Don’t Sink Chapter 83

Chapter 83: “You Are Guilty,” 

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Amidst hurried and disordered breaths, Xu Yibai sped toward the airport. He stepped on the brakes forcefully, the sudden stop sending him crashing into the car door with a loud thud.

Uniformed personnel were waiting outside the car. Xu Yibai cut off all their questions and went straight to the point, “To the surveillance room.”

The airport was equipped with countless cameras, and numerous electronic screens hung before Xu Yibai’s eyes. The more critical the situation, the colder Xu Yibai’s expression became, his demeanor acquiring a sense of ruthlessness that didn’t match his usual temperament.

The images kept switching, leaving non-experts dizzy. Nevertheless, Xu Yibai stood resolute, missing no details.

He was confident in his understanding of Shen Yao. Even if he saw just a corner of Shen Yao’s clothing, he could fully trace his presence by scent alone.

A cautious staffer behind him asked, “Have you seen him?”

Before Xu Yibai arrived, they had already reviewed the surveillance footage and found no trace of the Omega in the photo.

Xu Yibai’s heart rate accelerated suddenly, a sense of panic gripping his entire body as if he had lost something precious. He rushed to the floor-to-ceiling window, looking down from above. Below was a massive tarmac.

Yan Zhixing had intercepted all departing flights. The line of enormous airplanes stood still on the ground before him. His coat billowed in the wind, and airport staff in uniforms were around him.

As if sensing something, he suddenly turned around. His ice-blue eyes locked onto Xu Yibai’s gaze through the air, lacking the usual control and ease.

Xu Yibai couldn’t discern his expression clearly, but his heart sank abruptly. In an instant, various speculations flashed through their minds. Perhaps they were too late; Shen Yao might have already boarded a plane and was now under the open blue sky.

“He might have boarded the plane, but his name isn’t in the passenger records.”

A lightning bolt seemed to strike their brains, and their bodies trembled involuntarily. Amidst the extreme anger of betrayal and the panic of losing Shen Yao, Yan Zhixing and Xu Yibai finally belatedly realized what had happened—

Guan Shu!

Guan Shu wasn’t even present!

Uncontrollably, Xu Yibai raised his hand and hammered it against the glass by his side. He didn’t even curse when he discovered the green cap on his head. Now, for the first time, he let out a curse:

“D*mn it…”

Guan Shu’s performance at the theater had been too convincing; he had fooled both Yan Zhixing and Xu Yibai. They weren’t late; Shen Yao wasn’t even at the airport.

Only Guan Shu knew exactly where he was. He wanted to hide Shen Yao away and have him all to himself.

Xu Yibai’s chest heaved violently. When he lowered his head again in haste, Yan Zhixing’s figure had already vanished. He had no time to calm his emotions, immediately pushed open the door, and rushed out.


In the darkness, Shen Yao regained consciousness. His clothes, soaked by seawater, had been removed, leaving him stark naked. When he moved slightly, a stinging sensation spread from his neck. His limbs still retained the lingering effects of the tranquilizer, twitching slightly.

His fear of the dark had never changed. In the pitch-black void, Shen Yao could only see the faint red glow of the cigarette tip between Guan Shu’s fingertips, casting an elusive light on Guan Shu’s face. A puff of white smoke emerged from Guan Shu’s mouth as he exhaled slowly, his gaze deep.

Shen Yao knew he had crossed a line, and Guan Shu had reverted to the dangerous madman he once was. He forced himself to maintain a calm facade and asked in a hushed voice:

“Why are you smoking again? It’s not good for your health.”

However, Guan Shu didn’t extinguish the cigarette. He held the cigarette in his right hand, letting it hang by his side, while his left hand precisely grabbed Shen Yao’s ankle in the darkness and pulled him downward.

His strength was so great that Shen Yao couldn’t break free. His smooth back slid forcefully against the bedding, and Shen Yao even felt a fiery pain behind him.

“…Guan Shu!”

Shen Yao suddenly felt a weight beside him, and the scent of the cigarette enveloped him. He couldn’t see Guan Shu’s face clearly, but he heard a sneer that seemed to emanate from his nostrils. The cold threat made him want to escape.

