FMEA Chapter 164

Chapter 164 You want to marry me, but I won’t marry

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Poor old man Leng was very old, yet he still had to be scared to death by his son’s utterances from time to time. The tea that had been in his mouth spurted out like this, almost choking him to death. 

“Son… Son, what did you just say? Dad didn’t hear it clearly.” Daddy Leng stared at his precious son with a stunned look. 

Leng Ruofeng was stunned and prepared to repeat the words just now with a blank face: “I just asked Dad, when you and Mother met for the first time…” 

“Stop!” Daddy Leng hurriedly called him to stop and wiped the cold sweat off his forehead, “It turns out… I didn’t hear it wrong.” 


“You silly boy, what do you mean by the first meeting… Although your Mother and I were under our parent’s demands and had a matchmaker, the first meeting was… not bad, but such a statement is too…” 

Leng Ruofeng was taken aback. He raised his eyebrows: “What do you want to say?” 

“At least…be a little more subtle, say bridal chamber!” Daddy Leng held back for a long time before he suffocated and spat out this sentence.

Leng Ruofeng suddenly saw the light. He repeated the sentence with a cold face: “Did Father and Mother meet for the first time then go to the bridal chamber?” 

“…” Why is it so hard to talk to this child? Had he known that his child would grow up like this, he wouldn’t have sent him to his Father-in-law for two or three years. After he came back, the child became a replica of his Father-in-law. Now it caused this old man to be just as nervous as facing an elder. Is there a Father who has it harder than him in this world?

“Ahem…” Daddy Leng flushed and cleared his throat, “That’s right, because…” 

“Then… after you and Mother’s bridal chamber, Mother became father ‘s person?” 

“… ” How can this child’s questions today have one be weirder than the next? 

Daddy Leng was stunned for a moment, then replied: “Naturally! Both your Father and your Mother were already married, so your Mother was naturally your Father’s person.” 

Leng Ruofeng saw the light again, but soon, a bit of distress appeared on his face: “So, since she and I have already done the matters between a wife and husband, then naturally, she is my person?” 

“! ” Leng Ruofeng’s words were like a blow to Daddy Leng, “Son… Son, who did you say you have already done a husband and wife matters with? Was it the girl who often ran to our house? I knew that girl was not bad, since you are my son, you naturally have the same taste as me. What should we do? Since you’ve already done the matters between a husband and wife, when is the banquet? Is there anyone in the girl’s family? When should your Father accompany you to her home to propose marriage? Your Father can also tell your Mother likes that girl.”     

Daddy Leng chattered with excitement. Alas, his child that he and his wife have been worried about for a long time in regard to his life-long events has finally showed some signs. How can he not be excited?     

Leng Ruofeng glanced at his father’s smiling face. He frowned, a little distressed: “But since she is mine, why does she want to leave me?”     

“Ga…” Daddy Leng had a stiff smile. He turned around to look at his own son, “What did you say? The girl ran? Didn’t you do the matters between an actual husband and wife, how can she run?”     

“En, she is my person and shouldn’t run, but why is she so angry?” Leng Ruofeng’s eyebrows have been twisted into an insoluble knot.     

“Angry? Son, did you make that girl angry?” Daddy Leng looked at his son’s unkempt appearance. He couldn’t help be a little worried. This cooked daughter-in-law (he’s pointing out that they have consummated) can’t just fly away like this! If he let his Father-in-law know that this kid had a husband and wife relationship with a woman, but didn’t marry the woman over, his conservative Father-in-law will definitely break off his leg first!     

“Son… Son, what did you do to make the girl angry? Daddy told you that this girl needed to be coaxed. Normally, you need to treat her well, then everything would be fine. Now quick, speak. What did you do to upset her?”

There was a trace of confusion across Leng Ruofeng’s face. 

Nobody understands a son better than a father. So when Daddy Leng looked at his son’s appearance, he couldn’t help asking: “Son, you don’t even know how you made that girl angry do you?” 

