Disobedient Minister Against Favors Chapter 6

Chapter 6: The Feeling Of A Forced Kiss

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Yu Zhen’s reaction was lightning-fast. As soon as he landed, he sensed the lethal aura of cold weapons and immediately shielded Yue Lan behind him.

“Why aren’t you brothers guarding inside? Is this setup not for me?” Yu Zhen awkwardly smirked, tugging at the corner of his mouth. Yue Lan didn’t bother to inquire before she fled, and now they had been caught red-handed. Escaping now would probably be difficult.

One of the middle-aged guards whispered, “What are you doing? How dare you enter and leave the forbidden grounds of the palace?”

Yu Zhen sneered. These people had been guarding here for so long, yet none of them recognized the appearance of Prime Minister Liu.


Suddenly, a ridiculous scene flashed through Yu Zhen’s mind. Without hesitation, he decided to give it a try. Pointing his finger behind the group, he shouted, “Hey, look! It’s King Yan!”

The well-trained guards immediately turned around and knelt on the ground, not daring to lift their heads, as if there really was someone there. “Long live our king!”

Yu Zhen immediately grabbed Yue Lan’s hand and ran, unable to contain his laughter.

After turning a few corners, they were chased by a group of guards shouting “Stop!” However, the route Yue Lan chose seemed to have more and more guards.

“Are you sure you didn’t pick the wrong way?”

Yue Lan hid behind Yu Zhen, noticing a significant number of guards blocking their way ahead. She opened her mouth wide and shouted, “Your Highness the Crown Prince! The Prime Minister is here!”

Yu Zhen looked at her in surprise, quickly covering her mouth, his expression darkening. “Did you bring me here just to see the corwn prince? You really don’t listen.”

“The disobedient one is you!” a voice, both familiar and unfamiliar, sounded from behind. “You guys, protect the Crown Prince of Liu Country. Say there’s an assassin!” The person commanded.

Yu Zhen turned around and saw the serious-faced King Yan approaching. Wasn’t he supposed to be with the crown prince? How did they end up near the Cold Palace? “This guy still lingering here… I couldn’t stay put, sp I just came out for a walk, just a walk.”


The proud face of King Yan was now close to his, his large hand firmly covering Yu Zhen’s mouth with such force that it felt like it could crush him. “Keep silent.”

Yu Zhen tasted a bitter sensation in his mouth, feeling intense pain spreading within. However, just around the corner, he could see the appearance of the crown prince. Yet Yu Zhen merely glared at the King Yan with intense hostility, without offering any resistance.

He didn’t want Yue Lan to call out to the crown prince because he vaguely remembered that Liu Country was a vassal state of the Yan Kingdom. Even if the crown prince was called, could he really be taken away from King Yan’s grasp? Wasn’t he afraid of causing a rupture between the two nations, affecting the people?


“Assassin! Quickly, escort Crown Prince Liu away! Assassin!” The cries of the guards echoed through the corridor, and the carriage immediately turned around.

A clear and urgent male voice sounded from atop a horse, “Prime Minister? Let me go and check…”

The guards stopped him, “Your Highness, one step further and you’ll be entering the forbidden area of the palace. Please refrain from going any further, Crown Prince Liu.”

King Yan’s dark eyes narrowed, his grip on Yu Zhen’s hand tightening, “There’s no need to panic, Your Highness. The assassin has been apprehended. Forgive me for not being able to accompany my frightened beloved consort. Please, Crown Prince Liu, return to the Floating Cloud Pavilion first.” 


“Oh? An assassin in the harem?” The Crown Prince seemed extremely cautious, his tone full of skepticism.

King Yan shot a fierce glance at Yue Lan, his eyes filled with murderous intent, even causing the disobedient girl to tremble. “Your Highness is too kind.”

The footsteps of Crown Prince Liu slowly approached their direction. Just around this corner was the forbidden area of the harem. How could the missing Prime Minister Liu Yu Zhen suddenly appear here?

