Don’t Sink Chapter 10

Chapter 10 “Do we not need a reason to break up?”

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The aroused omega couldn’t muster any strength, his hands instinctively grabbing onto and pulling at Yan Zhixing’s arm for support, barely managing to stand.

His body was hot, his lips soft, and his face buried weakly in Yan Zhixing’s shoulder.

Unconsciously, the omega murmured, “Xu… mmm…”

His breath washed over Yan Zhixing’s neck, and his arm involuntarily tightened, causing the person in his embrace to let out a discomforted groan.

Despite his cold and aloof expression, only Yan Zhixing knew that his heart was pounding like thunder, his nerves excited and throbbing like a volcano on the verge of eruption.

The drug’s effects were initially effective, but now they felt like fragile ice about to shatter.

Yan Zhixing’s throat was dry, and he lowered his head, trying to restrain himself as he said, “You…”

“Get out of here.”

The omega’s voice was strong and clear, his disgust obvious.

Despite having been unsteady on his feet just moments ago, he suddenly mustered up the strength to push the alpha in front of him away.

Unfortunately, Yan Zhixing had been holding onto him tightly and hadn’t moved his feet.

The omega’s untrimmed nails dug into Yan Zhixing’s arm as he lifted his face, his voice cold as he said, “I told you to get out.”

Yan Zhixing finally saw his face clearly, and the beautiful and familiar face seemed to be a rose that had taken root in his eyes. His hand suddenly loosened, but quickly embraced the slender waist again.

His expression was rare and stunned, and Yan Zhixing’s current mood was inscrutable.

The second floor of Yan Zhixing’s estate had a completely different decoration style than the first floor, because it was decorated at a very delicate moment, just a few days after he had sex with the omega.

When the designer asked for his opinion, Yan Zhixing remained silent and replied in an unfamiliar tone, “Whatever an Omega likes.”

It wasn’t that he fell in love with this Omega after spending a night together, feeling that he couldn’t live without him, it’s just that this Omega suited his taste very well, and their compatibility went beyond scientific explanation. If he was willing, Yan Zhixing would like to marry him.

However, his requirements were too broad, and the designer could only cautiously choose warm colors.

The manor was completed, but the Omega was still missing.

Yan Zhixing’s lips tightened, and he remained silent, but his eyes remained fixed on Shen Yao’s face.

Shen Yao’s skin was white and delicate like a peach blossom. His eyelashes were moist, and he recognized Yan Zhixing, but he was wary of him because being too flirtatious might make the Omega feel insecure, and also because of the past of this bar.

Although he was trying to hook up with Yan Zhixing just now, his eyes now carried a sense of caution.

This Omega was beautiful and dangerous. When Yan Zhixing first saw him, he was sitting quietly on the sofa, but Yan Zhixing could tell at a glance that Shen Yao had ulterior motives.

He had seen many people approach him for their own interests, and Shen Yao was just one of many.

Yan Zhixing never expected that the Omega he had been looking for would be him.


Another wave of heat surged, and Shen Yao stifled his voice in his throat, but the apricot blossom scent of pheromones became even stronger.

It was not just uncomfortable for him, Yan Zhixing subconsciously took two steps forward and stopped just in time.

Reason and instinct tugged at him, pulling the strings in his head until they threatened to snap. Just a few days ago, he had looked at Shen Yao on stage and said, “I don’t like him,” with a cold expression.

Now, he smelled the pheromones of Shen Yao, an addictive poison that gradually tipped the scales of instinct over reason.

Yan Zhixing lifted his hand uncontrollably, his expression unchanged but countless thoughts flashed through his mind.

If he hugged the Omega in front of him, he wouldn’t be able to push him away anymore. By marking Shen Yao, he would be Yan Zhixing’s Omega and he would do anything for him.

As Yan Zhixing was about to lose control, a flurry of footsteps came from behind, like an alarm pulling him back from the edge.

The bartender rushed over, breathing heavily. He saw the scene and handed over a suppressant subconsciously.

Shen Yao reached out his hand, but the Alpha in front of him held it down. In the next second, the suppressant was in Yan Zhixing’s hand.

His face remained calm, and Shen Yao was already standing at the door. Yan Zhixing gently pushed him and he stumbled back a few steps before re-entering the room.


The bartender watched as Yan Zhixing walked in, fearing that something might happen to Shen Yao, he hurried over, but the door slammed shut in his face.


Immediately afterwards, a clear locking sound came from the door, and Yan Zhixing had locked the door that Shen Yao had just failed to lock.

