FMEA Chapter 110 Part 2

Chapter 110 The speed at which one courts disaster! 

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Feng Tingye and Yan Ran’s faces were blue. They turned to look at each other, then immediately turned away as if they were stained with something dirty. 

Seeing that Feng Tingye was really angry, Xia Yuqing decided to stop and said softly, “Don’t be angry, don’t be angry. I’m just kidding.” 

Yan Ran glanced at Xia Yuqing bitterly: “…this joke is not funny at all.” 

Feng Tingye spoke with a black face and coldly said, “No more thinking about these things in the future.” 

Xia Yuqing was taken aback: “Why?” 

“There is no why, you are pregnant with a child. It is not good for the child.” 

“Your Majesty means that once Chen Qie gives birth to the child…” 

Feng Tingye’s expression changed again. He coldly stated, “No! After birth is still not ok.” 

“Why? You’re heartless, you are being deliberately hard on me!” 

“Zhen is heartless and being deliberately hard on you? How can you say that? No is no.”

“……” The crowd listened to the two people flirting and cursing like three-year-old children. They silently looked at the sky, all those who show off their love should die! Why are the emperor and Niang Niang so childish and playing house? Can’t we all play happily together? 

Xia Yuqing’s mouth flattened: “I just thought about it, I didn’t really do anything. You can’t deprive me of my hobby.” Someone obviously ignored the “sin” she had done previously. 

Facing Xia Yuqing’s eyes that showed, “You are a bad person, I would rather die than surrender”, Feng Tingye gritted his teeth secretly: “Ai Fei, you have become more courageous recently.” 

Xia Yuqing made a distressed expression, she spread her hands helplessly: “Your Majesty, the imperial doctor said this is called depression phobia during pregnancy. You have to bear it, and Chen Qie will continue to work hard in the future.” 


Feng Tingye and Yan Ran were almost vomiting blood due to Xia Yuqing, but because they lowered their voices, only the nearest people knew what they were talking about. While the few people further away…thought they were having a very happy conversation.

This scene fell into the eyes of Huo Feiyan, who was further away. The two of them seemed to be whispering to no one else. Her face almost went crooked when she thought about it. 

Duke Lu’s face was also not very good. His original intention was to splash Xia Yuqing through dirty water through this kidnapping. He was leading the topic to be more taboo, something like Xia Yuqing’s intimate contact with people outside the palace. 

It stands to reason that women in the palace cannot go out of the palace casually. Firstly, because of their identities. Once they are out of the palace, it is easy to attract people’s attention, just like Xia Yuqing being kidnapped. Secondly, they belonged to the emperor. Women can’t just show up outside casually, let alone do intimate things with others. Because of the prestige of the emperor’s family, they can never allow a woman to make them bear a green hat. 

Whether Xia Yuqing had close contact with people during the kidnapping process, Duke Lu did not know, but this kind of thing is always the same. As long as he guided the conversation well, he was not afraid that Feng Tingye and Zhang Sunshi would not doubt it. But he did not expect Xia Yuqing to play a card so randomly… 

“Qing Er suffered a lot from being kidnapped this time and became a lot thinner. The emperor should take better care of her.” Zhang Sunshi looked at her with a gentle expression. The son and daughter-in-law who fell in love with each other were not provoked by Duke Lu’s words at all, so Duke Lu did not have the opportunity to instigate. 

“Yes, Er Chen understands.” 

Duke Lu glanced at the consort, Feng Tingye, then at the joyful Zhang Sunshi. Finally, he realized what it means to lift a rock and hit himself in the foot. 

“Grandpa…” Seeing the mansion slowly heading towards Xia Yuqing, Huo Feiyan was anxious. She pulled the sleeve of Duke Lu and whispered. 

Duke Lu patted her hand to soothe her. He took a deep breath and looked up at Xia Yuqing. Then, as if he had discovered something, his eyes suddenly shrank.

“This set of clothes on Niang Niang is…is…” 

Xia Yuqing turned her head in suspicion. She saw Duke Lu pointing at her clothes with a look of surprise, and she couldn’t help but be a little puzzled: “What about the clothes on Chen Qie?” Is it too gorgeous and blinding? 

Feng Tingye didn’t laugh, but in his heart he thought this old man finally saw the true face of Xia Yuqing’s outfit. 