Leng Ruofeng was tangled for a moment, and muttered: “The empress said…” 


“I never said that I liked her, I never said that I cared about her, so she was angry.” 


Daddy Leng after being petrified for a while stared at his son with a pale face, “Didn’t you already have a relationship with her? How could you not tell her that you like her?” 

Leng Ruofeng looked at Father Leng with a blank expression: “We already went into the bridal chamber, so what more do we have to say?” 

He has always been an ‘action speaks louder than words’ kind of person. Since he has recognized this person, then she is his own, otherwise, he would not have done this kind of thing with her. So, what’s the point of saying those things? 

“…” Daddy Leng suddenly felt that his three views were broken. Who on earth taught his son to have such a distorted view of emotions? Isn’t this deliberately preventing his son from marrying a wife?     

“Achoo…” At the same time, in the Imperial Study Room in the palace, the culprit who had just got up suddenly felt his nose itch and sneezed. This made the little eunuch beside him nervous.     

“Your Majesty, did you work on a memorial too late yesterday? Have you caught a cold, should Nu Cai go and get you a doctor?”     

“No need.” Feng Tingye rubbed the tip of his nose and said with a laugh. “Someone is probably cursing Zhen.”     

“…” Who would dare to curse the emperor so boldly? !     

Daddy Leng greeted Feng Tingye with numerous words, hundreds of times in his heart. He coughed lightly: “Son, it’s wrong for you to think that way.” 

“But, wasn’t it like that for Father and Mother?” Leng Ruofeng looked suspiciously at his own Father.

“…How could it be the same?” Daddy Leng groaned feebly. He looked at Leng Ruofeng’s ignorant appearance, “Your Father and your Mother were both under the commands of their parents at the time. In other words, we never saw each other’s appearance before we got married. It was only on the day we got married…cough cough, but even so, your Father and your Mother have the label of husband and wife. Yet, this kind of confession stuff is also indispensable. Otherwise, if the relationship between the husband and wife is weak, the wife will run away.” 

Leng Ruofeng was stunned. He stared at his father in surprise. After a long silence, he asked tentatively: “Then Father, what should your child do now?” 

“Nonsense, of course you should chase that girl back. Didn’t the empress tell you? Just because you didn’t tell her you like her, the girl became angry. Son, this is really your fault. With you not telling the girl that you liked her from beginning to end, and then with that girl…cough cough entered the bridal room, then not saying a word like a boring gourd, of course, the girl would think you didn’t want to be responsible for her…of course…” 

Leng Ruofeng was stunned. He looked at Daddy Leng blankly for a while. Then as if he made up his mind, he nodded: “Well, I know now, thank you Father.” 

“…” What do you know? Don’t talk to yourself alone! 

“Son… son.” Daddy Leng was really not at ease about his son’s EQ. He wanted to continue speaking, but Leng Ruofeng nodded at him, turned and rushed out just like that. 

“Son… don’t run so fast, what do you know? Son…”

“Oh, why are you running so fast this early in the morning, you almost killed me!” Leng Ruofeng just walked out of the study room. Stepping forward, he ran into a figure head-on. Watching the figure fall backwards, he hurriedly reached out and caught them. 

“Mother, are you okay?” 

The figure was Leng Ruofeng’s mother, Mrs. Leng of the Prime Minister’s Mansion. Mrs. Leng stabilized her figure and patted her chest before looking at Leng Ruofeng: “Feng Er, why did you run out so anxiously early in the morning?” 

“Mother, I’m going out and I’ll talk to you when I come back.” Leng Ruofeng glanced at Madam Leng. Seeing that she was not injured, he was about to leave when Madam Leng stopped him.

“Oh, going out? Are you going to find Miss Xia?” Madam Leng stared at Leng Ruofeng with a smile. 

Leng Ruofeng paused and nodded. The smile at the corner of Mrs. Leng’s mouth deepened a lot in an instant. 

“Feng Er, you should also change your clothes. Look at you, this one is the one you wore yesterday, quickly go and change.” 


