Don’t Sink Chapter 101

Chapter 101: “Please… Love Me”

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Every word spoken by the Alpha before him hit Dong Dong like a powerful wave, crashing against him like fierce tides, leaving his thoughts in disarray.

Although Dong Dong recognized everyone who lived on the island, he noticed a few unfamiliar figures approaching, their bare feet contrasting with the rest. They were dressed in black, and Dong Dong’s pupils dilated uncontrollably.

He recognized them; the person on the far right was the photographer he had encountered yesterday.

“You all…”

Dong Dong stared at the hand that held Shen Yao, his lips parting instinctively, but he swallowed his questions. He regained his composure and pointed at Guan Shu’s feet.

“His shoes touched the sand!”

He didn’t care about real names anymore, nor did he concern himself with any entanglement between Shen Yao and the Alpha. He only knew that Shen Yao’s appearance here must have a reason, and he wanted to get Shen Yao away from this Alpha.

Amidst the chaos, Dong Dong’s breathing quickened, and he rushed forward to grab Shen Yao’s hand.


However, Guan Shu’s hand slipped around Shen Yao’s waist. In the moment the crowd surged toward them, he drew a gun from his side and fired a shot into the air.

The deafening sound briefly silenced the bustling beach, the barrel still emitting white smoke. With this crude and forceful action, Guan Shu managed to intimidate everyone present.

“Apologies, I wasn’t aware of your customs.”

After calmly apologizing, Guan Shu took off his shoes and held them in his hand. He then retrieved an identification card from his pocket, displaying it for everyone to see:

“Colonel Guan Shu, Flowing Eagle Division, currently on a secret mission to apprehend a fugitive.”

The island had very limited interaction with the outside world, and its residents were known for their simplicity. The expressions of the islanders turned to fear, and finally, at the gesture of a person holding the largest torch, they cleared a path, allowing Guan Shu and Shen Yao to pass through.


“What nonsense are you spouting?!”

However, Dong Dong was like a fierce little leopard, struggling against the restraint imposed by his family and friends. He wasn’t the least bit afraid:

“Let go of Brother Shen Min!!”

Guan Shu, on the other hand, merely cast a disdainful glance at him, as if regarding an utterly insignificant individual. Swiftly and decisively, he swapped out his gun for a syringe, administering a sedative to the insolent young Alpha.

Even as he slipped into unconsciousness, Dong Dong continued to glare defiantly at him.

“The dosage is minimal. He’ll be fine, just unconscious for an hour.”

“What happened today, I hope everyone keeps it a secret.”


Guan Shu even knew where Shen Yao was staying on the island. Holding Shen Yao, he clenched his fist and walked forward on the sandy beach. He then tossed the gun to a friend walking beside him.

One of his friends behind him wore a concerned expression. “We’re abusing our authority here. If we get caught, we’ll face severe consequences.”

“If you don’t talk, and I don’t talk, no one will find out.”

“If there’s really a problem, we can put the blame on me, say I coerced you.”

There was still a distance to cover from the beach to Shen Yao’s residence, with a path made of stones. Guan Shu glanced at Shen Yao’s bare feet and, without hesitation, bent down, lifting Shen Yao onto his shoulder.

In an instant, the world turned upside down, and blood surged to Shen Yao’s congested brain. He felt nauseous, his stomach churning as his body reacted to the sudden movement. Shen Yao instinctively reached for Guan Shu’s arm.



“Shut up.”

Before he could say anything, Guan Shu slapped him hard on the buttocks.

Suppressing the urge to vomit, Shen Yao endured until the door closed, cutting off all light and sound. Guan Shu forcefully lowered Shen Yao onto the sofa.

Knowing Shen Yao had a fear of the dark, Guan Shu didn’t even turn on a light. He went as far as covering Shen Yao’s eyes with his hand.

“Still experiencing amnesia?” Guan Shu raised his hand and lightly patted Shen Yao’s face, knowingly asking, “Do you remember who I am?”

In the pitch-black environment, Shen Yao remained silent. His breathing was uncontrollably heavy, his heart rate chaotic and rapid, his back drenched in cold sweat.