Zhang Sunshi also smiled, pretending to be surprised: “Duke Lu still remembers this outfit?” 

This sentence is tantamount to acknowledging Duke Lu’s conjecture in a disguised form. His face was distorted for a moment. He reluctantly said: “Of course, this dress was made by the first emperor when the queen mother was granted the title of noble concubine. This is the only one in the world.” 

“Duke Lu has a good memory.” 

Duke Lu stood up and bowed to Zhang Sunshi: “Empress Dowager, Consort Qing is the first of the four concubines, but she is just a concubine after all. How can a concubine wear the outfit of the imperial concubine? This is a crime, how can she not know etiquette!” 

As soon as this was said, everyone at the banquet moved their eyes to him as if looking at an incredible jumping clown.

The origin of this dress, Duke Lu knew, so how would the empress dowager and the emperor not know? Since both of them knew it well, but they didn’t say anything, they had implicitly agreed. What’s more, the dress was modified by Zhang Sunshi herself and sent to Xiefang palace. 

Duke Lu didn’t think. How could Xia Yuqing wear such precious clothes if the empress dowager didn’t take it out herself? With this, if Duke Lu was really a smart person, he should understand that Zhang Sunshi was warning him, hoping that they will retreat when they see this. However, some people just don’t know how to read the situation and would go running into a wall without looking. 

Xia Yuqing was also taken aback. She just thought this palace outfit was very dignified and gorgeous. She thought it was a formal dress that a concubine would wear during a festival, but she didn’t know it had such a background, so she turned her attention to Lu Rui. 

Lu Rui looked up at the sky with a guilty conscience, as if she hadn’t seen Xia Yuqing’s gaze. She knew nothing, she didn’t know anything, cough cough… 

Zhang Sunshi’s eyes narrowed slightly, then she smiled: “Qing Er is a concubine. But now she is pregnant with a dragon descendant, so she should have been promoted as a noble concubine long ago. The emperor had already said that after Qing Er gave birth to the child, he would immediately hold a ceremony and name Qing Er as the queen. In three months, Qing Er is about to give birth. Since it is just around the corner, why care about it?” 

Zhang Sunshi’s words were tantamount to acknowledging that the position of Queen being given to Xia Yuqing was indestructible. Huo Feiyan’s face turned dark. Huo Feiyan suddenly got up and said, “Empress Dowager, I…”

“Shut up.” Zhang Sunshi interrupted Huo Feiyan’s unfinished words with a cold shout. This shocked everyone who was accustomed to her gentleness and dignified aura. “When elders speak, when can a junior like you speak up? Duke Lu, how did you raise your granddaughter?” 

Duke Lu’s face changed slightly. He hurriedly pulled Huo Feiyan to her knees: “Yan Er is still young, please forgive her.” 

“Young? Does this mean that children don’t have to pay for their lives if they kill people?” 

“This…” Zhang Sunshi’s aggressiveness made Duke Lu’s heart turn cold. Before he had time to say anything, Huo Feiyan who was stabbed by Zhang Sunshi’s words was even more stimulated. 

“Why, why?” Huo Feiyan whispered, her emotions getting more and more frantic. The gaze that she used on Zhang Sunshi was a bit cold. 

“Royal mother…” Xia Yuqing hurriedly pulled Zhang Sunshi. She looked at Huo Feiyan, who was obviously out of control, with a panicked face. Oh my god, this little monster is finally about to evolve into a big monster? 

Feng Tingye also stood in front of the two.The few people sitting next to each other also had a cold face, and they sat up in alert. The gang of girls behind Xia Yuqing sounded the first level alarm with grim faces. 

“Why, why is everything she said right, but I will be scolded by you if I make a sound? I am not convinced, obviously… it shouldn’t be like this. It shouldn’t be like this. The emperor, I should be the one he likes. I should have been sitting on the queen’s seat. It must be me! It must be this fox. What demon tricks did this fox use…” 

“How dare you?!” Before Huo Feiyan finished speaking, she was cut off by Feng Tingye. 

Under Huo Feiyan’s astonished gaze, he slowly walked down from the upper position. He stared coldly at Huo Feiyan as if looking at a dead object: “I don’t know when a little granddaughter of a Duke had entered my harem and had taken the throne of the Queen, but whoever Zhen likes isn’t up to you. Zhen can tell you clearly that no matter who Zhen will like, it will never be you.” 

