FMEA Chapter 101

Chapter 101 Played until ruined! 

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Xia Yuqing stared at Feng Tingye with a resentful expression and said sullenly: “Heaven and earth knows, the two of us are really innocent. Since I entered the stronghold, the second master hasn’t had the best impression of me, why would he be concerned about me? He also said just now that he came to see us because our voices were loud.” 

This reasoning naturally could not persuade Feng Tingye. But compared to the authenticity of these words, Feng Tingye was more interested in another thing revealed in Xia Yuqing’s words. 

“Doesn’t have a good impression. What did you do to make him look at you poorly?” 

Speaking of this, Xia Yuqing’s small mouth deflated. She whispered, “Isn’t it because he’s just like you. He misunderstood me and the master…” 

Staring at Feng Tingye’s slightly suspicious face, Xia Yuqing felt impatient and stomped her feet. She glanced around and then approached Feng Tingye’s ears and said, “Actually, the two masters are a pair. The second head misunderstood that I had to do something with the big master… cough, like you and got angry. Thus, he has a lot of dissatisfaction with me. He thinks I’m the third party in between them, thus he doesn’t haven’t a good impression towards me.”

Saying that Xia Yuqing stood up under Feng Tingye’s stern look and said solemnly, “But Your Majesty, Chen Qie can swear to heaven, Chen Qie really has nothing to do with the master. Chen Qie is innocent. Yes, everything is a misunderstanding. Chen Qie is really more wronged than Dou E! You must believe in Chen Qie, otherwise Chen Qie will not die in peace!” 

“…..” Feng Tingye’s mouth twitched as he watched Xia Yuqing putting on a show. 

If he didn’t know that Xia Yuqing usually liked pairing off two men together in an affectionate couple, looking at Xia Yuqing’s serious expression at this moment, Feng Tingye may have actually been fooled by her. He would really think that there was something beyond brotherly affection between Su Qingyan and Wu Jun.

Feng Tingye coughed twice. Watching Xia Yuqing’s eyes moving strangely, the eager fire in them made Feng Tingye suddenly sense a chill. 

He has no doubt that if he continued to ask questions, Xia Yuqing would definitely continue gossiping about Wu Jun and Su Qingyan’s taboo relationship. That situation… just thinking about it made him get goosebumps all over. So for the sake of his own small heart, Feng Tingye decided to be magnanimous and forgave Xia Yuqing. “Okay, Zhen believes you. However, even though Ai Fei did not betray Zhen, Zhen was so distressed by Ai Fei’s words on that day. Shouldn’t Ai Fei do something?” 

Sure enough, Xia Yuqing’s attention was turned away and the smile on her face suddenly collapsed.

 ╭ (╯ ^ ╰) ╮, Ultra Seme Lord, you petty man! I already said that it was a misunderstanding. It is clearly your fault, how can you blame me! Can you be more unreasonable?!! 

Although she was indignant in her heart, Xia Yuqing also knew that she couldn’t provoke this black-bellied man in front of her and gave up: “What does His Majesty want Chen Qie to do? Do you want to note this down?” 

Feng Tingye chuckled and smiled, “This time, Zhen made a mistake. Zhen misunderstood Ai Fei and almost hurt Ai Fei. How about we write it off?” 

This nice? When did the Ultra Seme Lord speak so nicely? Is it the case that the Ultra Seme Lord has finally found his conscience and knows he shouldn’t be so oppressive? 

No matter what, it’s always good to not be in debt to anyone. Xia Yuqing was about to evoke a relaxed smile, but her body was suddenly lifted up.

Xia Yuqing was startled and hurriedly grabbed the support in front of her, only to realize that she was holding Feng Tingye’s neck. She was being held in his arms at the moment. 

“Your Majesty, didn’t you say you will write it off?” Xia Yuqing asked anxiously. This guy wouldn’t be prepared to say one thing and do another right? Does his words mean nothing? 

“Yeah, it’s written off, but we haven’t finished the previous debt.” Feng Tingye smiled and looked at the tears in her eyes, full of specter. 

“There are still debts?! Haven’t all the calculations been done? Why are there still debts? Are you wrong, Your Majesty?” 

“No,” Feng Tingye said with a firm expression, “Ai Fei has forgotten. Just now Ai Fei asked why you were missing for such a long time before Zhen found you. This has caused you to be scared and worried for so long and Zhen should be responsible. Zhen knows he is wrong and also promised Ai Fei just now that Zhen will take responsibility. So now, Zhen will keep his promise and be responsible for Ai Fei.” 

Watching Feng Tingye laugh with an invincible smile, showing off his big white teeth, Xia Yuqing only felt blood in her throat.

She was wondering why this beast was so nice today and not giving her any debt, so he was waiting for this! 

“Oh, Your Majesty, Chen Qie was just joking earlier and Your Majesty already said it’ll be written off. So this account should be counted in. Just forget it, ha ha ha ha…” Xia Yuqing laughed. 

But Feng Tingye was determined to play with Xia Yuqing. He raised his eyebrows and laughed: “No, Zhen must honor the senior generations, words have enormous weight. The promises made must be kept. Since Zhen said he will take responsibility then Zhen will take responsibility. Ai Fei, this kind of honor isn’t available to everyone, you must enjoy it.” 

