New Novel To Be Translated

Hey Everyone!

Here is the poll that I mentioned! It will be up until midnight of Tuesday, so hurry and vote! Feel free to add other novels in the other answer option and I will update the poll. However, I will not restart the poll so make sure you get the news out if you want to increase that vote. Another thing is that you are allowed to vote multiple times. Just be aware that it could be decreasing the chances of a novel that you want translated because you are adding votes to another novel.

Best of luck and vote away!

P.S. All patrons get a +5 vote to the novel of their choice! So patrons please go to Patreon to get those additional votes!

19 thoughts on “New Novel To Be Translated”

  1. If you get the general above will you translate from the beginning (’cause last translation was…)?
    Also, I vote for Raising Baby in Apocalypse (forum.novelupdates. com/ threads/raising-baby-in-apocalypse.54305/), which seems quite interesting =]

    • I will probably have to read the translated chapters first and see from there. If the translation is decent, I would probably just start from where they left off! :)

  2. I vote for fiercer illegal miss and The end of world Poisonous mom and monster baby. They both don’t have dramatic and has cool badass mc. It’s very interesting and good novel.

  3. It says the poll is closed but its not the midnight of Tuesday yet(at least not for where I am). Could I please vote for General Above I Am Below?


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