Don’t Sink Chapter 21

Chapter 21: But There Will Be in the Future

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The phone kept ringing, and Guan Shu not only pressed his foot against the door, but also used his hand to block it, which resulted in Shen Yao being forcibly blocked at the door by him, unable to even close the door.

Guan Shu asked again, “You’re not answering?”

Shen Yao had just taken cold medicine and was feeling drowsy due to its effects, but he was awakened by the knocking outside the door.

He knew he couldn’t match Guan Shu’s strength, so Shen Yao gave up resisting. He lifted his eyelids, and his eyes were a little moist. “Do you want me to answer it?”

Guan Shu’s lips formed a straight line, and he stared at Shen Yao without a single movement. From his obscure and unclear gaze, it was impossible to guess his true thoughts.

Shen Yao didn’t want to dwell on it, so he simply answered the phone, but didn’t put it on speaker. Instead, he held the phone to his ear.

His voice was still a little hoarse, but because his voice was naturally clear, it was not difficult to hear him when he spoke softly: “Hello?”

Yan Zhixing didn’t ask him why he answered so late and got straight to the point. “The doctor will come to your house.”


Shen Yao didn’t refuse anymore. Yan Zhixing rarely called him, probably because he was afraid that his inhibitor would cause any accidents. That would be troublesome for him too.

Shen Yao knew what Yan Zhixing was thinking, but now he held his phone with a gentle expression and asked in a warm voice, “Is there anything else?”

Perhaps it had been too long since Yan Zhixing had seen Shen Yao’s affected appearance, he paused for a moment and said coldly, “No, I’m hanging up.”

“Okay.” Shen Yao was clearly talking to Yan Zhixing, but he bent his eyes to look at Guan Shu. “Goodbye, go to bed early.”

He had already hung up when he said the latter sentence, but Shen Yao still maintained a flawless act. Shen Yao put his phone down and coughed a few times, covering his mouth with slender and pale fingers that exuded a sense of weakness. He lightly pursed his lips and asked, “I answered the call according to your wishes. Can you please stop blocking the door now?”

Guan Shu’s fingers, which were grabbing onto the door, turned white at the knuckles. He was the one who asked Shen Yao to answer the call, but Shen Yao complied obediently, which infuriated Guan Shu even more when he saw how calm Shen Yao was.

He stared at the bruise on Shen Yao’s neck and clenched his fingers on the door, leaving a few shallow grooves. From his tightly clenched teeth, Guan Shu squeezed out the words, “Shen Yao, you did this on purpose!”

“But you asked me to answer the call. Why are you so angry now?’ Shen Yao placed himself in a completely innocent position. He touched the bruise on his neck and insinuated, “I’m not even angry with you.”

He did it on purpose. He intentionally answered the call in front of Guan Shu, pretending to show extreme love for Yan Zhixing.

Guan Shu grew up in the military and no matter how rebellious he was, he still had a strong sense of moral integrity engraved in his bones. He would not easily interfere with other people’s feelings, nor would he say anything derogatory about Shen Yao to Yan Zhixing.

He was torn between anger and calmness. Guan Shu took a deep breath, and he had already prepared himself to no longer have any entanglement with Shen Yao. He came just to check if Shen Yao was okay, after all, if Shen Yao really had any problems, he would be responsible.

Guan Shu let go of the door and turned around expressionlessly. But just as he took a step back, he stopped and asked, “Shen Yao, how did you feel when I marked you for life? Did you enjoy it?”

Shen Yao lowered his head quietly as if considering, and then raised his face with a smile, “I forgot a long time ago. You wouldn’t still remember, would you?” He empathetically added, “Removing the mark was my own decision, so you don’t have to feel guilty.”

Indescribable emotions surged inside Guan Shu, as he clenched his fists and said in a nonsensical manner, “Yan Zhixing hasn’t marked you for life yet, has he?”

“No, he hasn’t,” Shen Yao took the opportunity to close the door, and his voice leaked out from the tiny gap, “But he will in the future.”

Guan Shu stood at the door with a cold face for a while, then suddenly turned around and walked downstairs. As he went down, he saw the familiar off-road vehicle and the anxious-looking Deputy Chief Wang.

It was obviously a secret that Lu Tingxin had revealed to him. Guan Shu turned back and looked at the apartment in the night.

This was the last time, really the last time.

