Don’t Sink Chapter 91

Chapter 91: “Turns out I’m a fickle Omega.”

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“Xu Yibai can mark you for life?! So he’s your husband?” Guan Shu couldn’t restrain himself and grabbed Shen Yao’s collar, his eyes stinging from the ring on his finger. “Then what am I, Shen Yao!? Didn’t you seduce me to mark you for life too? Why didn’t I hear you call me husband?”

The Alpha in front of him bombarded him with questions. Shen Yao furrowed his brows, and his gaze towards Guan Shu seemed to regard him as if he were a madman.

“Could you stop saying these nonsensical things? Move aside, I need to go out and find someone.”

Guan Shu couldn’t tolerate Shen Yao addressing him so unfamiliarly. He immediately tossed his cap aside, pointing accusingly with his finger, “You’re not even bothering to lie to me now? You’re just pretending to be clueless, aren’t you?!”

The distinct arch of Guan Shu’s eyebrows was reflected in Shen Yao’s eyes, as if an electric shock ran through him, causing another jolt of pain in his head. His cheeks turned as pale as snow, cold sweat dripping down from his forehead. He leaned against the door panel behind him, staring blankly at the Alpha before him, someone he had no memory of.

“Husband? Is Xu Yibai that special to you?”

“If he’s your husband, then what am I?”

“A lover?”

“Or your paramour?!”

The Alpha’s lips moved incessantly under Shen Yao’s gaze, his angry questioning relentless. Every word he spoke seemed like the resentment of a deceived lover, someone whose feelings and body had been betrayed, and who had been mercilessly abandoned by their beloved.

Yet, Shen Yao looked at him without a hint of guilt, responding resolutely, “I married Xu Yibai. If he’s not my husband, then what is he?”

Guan Shu felt the blood vessels on his head pulsating again. In just a few days’ absence, Shen Yao’s words had grown increasingly effective at infuriating him.

With one arm tightly around Shen Yao’s waist and the other pressed against the door panel, Guan Shu stopped speaking altogether. He lowered his head and, like a wild beast, forcefully tore into the Omega’s lips.


Shen Yao struggled relentlessly, his body tense as he instinctively resisted the unfamiliar Alpha’s kiss. He tried to push him away, but his wrists were held in a vice-like grip, pressed firmly against his head.

His soft lips were kissed until they bled, and the Alpha’s tongue entwined with his, filling his mouth with his taste. Breathing became difficult, and the lack of oxygen made Shen Yao’s head dizzy.

Shen Yao heard footsteps approaching, getting closer step by step, then finally stopping, as if someone stood at the door. He was afraid that the door might suddenly open, revealing this scene to anyone who walked in, so his tense body grew even tighter.

“What does Shen Yao have to do with you?”

The familiar voice was as if it was right next to his ear, and Shen Yao’s pupils slightly dilated. Guan Shu also clearly recognized Xu Yibai’s voice. A cold snort came from his nose, and he lowered his head, intensifying the kiss.

Shen Yao’s fingers trembled. At first, he had struggled vigorously, but now they only hung on the Alpha’s sleeve. His husband was just outside this door, yet he was being kissed by another Alpha to the point of weakness.

“If you don’t want your husband to hear, then don’t make a sound,” Guan Shu finally stopped the kiss. He caught the completely limp Shen Yao in his arms, and his hand slipped under Shen Yao’s clothes, pinching his chest without any gentleness. He stared at Shen Yao’s cut lips and sneered, “Otherwise, if he sees you, he might think you’re having an affair.”

However, Shen Yao lifted his face to gaze at him, his Adam’s apple rolling slightly. With unwavering persistence, he asked again, “Who are you?”

Guan Shu’s expression gradually froze on his face, and his lips finally formed a straight line. His dark eyes scrutinized Shen Yao.

His heart sank suddenly.

He realized that Shen Yao’s current state didn’t seem like an act. He truly, genuinely seemed to have forgotten Guan Shu’s existence.

Erased him from his memory.

“Shen Yao.” Guan Shu’s fingers tightened around Shen Yao’s waist. He hadn’t expected that the day would come when he needed to reintroduce himself. With a taut tone, he began, “I am…”


The sudden sound of a kick on the door interrupted what Guan Shu was about to say. Shen Yao only then realized that the door had been locked from the inside when they entered.


Another loud noise followed, and the Alpha stubbornly continued to pull Shen Yao backwards, hastily picking up his hat from the ground and putting it back on his head.

The door was kicked once again, this time being forcefully kicked open by someone with a rough method.

Xu Yibai and Yan Zhixing stood outside the door. Both of them instinctively reached out to pull Shen Yao towards them, but Guan Shu clung to him and kept moving backward.

He stared at Xu Yibai and asked, “What did you do to Shen Yao?”

Xu Yibai, however, didn’t answer his question. He rushed over and grabbed Shen Yao’s arm, asking, “Did he say hurtful things to you?”

