Are you accepting recommendations for translations?

I sure am! Please feel free to contact me in regards to novels you would like to see me translate. If the summary interests me and I have time to spare, I would put that onto the upcoming novels list. So, keep those suggestions coming!

I found a mistake or typo. Is it okay to make a comment about that?

Yes, please do! If found, changes will immediately be implemented and would help everyone else in having a better experience.


Please click on the home page for the specific novel you are interested in to figure out its schedule


Donations are gladly accepted! Feel free to donate to show your appreciation (also motivate me to translate quicker) via Paypal!

You can also go to Patreon for earlier access to chapter releases for Father, Mother Escaped Again or The End Of The World’s Poisonous Mom And Monster Baby, and General’s Gown or Ko-fi for early access to Sick Beauty Rebirth

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    • Hello! I will give it a quick scan when I have time but unfortunately cannot guarantee anything since these two novels are keeping me quite busy on top of all my other things I do


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