The military compound was heavily guarded, and the sentries on duty at night had eyes as sharp as eagles. The off-road vehicle with a red license plate drove smoothly and brightly towards them, its license plate clearly visible.

The stationed sentry still stopped the car and confirmed it with a glance before saluting Deputy Chief Wang sitting in the driver’s seat.

Guan Shu sat in the passenger seat, staring blankly ahead, watching the off-road vehicle approach the command building.

The car stopped downstairs, and Guan Shu got out of the car on his own. When he saw Deputy Chief Wang still following him, his tone was flat as he said, “Uncle Wang, you don’t have to follow me. I’ll go up by myself.”

“Then go ahead.” Deputy Chief Wang stopped and sighed helplessly. “You and your father should talk it out and not argue again.”

Guan Shu nodded absentmindedly, but it was obvious he didn’t hear him. He walked into the elevator and pressed the button for the floor near the top.

As the elevator door slowly closed in front of Deputy Chief Wang’s eyes, the tall Alpha leaned against the wall, his profile cast deep shadows by the flickering lights, his eyebrows and eyes calm.

Deputy Chief Wang watched Guan Shu grow up, and it had been four years since he last saw him when he was sent to military school. The moment he laid eyes on Guan Shu, he felt that he had grown up, but upon closer inspection, he realized that Guan Shu hadn’t changed much. He was still stubborn and obstinate as ever.

Guan Shu knocked on the door as a formality, but before any sound came from inside, he took the liberty of opening it.

Guan Yan’s office is very simple, and everything inside has been used for a long time. As soon as Guan Shu enters, he saw a pen holder coming straight at him.

He had enough time to dodge and react, but Guan Shu didn’t move his feet or even close his eyes.

The pen holder was not made of plastic, its material was uncertain. It hit Guan Shu’s forehead hard, making a dull sound, and then fell to the ground, shattering into pieces.

The wound on his forehead was not small. Guan Shu felt a liquid like a stream from his forehead and smelled a strong smell of blood.

He raises his hand to cover the wound, standing straight and slightly raising his eyes to look at Guan Yan.

Guan Yan stood behind the desk, looking at him without changing his expression. He was over fifty years old, but his eyes were not at all murky. Instead, they were full of spirit.

After hitting Guan Shu so hard just now, Guan Yan’s anger has not dissipated at all. He scolded, “You b*stard! Did you go to find Shen Yao again?”

“I didn’t look for him,” Guan Shu pressed down on the wound and lowered his head, saying in a flat tone, “I just happened to run into him at the banquet.”

“You just happened to go to his house?” Guan Yan sneered and got angry, “You like Shen Yao, but Shen Yao doesn’t like you. Don’t continue to pester him!”

Guan Shu furrowed his brows and corrected him, “I don’t like Shen Yao anymore.”

Guan Yan has been in a high position for a long time, and his emotions rarely fluctuated so severely. This time, he pointed directly at Guan Shu’s nose and scolded, “Have you forgotten what you did back then? I won’t even mention other things you’ve done. But you marked Shen Yao for life, was it voluntary on his part? Was he willing? You even caused him to undergo surgery. Do you think an Omega would willingly undergo such a surgery? If he didn’t want to dispute with you, even if you were my son, I would still send you to prison!”

“I agreed to let you come back on the condition that you wouldn’t bother them anymore! And now, what are you doing?”

As he spoke, he grabbed the glass ashtray next to him and raised it as if to smash it.

“Guan Yan!”

Liang Yufen, who was elegantly dressed, rushed over. Seeing the scene, she stood in front of Guan Shu to protect him and shouted sharply, “Are you trying to kill my son?!”

Guan Yan held the ashtray in mid-air, then ultimately put it down. He picked up a pile of papers from the table and threw them at Guan Shu’s feet, saying, “You decide where you want to go, just don’t stay in the capital.”

Guan Shu lowered his eyes, and the top sheet was the transfer order for Flowing Eagle, which he didn’t pick up.

Liang Yufen also saw it, and looked at Guan Yan and said, “The mortality rate is so high over at Flowing Eagle, do you really want Little Shu to go there?”

“There are many other places to go.” Guan Yan rubbed his forehead. Except for four years ago, when he fought with Guan Shu, Liang Yufen always liked to stand in the way. “Let him choose for himself, it would be good for him to go to Flowing Eagle to train.”