Shen Yao’s heart tightened as he stood by the door of the lounge, staring intensely at Yan Zhixing in front of him, his guard up.

Yan Zhixing lowered his gaze and neatly tore open the package of suppressants. He looked up at Shen Yao and said, “Come here.”

Shen Yao’s feet seemed to be stuck to the ground, and he didn’t move. He reached out his hand to Yan Zhixing and whispered, “I can do it myself.”

Since Shen Yao didn’t come over, Yan Zhixing walked over to him instead. He grabbed Shen Yao’s arm, anticipating his resistance, and warned him, “Don’t struggle. It’ll be troublesome if the needle breaks.”

The sharp needle pierced Shen Yao’s arm, and Yan Zhixing’s face remained cold, but the movement of pushing the syringe was steady and deliberate.

The cold liquid mixed into his bloodstream, and as he realized that Yan Zhixing had no ulterior motive, Shen Yao gradually relaxed his clenched fist. The heat of his heat cycle slowly receded, and he slowly calmed down. He couldn’t quite figure out the situation.

He didn’t believe that Yan Zhixing was such a good person, coming here to inject him with suppressants, to a person who gave him a note and alcohol that he didn’t want. 

Yan Zhixing stared at the empty syringe as it slowly filled up. He threw it away and then took out a business card from his suit pocket and handed it to Shen Yao, saying, “Contact me.”

Without changing his expression, he walked out of the room, ignoring the bartender, and headed straight to the end of the hallway.

Yan Zhixing opened the window, and the cold raindrops splashed on his face. He belatedly realized that his mouth was filled with the taste of blood. He took out a pill from his pocket and directly swallowed it.

Fortunately, he and Shen Yao had only been in the room for ten seconds.

After he left, Shen Yao was the only one left in the room.

Shen Yao’s back was soaked with sweat, and his chest slowly returned to a calm rhythm after the violent upheaval. He held the business card in his hand, his eyelashes drooping lightly, and finally folded it and put it in his pocket.

His body was not sensitive to inhibitors. Shen Yao only stayed calm here for a few minutes before walking out.

The bartender outside the door was gone, replaced instead by Yan Zhixing’s assistant whom he had met before. Shen Yao paused for a moment and tried to walk past him to leave.

However, Chen Shuang stopped him and said with a smile, “You’re not very safe right now. Mr. Yan asked me to take you home.”

Shen Yao stopped in his tracks, turned around to face him for a moment, then finally nodded his head. “Thank you.”

It was a bit cramped under the two-person umbrella, and Chen Shuang was constantly aware of not touching him when holding the umbrella for him. The umbrella leaned towards him, and Chen Shuang’s body was mostly soaked by the slanting rain.

The strong feeling of drowsiness brought on by the heat period and inhibitors caused Shen Yao to fall asleep against the car window after getting in. He woke up again when Chen Shuang gently woke him up.

He didn’t react for a moment when he saw the building next to him. This wasn’t a villa, it was the apartment where he used to live.

Shen Yao’s mind was fuzzy just now, and he instinctively reported his safest address from his memory.

“What’s wrong?” Chen Shuang asked, “Did I make a wrong turn?”

Shen Yao glanced at the time and said calmly, “No, thank you.”

It was better if no one knew about the villa. He refused the idea of Chen Shuang accompanying him upstairs and took the elevator himself.


Still feeling dizzy, Shen Yao walked out with his head down. He sensed that something was wrong and slowly lifted his head to meet the gaze of Xu Yibai standing at his doorstep. Xu Yibai blocked his path to the door, not saying a word, just staring at Shen Yao without moving. It was hard to tell how long it had been since he slept; his once clear eyes were now bloodshot.

Breaking the silence, Xu Yibai called out, “Shen Yao.”

For three days, he had gone from frantically searching for Shen Yao to gradually calming down and reflecting on where he had gone wrong. But when he saw Shen Yao, he found he couldn’t stay calm.

Xu Yibai’s fist clenched tightly at his side, as he tried to remain calm and asked, “Don’t you need a reason to break up?”

There was no trace of guilt on Shen Yao’s face. He didn’t answer Xu Yibai’s question directly, only stating, “We’ve already broken up.”

In an instant, Xu Yibai felt as though he had lost all warmth in his body. He realized he didn’t really understand Shen Yao at all. He couldn’t tell which of Shen Yao’s words were true and which were false.

When Shen Yao said he loved him, his eyes were full of fervor, so Xu Yibai believed he truly loved him and invested even more love into the relationship. But when Shen Yao broke up with him, he was cold and indifferent, not even able to give him a reason for the breakup, as if everything before had been a facade he had carefully crafted.