He knew Shen Yao was feigning calm, and perhaps, he was even afraid of being discovered.

“Whether you remember or not, I’ll help you recall.”

Compared to Shen Yao, Guan Shu seemed like a puppeteer in complete control. He took out his phone and placed it on the projector on the coffee table.

The whitewashed wall emitted the sole source of light, causing Shen Yao to instinctively turn his head away, his breath hitching.

In the projection, he was forced to wear a blindfold. His lips moved incessantly, his long legs held firmly by a muscular Alpha, every aspect of his body dominated against his will.

On the narrow sofa, two figures were tightly entwined, their faint sounds audible.

When Shen Yao turned his face away, Guan Shu forcibly pinched his chin, turning his face back to the screen, compelling him to watch the explicit scene displayed before them.

Guan Shu’s gaze was dark, devoid of any hint of desire. He reached out and began to undress Shen Yao.

He needed to check if Shen Yao had been touched by any other Alpha during the past two years.

Shen Yao’s body had remained untouched for two years, still as inexperienced as the first time. His body, constrained by suppressants, gradually showed signs of breaking free from its restraints, his suppressed heat gradually surging, causing his still heart to momentarily race.

His heart skipped a beat, and a scent of apricot blossoms, long unsmelled, wafted in the air, albeit faintly.

Shen Yao pushed against Guan Shu’s shoulder. “You were the first to find me. I think we should have a good talk.”

“No.” Guan Shu chuckled softly. “No need to talk. You just need to answer my question.”

“Has anyone touched you?”

Shen Yao honestly replied, “No…”

Before he could finish speaking, Guan Shu removed his shirt as well, revealing a silver ring hanging around his chest, unremovable.

The air seemed to freeze for a moment.

“Who gave that to you?!” Guan Shu’s expression turned ferocious in an instant. He pulled forcefully, his anger apparent as he snarled, “That barely-grown Alpha?! Or did you engage with someone else during this period?”


Shen Yao couldn’t help but emit a muffled groan. His fingers turned red as he gripped the sofa cover, shaking his head in denial. “I did it myself.”

“You could fool others with that excuse? But you’re trying to deceive me with it? You’d wear something like this?”

Guan Shu’s expression remained devoid of emotion as he lowered his gaze. His arm trembled with anger, and he pulled forcefully again, coldly demanding, “Who?”

Shen Yao’s eyes began to redden as well.

“Xu Yibai… He forcibly made me do it.”

Regardless of the answer, Shen Yao knew Guan Shu wouldn’t be satisfied.

Unless he had done it himself.

As expected, after a moment of silence, Guan Shu abruptly pushed Shen Yao down onto the sofa.

Shen Yao had been without such stimulation for too long, his nerves being directly struck, causing him to let out a choked sob. His body began to tremble and blush.

“You were interested in an Alpha like that? Probably not even fully grown yet? Or maybe still nursing, calling you brother?”

The voice from when he was eighteen overlapped with the current one at twenty-four on the screen, causing tremors like a small boat in rough waters. Not only was the voice in his ears, but Guan Shu also forced him to watch those scenes.

The images were vivid, just like the present.

Guan Shu’s mouth wouldn’t cease its movements, especially at a time like this, accompanied by slightly labored breaths.

“Shen Yao, there’s something I haven’t told you. The birthdate on my ID was entered incorrectly; if you were to truly calculate, I’m actually a few days younger than you. Since you’re so fond of others calling you older brother, I can call you that too.”

“I actually like hearing that.” At the moment when Shen Yao tilted his head to breathe, he reached out and tugged on Guan Shu’s hair. “… So, will you call me that?”

Guan Shu didn’t expect him to say that. He had never called anyone older brother his entire life. After a moment of stiffness, Guan Shu scoffed and offered an excuse, “I won’t use terms others have used.”

“You’re so… pristine…”

Since he was already upset, why not just make everyone upset? Shen Yao’s eyes blurred with moisture, and his lips trembled as he maliciously retorted, “But why do you still screw around with Omegas who’ve been screwed by others?”

