Fixing Site

Hello, So if anyone has noticed, there has been slow page loads and other such problems with the website. Thus for the next little bit (over the holidays), I will be trying to tackle these problems. Please comment below if you notice any other problems that need fixing! Thanks! Lazy Girl

Technical Difficulties

Hi Everyone! Currently some people have not been able to see Chapter 29 update which was posted on Jan 26th. For those that cannot I am currently trying to fix this problem with the hosting site, so it will get fixed soon. You could also try clearing your cookies or browser cache to fix the … Read more

New Novel To Be Translated

Hey Everyone! Here is the poll that I mentioned! It will be up until midnight of Tuesday, so hurry and vote! Feel free to add other novels in the other answer option and I will update the poll. However, I will not restart the poll so make sure you get the news out if you … Read more