Don’t Sink Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Luck

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Yan Zhixing’s daily routine consisted of grooming and having breakfast, followed by sitting upright in his study to read financial reports.

Halfway through reading, Chen Shuang knocked on the door and entered with a phone in hand, softly reminding him, “Prosecutor Guan.”

He was not familiar with Guan Shu at all, and all official matters had already been taken care of. It was quite absurd for Guan Shu to call him.

Nevertheless, Yan Zhixing calmly took the phone without changing his expression and asked coldly, “What is it?”

Yan Zhixing heard the sound of a lighter being flicked on the other end. He hadn’t forgotten about his last argument with Guan Shu. With his patience wearing thin and ready to hang up the phone, Guan Shu finally spoke.

“Are you together with Shen Yao?” His voice sounded light and casual, as if he didn’t care, “Is he still alive?”

Yan Zhixing’s expression remained unchanged. He put down the financial report in his hand and looked up at the garden outside the study’s glass windows, where a beautiful scenery unfolded beneath the azure sky.

He knew Shen Yao’s habit. Every morning, Shen Yao would sit in the garden and read.

Yan Zhixing shifted his gaze away. The first time he encountered Guan Shu for official matters, although everything went smoothly, their conversation seemed to carry an underlying storm, as if they were inherently incompatible.

He didn’t have a good impression of Guan Shu, and hearing Shen Yao’s name from him once again brought back the scene from the banquet vividly in his mind.

Shen Yao appeared disheveled, with messy hair, a chest heaving up and down, and red-rimmed eyes. Deep finger marks were imprinted on his vulnerable neck.

Normally, Shen Yao had a sharp tongue and never suffered any losses in front of others, but he was reduced to such a miserable state by Guan Shu’s bullying.

Yan Zhixing’s Adam’s apple bobbed, and his mood was slightly and subtly unpleasant. He spoke in a cold tone, “It seems like this is none of your business.”

“Of course, it’s none of my business, especially since your relationship with Shen Yao doesn’t seem to be going well,” Guan Shu coldly chuckled. His following words carried a somewhat cryptic warning, “I called just to ask if you’ve thrown him to the sharks. He’s someone I want to personally throw into the sea, so don’t interfere.”

After finishing this string of words, the call was reduced to a busy tone. Yan Zhixing walked to the window, then looked down with a lowered head. Shen Yao, who had been reading, had already fallen asleep, unaware that a little yellow bird had perched on his shoulder.

Yan Zhixing stood silently by the window for a while, then turned around, opened the door, and took the elevator towards the direction of the garden.

“Is that so?” Shen Yao picked up the coffee beside him and took a sip leisurely. He joked lightly, “Then please inform Guan Shu for me and tell him that I’m living quite comfortably.”

Shen Yao was certain that Guan Shu would never reveal the truth to Yan Zhixing. He knew Guan Shu too well, and Guan Shu’s actions were even within his expectations. He could even imagine the tone of Guan Shu’s voice during the phone call.

Shen Yao knew very well that if he remained out of contact for so long, there would come a day when Guan Shu couldn’t sit still. He had many ways to contact Guan Shu, but he intentionally refrained from doing so.

He did want to break up with Xu Yibai, but he didn’t allow Guan Shu to speak up for him and reveal everything. Just like what Shen Yao had told Guan Shu, he disliked things he couldn’t control, including people.

Since Guan Shu repeatedly claimed that he didn’t want any involvement with him anymore, Shen Yao decided to grant his wish and let him experience what it truly felt like to have “no relationship” at all.

The cup he picked up was put back down, emitting a clear and light sound. Shen Yao stood up from his chair and slowly walked to Yan Zhixing’s side, with a long corridor pavilion behind him.

There was no trace of guilt on Shen Yao’s face, and his gaze carried a hint of slight confusion as he asked Yan Zhixing, “So, why did you come to find me? Just to talk about this matter?”

His involvement in the situation between Shen Yao and Guan Shu was only because it was something Yan Zhixing had thought about based on what Shen Yao had said before.