“I have only one son. He has finally given up on going to Flowing Eagle, and now you want him to go again?” Liang Yufen nervously grabbed Guan Shu’s arm. “Isn’t being a prosecutor good enough?”

Guan Yan stared at Guan Shu and said concisely, “Ask him what he did today after being well-behaved for two months since returning.”

Liang Yufen’s heart tightened, and she instantly guessed what Guan Shu had done. She no longer protected him and looked at him with a changed face, “Did you go see that omega again?”

She even raised her hand to slap Guan Shu.

Guan Shu turned his face aside and picked up the form on the floor. His expression had not changed since he entered, and then he silently walked out of the door.

“Stop!” Guan Yan once again stopped him.

Guan Shu stopped and spoke calmly, “Today was just an accident. I won’t go looking for him again. I’ll look at the transfer form when I go back.”

He didn’t go home and instead stayed in a single dormitory in the courtyard. The dormitory was neither big nor small, and was assigned by the collective. It was Guan Shu’s first time staying there.

There was no smell of smoke in the dormitory, it was cold and quiet. Guan Shu sat alone on the single sofa, wanting to take out a cigarette and lighter from his pocket, but he didn’t bring them because he came out too hastily.

The environment here was too unfamiliar. Guan Shu opened the window to feel the night wind, but he felt increasingly irritable.

Guan Shu stood up with a cold face and returned home overnight. The apartment where he lived now was his 18th birthday present and the one he used to secretly bring Shen Yao over. He was too lazy to change the decor inside, and it had remained the same.

He sat down on the sofa again, flipping through the transfer form in his hand. Everything had been arranged properly, and he just needed to sign it to end it all.

Guan Shu stared at the words “Flowing Eagle”, his thoughts drifting away.

This had been his goal since he was young, but it changed in high school because of Shen Yao.

He couldn’t come back home often if he went to the border for a year. What about Shen Yao? His omega was so well-behaved, clingy, and delicate. If something happened to him at the border, Shen Yao would definitely cry until he fainted. What if he became a little widower?

There were so many people coveting him, would he be able to protect himself? Guan Shu had many concerns, but he found that his concerns were meaningless.

Guan Shu sat in silence and took out an old phone from the drawer, but it was well preserved.

He turned on the phone and there were a bunch of videos in the album. They were all surveillance videos installed on the wall back then. Guan Shu clicked on one of them.

On a narrow sofa, the Omega was propped up by the Alpha with one leg on his shoulder. The Alpha had broad shoulders and a narrow waist, and his wheat-colored skin was covered in scratches.

Shen Yao wore a blindfold that contrasted strongly with his fair face, giving off an inexplicable sense of sensuality. He didn’t know how long he had been crying, but the center of his blindfold was already slightly damp, and his lips unconsciously opened and closed.

The monitor had no sound, but one could tell how intense Alpha’s movements were.

The difference in their physical strength was too great, and perhaps because it had been too long, the Omega couldn’t resist at all. His other leg hung weakly over the edge of the sofa.

His slender and long calf was lifted by Alpha’s large palm, and Shen Yao trembled all over.

Shen Yao’s chin was supported by Guan Shu, and his lips trembled as if he was calling out someone’s name.

Finally, someone lifted his blindfold, and the sudden light caused Shen Yao to unconsciously squint his eyes. His eyelashes were wet, and he hugged Guan Shu in a daze.

Perhaps because of this unconscious gesture of pleasing, the Alpha’s movements finally became gentle, and he lowered his head to kiss Shen Yao’s lips.

Guan Shu’s breathing grew heavy in the room as he grabbed a cigarette and a lighter, biting it between his lips and lighting it.

Smoking was something he had learned later on, and he took a deep drag before exhaling.

Because Guan Shu had never mentioned it, Guan Yan only knew that he had forcefully marked Shen Yao for life against his will but didn’t know what had happened between them in the past.

In their eyes, it was all Guan Shu’s fault, and Shen Yao was a completely innocent and pitiful Omega.

Shen Yao said he had forgotten what it felt like to be marked for life, but Guan Shu remembered it vividly.

He would always remember the feeling at that moment, the complete marking and possession.

An Alpha could mark countless Omegas for life, but an Omega could only be marked for life by one Alpha. And after being marked, the Omega would develop a strong dependence on the Alpha.

Although he had marked Shen Yao for life, it was as if he was the one marked, and he had been influenced by the marking.

Guan Shu’s gaze shifted to the transfer form on the table.

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