Don’t Sink Chapter 45

Chapter 45: I Like You So Much

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Xu Yibai lifted Shen Yao from the sofa and kicked open the bedroom door, throwing Shen Yao onto the bed.

The high compatibility between them had an impact on both of them. Shen Yao’s collar loosened, revealing a smooth shoulder with a faint blush. His fair skin had already taken on a reddish hue, fluctuating with his erratic breathing rhythm.

He had entered a pseudo-heat, and his entire body felt as if it was burning with fever. He tried to sit up from the bed, propping himself up with his arms, but his hands slipped on the bed sheet.


Shen Yao fell back into the softness once again, his limbs seemingly restrained and unable to move.

His eyelashes were moist with water, and his lips, so perfect for kissing, had been bitten, showing varying shades of redness.

“Behave and don’t bite your lip.”

His tightly clenched teeth were forcibly pried open, and when he bit down again, it was already on Xu Yibai’s finger. His warm tongue would unintentionally lick over it.

Xu Yibai’s fingers were long and pressed a little too deeply, causing Shen Yao some discomfort. He slightly tilted his face back and instinctively reached out to grab Xu Yibai’s wrist.

He had nowhere to hide. Xu Yibai’s fingers pressed down harder, as if they could touch the depths of his throat, completely under Xu Yibai’s control.

Shen Yao struggled to focus his scattered gaze. Now he could only look up at Xu Yibai, following the direction of his arm—

Xu Yibai’s brows and eyes were clear and handsome, but his pupils were as dark as ink, unfathomable.

If it were any other omega, they would have completely lost their sanity by now, but Shen Yao was struggling between dreams and wakefulness.

“Xu… Mmm…”

He wanted to say something to calm Xu Yibai, but as soon as his lips parted, the finger that had been deep in his mouth pressed down, causing Shen Yao to feel uncomfortable, and a tear rolled down from the corner of his eye.

“Don’t speak. I don’t want to hear it.”

Xu Yibai didn’t want to hear another lie. This time, he wanted to personally extract the truth from Shen Yao’s mouth.

He half-knelt on the bed and kissed Shen Yao’s moist eyes. The fragrance of blue wind chimes grew stronger and stronger. Xu Yibai withdrew his finger from Shen Yao’s lips.

Despite losing what he had bitten down on, Shen Yao still stared at Xu Yibai with a blank expression.

His omega body was burning, influenced by the pheromones, especially in the case of pseudo-heat, longing for the touch of an alpha.

But Xu Yibai showed no hurry, with a bit of saliva on his finger. His fingers were too long and bearing a slight callus.

Shen Yao’s lips, which had been constantly opening and closing, suddenly froze. He almost wanted to bounce off the bed, but his shoulder was held down.

They had been together for too long, and Xu Yibai knew his body too well. Xu Yibai seemed to be helping him, but it was more like setting fire, increasing the temperature.

“Don’t… don’t touch… me!”

He couldn’t even complete a full sentence, and his feet kicked uncontrollably, struggling several times.

He kicked Xu Yibai’s thigh several times, with considerable strength. But Xu Yibai didn’t make a sound or budge at all.

When he kicked again, Xu Yibai grabbed his ankle. Shen Yao tried to pull his foot back, but it was like being held by a pair of iron pliers. His ankle hurt, and he could only reach out blindly to grab onto something.

He tried desperately to grab Xu Yibai’s arm, his feet brushed by the fingers, but his body suddenly went limp.

Even before things got more extreme, it was as if he had been pushed to the edge of a cliff with nowhere to go. Shen Yao went from struggling at the beginning to gradually losing strength, only able to place his fingers on the hem of Xu Yibai’s clothes.

When he was just an inch away from reaching the peak, Xu Yibai abruptly restrained him, and he stopped his movements. His fingers ended up lingering in front of Shen Yao.

“Guan Shu, Yan Zhixing.”

Xu Yibai pronounced each name one by one. He looked at Shen Yao’s flushed cheeks and stared into his misty eyes. Bending down, he whispered in Shen Yao’s ear, “Do you have any other alphas?”

He appeared patient, waiting for Shen Yao to come back to his senses little by little, but Xu Yibai couldn’t control the force in his hand.

Shen Yao let out a pained sound, trembling all over in discomfort. “No, I only have you.” He licked his dry lips and his voice became hoarse. He even raised his hand to touch Xu Yibai’s face. “Xu Yibai, I only have you.”

Despite his shattered consciousness, Shen Yao instinctively uttered these sweet words, trying to appease the alpha’s emotions.

As his cheek was gently caressed, Xu Yibai’s calm expression began to crack, revealing slight cracks.

“Only me?” Xu Yibai asked softly. “But if you only have me, then why did you cheat on me? Guan Shu spent four years at the military academy. You haven’t seen him for at least four years. How come as soon as he comes back, you couldn’t wait to be with him?”

His once gentle tone suddenly started fluctuating, and his other hand hadn’t let go of Shen Yao’s ankle at all.

Without any warning, his palm suddenly tightened, the veins on his arm protruding, and then he forcefully pulled Shen Yao towards him.

Pain and pleasure intertwined as Shen Yao could only let out a short muffled sound before all other noises were stifled by their lips. He was consumed by the alpha’s presence, from head to toe.