“Tsk.” King Yan muttered in a low voice, “Yu Zhen, you think you can escape from me? Dream on!”


Yu Zhen winced in pain, trying hard to pry open King Yan’s hand, but it remained unmoved, his expression dark as if he were about to devour someone. Caught red-handed trying to escape, there was no telling if the man would actually crush him to death. Should he resist?

Setting aside the brutal king without letting Liu Ling see, there must be a way out.

“You… enough… let go…” He clenched his fist and swung it forcefully towards King Yan’s face.

Feeling his injured wrist firmly grasped, his whole body pulled to the side, the force of his blow dissipating instantly. He stumbled forward but was caught in a sturdy embrace.

Before Yu Zhen could react, the sturdy man in front of him pressed him against the wall like a mountain. The small impact made his weak body dizzy, just as he was about to complain, his words were cut off by the sudden kiss from King Yan.

His cheek was pinched, involuntarily parting his lips as the warm tongue forcefully invaded his mouth, sucking and nibbling fiercely. Yu Zhen blushed with embarrassment and nervousness, unable to push King Yan away despite his efforts.

The taste of blood entered King Yan’s mouth, causing him to furrow his brow deeply, but he didn’t lessen the intensity of the kiss.


“This is punishment. If you want to blame someone, blame yourself for trying to escape from me,” King Yan murmured between kisses, his embrace tightening with each passing moment. The air around them seemed to grow heavy, suffocating.

Yu Zhen couldn’t believe that this king would kiss him in front of so many people! King Yan’s figure conveniently blocked the view of the approaching Crown Prince Liu, their entangled figures captivating. Liu Ling didn’t bother to take a closer look and simply returned to his horse.

“Your Majesty, Liu Ling will wait at the Floating Cloud Pavilion. Please come as soon as possible.”

Yu Zhen couldn’t hear Liu Ling’s voice at all, and his world seemed to spin uncontrollably. His mind was blank.

Seeing Liu Ling leave, King Yan finally released Yu Zhen, a hint of satisfaction in his eyes as he gently wiped away the blood at the corner of Yu Zhen’s mouth. “Behave yourself, and you’ll suffer less. If you dare to escape again, it won’t be as simple as me kissing you.”

Yu Zhen was left dazed from the kiss, forgetting even to curse. If it weren’t for the inevitable casualties of war between the two countries, he wouldn’t have endured being kissed by another man. But what was that turmoil in his heart just now…?


Yu Zhen stared blankly at King Yan, his eyes wide with disbelief, but the man before him seemed preoccupied.

“Zipei!” King Yan called out.

The young Commander of the Imperial Guards appeared in the corridor, kneeling immediately upon hearing the king’s summons. “I’m here.”

“Letting this man go was your negligence. Considering your past merits, I’ll give you another chance. Take him to my chamber. If anything goes wrong, you’ll be held accountable.”

“Understood, Your Majesty!” With that, three or four men approached to restrain Yu Zhen and Yue Lan.

“Wait.” King Yan gestured with his hand, his eyes cold and resentful, yet with a hint of hesitation. He grabbed Yu Zhen’s hands and asked, “What’s wrong with your hands?” 


The gentle inquiry caught Yu Zhen off guard. As a captive, he was somewhat surprised by the kindness. Was King Yan actually concerned about him?

Only after confirming that Liu Ling had truly left did Yu Zhen dare to speak. And his first words were, “You took advantage of me?!”

Seeing him looking so aggrieved and earnest, King Yan’s anger dissipated instantly. Yu Zhen, who had only been kissed, now wore such an amusing expression of indignation, as if he had suffered a great loss and wanted to seek retribution. 

King Yan’s mood improved slightly, and he pretended to be solemn as he said, “I am asking about your hand.”

Seeing that he wasn’t continuing with his aggression and seemed to be teasing him instead, Yu Zhen became quite angry. “Can’t you see it? You knew I was injured, yet you still pulled me with such force! Hey, are you kidding me? Either kill me quickly, or let me go. I detest being detained like this!”

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