Shen Yao walked past Xu Yibai, stopping at the door to unlock it. He turned his head to check on his ex-boyfriend and said, “It’s too late now, go back and get some sleep. Let’s meet somewhere tomorrow.”

He thought that according to Xu Yibai’s personality, he would agree.

“Meet somewhere?” Xu Yibai repeated, “See you tomorrow?”

Shen Yao had not reacted yet when his chin was suddenly gripped and Xu Yibai kissed him.

It was more like a bite than a kiss.

It was a kiss of venting, with Xu Yibai’s palm cushioning the back of Shen Yao’s head. He kissed so hard that Shen Yao couldn’t catch his breath, and saliva he couldn’t swallow dripped from the corner of his mouth.


Shen Yao tilted his chin up, he was already in heat. But with this kiss, the desire suppressed by inhibitors was forcibly released, and his pheromones began to emanate from his glands.

At first, he resisted, but unconsciously, Shen Yao’s arm skillfully wrapped around Xu Yibai.

Suddenly the kiss was interrupted, and Xu Yibai stopped and pulled away from Shen Yao. He quietly confirmed for a moment, “Shen Yao, you’re in heat.”

Shen Yao hated his Omega instincts the most, and the side effects of taking inhibitors were even stronger. His whole body was on fire, and even his bones began to feel soft.

He leaned weakly against the door panel, tilting his chin up. Keeping his last bit of sanity, Shen Yao turned around and tried to run back into the house to take his inhibitors again.

Xu Yibai’s hand, which was one size bigger than his, perfectly covered his palm from behind, not allowing Shen Yao to operate.

“Let me in.” Shen Yao flung his arm.

Xu Yibai was silent for a few seconds, then resorted to the most despicable means he despised, the Alpha’s pheromones, which were dominant and not as gentle and soothing to the Omega as usual.

It only made the Omega, who was already in heat, lose even more control.

He grabbed the weak-legged Shen Yao and threatened and tempted him in a low voice, “Password.”

Shen Yao buried himself in his arms, frowning in unbearable pain, and stuttered out a few numbers.

He was lifted up by Xu Yibai and when he opened his eyes again, Shen Yao saw a blur of light, the familiar ceiling light in the bedroom.

Shen Yao’s consciousness had completely sunk into a stupor, and he curled up on the bed in discomfort, reaching out to pull Xu Yibai’s sleeve, “Xu Yibai… help me, help me.”

His Adam’s apple rolled down and he began to cry out incoherently, “Brother.”

Xu Yibai was not like this before. This time, he didn’t give Shen Yao any space to prepare, and the Omega in heat even began to tremble in his calves.

That moment felt like the deepest part of his soul was being shaken. Shen Yao opened his lips, unable to say a word, and tears streamed down his cheeks.

He never cried, not even on the bed.

Perhaps it was because his tears softened Xu Yibai’s heart. He paused for a few seconds, wiping the corners of Shen Yao’s eyes with his fingertips.

But the next moment, Shen Yao was on his knees on the bed. His back was beautiful, especially when his waist curved down.

Xu Yibai questioned, “Shen Yao, do you think I’ll never get angry?” 

His broad Alpha hand gripped Shen Yao’s waist tightly, making it impossible for him to break free. 

“Ah…” Shen Yao’s eyes went blank, his cheek buried in the pillow as he unconsciously let out a plea for help. 

“Enough… enough…” 

As if experiencing the most intense hurricane, Shen Yao couldn’t take it anymore. He just wanted to escape from this storm. Finding an opportunity, he crawled forward and tried to leave. 

But after taking only two steps, his thin ankles were caught by someone’s hand. Xu Yibai pulled him back effortlessly. 

Xu Yibai hugged his waist, forcing Shen Yao to sit up straight. His teeth sank into the Omega’s smooth gland, and the intertwined floral scent became overwhelming. Marking meant possession, and even a temporary mark would make an Omega tremble all over. 

The double stimulation made Shen Yao lift his chin uncontrollably, and his neck looked like a beautiful swan’s. 

After a round of this, Shen Yao had no strength left. He thought it was over, but Xu Yibai came over again. 

He had no memory, and tried to run under the bed again. Shen Yao’s weak legs almost caused him to fall, but luckily, Xu Yibai caught him. 

As he caught Shen Yao, Xu Yibai saw something fall quietly onto the smooth ground, lying still beside Shen Yao’s pants. 

It was like a business card, and Xu Yibai picked it up to take a look.

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