FMEA Chapter 100

Chapter 100 The misunderstanding and heartbeat  

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Xia Yuqing slept very well. In her dreams, she dreamed of a vast expanse prairie where the breeze was blowing nicely on the grass where the cattle and sheeps grazed. 

“Ah, where is this? Could I have crossed again?” Xia Yuqing twisted her head and looked around with confusion, several big question marks appearing on her head. 

Just as she was feeling foggy, she suddenly heard a small sound coming from behind. Looking at the sound, she saw a white body rushing over with the speed of a rabbit! 

A gust of cold wind passed, Xia Yuqing looked at the mighty majestic creature that had raised its neck in a brave manner in the cold wind. Allowing the cold wind to blow on its long coat of hair, it’s powerful hooves trampled on the grass. Furthermore because of its tall, arrogant, and strong body; it appeared to be immortal. 

Another wind blew on Xia Yuqing causing her whole body to shiver. Recovering from this daze, she hurriedly covered her face with one hand.

Stop, stop!!!!! Sure enough, being stuck in the ancient period, even her IQ has degraded? Saying an animal was immortal like, no matter how amazing it was, it was still an animal. Also don’t you know the grass is innocent? In order to catch attention, you would stomp on the lawn gods? Are you not afraid that you will be caught by the community aunt and stewed? 

Xia Yuqing was still roasting herself when she heard the creature exhale a loud breath. As soon as she looked up, she saw the creature open those obsidian-like eyes disdainfully: “You new?” 

!! !! !! “I can speak !!! The animals are talking!!! Xia Yuqing’s mouth suddenly became an o-shape and she looked at the creature in front of her in shock. Her eyes were full of disbelief. 

“It’s rare for someone of the same species to come, but it turned out to be a fool.” After seeing Xia Yuqing not respond for a long time, the unknown creature shook his head with pity. 

Xia Yuqing was sure now that she wasn’t really hearing sounds, the animal did really talk. But what did it say just now, that they were of the same kind? Are his dissimilar eyes not working? She was human, how could she be the same race as it?

Xia Yuqing gave the creature a scornful glance, but soon she could only stare at herself. What is that thing, who can tell me what is going on with this little shaggy paw? Where was her own delicate hand that was used to play the Zither? And… what about the little round belly she had? Well, this is still a round belly, but what is this white hair on her belly that was enough to be scraped off to make a cotton jacket? Why is there so much fur on my skin, have I been transformed into a primate in ancient times?!!!! 

The eyes of the unknown creature sank slightly, it’s heart becoming more and more determined. It stretched out its hoof and gently moved Xia Yuqing’s round little body, then regarding it as a ball, rolled it over happily. 

“…” Get your hands off this lady! Xia Yuqing’s small body was unable to fight the ravages of the opponent, she could only passively follow the opponent’s movements and roll. 

After the culprit had played enough, Xia Yuqing had already lost her breath. The other party didn’t seem like they were ready to let her go. It lifted its hoof to poke her round body, then seeing Xia Yuqing’s gloomy eyes, it became more and more excited.

Seeing the other party’s thoughts of continuing to play, Xia Yuqing hurried tried to save herself. She looked up to divert the other party’s attention and said, “Cough, big brother, what should I call you? This younger girl just arrived and hopes this big brother can forgive any offences I made earlier. Please just let this younger sister live.” 

“Call? People who knows me calls me Cao Nima*,  is that a title?”

* curse word in Chinese; also could be grass mud horse

“…” Cao Nima, Cao Nima?!!!!! Is this the legendary Cao Nima? 

Shouldn’t the Cao Nima be an animal that looks like a sheep, but with powerful feet like an antelope, and can hurtle to Scotland or the Gobi desert at any time? But the thing in front of me, it can’t really be a horse, or a dragon, or a Kirin. It’s a little handsome, but it turned out to be …a Cao Nima !! 

This is irrational!!!!! 

It just said that I was its kind, can it be that I am also a Cao Nima? 

Xia Yuqing was shocked by her own ideas and she swallowed a hard mouthful of saliva. She asked tremblingly: “Then do you know what I should call brother?”

Sure enough, the Cao Nima gave Xia Yuqing a frown after hearing her and said helplessly: “Are you really stupid? You don’t even know what you are? Seeing your own fur you should know that you are….” 

Xia Yuqing looked at it with anticipation, her eyes flashed with hope. 