Guan Shu firmly gripped his chin and, after taking the final drag of his cigarette, flicked the still-burning end to the ground. He then exhaled the smoke onto Shen Yao’s face.

“Baby,” Guan Shu called him by an endearing term, his tone devoid of any fluctuations as he asked, “Is it bad for my health, or is it bad for yours?”

Shen Yao’s shoulders trembled incessantly. The smoke irritated his throat, causing him to cough uncontrollably, and his eye sockets turned red from the effort. “Cough! Cough, cough!”

His head, which he had just turned to the side, was forcefully twisted back, and to get a better look at Shen Yao’s face, Guan Shu switched on the bedside lamp. The dim light illuminated Shen Yao’s fair face.

Only now could Shen Yao vaguely discern what Guan Shu held in his hand. His pupils slightly contracted, and he instinctively tried to move away.


An Alpha seized his arm, pulling him back forcefully and fastening a silver handcuff onto his wrist. Shen Yao struggled vigorously for a few moments, but he only managed to make his wrist red from friction.

Guan Shu’s grip on his calf remained unyielding. No matter how hard Shen Yao kicked, Guan Shu’s hold didn’t falter. The hand with the ankle chain approached his ankle.

He could have handcuffed Shen Yao while he was unconscious, securing the ankle chain as well.

However, Guan Shu forced him to witness this scene. Shen Yao even slapped him across the face multiple times while he was handcuffed, but he painstakingly looped the ankle chain around his ankle, restricting his movements completely.

The ankle chain was about two meters long, giving them plenty of room to maneuver on the bed.

Guan Shu finally raised his gaze. He looked like a long-dormant wild beast that had just awoken. Ignoring the pain on his cheek, he spoke coldly:

“Angry that you couldn’t escape, aren’t you?”

“No worries, go ahead and hit me now. Slap me, and I’ll make you pay by making you service me extra times later.”

Being adaptable was always Shen Yao’s greatest asset. His breathing finally began to steady, and when the Alpha pressed him down beneath him, Shen Yao didn’t resist.

“Were you afraid that I’d plant a tracker on you, so you changed clothes?” Guan Shu lowered his head to glance at Shen Yao’s wet clothes, then reached behind him. He traced his hand over Shen Yao’s lower back. “Want to know how I found you?”

A sudden pain struck Shen Yao’s waist, and Guan Shu removed the barely visible, skin-toned tracker from his back. He then tossed it to the ground, and there was no sound when it landed.

This inconspicuous device, the military’s latest invention, was now being used for such a purpose by Guan Shu. It was Guan Shu who had helped him change clothes this morning and back at the dance troupe.

Shen Yao hadn’t stood a chance of noticing the small tracker.

Guan Shu didn’t feel any satisfaction despite seeing the rare daze on Shen Yao’s face. He sneered a few times, then forcibly lifted Shen Yao, compelling him to look down.

Gripping Shen Yao so tightly it hurt, Guan Shu murmured beside his ear, “Weren’t you the one who told me not to throw it away?”

The familiar sight of two large suitcases made Shen Yao experience what it felt like to dig his own grave. When he had stumbled upon the pile of props earlier, he hadn’t taken it seriously. He had even casually bantered with Guan Shu.

That was because he hadn’t believed he would ever end up in this situation.

Tonight’s events had all been beyond Shen Yao’s expectations. He should have been on the tranquil cruise ship, not locked up like this, completely deprived of his freedom.

Shen Yao’s emotions were uncommonly spiraling out of control. He lifted his hand and slapped Guan Shu across the face again, venting the turmoil that still churned within his chest:

“I called you a mad dog, and I wasn’t wrong.”

Guan Shu stared intently at him. After a few seconds of silence, he suddenly erupted, releasing the pent-up emotions of the night:

“So what if I am a mad dog?! But every time I’ve been obedient in front of you! When you told me to go east, have I ever gone west? Wasn’t it you who deceived me first…? Wasn’t it always you who deceived me first?!”

“Wasn’t it you who told me not to throw these things?! Wasn’t it you who said you would always be with me? Why did you run away?! Why did you run away?!”

He forcefully shoved Shen Yao onto the bed, then bent down and pulled a pink ointment from one of the suitcases.

