nianxi leaned in, “Who were you having a wild time with in your dream?”

Sun Yutan lifted her chin. “With the person across the hall.”

Sun Nianxi turned around and was completely confused. “Who’s across the hall?”

“A handsome guy.”

Sun Nianxi looked shocked, “Wow, Sun Yutan, you just came back and you’re already heating things up with your neighbor.”

“No, we knew each other in high school.”

“High school?” Sun Nianxi was surprised again. “It’s been seven or eight years since graduation and you can still live next door to each other. You guys must have a deep connection, Sister.”

“No, it’s a long story. It doesn’t have much to do with fate.”

“Do you have feelings for him?”


“Have you slept with him?”

“What a joke. He’s a rare beauty, out of my league. But…” Sun Yutan thought for a moment. “Lately, he seems to be more grounded.”

“Did you watch the movie with him yesterday?”    

Sun Yutan nodded. Sun Nianxi punched her. “Then why are you pretending to be angry?”

Sun Yutan laughed out loud. “I lost my earring yesterday, and he helped me put it on. My heart was racing.”

“Wow,” Sun Niexi praised, “That’s a clever move. Did you do it on purpose?”

“Do you think it’s something I could control?”

“Why not? We can make things happen if we try.”

“Really? It’s embarrassing to be caught if the trick is exposed.”

Sun Nianxi hesitated for a moment and looked at her with a sidelong glance. “Are you sure this isn’t a spur of the moment decision, Sun Yutan? You kept it well-hidden. I’ve known you for so many years, but I never knew that there was such a guy in your life.”

“Because for the old me, he was an untouchable person. And sometimes I wonder if I really like him or if it’s just a passing infatuation that I can forget with a turn of my head.”

Sun Nianxi remarked, “When you’re asking yourself that question, it means you already like him.”

“Yes, I’ve already accepted that. Chen Rui was my unfinished dream from my youth.”

“That’s so cheesy,” Sun Nian joked, pretending to shake off goosebumps. “What does he look like? You’re so infatuated with him. Do you have a picture?”


“What’s his name?”

“Chen Rui. Rui as in sharp.”

“Chen Rui,” Sun Nian drew out the name, then leaned closer to ask, “But why was it impossible before?”

Sun Yutan thought for a moment before answering, “It’s my pride, I guess. I was always afraid that he would think I had ulterior motives. So even if I liked him, I never thought about being with him. But now it’s different. What matters is that we’re both happy. If we’re meant to be together, we will be. If we’re meant to sleep together, we will.”

“You will,” Sun Nian encouraged her. “You two are always around each other, so it’s easy to develop a romantic relationship. If he doesn’t sleep with you, then who will?”

“Thanks for the encouragement.”

Sun Yutan pushed open the glass door and saw Xiao Shan standing at the front desk flipping through documents. He looked up and cheered when he saw her.

“Sister Xiao Tan,” Xiao Shan smiled, showing a row of shiny white teeth, “You finally came. Do you want to go to the boss’s office first?”

“You do your work, I’ll look around by myself.”

“Let me accompany you.” Xiao Shan walked up to her. “I’ll introduce you to some people.”

“Did you get a bit paler?”

“Really?” Xiao Shan touched his face. “I’ve been busy lately and haven’t been outside much, maybe I’ve turned paler. Are there a lot of handsome guys here?”

“Yes. Is the shooting range upstairs or downstairs?”

“Upstairs, it takes up a whole floor and is one of the most popular attractions. Do you want to go and try it out?”

“Let’s go later.”

Shortly after landing in Haicheng, Yizong prioritized safety by focusing on low-difficulty projects that were popular with the people, such as archery and indoor rock climbing. For customers seeking excitement and with a specific purpose in mind, a dedicated staff members would greet them and guide them through the experience of the VR room before selecting a specific venue and plan.

Zhou Shuxin’s favorite sport was diving, and he had made great efforts to open up all the ranked and unranked diving holy sites around the world, which was therefore promoted as a feature of Yizong, almost occupying the entire display wall. For like-minded diving enthusiasts, the attraction was undoubtedly huge. These people have both money and time and were happy to spend money to have fun.

Sun Yutan was very familiar with the managers of these stores. After reviewing their progress reports, she pushed forward some difficult negotiations, and answered clients’ excessively detailed questions one by one before changing clothes to play shooting.

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