Don’t Sink Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Marking

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Shen Yao’s hand pushing Dai Xinghui down the stairs was steady, his expression cold, without a trace of extreme hatred on his face, instead it was just a high-level of indifference.

It made Yan Zhixing feel somewhat familiar.

He finally revealed his sharp claws, but in an instant he restrained himself when facing Yan Zhixing. Shen Yao’s helpless look now really looked like someone who needed protection.

Yan Zhixing realized that he still had some misunderstandings about Shen Yao. Shen Yao wasn’t just trying to use his body to gain benefits, he was also ruthless enough.

Being called “brother” with such an affectionate term, Yan Zhixing’s expression remained unchanged.

Dai Xinghui laid on the ground, enduring the pain as he got up, but just a slight movement caused sharp pain in his back.

His face was pale, but there was no anger. He had been pushed down the stairs by Shen Yao’s own hands, but now he was enduring severe pain trying to get up and walk towards him.

He couldn’t remember what he had done as a child, the memories of the abuser were always short-lived, but he could vaguely remember that he had done something very outrageous.

Later when he saw Shen Yao again, he was so beautiful that Dai Xinghui and his friends couldn’t take their eyes off him, especially when he smiled.

As an omega, he still didn’t like to interact with people, but when he was with them, he put away the thorns around him.

They used to like Shen Yao when they were kids, but only because Shen Yao ignored them, it made them angry. Now they no longer bully Shen Yao, but instead vie to please him for the sake of one of his smiles, even to the point of breaking up with each other.

He liked Shen Yao even more than eight years ago, he couldn’t believe that Shen Yao could hate him so much.

Dai Xinghui’s eyes turned red, looking at Shen Yao like a begging dog, “Yao Yao…”

Since Yan Zhixing had seen it all, Shen Yao didn’t want to pretend. He said coldly, “Don’t call me Yao Yao. Every time you call me Yao Yao, I want to vomit.”

“Shen Yao…” Dai Xinghui quickly changed his words, feeling the sweet and bloody taste in his mouth, lost in thought, “But I… I really like you…”

Shen Yao had just been about to leave, but stopped his footsteps upon hearing this.

Standing by the side, Yan Zhixing watched coldly, holding a cigarette in his hand, probably here to ease his addiction by the window.

He was talking to Dai Xinghui, but he gazed at Yan Zhixing with tender affection: “I already have an alpha. He is better than you in every way. It’s not very appropriate for you to say such things in front of my alpha, right?”

Dai Xinghui felt like he had been hit hard in the face, his vision darkening.

Shen Yao had treated all of his years of affection as garbage, as if he had lifted the veil of shame that had covered him for so long. Dai Xinghui was so angry and embarrassed that he shouted again, his heart torn: “Shen Yao!”

“You see,” Shen Yao’s expression did not change, he looked down at him condescendingly, “Your affection is always so cheap. If you really like me, why don’t you think about how to apologize to me properly?”


Dai Xinghui felt as if he had been splashed with a bucket of cold water, and he stumbled backwards and fell to the ground again.

Shen Yao turned around again and left him alone, coldly saying: “Even if you kneel down, I won’t forgive you. Or you can try to climb back up, and I’ll push you down again. We can try to see how many times it takes to kill you.”

A moment of suffocation swept over him, and Dai Xinghui blinked as scorching tears streamed down his face.

He really had the urge to kneel down and beg for Shen Yao’s mercy.

But Shen Yao didn’t even glance at him, smiling sweetly and beautifully at Yan Zhixing, looking at him as if he were looking at the whole world.

Dai Xinghui’s eyes were about to burst, his chest shaking as he coughed painfully.

The corridor was covered with thick carpets, and the footsteps on it were very light. Shen Yao followed behind Yan Zhixing with his head down.

Dai Xinghui had long been stimulated to the point where his heart was dead, and he couldn’t catch up.

Shen Yao took a handkerchief out of his suit pocket and wiped his hands casually, then balled it up and threw it away when he passed a trash can.

“You looked up my information, didn’t you?” Shen Yao followed him innocently, explaining, “Then you should know that I have never been in love before. He liked me, but I didn’t like him. We rarely met.”

He is not worried that Yan Zhixing will see his cold-blooded side, because Yan Zhixing is also such a person.

What he is worried about is that Yan Zhixing might think there is some entanglement between him and Dai Xinghui. Even if Yan Zhixing doesn’t like him, he said he would mark him.

Alpha always has an inexplicable possessiveness towards their omega, and Shen Yao doesn’t want to deal with this kind of trouble.

Yan Zhixing stopped in front of the box door, his fingers resting on the handle. He said, “As long as you can solve the trouble yourself, it has nothing to do with me what you do.”

If Shen Yao gets into a troublesome situation, Yan Zhixing would still have to help him solve it.

He really doesn’t care about what Shen Yao does. The scene he witnessed just now only deepened his understanding of Shen Yao.

Shen Yao is indeed difficult to control.

But the possessiveness of an alpha towards omega does exist. Yan Zhixing also has mild mysophobia. He said indifferently, “Keep the departing alpha away from me. I don’t like omegas who have been touched by others.”

“Of course.” Shen Yao looked at his gentle eyebrows and eyes. “Many alphas like me, but I only follow you.”

Yan Zhixing didn’t buy it. His blue eyes seemed to see through everything, reflecting Shen Yao’s appearance. His voice was like a block of condensed ice. “Shen Yao, don’t try to test me.”

Yan Zhixing’s purpose for coming to this auction was clear. The finale was an antique painting that he had already instructed Chen Shuang to secure.

Half a month later, there was an important banquet where the leader of the Gu family would pass on his position. It was necessary to bring a gift to celebrate such an occasion.