“Cao Nitu.” *

* Grass mud rabbit

“…” Xia Yuqing just felt thunder strike her head, burning her into a crisp.

Your sister is a Cao Nitu, you are a Cao Nitu, your whole family is a Cao Nitu. What were you saying about being the same race? Rabbits and horses are the same race? Ah, do we all belong to the grass and mud category? Ah, ah, this fraud, this person here is going to go crazy!!!!! 

Xia Yuqing held her head, she deeply felt that she had been wronged by the maliciousness of this world. 

When the Cao Nima saw Xia Yuqing, it was shocked and stunned. Dark clouds covered the sky like it was about to rumble. It felt that it was not in the wrong, but seeing that the Cao Nitu was definitely a creature with negative IQ and its pitiful big eyes, it was about to say something to comfort her when it heard a growl.



A horse and a rabbit faced each other. Xia Yuqing touched her round belly and coughed softly; “Do you have anything to eat?” 

“…” The creature didn’t answer, but its hoof pulled out a chicken leg from the fluffy part of his stomach. “Here, eat.” 

“…” Pulling a chicken leg from the belly of a horse, can you be more ridiculous? Passing through God? Don’t horses eat grass? Why is it not pulling out grass but chicken legs? Alas, my heart is so tired that I will be ruined by this broken world! 

Her heart was beating madly, but unable to beat the temptation of food, Xia Yuqing obediently took the chicken leg and slammed it into her mouth. She has been too hungry for too long. 

In a second, the chicken leg was cleaned up by Xia Yuqing. The horse then thoughtfully handed her another one. Xia Yuqing took it and continued to eat… then …

Xia Yuqing’s stomach was like a bottomless pit. After she had who knows how many chicken legs, she was satisfied with her protruding belly.  

Brother Cao Nima stared at her cozy little look and his dark eyes sank again. Something slowly began to settle down, forming a deep bottomless cold spring water. 

Xia Yuqing touched her belly with one hand to help with digestion and suddenly felt a heavyweight on her body. She opened her eyes in surprise and made contact with a familiar pair of beautiful eyes. 


This voice was also familiar, but Xia Yuqing couldn’t recall it at that moment and just nodded vaguely. 

“…….” Why does she have an illusion that the corner of the lips of that “big brother” seems to be lifted up? The arc seems like…… when that certain someone is happy. 

In fact, the Cao Nima was really happy: “Since you’re full, I’ll start eating.” 

“Start to eat?” Xia Yuqing’s eyes narrowed. “Wait….. wait, you want to eat me?”

“You ate all my chicken drumsticks. Now I am hungry. It’s time to pay your debt. Me eating you is justified.” 

“…” I… I’m speechless. 

At this moment, Xia Yuqing thought of a story with tears running down her face. A wolf raised a sheep to adulthood and fattened it for the purpose of….. eating. It was the same reason for raising pigs, now she was that fat sheep or fat pig waiting to be slaughtered? 

Watching the Cao Nima’s face come closer and closer, revealing its shiny white teeth, Xia Yuqing screamed: “Elegant butterfly!!!” 

“Don’t!” Xia Yuqing opened her eyes, then looked at the dark ceiling in shock. She took two deep breaths and exhaled softly. It turned out to be a dream, just a dream!!!! 

Letting out a sigh of relief, she felt that the suffocating oppression was still there, like a ghost. Xia Yuqing looked in horror and saw Yunxi pressing down on her.

Gazing down on someone’s hand across her chest, up to someone’s white neck, and then to the other hand that was only a centimetre away from the person’s neck, she looked up along that hand. 



Under the dim moonlight, the two of them faced each other. It would have been a great opportunity to talk to each other sincerely, but due to the wrong timing… it was greatly discounted. 

“Well, Qing Jiejie you …” Yun Xi, awakened by Xia Yuqing’s movements, was half awake and half asleep. She rubbed her eyes sleepily and got up. Before her head was lifted up, the hand of the man beside the bed quickly moved towards her neck and she quickly became quiet again. 

“Ah …” This change also brought Xia Yuqing to alert. Before her exclamation sounded, someone stopped her from making a peep.

“Mmmmmm……” Xia Yuqing wanted to scream, but she was covered by the other party’s hand on her mouth. 

