FMEA Chapter 165

Chapter 165 About to be beaten up by the group!

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“Little… Little Royal Uncle?” Xia Yuqing was shocked. The sleepy bug within her flew beyond the clouds. She stood up and stared at the man standing opposite Yun Xi, exclaiming, “You, you, you… ” 

“You got the wrong person!” Yun Zhongyue, who was knocked into by Yun Xi, backed up a few steps. When he came back to his senses, he grabbed a potted plant on the side to cover his face. Then he turned and ran. 

“Oh, Little Royal Uncle, why are you running away when you see me?!” Yun Xi was stunned for a moment. She looked at Yun Zhongyue’s back, then she stepped forward to follow. 

Before running two steps, she saw Yun Zhongyue slowly retreating back from the corner not far away. 

“Ahahaha, Miss Lu Rui, if you have something to say, don’t be impulsive, don’t be impulsive.” The potted plant in Yun Zhongyue’s hand was beaten to the side by someone long ago. He stepped back with a dry smile. 

He looked at the aggressive Lu Rui that was holding a feather duster, her face was not an average ugly expression. 

“There’s nothing to discuss. Seeing that you are our Niang Niang’s Second Senior Brother, I will ignore the previous time and not calculate that debt with you.” 

“…” Won’t calculate that debt? You obviously chased me down several streets. 

“Yet, you still haven’t learnt your lesson, you d*mn little thief. You don’t know how to repent. Take this.” Lu Rui raised the feather duster in her hand and striked hard. 

“Oh, Miss Lu Rui, don’t hit, don’t hit me, didn’t I hold back for a while? Who made your cooking so delicious?” 

“According to you, I am the blame for this? Don’t speak nonsense. Today, if I don’t break off your dog paws, I will follow your surname.” 

“Follow my surname, that would be great! As long as you enter my house, Miss Lu Rui, you will naturally have the same surname as me. So don’t be like this… Whoops, Don’t hit, don’t hit!” 

Lu Rui listened to the teasing words of Yun Zhongyue and her small face flushed. The feather duster in her hand was squeezed until it groaned. Then it flew off and hit Yun Zhongyue straight on the head: “I’m going to beat you to death, you dead hooligan!” 

“…What’s the situation now?” Yun Xi stood there blankly, looking at Yun Zhongyue, who was jumping up and down because of Lu Rui. 

“This is actually a very melodramatic story, cough cough… Speaking of which, did you call my Second Senior Brother, your Royal Uncle?” 

“Yes, isn’t his name Yun Zhongyue? ” 

“… Second Brother is indeed called by this name.”

“Then that’s right, he is my youngest uncle, the Sixth Prince of Shu, my father’s Sixth Brother.” 

Yun Zhongli, Yun Zhongyue, she never thought.. But with such similar names, it didn’t seem like a coincidence, right? But, it’s not right… 

“But… but he seems to be almost the same age as you?” Is it possible that Second Senior Brother, like Xiao Shangshu, has also practiced the tricks of the heavenly Tong Lao, and can recover one’s youthful vigor?! 

“Oh, this? My father is the eldest in his generation, that is, the Eldest Royal prince at the time, and my little Royal Uncle is my grandfather’s… latest son. So my father and little Royal Uncle are twenty or so years apart, while me and little Royal Uncle are less than six years apart. Therefore, when I was a child, I often followed little Royal Uncle around, but later I grew up and didn’t see him anymore. But his face, I’ve seen it for more than ten years, so even if it turned into ashes, I would recognize it.” 

“…” The age difference… it’s really easy to misunderstand. 

“However, speaking of him, my little Royal Uncle since he was a child was never still. When he grew up, he came and went without a trace. Sometimes my Father wanted to find him and wouldn’t know where to find him. So, why is he at Qing Jiejie’s palace? Huh, that’s not right… Just now Qing Jiejie called my Little Royal Uncle… Second Brother? When did Little Royal Uncle become Qing Jiejie’s Second Brother? How did I not know?” 

“…” I don’t even know how to explain this complicated relationship anymore! 

“Actually, I just found out.” 


“Xiao Xi, hurry up and save your little Royal Uncle!” When Xia Yuqing and Yun Xi were talking about this complicated relationship, they suddenly heard a scream. 

In the next second, a figure swished behind Yun Xi. 

“Take this…” Lu Rui followed closely, and the feather duster in her hand stopped a few centimeters above Yun Xi’s head. 

“Lu Rui Jiejie…” 

Lu Rui narrowed her eyes. She moved the feather duster left and right, up and down, and finally couldn’t bear it, “Are you a man, how could you use a girl as a shield?!”

“If you promise not to hit me, I will let her go.” 

“…” Second Brother, what about your manhood? What about your morals? 

“…” Little Junior Sister, your Second Brother’s biggest moral is not to beat women. I am a promising young man who knows how to pity and cherish the opposite sex! 