“No but, it’s too sloppy. Dressed like this, before the girl can even wait for you to speak, she would have been scared away. Hurry up, Mother will pick you something to change into. Don’t be slow.” 


“Okay, this one, quickly change it.” Mrs. Leng seemed to see Leng Ruofeng’s anxiety, so she quickly picked out a suit from Leng Ruofeng’s pile of clothes and threw it into Leng Ruofeng’s hand. 

“Mother, this outfit…”

“Sapphire blue. With your temperament, it is just right. Confident, chic, and suave, you will surely fascinate that Miss Xia into promising you everything in an instant!” Mrs. Leng looked excited. 

“…Oh.” Leng Ruofeng stared at the clothes in his hands for a long time, then finally changed into the clothes obediently. “This child is leaving first.” 

“Go, go.” Madam Leng stared with bright eyes at Leng Ruofeng, who came out wearing the clothes. 

“Wife, your…son…!” As soon as Daddy Leng rushed over, he saw Leng Ruofeng walking out the door. He hurriedly tried to stop him, but was blocked by Mrs. Leng’s insight. 

“Why are you shouting, shut up!” 

Usually henpecked, Daddy Leng, who was yelled at by Mrs. Leng, instantly froze. Son, it’s not that your father doesn’t want to help you, but your mother is just too powerful. Father… is clearly the head of the family, but he loves his wife and fears his son. Now he has become the lowest level in the hierarchy, is there anyone who has it harder than him for being the head of the family? 

“Wife, how can you let your son go out in that outfit?” Father Leng immediately asked Mrs. Leng anxiously as soon as he pulled off Madam Leng’s hand. 

“What’s wrong with that outfit? Your son is just like you when you were young, he’s a dull gourd. If he doesn’t take some strong medicine, our daughter-in-law will run away.” Mrs. Leng gave a domineering look to Daddy Leng. Then she turned her head and whispered softly, “Zi Er.” 

“Madam.” A figure walked in from outside the room. 

“Very well done, send a letter to the palace. Tell the empress, that Feng Er has gone out and everything is under control.” 


“…” Daddy Leng looked at his wife’s ecstatic face that was full of malice…cough cough, no, it was a smirking smile. He couldn’t help lighting a few candles for his son in his heart. 

“Master, Chen is doing this for Feng Er’s sake. So, master, don’t…make trouble.” Madam Leng stepped forward and took Daddy Leng’s arm, smiling very charmingly.     

“!” Daddy Leng’s expression changed immediately. He gave a dry smile, and held Mrs. Leng’s waist as they walked, “Yes, that’s right, that kid is an elm-headed man, he won’t move if he doesn’t get a hard knock. Strong medicine will work, my wife is very wise, very wise.”     

So, the little flame that had sprouted in Daddy Leng’s heart to chase out and rescue his son was extinguished.     

And Leng Ruofeng, who didn’t know that he had been secretly sold off by his parents, was already on his way to Xia Muyun’s residence. As soon as he got out of the carriage, he received countless attention from passers-bys.     

Leng Ruofeng threw himself at the door to see the person, he didn’t care.     

“Where is your lady now?” Leng Ruofeng caught someone in front of him and asked straightforwardly. 

The servant who was stopped by him looked at Leng Ruofeng’s outfit in surprise. He hesitated, “Miss is… in the room packing things.” 

Packing things?! As soon as Leng Ruofeng heard this, he immediately let go of the servant’s hand and rushed in. 

The servant was stunned for a long time before whispering in a low voice: “What’s wrong with the Prime Minister today? Why did he come to see the lady in such an outfit.” 

“Tsk tsk, he really put it on. Ohohoho Madam Leng is mighty!” Before the voice of the servant came out, a female voice was suddenly heard. The servant was so frightened, he turned to look, and found… 

“Your Highness! why are you…”

“Hush!” Xia Yuqing was holding Second Baby who had just woken up and was still yawning, but insisted on joining in the fun. She made a silent gesture towards the servant. 

