FMEA Chapter 163

Chapter 163 The complicated love square 

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“This voice is…” Xia Yuqing, together with the people on the side, was stunned. All their eyes moved from Xia Muyun to the source of the sound. 

At the end of the palace road, a lovely woman in a yellow gauze skirt stared murderously at the entangled Xia Muyun and He Wenzhong. She walked over angrily. 

“Xiao Xi!” Xia Yuqing recovered from her astonishment and exclaimed, full of joy. 

“Why is that girl here at this time? Isn’t there still one or two days left?” Shao Zitang twitched. He had a helpless expression on his face. Now that surprise really turned into a fright. 

“Who knows? My instincts tell me that her appearing now… means that there must be a conspiracy!” Yan Ran’s expression was also a little weird. He was obviously startled by Yun Xi’s sudden appearance. 

The two people who didn’t match up usually, glanced at each other tacitly at this moment. Their eyes flashed, showing a little…sympathy. 

“Xiao Xi, why are you back?” He Wenzhong looked at Yun Xi who appeared suddenly with a look of surprise. His head being a beat slower than the rest, took some time before he called out.

Compared to a year ago, Yun Xi has grown taller. Her childish little face has faded a bit, but she was still as cute as ever. Her figure has also developed a lot. It was a lot more mature than a year ago.

Yun Xi walked towards the few people aggressively. Hearing He Wenzhong’s words, her eyebrows raised and she said angrily: “Why? Are you upset that I came back? Did I come back at the wrong time and bother you and this…….you and me, I thought our affection was limitless. I was eager to come back to see you, but now you dare to…… be a red apricot tree leaning over the wall?” (a wife having an illicit lover)

“!” Xia Yuqing was stunned. Xiao Xi, Xiao Xi, that idiom is not used like this, please calm down! (he is a boy while that idiom refers to a wife)

“Xiao Xi, it’s not…it’s not what you think.” He Wenzhong realized afterwards that he was now being held tightly by another woman and how it might look like he has an affair with another.

Before He Wenzhong could finish his explanation, he was interrupted by Xia Muyun next to him: “Who do you think is a b*tch? Who are you?” 

“I said it’s you and who am I? The man you are holding on to is my man, who do you think I am? Hurry up and let go, or I’ll chop your hand off!” Yun Xi was infuriated by Xia Muyun who acted as if she was He Wenzhong’s owner. 

After the screaming, there was a sudden silence. Only then did she realize what she had just said in her anxious state. Her face blushed, but she still looked straight at Xia Muyun with her head upright. She didn’t shrink at all. 

“Xiao Xi…” He Wenzhong smiled embarrassedly. He habitually stretched his hand and scratched his head.

Xia Muyun looked at the appearance of the two, her eyes flickering, then she understood. The corner of her eyes glanced at Leng Ruofeng again, she couldn’t help but feel frustrated afterwards. I’m like this with other men, but that dead face… 

Now look at what’s happened. The person who should be anxious isn’t, and the person who shouldn’t have misunderstood, has misunderstood. What should I do? 

Xia Muyun gritted her teeth and continued to hold onto He Wenzhong’s arm. She looked provocatively at Yun Xi who was staring at her on the opposite side: “What if I don’t let go?” 

“You…” Yun Xi was anxious and moved forward. She wanted to step forward to grab Xia Muyun’s hand, but Xia Muyun avoided it. The two began fighting over He Wenzhong’s hand. 

The poor big bear didn’t know whether to struggle out of this situation or not, so he just stayed completely still in fear of hurting these two aunts. 

Xia Yuqing intently watched the intense scene where these two women fought for this one man. Could this be the legendary love triangle? Ah, that’s not right, it’s a love square. There is also the air-conditioned Prime Minister on the side. Tsk Tsk, this drama is so lively. Prime Minister, what are you doing staying on the side so idly?? Are you really going to wait until the two start to fight? 

As if hearing Xia Yuqing’s heartfelt voice, Leng Ruofeng looked at the entangled figures of the three for a while, then finally stated: “Enough.” 

Xia Muyun heard Leng Ruofeng’s voice, so the pulling action stopped. She turned around and stared at Leng Ruofeng expectantly.

Leng Ruofeng glanced at her coldly, but avoided her gaze. He said awkwardly: “Don’t you see Wen Zong is uncomfortable? Why aren’t you letting go?” 