A rose-scented aroma filled the air as Guan Shu, with no restraint, scooped out a generous spoonful of the ointment and smeared it across Shen Yao’s chest.

Instinctively, Shen Yao reached out to push him away, but his wrist was gripped and pushed down. The cold, unyielding handcuffs pressed against his soft abdomen.

He had a vague idea of what the ointment was for. The moment Guan Shu applied it, Shen Yao’s struggling legs intensified, wriggling like the tail of a fish.


Guan Shu’s fingertips were calloused from firearms. Without any preparation, Shen Yao felt a twinge of pain.

The ointment spread rapidly across his skin, quickly turning into a pool of liquid that slid down Shen Yao’s chest, making his legs unable to grip onto the slippery substance.

Though Shen Yao’s mind remained clear, a powerful itch spread across his chest. His breathing became feverishly heavy, and his legs clenched even tighter.


His body seemed to melt away in sections. The tingling sensation on his chest intensified, feeling as if ants were crawling over him. His sanity was scorched by the intense itch, and he was driven mad, craving someone to touch him and extinguish the fire within.

Guan Shu distanced himself, sitting aside and lighting another cigarette. He was unaffected by the scent of pheromones that filled the room.

Shen Yao’s body was now covered in a beautiful shade of pink, even his curled-up toes. Despite sitting right beside an Alpha, Shen Yao bit his lips until they bled, but he didn’t beg a single word from him.

When Shen Yao could bear it no longer, his body unconsciously moved away from Guan Shu while pressing against the bedsheet. He wanted to rub against the sheet, hoping to relieve the intense itch through this action. 

Guan Shu, who was supposed to be a calm observer, didn’t wait for Shen Yao to touch the sheet. He pulled on the ankle chain, dragging Shen Yao towards him without hesitation. 

Guan Shu’s broad hand replaced the bedsheet, roughly rubbing against Shen Yao’s skin, leaving fingerprints on the pale, pink-tinted surface. 

Shen Yao let out a muffled groan, and despite his diminished rationality, he continued to struggle to move away from Guan Shu. His waist was tightly squeezed, and he was forcibly pushed into Guan Shu’s embrace. 

“Shen Yao, how many times have you lied to me?! Do you really think I’m that foolish? That I’d fall for your tricks time and time again?!” Guan Shu’s grip tightened even further, even twisting it. “This time, it was you who willingly let me mark you for life, right?! So why did you run away?! If you had really managed to escape, were you planning to wash away the mark? Do you think your body can withstand multiple surgeries?!” 

Pain intertwined with pleasure, and Shen Yao’s brain began to feel like mush. His heart raced, yet not as fast or violently as Guan Shu’s behind him. 

“What would you do after washing away the mark?” Despite the fact that it was his ointment taking effect, Guan Shu sneered a few times and blamed all the mistakes on Shen Yao: “Are you planning to seduce other Alphas now? How will your body handle that? If I touch you a few times now, you’ll be just as messy as last time.” 

“If you want to find another Alpha, why not me?!” 

“I’ve been following you since high school. Besides you, I barely even know any other Omegas! I was a virgin before sleeping with you. During my years in the military academy, I never even touched someone else’s finger. Do you think those filthy men outside can be as clean as me?!” 

Guan Shu’s words turned almost into incoherent rambling towards the end, and Shen Yao’s ears buzzed. He couldn’t understand what was being said. But at a certain moment, Guan Shu fell silent again, and Shen Yao only heard his rhythmic breathing. 

“Shen Yao, you’re guilty.” 

Shen Yao was naked, while Guan Shu remained fully clothed. Suddenly, his handcuffs were grabbed, and Guan Shu’s voice, now serious, gave him a slight feeling of confusion. I

n a daze, Shen Yao suddenly felt two electrodes placed on his chest. Without any warning, an electric current surged through his body in an instant. 


Shen Yao’s brain cleared for a moment, and he fell uncontrollably into Guan Shu’s embrace. After the electric shock ended, he still couldn’t recover from the sensations. His body twitched uncontrollably. 

His chin was caught by cold fingers again, and Guan Shu gazed down at him, his eyes flashing with coldness: “Next, I’m going to interrogate you.”

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