Yan Zhixing calmly bid several times the original price for the painting.

After Yan Zhixing didn’t contact him for a long time, Shen Yao realized the hidden meaning behind his “don’t try to test me” remark.

Yan Zhixing is different from the other alphas he has met. Yan Zhixing and he both like to be in control.

He needs an obedient and well-behaved puppet, not too clever, but able to be manipulated by him.

Yan Zhixing is currently warning him.

In the current situation, everyone thinks that he and Yan Zhixing are together. If this mutually beneficial relationship suddenly ends, Yan Zhixing can look for another pheromone he likes, which would be troublesome for him.

If Yan Zhixing wants him to be obedient and well-behaved, Shen Yao can cooperate, as long as he can provide enough benefits.

He took the initiative to contact Yan Zhixing for the first time, and soon a black car stopped downstairs.

Shen Yao was a little surprised when he saw the driver: “Where is Chen Shuang?”

The new assistant smiled politely at him, but the information from their mouth was vague: “Mr. Yan asked him to deal with other things.”

This was Shen Yao’s second time coming to the mansion. The iron gate opened in front of him, and the car went in smoothly.

He felt a little subtle when he walked up the stairs. Following the route pointed out by the assistant, Shen Yao knocked on Yan Zhixing’s study door.

The study was mostly black in layout, and the first thing that caught his eye was a large desk. Just opening the door gave a sense of oppressive darkness.

Shen Yao paused for a moment, then continued walking into the room. Passing by a row of desks along the wall, he stopped beside Yan Zhixing, who was sitting in a chair.

In the agreement they reached earlier, Shen Yao agreed to accept Yan Zhixing’s mark. Today he came to the mansion for this matter.

Shen Yao looked a little nervous and licked his lips, not speaking, just staring at Yan Zhixing, waiting for his command.

When marking, physical contact was unavoidable. The only touch he and Yan Zhixing had was a hug during his heat, which was an accident.

He felt that Yan Zhixing didn’t want to hug him now.

Sure enough, Yan Zhixing told him, “Hold onto the desk.”

The height of the desk was just right, and Shen Yao cooperatively rested his hands on it. His nervousness at the moment wasn’t entirely pretended.

It wasn’t his first time to be marked, but he had never been marked under these circumstances before.

In the cold and solemn study, the neatly arranged book spines on the bookshelf were fully exposed in the empty view. Yet he stood here, waiting for an alpha mark from which he had never even kissed before.

Even when he was marked by the alpha he hated to the bone when they accidentally met at the Youlan Pavilion, it wasn’t like this.

Shen Yao heard movement behind him. Yan Zhixing’s palm was one size bigger than his, resting beside him. He felt himself being circled, and when he stepped back, he ran into Yan Zhixing’s broad back.

He received Yan Zhixing’s question unexpectedly, “Have you been marked by other alphas before?”

Shen Yao swallowed, shaking his head without hesitation.

Yan Zhixing’s gaze turned dark. He stood very close behind Shen Yao, but only saw his white neck and smooth and delicate gland when he lowered his head.

When he asked this question, he already knew that Shen Yao was a liar full of lies.

Even though he relied on Shen Yao’s pheromones, Yan Zhixing wouldn’t let himself be in a weak position.

He showed his canine teeth, with a cold and indifferent expression.

Shen Yao was unprepared. He had been waiting for Yan Zhixing’s pheromones, but what he received first was the biting teeth that pierced his gland.


Yan Zhixing certainly had little experience. When he first bit down, he had some restraint, but as he went on, he became more and more hasty and reckless.

Shen Yao even had the illusion that his own gland had been bitten through and was bleeding. He stared weakly, clenching his fingers tightly around the edge of the table.

He was trying to transfer the pain and stimulation from his gland elsewhere.

He still couldn’t smell Yan Zhixing’s pheromones, which was completely unreasonable.

This feeling was too insecure. He was marked by an alpha, his body and even his soul were possessed, but there was no soothing from pheromones.

He was like a deer caught by a hunter, with eyes all around him watching him, but he couldn’t find where the gun was. Shen Yao first tried to inhale oxygen by lifting his chin, but then suddenly lowered his head like a dying fish.

Shen Yao stumbled and asked, “Why… can’t I… smell your pheromones?”

He didn’t get an answer, and his interruption even caused displeasure from the alpha behind him. The alpha pressed forward, biting his canine teeth even deeper.

Shen Yao finally couldn’t hold on anymore, his legs gave way, and he fell back into Yan Zhixing’s arms.

He was held tightly by strong arms.

Yan Zhixing’s canine teeth sank into Shen Yao’s gland, and the more he bit, the deeper it went. He had prepared in advance, not letting Shen Yao smell his own pheromones, but Shen Yao’s apricot blossom scent was so strong, it was like being in a grove of flowers.

The arm Yan Zhixing had around Shen Yao’s waist tightened more and more. At first, he kept his posture, never wanting to touch Shen Yao.

But now Shen Yao was completely stuck in his embrace.

This was the second time he marked an omega, possessing an omega with a high degree of compatibility that could make every nerve tingle with excitement.

Ordinary temporary marking only lasted five minutes, but Yan Zhixing was like a wolf dog that was not fed enough, biting Shen Yao’s gland for a full ten minutes and still not willing to let go.

He had forgotten his original purpose and only knew to hold the omega in front of him tightly.

Shen Yao was still conscious, biting his lips and fiercely grabbing Yan Zhixing’s hand with his nails, leaving deep scratches on the back of his hand.

Stopping Yan Zhixing was one goal.

He also wanted Yan Zhixing to feel a little pain.

These three scratches worked, and the canine teeth on his gland gradually loosened.

Shen Yao instinctively turned around and pushed Yan Zhixing away.

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