Shen Yao had said that Guan Shu hated him, hated him so much that he wished he would die. He had promised that if Guan Shu continued to bother him, he would protect him.

But now, with Shen Yao looking so relaxed and content, it didn’t seem like he needed any help. Since Shen Yao didn’t need his assistance, Yan Zhixing turned around again, intending to leave.

“Wait,” Shen Yao suddenly grabbed his wrist, but quickly let go after giving it a slight tug. His eyes curved into a teasing smile as he provocatively asked, “Are you worried about me?”

Yan Zhixing subtly furrowed his brow and replied, “You seem… to enjoy making unnecessary assumptions.”

“It’s nothing,” Shen Yao rudely interrupted his words. His long and dense eyelashes hung down, making his gaze appear even more profound. “Guan Shu has something very important with me, so he won’t do anything to me for the time being.”

After saying that, Shen Yao belatedly apologized to Yan Zhixing, as if he had just realized it. “Sorry, I accidentally interrupted you earlier. What did you want to say?”

Every word Shen Yao spoke seemed sincere and genuine, as if everything was unintentional on his part. Yan Zhixing noticed these harmless little tricks, and his irises appeared deep blue in the sunlight. He didn’t show any signs of anger and simply said, “It’s nothing.”

Yan Zhixing’s finger, adorned with a ring, moved on his wrist as he looked down. Because of this detour and the time spent with Shen Yao, his schedule had deviated slightly.

When Yan Zhixing took another step to leave, Shen Yao called out to him again. The number of times he called Yan Zhixing’s name could be counted on one hand: “Yan Zhixing.”

Yan Zhixing halted his steps and looked at him, asking, “Is there something else?”

Shen Yao looked at him, his beautiful face devoid of aggression when observing someone, without any feigned pleading. He calmly confirmed, “You will protect me, won’t you?”

Yan Zhixing had always known that Shen Yao had a heavy guard against him, but since the incident in the secret room, the wall outside his heart seemed to have weakened.

This time, Yan Zhixing couldn’t see through Shen Yao. Was Shen Yao truly letting his guard down, or was he up to something malicious again?

Yan Zhixing looked at him and replied indifferently, “Yes.”

During dinner, it was the first time Shen Yao sat at the same table with Yan Zhixing after moving to the Yan residence, and it was also the first time he saw someone other than the household staff.

Yan Yuan sat at the dining table, dressed in a moonlight-colored cheongsam. When she saw Shen Yao, she handed the bag she was holding to the nearby servant and smiled, saying, “Yao Yao, I should have come to see you first, but I’ve been busy lately. I bought a jade bracelet for you.”

Shen Yao didn’t know how Yan Zhixing introduced him to Yan Yuan, but he obediently smiled and said, “It’s alright, Auntie. I’m just staying here for a few days.”

Similar to the last meal, most of the atmosphere at the dinner table was set by Yan Yuan. After finishing the meal, she scolded Yan Zhixing when she learned that Shen Yao had been staying in his room these past few days, saying, “Don’t you have something to do today, take Yao Yao with you.”

Shen Yao instinctively looked at Yan Zhixing. He didn’t nod or shake his head, but it was an indication of agreement.

He glanced down at his clothes, not pajamas but just a simple white T-shirt and black pants, both made of very soft fabric.

Shen Yao stood up and thoughtfully asked, “Should I go change my clothes?”

“No need,” Yan Zhixing glanced at him and said, “It’s not a formal occasion.”

When Shen Yao got in the car, he didn’t ask where they were going until he saw the dazzling building in the darkness, illuminated by colorful lights, standing in the center. Just looking at it gave off a strong sense of money.

This is the largest casino in Country A, bearing the name of the Yan family.

Shen Yao followed behind Yan Zhixing as they entered through a special passage, which had specially designed one-way glass.

He paused and looked outward. The lights inside were dazzling, illuminating every gambler sitting around the gambling tables. It resembled a crazed paradise, tempting people to indulge and lose themselves.

