Are you accepting recommendations for translations?

I sure am! Please feel free to contact me in regards to novels you would like to see me translate. If the summary interests me and I have time to spare, I would put that onto the upcoming novels list. So, keep those suggestions coming!

I found a mistake or typo. Is it okay to make a comment about that?

Yes, please do! If found, changes will immediately be implemented and would help everyone else in having a better experience.


Please click on the home page for the specific novel you are interested in to figure out its schedule


Donations are gladly accepted! Feel free to donate to show your appreciation (also motivate me to translate quicker) via Paypal or Ko-fi!

You can also go to Patreon for early access to BL novels or Patreon 2 for early access to BG novels on this website!!!

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19 thoughts on “FAQ”

  1. Hi Yuna,

    Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll check it out later this week and if my interest is piqued, I’m definitely interested in translating especially since it’s so short. But, just be aware since I have two prior commitments, translation speed might be a bit slow! Shoot me an email on the contact tab, so I can email you in regards to the decision!

    Warm Regards,

    Lazy Girl

    • Hello! I will give it a quick scan when I have time but unfortunately cannot guarantee anything since these two novels are keeping me quite busy on top of all my other things I do

  2. hello sorry for bothering you.
Thank for your translation
.I want to ask for your permission to retranslation “Heart Like Brilliant Words “ to my language, Burmes in wattpad
.I love this story.I’ll give a credit to you
 and original author.Thank you❤

  3. Hello ~ Thank you very much for the translation! I really appreciate your work, although I have only recently discovered your projects. I want to ask permission if I can retranslate “Aristocrats boys” to portuguese (my language). I will put the credits for you and the original author, of course :)

  4. Hi, I’m currently reading Aristocrat Boys School and after chapter 109 all the other chapters show as errors or pages not found. I am wondering if this is a system error or if the story is just not updated?

      • Thank you for replying to me with that tidbit of info. I understand it better now, I’m wondering if there will still be a continuation of this story? or is there a continuation of it somewhere else?

  5. Hello, Sorry for bothering you! First of all, thank you very much for translating. I want to request about permission for retranslate of short novel “How to catch an A”on wattpad into Burmese. Can I retranslate it please?💗

  6. Hi, I was trying to find Husband and Wife are of the Same Mind on you early release for your Patreon but it wasn’t a choice at all. Have you not updated your Patreon to include it or can I only do the $40 option?

  7. Hello! I’m currently reading ‘Heart Like Brilliant Words’ and absolutely love this story! Is there any possibility of more updates for that story? Thank you!!


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