“……” I’d rather give such honors to others. 

Honor the senior generations? Words have enormous weight? Why don’t we usually see that golden teeth of yours? Now I can see it clearly, Ultra Seme Lord’s words are like opportunists. They sway to whichever is in their favor! 

Fighting against a sly, rogue fox, she had no chance at all! 

After being gently placed on the bed, Xia Yuqing then realized something. She reached out and pressed her hand against Feng Tingye’s shoulder. Trying to stand up, she struggled: “Your Majesty, don’t. Yun Xi is still there.” 

“It’s okay, I pressed her sleeping point, she will not wake up until tomorrow. Ai Fei need not worry. Ai Fei’s body can only be seen by one person, the others… don’t even think about it.” There was a trace of sharpness in his eyes and despite Xia Yuqing’s rejection, he began to pull on her clothes. 

“……” Shy? Shy your sister, you are shy, your whole family is shy! I just don’t want to be treated as an adult movie scene. 

There is a person in the room. Although she has fallen asleep, she is still an individual! Ultra Seme Lord, how can you take off my clothes so confidently? How could you be such a beast? What about your morals? 

Xia Yuqing continued to struggl while she was stripped until there was only one obscene clothing piece: “Stop. It will be heard by the person next door.” 

Feng Tingye’s eyes sank and he lowered his head to kiss Xia Yuqing’s chattering mouth and whispered, “As long as you are good, you won’t be heard.” 

Xia Yuqing cried without tears. She could only accept her fate and bite her lips to stop any moaning.

Just when the heat wave was surging in the room, as if to confirm Xia Yuqing’s speculation, there was a sudden rush of footsteps outside. 

Xia Yuqing and Feng Tingye froze at the same time. Feng Tingye quickly grabbed the quilt on the side and wrapped Xia Yuqing into the quilt showing only a small palm sized face. Then he turned to look at the door, holding his breath, waiting for the master of the footsteps to arrive. 

Unexpectedly, after waiting a long time, no one entered. But there was knocking on the next door. 

“Second master, second master, the boss has something important to discuss with the second master. Second master please go to the front hall.”

Xiao Dong shouted anxiously, allowing Xia Yuqing to relax her anxious heart. Fortunately, they were not discovered. 

Xia Yuqing’s expression after the shock pleased Feng Tingye. He chuckled and kissed Xia Yuqing’s cheek causing Xia Yuqing to roll her eyes. 

Being disturbed of his sleep again, Su Qingyan’s tone became sharper: “What is so urgent? What discussions needs to be done in the middle of the night? If he disturbed my dreams for trivial matters, I will skin him alive……Humph!” 

The two clearly heard the loud sound of a slamming of a door. The force was enough to shake Xia Yuqing’s room door that was connected, showing Su Qingyan’s anger. 

Xiao Dong was obviously startled by Su Qingyan. He stayed where he was for a while before chasing after him. 

Hearing the sound of the two leaving, Xia Yuqing was slightly relieved. But before she could rejoice, she felt an itch in her ears and a voice of a demon followed: “Ai Fei, the person has left. For the next little while, there will be no one to disturb us.”

“…….” How did she forget that a beast was still pressing down on her body? 

“Be good, don’t move around.” 

“…….” Don’t move around? Then should I just quietly lie here and get eaten by you? Alas, why does this scene feel a little too familiar? 

“!” Dream, it’s the dream!

Xia Yuqing was stunned and looked at Feng Tingye who was pressing on her body. The Cao Nima who had pressed down on her coincided with this man who pressed down on her right now. She thought the eyes and tone were familiar? So it was the Ultra Seme Lord? 

Feng Tingye looked at the expression on her face, his face getting dark. At this time, she dared to daydream, this girl really needed to be taught a lesson. 

“Ai Fei what are you thinking about? Say it to Zhen, let Zhen have some fun.” 

Feng Tingye was a bit annoyed and his hoarse voice made Xia Yuqing tremble. She smiled and said, “Nothing, nothing.” 

Tell you? Tell you that I just dreamed that you became a Cao Nima and I became a Cao Nitu, that the Cao Nitu and Cao Nimu played happily together. But in the end, the Cao Nitu was swallowed into the stomach of the Cao Nima. So now, the both of them are inseparable and will stay together? 

Stay… stay together!! 

… If she said these words, would she still live?!?!

“Really?” Feng Tingye’s eyes narrowed slightly and his words seemed to be mixed with a bit of a sense of danger. 

“Ahaha…” Xia Yuqing laughed dryly and shifted the topic. “Okay, I was just thinking, can you take off the human skin mask? Your Majesty, doing this kind of thing with the human skin mask on, I feel like I’m with another man… ” 

Before the words fell out of her mouth, Xia Yuqing clearly felt the surrounding temperature drop. The corners of her mouth twitched and she realized she said something she shouldn’t have mentioned. Hey, Ultra Seme Lord, you aren’t jealous of yourself are you!

Following, Feng Tingye answered Xia Yuqing with his action.

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