Don’t Sink Chapter 47

Chapter 47: “Isn’t it because you’re useless?”

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“Xu Yibai!”

Guan Shu exerted a strong force with his palm, pressing the person down into the scattered shards on the ground without even blinking. The already cracked coffee table emitted a muffled sound and split into two halves.

Sharp glass fragments made a “puchi” sound as they pierced into Xu Yibai’s back, and the blood, bright red, dripped down, staining Guan Shu’s eyes.

He didn’t release any of his strength; on the contrary, it increased. Guan Shu’s hair was dampened with sweat, his brows and eyes grew darker. He coldly sneered, “How old are you?! Still resorting to tattling like a child!”

Xu Yibai directly found Guan Yan and straightforwardly accused Guan Shu of meddling in his relationship, persistently entangling with his boyfriend.

Guan Yan had been keeping a close eye on Guan Shu, not allowing him to approach Shen Yao. Guan Yan sat in front of Xu Yibai, trying his best to remain calm.

He never expected Guan Shu to do something so morally reprehensible. Guan Yan had forcefully marked Shen Yao as his lifelong partner in the past, but now that Shen Yao had found a new boyfriend, Guan Shu actually had the audacity to openly destroy someone else’s relationship?!

Guan Yan’s heart ached with anger, and he immediately dismissed Guan Shu from all his duties, forcing him to return.

With wounds left untreated and visible scars on his exposed arms, the strong smell of blood emanated from Guan Shu’s body. It was all from these injuries.

There were so many opportunities, yet Xu Yibai insisted on seizing this chance to report to Guan Yan. Since Guan Shu had been locked up until now, he hadn’t settled down. Taking advantage of the brief shift change of the guards, he jumped directly from the balcony on the third floor.

Guan Shu knelt on the shards with one knee, his broad shoulders tense, like a fierce beast fully engaged in combat. He growled lowly and asked, “Where is Shen Yao?!”

As soon as the words fell, a cold light flashed before Guan Shu’s eyes, aiming directly at the pulsating blood vessels on his neck. Guan Shu had long trained his reflexes and instinctively stepped back with a cold face.

“What right do you have to ask where Shen Yao is?”

Xu Yibai tightly gripped the glass shards, his own palm cut deeply, his lips straight, and his face devoid of excessive expression, but it made Guan Shu feel a sense of mockery.

“Do you know how Shen Yao introduced you to me? He said you were just an ordinary high school classmate, not even worth mentioning.”

Finding the opportunity when Guan Shu’s face contorted, Xu Yibai bent his leg and fiercely kicked Guan Shu, carrying a gust of wind and uprooting force.

As Guan Shu staggered backward, Xu Yibai got up from the ground, his breathing slightly agitated, his eyes filled with glaring hostility. “Guan Shu, this is not tattling, I’m just stating the facts. Was what I said wrong?! You claimed you didn’t know Shen Yao had a boyfriend before, so what are you doing now that you know?!”

“The relationship between Shen Yao and me has nothing to do with you!” Xu Yibai’s words were clear, his gaze sharp like an unsheathed blade. He threw a punch towards Guan Shu. “You should get lost, shouldn’t you? Who do you think you are?”

Guan Shu’s vision turned red. He could no longer distinguish right from wrong, as his previously upright moral compass was completely abandoned.

In his eyes, Xu Yibai was nothing more than a worthless third party. Since Xu Yibai asked him who he thought he was, Guan Shu would clearly show him.

In an instant, they were entangled in a fierce fight, knocking over books from the bookshelf, some of which landed on Guan Shu’s shoulder.

“What am I?” Guan Shu’s voice rose, the pheromones of alphas colliding forcefully in the air, like a bomb ready to detonate. “I am Shen Yao’s first love, the first person he liked. His first kiss, his first hand-holding, were all with me. When Shen Yao called me ‘brother’ playfully, where the h*ll were you, practicing piano in some music room?!”

