Don’t Sink Chapter 81

Chapter 81 – “You have to like me the most.”

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The police arrived quickly, and Shen Yao handed over all the collected evidence of Shen Fulin’s crimes. Shen Fulin had done too many evil things, enough to warrant the death penalty.

The small Western-style building turned into ashes in the fire, burning away everything dirty for Shen Yao.


The door of the room was slammed shut by the entering person. Guan Shu eagerly embraced Shen Yao, stepping back continuously until they both fell onto the bed. 

A slightly cool breeze blew in through the half-closed window. Guan Shu suddenly paused the fervent kiss and turned his head to look at Shen Yao’s room. 

After reaching adulthood, Shen Yao rarely stayed here. Important things had been moved out, and the desolate room, unlike what he claimed, didn’t seem to store his childhood memories. Instead, it resembled an exquisite empty cage. 

Shen Yao’s hand touched Guan Shu’s cheek, his voice slightly hoarse from the previous kiss. “What’s the matter?” 

“You’re going to dance tomorrow, so today let me mark you for a lifetime?”

Guan Shu paused and held Shen Yao’s chin, lowering his head to bite him gently. He enveloped Shen Yao completely in his arms, his eyes gazing down at him with a natural sense of aggressiveness. “Do you really think so little of me?”


Shen Yao was teased by him until he burst into a stifled laughter, only to be warned by Guan Shu’s firm grip on his waist. He then wrapped his arms around Guan Shu’s neck and said, “No, I know you’re really capable.” 

Guan Shu’s Adam’s apple bobbed as he released an alpha’s aggressive pheromones, enticing Shen Yao, who hadn’t reached his heat phase yet, into involuntary arousal. 

“Shen Yao, you’re the one who seduced me first,” he said with a playful tone, “Don’t cry later.” 

Shen Yao’s body trembled slightly as he looked at Guan Shu, tilted his head, and resembled a submissive cat, saying, “I’m a good boy.” 

“I’ll listen to everything you say.” 

He always had a way of saying things that ignited Guan Shu’s self-control. Guan Shu suddenly lowered his head and pressed his lips to Shen Yao’s forehead, then gradually lifted his clothes. 

Shen Yao’s porcelain-like skin was fully exposed to the air. Guan Shu’s kisses left imprints, moving from his forehead to his cheeks and down his slender neck to his chest. 

He lingered there for an unusually long time. 

Shen Yao’s back arched involuntarily, like a startled cat, and he let out a muffled moan through his nose. 

He reached out and tugged at Guan Shu’s hair. Just as his grip was about to tighten, Guan Shu’s kisses started moving downward, sliding over his flat abdomen. 


Shen Yao didn’t anticipate his actions and his voice trailed off. 

Guan Shu was clearly inexperienced in such matters, his brow furrowed, showing signs of unfamiliarity. 

Shen Yao’s breath grew slightly uneven as he leaned against the bed frame. Through his slightly hazy vision, he looked down at Guan Shu’s firm nose bridge. 

His physique was well-trained, solid and robust arms supporting Shen Yao’s waist, creating an arc. His broad shoulders displayed smooth muscle lines due to the bending motion. 

His face still held a rebellious charm, like a briefly tamed wild beast, fulfilling one’s desire for conquest. 

Shen Yao’s grip on Guan Shu’s hair gradually weakened. His pale fingers curled up, and he no longer resisted Guan Shu’s closeness. He even lifted his hand to hold Guan Shu’s head. 

Breathing became heavy in an instant, heartbeats threatening to surpass their threshold. Shen Yao’s eyelashes glistened with moisture, and he distinctly heard the sound of Guan Shu’s Adam’s apple rolling. 

His fingers left deep indentations on Shen Yao’s waist as he pulled his legs down and seemed to prepare to continue kissing him. 

Shen Yao’s ears turned slightly red, and he forced himself to look away, refusing Guan Shu’s advances. He even said with a touch of disgust, “Don’t kiss me now.” 

“There’s no taste.” In the end, Guan Shu only used his finger to press against Shen Yao’s lips and chuckled, “You’re even repulsed by yourself?” 

Shen Yao turned his face away even more, showing a refusal to engage. Guan Shu didn’t speak to him either, instead finding other ways to make Shen Yao acknowledge him, without any restraint. 

“Guan Shu…!” 