“Shhhh, don’t make a noise.” The low voice had a hint of anger to it. The familiar magnetism of the voice made Xia Yuqing tremble and she opened her eyes to the person in front of her. 

Moonlight shifted from the window, shining on Feng Tingye’s face, allowing Xia Yuqing to see the face of the person in front of her, it couldn’t be….

Xia Yuqing’s heart gave birth to a distinct sense of loss when the face of the person was not the one she expected. 

Feng Tingye did not care about this. The little beast in his heart had completely broken through the gate. Just now….. the moment when he saw the situation on the bed, the anger rose up to burn all his reason and his right hand naturally stretched towards Yun Xi’s neck. 

At this moment, he had inadvertently inquired whether the young man and Xia Yuqing really had a personal relationship. Even if the two were really nothing, just the fact that he and Xia Yuqing were sleeping in the same bed gave him enough reason to send him to see the Yama king. 

A king allowing others to sleep on his bed? In his heart, the position beside Xia Yuqing in bed, besides himself, he would never allow a second man to occupy it!

Kill! Kill! Kill! Feng Tingye’s eyes were red and the word kept echoing in his head. The unprecedented intention to kill was permeated throughout the room, marking the beginning of a slaughter. 

If Xia Yuqing had not awakened, or if she was just half a minute later, Yun Xi’s slender neck would not be still safe on her body. 

But things didn’t end there. Xia Yuqing’s cry of ‘No’ in her sleep, made Feng Tingye mistakenly think that Xia Yuqing was begging for this little pretty boy on the bed for favour. It was tantamount to pouring oil on the fire, so his tone of voice towards Xia Yuqing contained a bit of betrayal. His hands holding Xia Yuqing unconsciously used a little force. 

“Mmm…” Xia Yuqing moaned in pain and her eyes turned red immediately. A little tear appeared within her eyes. 

Even though Feng Tingye was angry in his heart, he still felt a little distressed to see Xia Yuqing like this. His eyebrows twisted slightly and he snorted coldly: “If I let you go, don’t say anything.” 

Xia Yuqing nodded with tears in her eyes, Feng Tingye released Xia Yuqing’s mouth. He looked at the red marks on her cheeks, he immediately felt heartache, but quickly covered it up. 

Xia Yuqing rubbed her sore mouth, remembering the scene she had just seen and the treatment she had just suffered. She was afraid to the extreme and her body couldn’t stop trembling.

 She understood that she was a weak woman and that she had no chance in front of this man who looked evil. From the hand that this man used on Yun Xi just now, he could pinch her like pinching an ant. 

His right hand carefully covered her abdomen. The temperature coming from her abdomen made Xia Yuqing stunned and instantly awake. No, she has to survive. She is not alone now, she still had her child. 

It doesn’t matter if she died, maybe she’ll pass through to another world, but this child….. this is the child of the Ultra Seme Lord and her… 

Xia Yuqing forced herself to calm down and stop her trembling. She looked up at Feng Tingye and said in a deep voice: “Feng Gongzi, a man running into a woman’s bedroom late at night, aren’t you abandoning all your restraints right now. If Gongzi wants to find me or Yun Xi, it’s not too late to discuss again tomorrow morning. It is too late now, Yun Xi and I have both gone to bed. Gongzi, please go back and rest.” 

She had no relation with this Feng Gongzi, why would he appear in her bedroom? Why would he be so vicious to want to put Yun Xi and herself to death? Is it possible that he is… Jiang Zhaorou’s people?

Thinking of this possibility, Xia Yuqing’s face became increasingly ugly. I thought that I had jumped out of the fire pit, who would have thought I would be haunted to this extent!!!

 After Feng Tingye heard Xia Yuqing’s words, he remembered that he still had a human skin mask on his face. But at this moment it was not important.  

Looking at Xia Yuqing’s pale complexion, still pretending to be strong as she trembled with fright and struggled to protect her belly, distress flickered in his eyes. 

But after seeing the teenager on the bed, Feng Tingye’s face was dark again: “What if I want to talk to you now?” 

Xia Yuqing’s face turned white and her eyes became more vigilant: “What matter is so urgent that you can’t wait until morning? Are you taking advantage of the dark lights to seduce people? If this spreads, it is not only bad for my reputation, but also for Gongzi…..”

Urgent? Of course, he was urgent. His wife was laying in bed with another man and a green hat was placed on his head, buckled tightly. How could he not be urgent? 

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