With a click, Huo Feiyan felt a certain belief that she had always had, with a crack… was broken. Her eyes widened. She looked at this man who she once thought could make her become a phoenix in disbelief. She screamed: “No… how could you not like me? How could…” 

Huo Feiyan screamed in grief, but it did not bring her much sympathy just because most people’s eyes stopped at Xia Yuqing, worried. 

“Niang Niang, don’t listen to that ugly woman’s nonsense. You are not a fox, you are…” Lu Rui looked at her master’s stiff body and the tears that gradually gathered, cursing the ugly woman thousands of times in her heart. She racked her brains to comfort her, “Yes, you are a fairy from heaven. A fairy, not a demon.” 

The person next to her hurriedly agreed, but Xia Yuqing did not listen at all. Turning on the two tanks of saline solution, she pitifully said: “How can she… how can she describe me as a treacherous coquette fox, something that could smell bad. At least, she should mention that I don’t have body odor!”

” ……” Niang Niang, was that what you got from what she said? 

“Even if she said that I am a demon, she should say that I am an incarnation of beauty and wisdom, nobleness, an elegant…” 

Everyone’s ears were erected, silently guessing the last term in their hearts: Peony? Qinglian? Phoenix tail? 

“…Rapeseed flower.” 

“…” The muffled sound of a group of people falling to the ground and countless people’s hearts saying wtf. 

Rape blossoms can be seen everywhere in the mountains and wilds, how is it noble and elegant? Don’t bring people’s expectations up like that, Niang Niang! It will be broken by you! 

Feng Tingye, who had been paying attention to Xia Yuqing, but was unable to get away, couldn’t help but pull up the corners of his mouth when he heard this. He felt relieved. 

Turning his head to look at the girl holding his thigh tightly, a trace of hatred slipped through his eyes. He shook his leg without pity, directly shaking Huo Feiyan aside. 

The makeup on Huo Feiyan’s face has already been ruined through her crying. At the moment her face was full of resentment. It was hideous, like a mad woman: “Why? Why don’t you like me? How can I not compare to that woman? I can help make the harem prosper, make a prosperous country. Is she able to do that? Is she?”

Hearing Huo Feiyan’s questioning, Yan Ran and the others couldn’t help but look at her up and down and think: It’s one kind of courage to feel too good about yourself, but they didn’t believe she dared to ask others how she was comparable to Xia Yuqing. 

In fact, from the appearance to the temperament, they really can’t compare anything. Looking at the sky~ there is such a strong gap. If you don’t compare it, you really don’t see it, but a comparison like this feels quite shocking. 

Therefore, some people courting disaster completely disregarded the occasion. The speed of their death is speeding up! 

Feng Tingye laughed angrily: “Prosperity for the harem? My harem is only for my Ai Fei and my royal mother, why do we need you to help make it prosper? As for the prosperity of the world, that even more so. Could it be that I can only rely on you to make my world prosper?” 

“I…” Huo Feiyan was blocked by Feng Tingye and had no chance to speak. She turned to Duke Lu for help. 

Although Duke Lu was angry at Huo Feiyan’s impulsivity, the matter had come to this point and there was no way out, so he made a desperate bet and bowed forward: “Empress dowager, do you still remember that year Wei Chen prophesized about the emperor and Yan Er?”

Zhang Sunshi’s pair of phoenix eyes, which were unusually similar to those of Feng Tingye, shuddered. She knew that the main point of Duke Lu coming here finally came: “Oh, I remember it. Duke Lu said that your granddaughter will become the future queen of Ye Kingdom?” 

Duke Lu and Huo Feiyan’s eyes lit up: “Exactly.” 

Upon seeing this, Zhang Sunshi laughed slowly: “Oh, that thing. Ah. It’s just a group of fake Taoist slurs. How can one take it seriously?” 

“Slurs?” Duke Lu’s expression changed and he shouted in a panic, “Empress dowager, even if the queen dowager does not believe in this servant, she should trust the Da Rens of the Qin Tianjian!” 

“It is precisely because they are members of the Qin Tianjian. Duke Lu was also once one of the esteemed secretaries of the Qin Tian. This happened to the granddaughter of the Duke, how can Ai Jia believe it at will? Is there no relationship at all?” 