Guan Shu once again flipped Xu Yibai to the ground, his fist clenched, swinging with a resounding sonic boom.

This time, he didn’t dodge the glass shards that Xu Yibai stabbed into his back. He simply retaliated blow for blow, his iron fist mercilessly striking Xu Yibai’s face. “First come, first served. Don’t you understand such a simple principle?”

“What first come, first served? What name and status do you have now?!” Xu Yibai retorted. “Isn’t ‘first love’ just a way of saying it’s in the past? According to you, where were you when Shen Yao and I were kissing and holding hands now? Are you thinking about how to steal someone else’s omega?” Xu Yibai took a punch head-on, wiping the blood from the corner of his lips with the back of his hand, behaving like a triumphant victor. “So, who is the temporary mark left on Shen Yao now?”

He released the shard that he had been tightly gripping, then lifted his gaze and whispered softly, “Mine.”

Those seemingly light words felt like heavy blows, shaking Guan Shu’s soul. Emotions surged in his eyes, and a wave of jealousy threatened to engulf him.

It was just a temporary mark, so why was Xu Yibai so proud and boastful?

Uncontrollably, Guan Shu blurted out, “Do you know…” I once marked Shen Yao for life?

The words were already at the tip of his tongue, but they seemed like a block of ice dropped into boiling water, forcibly swallowed back by Guan Shu.

Guan Shu clenched his teeth, suppressing all his anger in his chest. His eyes were like the scope of a sniper rifle, locked onto Xu Yibai’s neck. He even raised his hand, appearing as if he was ready to snap it off in the next second.

Lowering his voice, with a heavy scorn in his eyes, he said, “Do you know that Shen Yao and I didn’t sleep together because I seduced him, but because he initiated it?”

His words hit Xu Yibai’s nerves, shattering his forced calmness once again. Xu Yibai struggled to get up, his sudden burst of strength almost toppling Guan Shu over.

“Shen Yao always changes his heart so quickly. Do you think you’re an exception?” Xu Yibai retorted.

“No, you’re not. He stopped liking you a long time ago,” Guan Shu’s dark eyes shattered all illusions. “Xu Yibai, stop daydreaming, will you?”


They couldn’t exchange more than a few sentences, let alone have a civilized argument. Everything turned into a physical confrontation.

Abandoning all techniques, the two of them were like wild beasts trembling, knocking over many things in Shen Yao’s house. Sounds of impact reverberated one after another, like an earthquake.

“Have you had enough?”

The clear and serene voice of an omega joined in, and all the noise subsided in an instant. Despite the commotion they had caused outside for so long, Shen Yao acted as if he couldn’t hear anything.

Finally, Shen Yao walked out of the room. The living room had become incredibly messy, almost to the point where you couldn’t find a complete piece of furniture.

Shen Yao furrowed his brow slightly. As soon as he came out, he saw Guan Shu tightly gripping Xu Yibai’s collar. Guan Shu had blood dripping from his brow bone, and his raised fist was frozen in mid-air.

Shen Yao had already guessed that if they really fought, Xu Yibai would definitely be the one at a disadvantage.

As expected, Xu Yibai had more wounds on his handsome face, fortunately without any serious damage.

Shen Yao didn’t understand why Xu Yibai still chose to do something he knew he couldn’t win.

“Guan Shu,” Shen Yao called out.

Shen Yao didn’t reach out to stop them. He poured himself a glass of water and drank it. It seemed as if he didn’t realize he was the center of the storm, nor did he realize that he was the subject of this dispute.

He seemed more like an indifferent bystander, calmly intervening, “Stop hitting Xu Yibai.”

Guan Shu abruptly turned his head, gritting his teeth, “You’re helping him again? Shen Yao… What do you mean, ‘stop hitting him’? Can’t you see the injuries on my body?”

He pointed to the wound on his brow bone, “I’m still bleeding!”