Xu Yibai had never been this intimate with Shen Yao before. It wasn’t like a kiss; it felt more like a fierce bite, reopening the wounds that hadn’t fully healed on their lips. He tasted the metallic flavor of blood but didn’t stop.

He was still too young, unable to continue wearing the mask of false tenderness. Xu Yibai’s lips, which had a naturally light color, were now stained with a glaring red.

“Shen Yao, have you ever forgotten him? Do you call me ‘brother’ because you used to call him that too?”

“Are you with me just because you can’t see him? If you still have feelings for him, then what am I to you?”

“His substitute?!”

Shen Yao felt like he was sinking into the depths of the sea, only able to hear fragments of Xu Yibai’s words. He was floating in a sea of desire, with no time to sincerely answer the questions.

Xu Yibai poured out his suspicions from his heart, tightly embracing Shen Yao’s waist.

With each tightening grip on Shen Yao’s waist, Xu Yibai would interrogate him with a new question. It felt more like an interrogation.

Xu Yibai clasped Shen Yao’s wrist, pulling him closer every time, almost dragging half of Shen Yao’s body towards him before continuing.

“What about Yan Zhixing? When did you have a connection with Yan Zhixing? Was it when I went abroad, or when he gave you his business card? You said he forced it on you, but if you didn’t want it, why did you take it?”

“Are you lying to me again, or is it the truth?”

“So many times I wanted to take you home, but you never agreed. You came up with one excuse after another, delaying it time and time again.”

“You made your affair with Yan Zhixing known to the whole world. You stood with him so affectionately in front of my parents, my sister. It was the scene I had imagined countless times, but why was it with someone else?!”

“Answer me.”

Shen Yao didn’t answer, so Xu Yibai repeated the questions over and over again, growing more and more impatient with each repetition.

Each time, he would lead Shen Yao to step onto the staircase to the clouds, only to forcefully pull him back down just as he was about to touch the pure white clouds, forcing him to give an answer.

Shen Yao continued to tremble, answering intermittently, “No… I never saw you as a substitute.”

“I have no connection with Yan Zhixing… He hates me, and I hate him too. We only have a transactional relationship…”

“What did Yan Zhixing give you?” Xu Yibai’s palm left distinct marks on Shen Yao’s waist as he clenched it tightly, pressing on with his questions uncontrollably. “Whatever he gave you, I will do my utmost to give you. Even if I can’t obtain it, I will give it to you. Cut off ties with him!”

This time, no matter what he did or how he asked, Shen Yao refused to say a word. He closed his eyes tightly, bit his lip, and gripped the bedsheets in endurance.

Xu Yibai’s frustration deepened, and he could only lower his head and bite down on Shen Yao’s lips, demanding, “What about Guan Shu? Is your relationship with him also a transaction? Or is there unfinished affection?”

Shen Yao blinked in confusion, as if recalling the name “Guan Shu.” Finally, he whispered softly, “I… am in a lover relationship with him.”

A roaring sound echoed in Xu Yibai’s ears. He couldn’t hear any other voices, only those two words repeated infinitely. Such a disgusting and despicable relationship, yet Shen Yao spoke of it so calmly.

Shen Yao had lied to him about not liking Guan Shu?! If he didn’t like him, why did he insist on maintaining such a relationship in secret?

Xu Yibai’s lips twitched, and he repeated in a soft voice, “Lover relationship?”

Xu Yibai wanted to know what “lover” meant in this context, whether it was the sentiment of love or the secrecy of an affair.

Regardless of the meaning, as long as he never agreed to break up with Shen Yao, Guan Shu would forever remain that secret lover, hidden from the light.

Xu Yibai’s arm swept across, knocking down everything placed on the bedside table, especially the desk lamp used to provide illumination, which shattered into pieces on the floor.

He couldn’t bring himself to hit Shen Yao, nor could he bear to leave. The only thing Xu Yibai could do was make Shen Yao feel like he was dying on the bed.

Xu Yibai’s eye sockets turned red once again, but tears never fell. The palm prints on Shen Yao’s waist grew deeper and turned into an indelible mark on his skin, impossible to erase.

“When you mentioned breaking up, you already didn’t want me anymore.” He completely lost his sanity, like a patient talking to himself. “I shouldn’t have gone abroad… I should have stayed in the country and watched over you every minute. Or I should have taken you with me.”

“Why don’t you want me? Why do you want to abandon me?”

“Why did you cheat?”

Xu Yibai desperately needed some kind of response. He leaned down, embracing Shen Yao’s waist tightly, holding the much skinnier Shen Yao in his arms, his palm naturally resting on his abdomen.

The abdomen was the softest spot, and even a light touch evoked a sense of complete control and terror.

Like touching an unruly stray cat, Xu Yibai pressed down forcefully.

With just that simple action, the intense pressure made tears stream down Shen Yao’s face. He strained his neck but couldn’t escape from anywhere, feeling as if he were being engulfed entirely.

He collapsed weakly into Xu Yibai’s embrace, unconsciously uttering pleas for mercy, unaware of what he was saying.

Xu Yibai held him tightly, gently patting Shen Yao’s back, burying his face in the nape of Shen Yao’s neck, his voice hoarse as he said:

“I like you so much… I like you so much…”

“You’ve lied to me so many times… Yao Yao.”

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