From the hesitant expression on Shen Yao’s face, Xu Yibai read what he wanted to say. He pushed Guan Shu’s shoulder with the back of his hand, his expression unchanged:

“I know you dislike me very much, but I hope you can use more sophisticated methods instead of spreading rumors about me or resorting to some low-class tactics to sabotage the relationship between me and my Omega.”

Xu Yibai’s lies flowed effortlessly, and Shen Yao continued to look at him with complete trust.

Guan Shu let out a cold laugh. He was about to say something when the sound of footsteps echoed from the entrance of the dance troupe. Looking up, he saw a group of Alphas in military uniforms.

Having feigned weakness for several days, he took advantage of the moment when his guards were off guard, forcibly knocked someone out, and escaped.

Guan Shu pressed down his cap with his hand, his expression unflustered. He held Shen Yao and moved him towards the window.

Xu Yibai’s gaze slowly shifted away from the commotion, and in the air, he locked eyes with Yan Zhixing. As Yan Zhixing quietly detained the group of soldiers, Xu Yibai suddenly reached out and tightly embraced Shen Yao.

Guan Shu muttered under his breath, his arm exerting so much force that his veins stood out. He was determined to lift Shen Yao and take him away as well.

The Alphas coming to apprehend him were getting closer. If he was taken back now, he didn’t know where he would be the next time he managed to escape and come back to see Shen Yao.

In the last second before parting, Guan Shu grabbed Shen Yao’s collar. In front of Xu Yibai, he forcefully lowered his head and bit him once again.

Xu Yibai noticed the broken skin on Shen Yao’s lips. He hid his emotions behind lowered eyelids, appearing utterly calm. He reached out to touch Shen Yao’s lips and asked, “Stray dogs always like biting randomly, does it hurt?”

Being held by him, Shen Yao seemed to have experienced a grave danger. He buried his face in Xu Yibai’s chest.

“It’s okay.”

Xu Yibai gently patted his back, soothing him tenderly.

Not far away, Yan Zhixing stood still, expressionless, watching the two of them embrace each other. This submissive Shen Yao, whom he had only seen pretending in the past, was different now.

He had known that Xu Yibai had someone watching him. As for the news of him flying abroad, that was just a false rumor.

Yan Zhixing had been here all along.

As Xu Yibai led Shen Yao away, Yan Zhixing finally took action. He stepped to the side, using his body to block their path.

“Move aside.”

“I haven’t met Miss Gu for a long time. I wanted to pay her a visit today. Isn’t Gu Mansion welcoming guests?” Yan Zhixing spoke to Xu Yibai while his gaze fell on Shen Yao. “Or is it because you’ve done something disgraceful and feeling guilty?”

“Why would I feel guilty?” Xu Yibai looked at him in confusion. The gazes of the two Alphas collided, generating silent sparks. He replied calmly, “Since Mr. Yan has business with my sister, why don’t you come with us? My car can’t accommodate three people, so you’ll have to drive your own car.”

After saying this, he averted his gaze first, forcefully bumping into Yan Zhixing’s shoulder, creating space, and led Shen Yao away.

Yan Zhixing leaned against the door, his gaze retracting from their retreating figures. He patted his shoulder lightly as if brushing away some dirt.

Seemingly, Yan Zhixing and the Gu family had important matters to discuss. As they entered the study together, Xu Yibai stopped in his tracks. He gently touched Shen Yao’s lips again, then motioned for him to go upstairs and rest on his own.

Shen Yao walked upstairs alone and returned to Xu Yibai’s room. There was a bookshelf against the wall. He walked over and squatted down without any hesitation, taking out the book from the bottom left corner.

It was the book he had found on Xu Yibai’s bed on the first day they returned home together.

He opened the book, and a piece of paper was clipped inside. On it was a shocking line of words:

“Do not trust Xu Yibai.”

Shen Yao recognized the handwriting on it. Each stroke bore his own writing habits, as if his parallel self from another timeline had meticulously written it, serving as a warning to himself.

“Shen Yao” knew his habit of reading before bed, “Shen Yao” knew that in an unfamiliar environment, he would start reading from the bottom left corner of the bookshelf, going through each book one by one, regardless of their content.

So “Shen Yao” had placed this note inside the book, confident that he would come across it.

Shen Yao pressed his hand against his throbbing head again. He had forgotten something; he couldn’t remember anymore.

However, there was one thing Shen Yao was absolutely certain of—Xu Yibai had deceived him.

Besides that, he had another unequivocal fact. Based on the words he had extracted, Shen Yao was certain that he must have had some involvement with those two Alphas whose names he couldn’t recall.

Maybe he had cheated on Xu Yibai while being with him, or perhaps he had been recklessly entangled with three different partners.

“How unexpected.”

The paper Shen Yao was holding flipped over due to the wind. On the reverse side, there was a sequence of numbers, resembling a code.

A single glance was enough for him to remember them completely.

Shen Yao opened the window and leaned against the frame. He used a flame to approach the paper slowly, watching as it burned and turned into ashes, eventually being carried away by the wind.

Without any psychological burden, he muttered to himself, “So it turns out I’m still a fickle Omega.”

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