Disobedient Minister Against Favors Chapter 15

Chapter 15: What’s The Big Deal About Serving At Night?

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Yu Zhen’s heart sank. It seemed that King Yan had clearly seen him. Why didn’t he expose him and instead let him go serve at night?

He finally understood what Yue Lan meant by “favorite.” This “serving at night” definitely wasn’t something good.

There’s no way he was going. He wouldn’t go even if he were beaten to death.

Fortunately, it seemed that Young Master Ning Xiangshared his dissatisfaction. Ning Xiang held King Yan’s arm and said, “Your Majesty, Ning Xiang has been waiting for so long to have your company. Are you going to let someone come and disturb us?”


“How would it be a disturbance?” King Yan’s tone was firm. He had always been someone who made decisions and didn’t tolerate resistance. But Ning Xiang was indeed wary of this person, so it wasn’t appropriate for them to have too much contact. “Very well, once the candles are extinguished, she will retire.”

With this decision made by the two, Yu Zhen had no opportunity to refuse because he couldn’t speak. He kept his head low, only looking at the nonsense this jerk was causing, insisting on sending him there.

After Ning Xiang returned to his room, King Yan ordered someone to release Xiao Zipei. Despite being young, Xiao Zipei was covered in injuries from the beating. The whip marks may not have looked severe, but in reality, they were indicative of serious internal injuries.  


Yu Zhen couldn’t stand this unjustified punishment and was about to go help Xiao Zipei, who was struggling to stand. It was at this moment that King Yan passed by him and whispered, “If you dare to approach Xiao Zipei, I will immediately dismiss him from his position. Yu Zhen, you better behave and follow me obediently. Your actions involve more than just your own life.”

“Are you threatening me?” Yu Zhen couldn’t tolerate it anymore. He was fed up with this King Yan, as if he hadn’t done anything to anger him! If it was because he bullied Ning Xiang, then he could confront him directly. Was it necessary to threaten the people around him? Moreover, apart from the captain, no one could threaten him.

Yu Zhen’s evident displeasure caught King Yan’s attention directly. It was a look of anger. When did Yu Zhen learn to be angry with him?

King Yan paused, then curved his lips without answering. Just as he was about to focus on Ning Xiang’s figure, he suddenly noticed Yu Zhen’s bare legs. His blood surged at the sight of those slender, fair legs he had touched countless times before, but never had they stirred his blood like today. “Liu Yu Zhen!” he growled lowly.


Liu Yu Zhen was startled by his roar, as if he had stepped on a landmine. He quickly turned to look at him, asking, “What’s the matter?”

Regardless of his status or handsome and imposing image, King Yan was always the center of attention here. He couldn’t dismiss others from talking to Yu Zhen, but he was extremely sensitive to others looking at those beautiful legs. “How dare you dress like this? If you don’t change your clothes, I’ll make everyone here gouge out their own eyes.” 


“Eh, you!” Yu Zhen couldn’t tolerate his unreasonable behavior. He widened his eyes and made an even more contemptuous expression than before, feeling the urge to kick King Yan away. Realizing he was being too loud, he whispered, “Are you crazy? Why are you always targeting me? You care about how I dress, are you my mom?”


Yu Zhen didn’t care about that neurotic King Yan. He wondered if he was on drugs. Someone needed to wash his stomach out! Even though King Yan’s target should be Prime Minister Liu instead of him, as he wasn’t Prime Minister Liu.

It wasn’t until he saw them helping Xiao Zipei onto the carriage from a distance that Yu Zhen walked contentedly towards Ning Xiang’s chamber.

Although this Peace Pavilion couldn’t compare to the king’s palace, it was a hundred times better than the cold palace he had just been reborn into. The last rays of the setting sun were obscured by dense foliage, making the Peace Pavilion darker than the outside. Only a winding corridor wide enough for two people to walk side by side led to Ning Xiang’s chamber, with palace maids guiding him along the way.

The corridor was lined with purple flowers resembling lavender, with thin and long stems, reaching about half a person’s height, emitting a pleasant fragrance.