The servant hurriedly covered his mouth. Xia Yuqing smiled at him. Holding Second Baby, she led Lu Rui and a few people to quickly follow. 

“Fortunately, Madam Leng had someone pass over the message just in time.” Xia Yuqing looked at Leng Ruofeng who entered the house. She quickly ran to the door and found an excellent onlooker spot, and squatted down. 

“…” Niang Niang, you seem to be getting smoother at eavesdropping. 

Xia Muyun was in the midst of packing her things, when she heard a movement from behind her. She turned around with some doubts. Facing Leng Ruofeng’s face, she immediately froze in place.

“You…” Xia Muyun was stunned for a long while before regaining the ability to speak. It was a pity that she was interrupted by the person on the other side.

“I like you.” 

“!” Xia Muyun’s eyes widened, looking at Leng Ruofeng in disbelief. 

“I like you, that’s why I would do those things with you. I will be responsible for you.” 

Xia Muyun’s head was blank for a few seconds. The room fell into a dead silence because of this. After a long time, Xia Muyun smiled a smile that wasn’t really a smile: “You ran to my house in a wedding suit (red in colour) to say you want to be responsible for me. Do you want to marry me?”

Wedding suit? ! Leng Ruofeng was stunned in place. Then, he finally understood why so many people on the way over looked at him with such a weird gaze, it turned out to be because of… his clothes? !     

Xia Muyun looked at the obvious surprise on Leng Ruofeng’s face. She turned her gaze, and looked out the door as if she thought of something. At a glance, she saw Xia Yuqing and the others hiding in a hurry. Her eyes flashed as she understood what was going on. There was a trace of loss and disappointment.     

“It seems that I misunderstood. You should go back, I have to pack my things.” With that, Xia Muyun turned and wanted to leave, but Leng Ruofeng grabbed her wrist and pulled her back abruptly.     

“!” The prime minister is mighty! Great, quickly knock down Royal Sister on the spot!     

“Is there anything else?”     

“The clothes are a misunderstanding.”     

“…” Prime Minister, you really don’t know how to adapt at all. At this time, you are still talking about that, do you want to make me scratch the walls!     

“So you are trying to tell me that everything we had before was my misunderstanding, including the words just now? Everything was just my own… self-satisfaction?! Hm…” Xia Muyun growled in fury, but as soon as she finished speaking, she was gagged by an iceberg.     

“…” F*ck, he kissed her! It was the Prime Minister who took the initiative to go and kiss her, it’s the live version! Xia Yuqing was too stimulated and wanted to let out a wolf howl. After a long time of excitement, she remembered that she was holding a little bun in her arms, and hurriedly reached out her hand to cover the little bun’s eyes.     


“Hey, children can’t look at this kind of stuff.”     

“…oh.” Isn’t it just a kiss? This baby sees Father and Mother kiss each other every day, why can’t she watch?     

“What are you doing?!” Recovering from her astonishment, Xia Muyun touched her lips and hurriedly backed away. Her face turned thoroughly red.     

Leng Ruofeng stared at her with piercing eyes and repeated his words: “This dress is a misunderstanding, it’s a mistake.”

“You said that already just now!” 

“So, we will make the best of the mistake.” 


“I want to marry you, marry me.” 

“!” Xia Muyun and everyone outside the door were completely stunned. 

Shoot, Iceberg Prime Minister, I really misunderstood you! It turns out that amongst those people, you are the one who knows how to sweet talk the most! You really hid it well. Ahhh, I should have discovered it long ago, I should have discovered this since the emperor was overwhelmed by you! 

There is a saying that life is like a reversed drama. If you can’t follow it, just wait for it to roll over! 

Xia Muyun, who was completely unprepared, turned over like this. She stared at Leng Ruofeng with a wide pair of eyes for a long time… 

Just when everyone thought Xia Muyun had been captured, that the two of them were about to cultivate a true fruit, that the prince and princess were about to live happily ever after, the plot was reversed once again. The car that had been rolled over was turned back. 

“Do you want to marry me?” 