Shen Yao’s slightly long nails suddenly scratched across his back, leaving long and deep marks. 

Guan Shu’s breathing was heavy as he whispered suggestive words in Shen Yao’s ear, “Shen Yao, why are you still dancing tomorrow? With your current state, won’t you just collapse on the stage from weak legs?”

Shen Yao wasn’t mentally prepared for this. Under normal circumstances, he would easily banter with Guan Shu, but now, as he tilted his chin up and just regained his breath, he was once again bombarded by the unrelenting storm. 

His ears were buzzing, and he couldn’t even string together a complete sentence. 

“If you really fall, what will you do? How will you explain it? Will you say the Alpha you were with yesterday was too aggressive? How will you respond if they ask who it was?” Guan Shu’s voice was insistent, “Answer me.” 

Shen Yao didn’t catch everything he was saying; he stared at Guan Shu in a daze and unconsciously uttered his name, “…Guan Shu.” 

“Shen Yao.” 

Guan Shu knelt in front of Shen Yao, and his pulse throbbed intensely at Shen Yao’s words. His alpha dominance began to emerge, and he practically commanded,

Shen Yao’s tears finally couldn’t be held back any longer, and they rolled down his cheeks. Seeing the slight redness at the corners of his eyes, Guan Shu instinctively raised his hand to wipe away Shen Yao’s tears.

He suddenly woke up to the realization that he had gone a bit too far just now, his actions were somewhat frantic. He began to coax, “I’m sorry, Yao Yao… I didn’t mean to be that forceful.”

Shen Yao was already trying hard to relax his body, but his fingers still clung tightly to the sheets beneath him, using this method to endure the situation.


Being claimed by someone inside and out, the lifelong marking imprinted on Omega’s image in textbooks was quite graphic, bringing not only pleasure but also pain to Omega.

This pain seemed designed to make Omega clearly understand that they were born to be possessed, a physiological chasm that couldn’t be crossed.

It was inherently unfair, and sometimes Shen Yao really disliked this unfairness.

His swan-like neck stretched, engulfed in a scorching heat, continuously leaving the scent of nectar on the sheets, overwhelmingly sweet.

Instinctively, he wanted to escape from Guan Shu, yet the pull of pheromones made him want to hold onto the Alpha in front of him. Caught between two intense and contrasting sensations, it was like walking on a steep tightrope.

Shen Yao’s hand lifted slightly, then slowly lowered again. Unconsciously, he repeated it once more, “Don’t…”

Beads of sweat formed on Guan Shu’s forehead. He extended his arms to embrace Shen Yao, providing him with a secure embrace.

He lightly kissed Omega’s forehead, releasing calming pheromones. Holding Shen Yao’s hand, he whispered soothingly, “Don’t be afraid… don’t be scared.”

Even though he should have been the one in control of this situation, for some reason, he found himself holding onto Shen Yao even tighter, seeking his own reassurance.

The time for an Alpha’s lifelong marking was very long, and the Omega in his arms trembled without pause.

It felt like his stomach had been pressed down, inducing a slight nausea as if someone had touched his soul’s deepest core.

Shen Yao had grown tired and fallen asleep in his embrace, but Guan Shu’s breathing hadn’t yet stabilized. One round for an Alpha was not enough. He only managed to restrain himself forcibly so as not to disturb Shen Yao’s plans for the next day.

He held Shen Yao in his arms, patting his back rhythmically as if soothing a clingy child to sleep.

Guan Shu once again marked Shen Yao as his lifelong partner, but this time it was not forced; Shen Yao willingly accepted.

Their pheromones intertwined, merging harmoniously, announcing to the world that Shen Yao was his Omega and they were a pair.

The scene outside the window had shifted from the morning sun to the afternoon heat, suspended in midair, casting a hazy glimpse through the window and onto the floor.

This abrupt awakening filled Guan Shu’s heart to the brim. He went to rinse his mouth and, taking advantage of Shen Yao’s sleep, softly planted kisses on him, each one delicate.

“Who do you like the most?” Guan Shu quite enjoyed seeing Shen Yao sleeping quietly, devoid of any ill intentions. He pinched Shen Yao’s nose and murmured, “You have to like me the most.”

Guan Shu’s gaze lingered on Shen Yao’s teary eyelids. He suddenly had an urge to smoke but had promised Shen Yao he would quit.

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