It was the same last time. Shen Yao stood in front of Xu Yibai, but he didn’t care about Guan Shu’s well-being at all.

As Guan Shu spoke, his emotions became more agitated. He lifted his foot to walk towards Shen Yao, but his movement was stopped as Xu Yibai grabbed his arm and held on tightly.

Guan Shu’s expression instantly became impatient, and he was ready to shake off Xu Yibai directly. Xu Yibai had just fought back against him moments ago, but now his face suddenly turned pale.

Guan Shu let out a cold laugh from his nostrils, abruptly pushing Xu Yibai away. With lowered eyelids, he looked down upon Xu Yibai, saying disdainfully, “You start pretending as soon as Shen Yao shows up?”

Xu Yibai stumbled backward several steps, leaning on the cabinet behind him to regain his balance, as if it was a great effort. He ignored Guan Shu’s sarcasm and mockery, with his hand dripping blood down his leg, his wet eyelashes stared only at Shen Yao.

However, Shen Yao didn’t look at him, nor did he look at Guan Shu. His gaze swept past both of them, through the door that Guan Shu had kicked down, and toward the beautiful female alpha outside the door.

It wasn’t just Gu Yunyun; there were several other people behind her.

The room was in a mess, with even the door disappearing from sight. Gu Yunyun never expected that Guan Shu would also have a relationship with Shen Yao, and she furrowed her brows slightly.

Seeing the injuries on Xu Yibai’s body, her frown deepened. She did feel a pang of sympathy, but she also believed that he deserved it.

The person had given up on him, yet he still had the audacity to approach him.

“Sister,” Xu Yibai took a step back, his gaze sweeping over the alpha standing behind Gu Yunyun, and he asked in return, “Didn’t you teach me to fight back and reclaim what’s mine?”

His Adam’s apple rolled, and his shoulders became tense with alertness. “Are you here to help me or to stop me?” he asked, his voice filled with caution.

Gu Yunyun stared at him intently but remained silent. She simply made a hand gesture, signaling the people behind her to restrain Xu Yibai.

She had initially thought that Shen Yao was nothing more than a typical omega with a wandering eye, but she had underestimated him.

Five days ago, the omega sitting in front of her was as stunning as before, capturing her attention immediately.

He toyed with the spoon in front of her, first apologizing for playing with Xu Yibai’s emotions, and then expressing his hope that she could prevent Xu Yibai from engaging in any further extreme actions.

Gu Yunyun turned her head and glanced at the glass, seeing her own face, almost identical to Xu Yibai’s. She asked a question, “The first time you saw me, you recognized who I was, right?”

Shen Yao simply smiled faintly, neither confirming nor denying it.

In an instant, Gu Yunyun made up her mind. She couldn’t allow Xu Yibai to have any contact with an omega like Shen Yao. Such an omega was too dangerous, far from being a harmless flower.

If she didn’t intervene, as long as Xu Yibai still had even a hint of affection for Shen Yao, he would be played to death by him.

In the recent struggle with Guan Shu, Xu Yibai should have exhausted all his strength, yet he continued to struggle with flushed eyes.

Even when his hands were restrained and he was pinned to the ground, he didn’t stop resisting.

Not far away from him, Guan Shu shielded Shen Yao behind him, blocking Gu Yunyun’s line of sight. He slowly turned around, his gaze fixated on Shen Yao’s slender neck.

The moment Shen Yao came out, Guan Shu noticed the marks on his neck. They were scattered, numerous, and deep.

“Why are you looking at me like that? It’s not like I did it willingly,” Shen Yao said, completely unconcerned about the hickeys on his neck. He didn’t make any attempt to conceal them. He spoke in a friendly tone, “He used pheromones to force me into heat. As an omega, how could I resist an alpha? If I slept with Xu Yibai, why are you angry at me? If you had come earlier, wouldn’t none of this have happened?”

He tilted his head and came to a conclusion, “In the end, it’s because you’re useless, isn’t it?”

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