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I sure am! Please feel free to contact me in regards to novels you would like to see me translate. If the summary interests me and I have time to spare, I would put that onto the upcoming novels list. So, keep those suggestions coming!

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Yes, please do! If found, changes will immediately be implemented and would help everyone else in having a better experience.


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  1. Name: White Calculation 白算计 by Big Grey Wolf With Wings

    Raw Link: http://www.quanben.io/n/baisuanji/list.html

    Why It Should Get Picked Up: It gets you hooked on the first chapter. Just read it and you’ll know I
    fell in love with this novel after reading the first chapter translated by roseyfantasy.

    After that, I tried to read it through google and bing translate but it made no sense.

    I even went as far as to translate the Vietnamese source but again made no actual sense.

    The novel from as far as I read had a laid back atmosphere like from the manhua wedding or the anime Color cloud palace.

    The full novel has 75 chapters in total. The chapters are medium in length.

    I am begging anyone to please pick this up.
    please please, please.

    It sounds like so much fun and I hear a lot of translators suggest it but none of them pick it up so please please please someone I begging you please pick it up.
    I’m sorry for coming on so strong but I really want to read this novel but it just is intangible with MTL. So please pick it up pretty please

    I’m also willing to edit

    A wise, beautiful and cold man, Chen Yu Bai is able to predict everything accurately. The only person that he is unable to read is none other than the naïve and happy-go-lucky girl, Ji Xiao Li.

    He had a shock when he first realised this and he is well aware of the reason behind his inability…..as the saying goes,

    “Predict others but cannot predict oneself”,

    because this girl’s life is deeply connected with his own
    “I cannot believe how can this dimwitted girl have anything to do with such a talented man like me!”

    Chen Yu Bai thought annoyingly in dismay as he looks at Ji Xiao Li irritably.

    “In life there are always meaningless calculation of others and self-prediction ~ no matter how accurate and sophisticated one’s calculation is in this world, you can only predict others and not oneself. Living in this world, mundane joys and sorrows are inevitable. Hope that all of you may meet one person, and be read and calculate by just this one person in your lifetime.”

    • Hi Yuna,

      Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll check it out later this week and if my interest is piqued, I’m definitely interested in translating especially since it’s so short. But, just be aware since I have two prior commitments, translation speed might be a bit slow! Shoot me an email on the contact tab, so I can email you in regards to the decision!

      Warm Regards,

      Lazy Girl

    • Hello! I will give it a quick scan when I have time but unfortunately cannot guarantee anything since these two novels are keeping me quite busy on top of all my other things I do


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