Liu Yu Zhen didn’t understand romance, but the thought of lying down to sleep peacefully in the dense flowers was his only dream since joining the military. He couldn’t help but glance at them a few more times.  


“Move faster! Ben Wang is not a patient person.”

“Tsk.” Hearing that familiar voice, Yu Zhen, who tended to make tongue-clicking motions when angry, didn’t hesitate to make one now, using his beautiful face to express his disdain. If the captain saw him, he would surely make him do push-ups, but apart from the captain, he didn’t listen to anyone’s orders, so there was no chance he would listen to King Yan.

King Yan, dressed in indecent attire, leaned against the door frame, speaking with his hands clasped, but it wasn’t clear who he was addressing.

Several palace maids entered the chamber, where Ning Xiang was bathing in a tub of rose water. Yu Zhen couldn’t help but think to himself: Does a grown man really need to bathe like this? Are you sure you’re still a man?

So, what to do? Should this officer help this young master with his bath? I wouldn’t mind scrubbing him until he’s raw.

Liu Yu Zhen stared at Ning Xiang in the tub with a gleam in his eyes. No matter how you looked at it, this man, though refined and elegant, was far from Yu Zhen’s level. Don’t get me wrong, Liu Yu Zhen wasn’t boasting at all. He detested this delicate physique; his proud scars had turned into these filthy bite marks all over his body. The bronze color that symbolized masculinity was now whiter than snow, as if lacking photosynthesis.

Just as he was about to follow the group of maids to help Ning Xiang with his bath, he heard King Yan say, “Come here, help me change my clothes.” 


“Huh?” Liu Yu Zhen turned back to look, the man in the dragon robe had already walked to the side of the bed, looking at him with a very provocative expression. “Are you looking for trouble?” Liu Yu Zhen couldn’t help but curse inwardly.

Young Master Ning Xiang was even more anxious, about to get out of the tub. “Your Majesty, let Ning Xiang do it! How dare a servant touch the sacred body?”

“No. I’m not accustomed to anyone other than her doing it.” King Yan’s gaze was resolute, and this statement alone was more unquestionable than anything else he said.

Sensing Young Master Ning Xiang’s fiery gaze on him, it was better to quickly get rid of this troublemaker.

Liu Yu Zhen gritted his teeth and approached, hastily pulling at the clothes. Since the time he had to undress to apply medicine, he realized that this set of clothes designed by Great Yan was definitely intended to be unfastenable.

Damn it…

As Yu Zhen’s fingers touched the satin garment, every stitch and thread was embroidered with golden silk, something even a poor person couldn’t dream of possessing. Yet, he felt the urge to tear it apart.

King Yan’s face lit up with great joy. This man, who couldn’t even undo his clothes, was definitely not the Liu Yu Zhen he knew, nor could he be an assassin pretending to be Prime Minister Liu from outside. An assassin wouldn’t struggle with undressing, and he didn’t seem like a pretender at all.  


Leaving his side was as simple as unfastening his clothes, why did he make such a fuss about it?

Yu Zhen struggled for a long time, even as Young Master Ning Xiang had finished bathing. Finally, he managed to undo the intricate procedure, and King Yan’s clothes came off one by one, revealing his impressive physique.

Liu Yu Zhen had helped others put on bulletproof vests, torn others’ clothes, and seen countless bodies in the bathhouse. Yet, for some reason, when he saw this body before him, there was an incomparable beauty and vulnerability. Despite the scars and sword marks, clearly evident on his body, King Yan wore them with pride, displaying them gladly before him.  

Those scars were the glory of a warrior; just by looking at them, one could discern the other’s experiences. Beneath the scars of King Yan, Liu Yu Zhen suddenly felt that his own life amidst the gunfire and battles was nothing compared to this.

He had lived in the desert with his father since he was ten, accompanying him on missions. At fourteen, he entered the police academy, and at sixteen, he enlisted. Within two years, he swiftly rose to the international police force, engaging in countless battles. Yet, it was merely a series of one-sided massacres conducted under various conditions of ample defense, abundant ammunition, and overwhelming firepower.

However, King Yan was definitely not a man accustomed to such comfort and ease. Not at all.

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