Duke Lu’s eyes shrank suddenly, and said in fear: “Empress Dowager, please check. This minister’s loyalty to Ye Country and the emperor is true!” 

“If that’s the case, good. Ai Jia will give you a chance.”

Everyone was shocked when Zhang Sunshi said this. Feng Tingye narrowed his eyes dangerously, but he didn’t say anything. He understood that his mother looked amiable and approachable, but when she really had to be tough, her ruthless tactics could be superior to young people like them. 

Duke Lu looked up at Zhang Sunshi: “Empress Dowager…” 

Zhang Sunshi gave him a slanted look, her eyes full of royal dignity and nobility. There was a trace of disdain for the person in front of her. “Since Duke Lu said that he is loyal to the Ye Nation and the emperor, Ai Jia will give you a chance to show your loyalty. Ai Jia can let Ting Er put your granddaughter as empress, but Ai Jia is worried about your Huo family. You should also know the saying of riding on someone else’s success. If your granddaughter becomes a queen, it is inevitable that some people will have some thoughts that should not be had. Once this kind of thought grows, it will easily endanger our country. So, in order to prevent it from happening and to be on guard, Ai Jia will have to extinguish the spark. If you want the emperor to establish your granddaughter, that can happen as long as you agree to allow Ai Jia to issue an edict for the Huo family. Everyone other than your granddaughter…will be executed.” 

“!” As soon as this word came out, the hall was silent. 

Feng Tingye sighed: Sure enough, ginger is spiciest when it’s older!

Xia Yuqing looked at Zhang Sunshi’s domineering side, a completely different appearance from usual. Her eyes sparkled. She really is worthy of being the noblest ancestor in this palace, the great originator, queen fighter! At this moment, Xia Yuqing finally understood where Liu Yixiang’s worship and inheritance of the queen came from! Your Majesty, please let me hug your thighs!

The smiles on the faces of Duke Lu and Huo Feiyan froze completely. They stared at Zhang Sunshi with pale faces and knelt to the ground with a thump: “I ask the Queen Mother for forgiveness. This minister can guarantee with his life the people of the Huo family will definitely not do anything that will endanger the kingdom of Ye and endanger the emperor.” 

Zhang Sunshi stared at his slender fingers that were properly maintained, a lazy villainous enchantment similar to Feng Tingye exuded all over her body. Xia Yuqing’s eyes lit up again. “Use your own life as a guarantee? You are a seventy-eighty-year-old man. There are only a few years left to live. The period of your life guarantee is too short.” 

Duke Lu’s face was blue and he opened his mouth to speak, but was beaten by Zhang Sunshi again: “What’s more, only dead people are the safest in this world.” 

“…” Duke Lu was shocked. His face turned white and green. The price of exchanging the entire family for one honoured position is too great! 

His original intention was not like this. As Zhang Sunshi expected, his original purpose was to use Huo Feiyan’s one-person honour to return to the court. However, this intention was seen through and has become the sharp blade that pierced the chest of Duke Lu, but he couldn’t pull out this sharp blade. 

“Have you considered it properly?” Zhang Sunshi had just finished admiring Duke Lu’s brilliant expression before asking. 


Duke Lu hesitated. Huo Feiyan also recovered from the initial shock. She suddenly stood up and wanted to pounce on Zhang Sunshi, but was blocked by the guards who had expected it. 

“You…how can you say such a cruel thing? How can you destroy my clan so casually, killing them just like that? The queen’s position should be mine, mine. You will definitely be retributed for this!” Huo Feiyan struggled and screamed at Zhang Sunshi.

Zhang Sunshi sneered: “With this kind of conduct, you still want to be the master of my harem? Only if Ai Jia’s soul dissipates, otherwise it will be hovering over the palace for a hundred years later, making you uneasy!” 

“…” Xia Yuqing was stunned. F**k, the queen was blackened! This awesome threatening remark is really… so cool! If this moron doesn’t quickly retreat, they will be blasted into dregs! 

Sure enough, Huo Feiyan was frightened by Zhang Sunshi and Duke Lu’s face was also very ugly. 

Zhang Sunshi did not seem to be satisfied and sneered: “Duke Lu, if the future queen calculated back then was not your granddaughter, would you still be here so surely telling Ai Jia that everything you do is for the Ye Country and the emperor? “


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