Disobedient Minister Against Favors Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Naked Punishment

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The soft bed was truly comfortable, far superior to his previous hard bunk. As soon as he lay down, it felt like all the strength in his body was being absorbed by the luxurious golden bed.

In the midst of a half-dream, half-awake state, Yu Zhen suddenly felt an immense weight pressing down on him, making it hard to breathe.

His reaction was sluggish, as he realized his body couldn’t keep up with his consciousness. Despite feeling something pressing on his chest, he was too lazy to open his eyes. The fatigue and soreness throughout his body were so intense that even a nap couldn’t alleviate them.


“Who’s disturbing my sleep?” Yu Zhen muttered, attempting to push away the intrusion. However, his hands were caught and held above his head.

The motion felt all too familiar, characteristic of only one person; no one else would dare to treat him this way.

“To whom are you speaking?” The man’s voice, warm and humid, echoed softly in his ear, causing Yu Zhen to shiver involuntarily. In an instant, he opened his eyes.

“How come it’s you?” Yu Zhen had only just woken up and was met with the sight of the man before him, wearing a charming smile, completely harmless. He blinked his eyes sleepily and scratched his head lazily. “Looks like I slept in your bed. Hope you don’t mind.”

“I don’t,” the man’s deep voice softened. “But, since you’ve taken my bed, you’ll have to pay the price.”

“Hmm…” Yu Zhen scratched his bare chest absentmindedly, not noticing anything wrong with being shirtless as he usually slept. He rolled over and tried to go back to sleep.

King Yan despised those who disregarded his authority and lacked manners. Seeing Yu Zhen ignoring him, his temper flared, and he forcefully flipped him over.


Yu Zhen’s handsome features were striking, a face that he had contemplated destroying countless times before. Each time he saw it begging for mercy, he couldn’t help but feel disgusted. But this time, what appeared before him was a serene and delicate face, growing more attractive the longer he looked. No amount of pretense could naturally exude such a completely different aura.

“Yu Zhen!” King Yan whispered in his ear, testing the waters. “Yu Zhen, would you like to be mine?” It was just a casual question.

“Don’t be silly, what’s with the fuss? We’re running out of time. We still have missions to carry out later,” Yu Zhen dismissed the conversation, but the listener paid close attention. 


“Mission?” King Yan’s eyebrows shot up in alarm at the mention of this word.

Who would come to his palace and still have a mission to carry out? Unless— an assassin!

Taking advantage of Yu Zhen’s drowsy state, he leaned in closer, subtly using his inner power to employ a seductive tone, a skill he was not very familiar with, and urged, “You want to carry out a mission? What mission could be more important than sleeping?”

King Yan’s voice drifted into Yu Zhen’s mind like a beautiful melody, echoing in his brain, stimulating his memory.


Unit A2203, codenamed “Falcon”, mission briefing: Proceed to “Doom Island” to eliminate the counter-revolutionary elements.

He remembered being planted as an insider to infiltrate the enemy camp, and then…

Yu Zhen’s world was suddenly filled with gunfire and blood, echoing cries of agony filled the air, and the blood-soaked golden sands were permeated with the scent of death. The merciless setting sun was shining down on this land of slaughter.

As he watched his comrades fall one by one before his eyes, he couldn’t bear to touch that horrific memory. Could he really hide it for long, pretending he had forgotten?


“Don’t ask!” Yu Zhen shouted in vain, covering his ears and sitting up, his body’s reaction exceeding his capacity to endure.

There was a loud “thud”—

King Yan was actually kicked to the ground, his eyes wide with astonishment, his killing intent surging. “Liu Yu Zhen, how dare you defy me?!” The idea of having Yu Zhen as his own had long been abandoned, now he just wanted to kill this guy.

Yu Zhen was completely awake now, immediately pushing away the terrifying scenes in his mind, forcing himself to adopt his usual nonchalant expression, and immersing himself in this unfamiliar ancient world.


King Yan, with his anger at boiling point, was glaring at him. Yu Zhen had some recollection of what had just happened, but still feigned ignorance. “Huh? King Yan, why are you sitting on the ground?”

“Liu, Yu, Zhen!” King Yan gritted his teeth, each word sounding like he was chewing on bones. A very bad feeling immediately spread throughout Yu Zhen’s body.

He hadn’t intended any harm against King Yan; it was his own fault for asking foolish questions.

Yes, it was his own fault. Yu Zhen decided it was best to obediently get out of bed, avoiding further angering King Yan, though he still had no idea what was going to happen next.

“Do you think you can escape after kicking me?” King Yan suddenly pounced on him, mercilessly pinning him down on the bed.

Yu Zhen’s shoulders, now aching from the pressure, felt unfamiliarly weak. He couldn’t evade and had no good defense. After all, he had recklessly mentioned “mission” while in a daze. Considering that King Yan hadn’t treated him as a criminal already was quite fortunate. “I didn’t mean it. It’s you who crossed the line!”

“You have a line?” King Yan’s stern face twisted into a sinister smile. “Then let me show you what happens when someone crosses my line!”

Even though King Yan heard these remarkable words from the person’s mouth, at this moment, he was more inclined to finish what he had at hand. The struggling figure in his arms was so adorable that he felt the urge to swallow them whole. The snow-white skin, the enchanting face—nothing seemed more urgent than “devouring” him.

Yu Zhen’s open clothes were torn off by King Yan, and he was firmly pressed down onto the bed.

Yu Zhen was shocked, and the laziness that had just overcome him seemed to vanish. As King Yan’s silky hair brushed against his back, he trembled all over and resisted vigorously. “Pervert! Are you serious?! Don’t tell me you’re serious!” 


“Of course, I’m serious,” King Yan said without mercy.

Yu Zhen felt those rough hands roaming freely over his body, arrogantly asserting ownership over every inch of it. No matter how hard Yu Zhen struggled, he couldn’t break free from the man’s grip.

A warm, moist tongue glided over the back of his neck, followed by vigorous sucking. The hands continued to knead his exposed and sensitive chest, as if intending to devour him completely.

“Stop… Please…” Yu Zhen was a special agent, not someone easily overpowered!

Why was he repeatedly subdued by this King Yan without being able to resist? It was simply shameful! Shameful! Perhaps it was because Yan Tenghua’s celebrity-like face was indeed more handsome than his own, and undeniably charismatic. Seeing him reminded Yu Zhen of his obedience to his captain. No matter what the captain did to him, he wouldn’t resist. But that didn’t mean he consented to being violated!

Yu Zhen resisted fiercely, lamenting his fate as a virgin about to be defiled by a man. Yet, the man, still in high spirits, looked at him eagerly, saying, “Just wait until I recover my strength… I… I’m definitely going to have my way with you! I’m going to violate you, you bastard!”  

Yu Zhen’s words were disjointed, filled with curses. He could feel the pain of his still injured body being pressed against by a hard object, causing him an electric-like agony.

“Oh? With your strength?” Surprisingly, King Yan seemed to be entertained by this, continuing to challenge Yu Zhen’s limits.

Before Yu Zhen could continue cursing, his chin was grasped, and a pair of icy lips immediately sealed his own, silencing all his words.

The domineering kiss from King Yan felt like an order from a superior, allowing no resistance.

“Yu Zhen, I had intended to treat you well, but now you’re asking for punishment.” His smile turned increasingly sinister.  

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