Gambling and games of chance stimulated the nerves, and even a composed person could easily be assimilated when stepping into this whirlpool. Some people laughed wildly, grabbing the chips on the table and throwing them high into the air, while others lost all their money and sat in a daze.

Yan Zhixing noticed that Shen Yao’s footsteps had stopped behind him. He halted and turned around—

A thin layer of glass separated them from the outside world, cutting off all the sounds and presenting a clear picture.

Beyond the glass, money and desire permeated the air. Even without sound, one could feel the heat within, the world of revelry and extravagance.

Shen Yao’s hand rested on the glass, devoid of warmth. The lights danced in his eyes, unable to stain any emotions, neither disdain nor curiosity. Shen Yao held himself high, for him, this was nothing more than a vibrant performance.

On this point, he and Yan Zhixing surprisingly agreed.

Yan Zhixing had never waited for someone for such a long time until Shen Yao finally turned his face. Yan Zhixing acted as if nothing had happened and continued leading the way ahead.

They took the elevator together and went up to the top floor, where there was only one room. Yan Zhixing’s bodyguard pushed the door open, revealing a table with a waiting dealer and three other individuals.

The person sitting directly opposite them had a hooked nose, and his pale skin had an unhealthy pallor even among Caucasians. Despite the smile on his face, it still didn’t radiate any warmth.

“Yan, long time no see,” Boris greeted, his gaze deepening with a hint of amusement when he noticed the omega behind Yan Zhixing. He whistled playfully at Shen Yao, “Won’t you introduce your beautiful Oriental omega?”

Yan Zhixing blocked half of Shen Yao’s body and introduced him on Shen Yao’s behalf in a low voice, “Apricot.”

What name to call him was not important to Shen Yao, even he himself didn’t know his foreign name. Shen Yao maintained his composure, wearing an appropriately polite smile on his face. While Yan Zhixing introduced the three individuals, Shen Yao responded politely and discreetly observed the remaining two.

One of them wore a pair of sophisticated gold-rimmed glasses, giving the impression of being easy to get along with, but when he smiled, it resembled that of a cunning fox. The other individual was also of Chinese descent, neither warm nor cold in attitude, but he spoke in Chinese when conversing with Shen Yao.

Thick stacks of chips were placed on the table, without any small denominations. Boris picked up one and played with it in his hands, tapping it on the table repeatedly.

“Yan, every time we play cards, you always insist on having a regular male beta dealer. It takes away a lot of the fun,” Boris lamented, shaking his head as if casually chatting. “I thought you didn’t like omegas, turns out they just weren’t pretty enough.”

He suddenly looked up, his gaze directly passing over Shen Yao, his words laden with meaning. “Omegas are delicate and hard to please. If you bring someone here, you can’t have them watch you play. How about letting him play on your behalf?”

Boris’ implication was clear, and the air fell silent for a moment. The remaining two individuals didn’t express their opinions and tacitly accepted this proposition.

Yan Zhixing lowered his gaze, his expression unwavering, making it impossible to discern his emotions, like an iceberg floating on the sea’s surface. Everyone was waiting for his answer, and he calmly asked Shen Yao, “Do you want to play?”

Shen Yao had never participated in this kind of game before. Gambling, on the basis of understanding the rules, was also a psychological game. It involved not only the cards in one’s hand but also the reactions of opponents.

He usually refrained from participating because others only treated it as a game of luck, which was boring to Shen Yao. However, everyone at this table had hidden intentions, and if he played and won, it would be a very interesting affair.

But because it was difficult to win, Shen Yao had no complete confidence in himself. It was completely unexpected for Yan Zhixing to ask him to participate.

He had been quietly acting as a vase before, yet he could sense the undercurrents beneath this card game. Shen Yao realized that the stakes of this game were not merely about money. That’s why, apart from Yan Zhixing, the subtle movements of the other three individuals unintentionally revealed their nervousness.

In this critical moment, Yan Zhixing unexpectedly asked him if he wanted to play.

Shen Yao tiptoed and whispered in Yan Zhixing’s ear:

“I really want to play.”

“But let me remind you, my luck has always been terrible.”

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