“…” Prime Minister, you have been holding back for such a long time and this is what you say? Xia Yuqing hid her face silently, she couldn’t bear to look any more. 

“Huh?” Yun Xi froze for a moment. Seeing that He Wenzhong has gone dizzy from their pulling, she hurriedly let go of his hands, “General He, are you all right?” 

“All right, all right.” He Wenzhong could see Yun Xi’s concern towards himself and a simple, honest smile appeared on his face again. 

Xia Muyun also slowly let go of He Wenzhong’s arm. She lowered her head and sneered, “That’s what you want to tell me?” 

Leng Ruofeng was silent, his eyebrows twisted slightly, as if he was struggling with something. His silence fell into the eyes of Xia Muyun as his response. 

“Really? Now, I know. I won’t pester you again, I won’t pester anyone again. Little Royal Sister, I’ll be leaving first. Tomorrow… you don’t have to come out to send me off.” Xia Muyun lowered her head and dropped her statement. Then without looking at Leng Ruofeng, she turned and left under the surprised gaze of everyone.

“Third Royal Sister…” Xia Yuqing looked at Xia Muyun’s departure. She felt a little distressed for some reason. The moment her Royal Sister turned around, she seemed to see her crying. Someone like Royal Sister is crying? !     

Leng Ruofeng, who also noticed this, froze. He looked blankly at the direction Xia Muyun was leaving. Before he could react, he felt a powerful force coming towards his shoulders, making him stagger and almost fall on the spot.     

“F*ck, I really shouldn’t have given her this bad idea. No, I shouldn’t have given Third Royal Sister to this immobile iceberg. Royal Sister is right, you are a dead face. You are the rock inside of a latrine pit, hard and smelly, and can’t understand anything. You never said you liked her, that you care about her, or that you don’t like her being with other men! You deserve to be a bachelor for a lifetime, no, forever!” Xia Yuqing was very angry and slapped Leng Ruofeng forward. She planned to add in a few stomps, but was stopped by Yan Ran and Shao Zitang. 

“Empress, your words are not right. The third princess is a good sister of yours, but now you are a member of the Ye Kingdom when you married in, thus the few of us and you are considered friends. Even if you are partial to the third princess, you can’t be too biased. We have all heard what the third princess said just now. Since she has said that, should RuoFeng eagerly stick to her cold butt?” Yan Ran grabbed Xia Yuqing’s hand that wasn’t holding the second baby and spoke angrily.

“I’m partial? I’m biased? If I want to be partial, I shouldn’t have let Royal Sister interact with this b*stard in the first place. Hmph, also, who is a friend of yours? Let go of your dirty hands. Dundun, bite him!” Xia Yuqing was annoyed by Yan Ran’s words and let out a low halt.     

Hearing the call of her Mother, Second Baby’s hair stood up. Her mouth opened, revealing the few white little deciduous teeth in her mouth. She viciously bit onto Yan Ran’s…fingers.     

“Ow… why is this little girl so fierce when biting people?”     

“Hmph, don’t you know who our second baby is? Do you think ordinary children can compare?” Xia Yuqing gave him a disdainful look. Then, she rewarded Second Baby with a quick kiss, causing Second Baby to wield her pink fists and giggle.     


“What’s wrong with me? You dare to say that the words of my Third Royal sister are wrong? Are the words that my Third Royal Sister said not true?”     


“What is this? Are you not known to be a romantic Gong Zi? Being at brothels for many years, how can you not differentiate whether what my Third Royal Sister said was true or false? Couldn’t you see that when my Royal Sister was holding General He’s arm and smiled, it looked uglier than crying? D*mn, none of you are good things. One starts illicit affairs and runs, one remains silent, and one…”     

“…I am innocent.” Shao Zitang weakly protested.     

“The same is true for you. Birds of a feather flock together. Who knows if you’ll meet someone you like in the future and do something worse than them.”     

“…” For the first time in his life, he really realized what it is to be shot while lying down! (attacked when doing nothing)

Several people were petrified by Xia Yuqing’s scolding. Xia Yuqing still didn’t feel better. When she remembered that a certain incomprehensible iceberg made her Royal Sister cry, she had the urge to step forward and thrash someone. 

“Forget it, tomorrow, my Royal Sister will return to Xia Country. From now on, the green hills will not change and the green water will continue to flow. You can just stay and regret.” After Xia Yuqing finished speaking, she wanted to turn around and leave, but Ruo Feng grabbed her wrist. 