Guan Shu grabbed his hair forcefully, leaning in closer. “Do you only find joy in provoking me? Congratulations, you’ve succeeded.”

Guan Shu maintained an unrelenting pace. His hand pressed forcefully against Shen Yao’s stomach, and he turned his head to the massive screen, his gaze fixed on the eighteen-year-old Shen Yao depicted on it.

The video had reached its conclusion. “He” reached out and removed the blindfold from “Shen Yao.” His eyes were already swollen from crying.

“You haven’t changed a bit.”

Shen Yao wasn’t sure whether he was referring to his face, his body, or something else.

“You always liked deceiving me.”

“You deceived me, claiming you erased my lifelong mark, describing everything so vividly, so truthfully that I never doubted it, because you indeed underwent surgery.”

“But Shen Yao, what kind of surgery did you actually have?”

Shen Yao’s expression froze, becoming rigid.

Guan Shu’s fingers slid over Shen Yao’s neck, reaching his gland. He provided his own answer, “I checked your medical report. You were naturally less sensitive to Alpha pheromones, which meant Alphas couldn’t completely mark you for life, just like my previous one?”

“The surgery you underwent turned your gland into a mere decoration.”

“Am I right?”

Shen Yao’s lips trembled anxiously. He wanted to say something, but the Alpha already predicted his actions. Guan Shu covered his mouth.

“You hate me, you despise me. As long as it frees you from me, you’re capable of anything.”

“But I am too. I’m a madman. As long as I can keep you by my side, I’m capable of anything too.”

Guan Shu bit into Shen Yao’s throat as if trying to sever it. After he tasted blood and heard Shen Yao’s pained groan, he slowly released his grip.

He raised his hand and wiped away the blood on Shen Yao’s neck, looking like a composed and victorious conqueror.

“Why are you running away?”

“I’ve said it before, even if we die, you’ll die with me. Even after death, I’ll have our ashes mixed together and buried side by side. That way, in the next life, you won’t be able to escape me either.”

“I was truly foolish before, always caring about whether you liked me or not, whether you loved me or not. Those things were never important.”

Having loftily declared these words, he lowered his gaze, meeting Shen Yao’s eyes, along with his dampened eyelashes stained with tears.

Those eyes were incredibly beautiful, containing emotion yet devoid of it. Countless times, they had stirred his heart, causing him to willingly cast aside his resentful demeanor, bowing down like a subject before a king.

Guan Shu’s heartbeat suddenly intensified, and he involuntarily held Shen Yao’s hand, tracing the deep scar on his neck.

“On the two hundred and thirty-ninth day of your disappearance, I gave up searching for you and chose suicide.”

Guan Shu’s method of choice was brutal. He laid in a bathtub and slit his own throat with a knife, feeling the blood gush out in an instant.

“But as my consciousness gradually faded, I smelled the scent of white roses. After your disappearance, every day at home, I would buy a bouquet of white roses.”

“At that moment, I suddenly felt I couldn’t die. And surviving was a medical miracle in itself.”

“Because I believe in karma. You didn’t die, you won’t die. I had to find you.”

Guan Shu’s Adam’s apple moved up and down again. When they reunited and he kissed Shen Yao passionately, he had secretly shed tears, and those tears had mixed into that kiss. Now, he couldn’t hold back any longer, and his tears finally flowed freely.

He just wanted to find any trace of Shen Yao’s love for him, clinging to a glimmer of hope. With a touch of self-pity, he asked, “Did you keep that Alpha around you because he reminded you a little bit of the old me… perhaps his skin color is like mine, did you see him as my replacement?”

He knelt on the sofa, tremblingly holding onto Shen Yao, burying his face in Shen Yao’s slender neck.

“Shen Yao… I’m begging you… Love me.”

“Like me.”

He held onto Shen Yao’s body, a soul trapped in unrequited love, forever confined within three inches of him. Not even death could release him from this captivity.

Whether Shen Yao was the victor, he didn’t know.

He had never been one, anyway.

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