Leng Ruofeng nodded his head grimly, but Xia Muyun smiled with the confidence that Xia Yuqing and the others saw when they first met her. “You want to marry me, but I won’t marry.” 

“!” Leng Ruofeng and everyone outside were shocked again. 

F*ck, should you two struggle so much? What’s the situation now? The reversal in the reversal drama? Yii, I will be broken by you both, please let me go!

“You want me to marry you with just one sentence? Dream on! Instead, you should show some sincerity.” 

“Sincerity?” Leng Ruofeng looked at her with some suspicion. 

Xia Muyun smiled: “Three matchmakers, six betrothal gifts, and a palanquin with eight carriers.  But not now…” 

Under everyone’s surprised gaze, Xia Muyun took the initiative to approach Leng Ruofeng. She stretched out her hand to touch his face, and smiled lightly: “This time, I really have something to do and must leave. So, if you really are sincere, when it’s my two little Royal Nephews one year old celebration, how about preparing these things to marry me?” 

Leng Ruofeng was taken aback, then nodded slightly. In the next second…the lips were once again blocked, this time it was no longer his initiative. 

“Ohh, it’s in broad daylight, really, children shouldn’t look at it.” Xia Yuqing hurriedly covered Second Baby’s eyes again, but she didn’t know that Second Baby could see the scene inside through her wide open fingers very clearly. 

“Have you seen enough? Not coming out yet?” Xia Muyun stood up. Pressing against Leng Ruofeng’s shoulders, she peered over Leng Ruofeng and looked at the crowd outside the door.

“Huh? The Empress…” Leng Ruofeng turned around, facing Xia Yuqing’s embarrassed little face. 

“Oh, the weather today is really nice.” 


“I just passed by and didn’t see anything. I didn’t see anything, you continue… continue.” 

“…” Niang Niang, do you know what is ‘there are no three hundred silver taels here”? (revealing what one intends to hide) 

“Ahahaha, I actually came to see you off. Yes, I came to see you off.” 


“Third Royal Sister, can’t you stay for a few more days?” Half an hour later, Xia Yuqing and the others stood at the gate of the mansion where Xia Muyun was temporarily settled.

Xia Muyun looked at Xia Yuqing, who was staring at her with a reluctant expression. She stretched out her hand to squeeze her small face: “It’s not like you won’t see me in the future, don’t put on this appearance as if it was a life and death moment.” 

“Royal Sister……” 

“When the two children of Xiang Er’s are one year old, you can just go to Xia country to see me.” 

“Hmph, when the two children of Xiang Er’s are one year old, the person Royal Sister would really want to see, I’m afraid it won’t be me.” Xia Yuqing complained. 

Xia Muyun was stunned. Looking over Xia Yuqing, she glanced at Leng Ruofeng not far away. She smiled and pinched Xia Yuqing’s face: “Royal Sister, thank you.” 

Thank you for allowing me to see this awkward man’s heart clearly and allowing me to hear him say he likes me personally before I had to leave. This has given her the confidence to persist for their future. 

“It’s getting late, I should go.” 

“So soon?” Xia Yuqing looked at Xia Muyun reluctantly, “Be careful on the road.” 

“Well, take care of yourself.” When Xia Muyun stepped on the carriage, she turned her head because of her instinct. She stared at the person behind her unabashedly, then slightly hooked up the corners of her lips. Then, she walked into the carriage. 

The carriage slowly headed towards the gate, then drove out. 

When the carriage was far away from the capital, away from the people, the person in the carriage carefully stretched out her hands to her lower abdomen and gently stroked it. (OMG WHAT?!?!)

In a flash, the people outside the carriage heard a low sigh from the carriage… 

“Tell my Eldest Royal Brother, this princess will be back soon.” 


Xia Muyun lifted the curtain and glanced at the gate that was gradually getting further away. Her eyes softened little by little. 
I’m waiting…waiting for you to come find me and marry me into your house with an eight-carrier sedan chair. Take me out of there, together with our…child. (OMGGG)

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