“Ugh, it hurts, what are you doing? Are you flying into a rage out of humiliation?” Xia Yuqing looked up at Leng Ruofeng who suddenly grabbed her hand. 

“Niang Niang (Qing Jiejie)!” Several people on the side exclaimed. Trying to step forward, they were stopped by Yan Ran.

“Grand Tutor, are you trying to stop us while Xiao Yuan isn’t here?” Lu Rui glanced at him. 

“…” Yan Ran froze, raising a flattering smile, “Great Aunts, you just need to be a little accommodating, just a little bit.” 


“The third princess is going to return to her country tomorrow? She’s not trying to loosen the reins to grasp one better?” Shao Zitang folded his arms, glanced at Xia Yuqing, and asked with some playfulness. 

F* your sister! Xia Yuqing gave Shao Zitang an angry glance and pulled her hand out of Leng Ruofeng’s grasp.

“Believe it or not, Third Royal Sister has come to say goodbye to me. Anyways, you can just treat it as if I’m lying to you.” Xia Yuqing made a face at the two of them. Then, she turned and pulled the confused Yun Xi away, “Let’s go, hmph!” 

Once Yun Xi left, He Wenzhong who finally got to see Yun Xi naturally followed, leaving the three men standing in the wind. They looked at each other, not sure what to do.     

“Xiao Xi, why didn’t you say a word about coming back? I thought I heard something wrong just now? Come, let me see. Tsk tsk tsk, you grew taller, and look more beautiful.” Xia Yuqing led Yun Xi back to Xiefang Hall. Upon arrival, she looked at Yun Xi up and down, and exclaimed in admiration. 

“By the way, how are you doing? The last time you left, didn’t you say you wanted to go back to deal with things. What happened afterwards? What happened to that Jiang Feizao…and General Ji.” 

“That.” Yun Xi’s face sank slightly. “After my father and I returned to the country, there had been news that my father and I had died in Ye Kingdom. My father and Uncle Hao wanted to beat them at their game, but did not expect to invoke a group of officials that were against my father. My Third Uncle was their leader. Later…. that Jiang Feizao and General Ji, both of them, were used, so he gave a small punishment for a big admonishment, so nothing happened to them.”

Yun Xi’s understatement made Xia Yuqing a little disappointed. She originally thought she could hear some exciting palace secrets, but the villain Jiang Feizao only received a small punishment!

“Mother, Mother…” Second baby in Xia Yuqing’s arms hurriedly waved her little hand to show her existence. 

“This is… Qing Jiejie’s baby?” Yun Xi saw the second baby early on, but at that time her attention was all on He Wenzhong, so she didn’t get to ask. 

“Yes, this is my little princess, her nickname is Dundun. As for my eldest baby, I don’t know where he went early in the morning. When he comes back later, I’ll show him to you.” 

“En.” Yun Xi kept nodding her head. Two bright eyes stared at the little baby eagerly, “Um, Qing Jiejie, can I give her a hug?” 

Xia Yuqing was taken aback, as if they had returned to when they had first met a year ago.

At that time, the cute Loli dressed as a teenager looked at herself expectantly, and asked cautiously: “Can I touch it?” 

It turned out that no matter the appearance and shape of the person in front of her, her temperament and inside will always be the same as before. Nothing has changed. 

“Of course. Baby, your Xiao Xi Jiejie, no, it’s Aunt Xiao Xi wants to hug you, do you want her to hug you?” Xia Yuqing lowered her head to ask Second Baby’s opinion. 

Second Baby held her finger and looked at Yun Xi with her eyes wide open. This sister has a round face and looks so cute, like a small dumpling. The little man in Second Baby’s heart began to drool….

“Auntie, hug.” After thinking for a moment, Second Baby took the initiative to stretch out her hand towards Yunxi. 

Yun Xi was stunned. Overjoyed, she hurriedly reached out to take the person into her arms: “Oh, she’s really cute, soft, and sweet. Is it okay to kiss her?” 

It’s almost here, it’s almost here! Second Baby was held in Yun Xi’s arms and her eyes were fixated on Yun Xi’s cheeks. As it got closer and closer, she opened her mouth and… 

“Oh?” Yun Xi had her guard down and was nibbled.

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