Lu Rui stretched her mouth. She retracted the feather duster in her hand, gritted her teeth and said: “Okay, I promise not to hit you, so let Xiao Xi go.” 

“That’s good, that’s good…” Yun Zhongyue was overjoyed. He sighed slightly, then let go of Yun Xi, and approached Lu Rui in a humble manner: “Miss Lu Rui…” 

As soon as the words were spoken, Yun Zhongyue felt a pain in his abdomen. The person in front of him had slammed forward quickly, knocking him dizzy. When he recovered his clarity, he saw a person sitting on his body. 

Sitting on my body… Sitting on my body… Sitting on my body… 

Yun Zhongyue’s head crashed for a second: “Pu…” 

“Hey, why did you get a nosebleed? I didn’t hit his nose!” 

“…” Lu Rui, trust your Niang Niang, you don’t want to know why he got a nosebleed. Xia Yuqing watched Lu Rui who was sitting directly above Yun Zhongyue’s waist and abdomen that allowed one to have their imagination roam. She silently covered her face. She couldn’t bear to look directly. 

“No matter what, don’t think I will let you go just because of your nosebleed!” 

“Aaa, Miss Lu Rui, you clearly said you wouldn’t beat me.” 

“Yes, I did say I wouldn’t beat you, but I didn’t say I wouldn’t kick you! Stop talking nonsense and get ready to die.” With that, Lu Rui riding Yun Zhongyue’s body, punched and kicked him. This caused Yun Zhongyue to continuously scream. 

Finally, he had to ask Yun Xi for help: “Xiao Xi save me!” 

Yun Xi stared at him condescendingly, and sneered: “Didn’t you just say that I saw the wrong person? Since I saw the wrong person, I do not have any relationship with you, why should I help you?” 

“Xiao Xi, do you know him?” Lu Rui only just realized the fact. She glanced at Yun Zhongyue and asked. 

“I don’t know.”

“You, you, you…” 

“What you? Lu Rui Jiejie, beat him! It’ll be on me if he dies.” 


“F*ck…” Yun Zhongyue was angered by Yun Xi’s arrogant attitude. He shouted in a hurry, “Xiao Xixi, you have no conscience! If it wasn’t for your Father who was so worried that he came crying and begging me to come over and take care of your future husband, how would I end up like this? No, you have to take responsibility!” 

When Yun Zhongyue said this, there was a few seconds of silence in the hall. Everyone who was coming in and out stopped their movements and followed the sound. Even Lu Rui stopped kicking to stare at Yun Xi who was on the side. 

“Kachakacha…” Yun Xi crossed her hands and made a terrifying, crisp sound. Black smoke billowed all over her body. She sneered: “I was wondering why little Royal Uncle would appear in Ye Kingdom palace for no reason? It turned out that he was a spy sent by Father to monitor General He, ha ha ha…” 

Yun Zhong Yue took a deep breath. He took a few steps back, and said with a smile: “Xiao Xixi, calm down, calm down. This is actually just a misunderstanding…a misunderstanding. I said nonsense just now, you can’t take it seriously, you can’t. ” 

“Misunderstanding? I don’t think this is a misunderstanding at all. Can’t take it seriously? But what if I do take it seriously?” 

“Xiao Xixi, what are you going to do? I am your Royal Uncle, your elder, you can’t do this. Ahhh……” 

“……” What kind of elder are you?! That’s why if you don’t court disaster, you won’t die. Second Brother, someone like you who keeps courting disaster, your Junior Sister has learned the lesson well! Rest in peace! 

After a period of turmoil, the peacefulness that Xiefang palace should have had in the early morning was restored. 

Yun Zhongyue’s head had two large bumps. He collapsed tragically on the table to the side, dead.

“In that case, the reason why Second Senior Brother is lurking in our palace is not to see me, his Junior sister, but to monitor General He for Yun Xi?” 

“Correct and incorrect.” Yun Zhong Yue groaned in a low voice. 

What responded to him was a loud: “Speak in human words.” 

“…” Why are girls so fierce these days? Shouldn’t ordinary girls be gentle, quiet, and behave in a dignified manner? How come the women in this palace are all sturdy like a wolf or a tiger, while on the contrary, this big man is like a little white rabbit that has fallen into a wolf’s den?

“Ahem, at first, it was my Royal Brother who came to me and cried saying a stinky man had robbed his baby girl’s heart. Although he looked down on that man, he reluctantly agreed to let them be together for the sake of his baby girl’s happiness. Then he cried to himself.” The tears almost flooded him on the spot. 

“Later, he said that the man had made an agreement with him. For two years, he had to wait for Xiao Xixi, then when Xiao Xixi was older, he could marry her. Royal Brother thought about it for a long time but was still restless. He was afraid that this kid would hurt Xiao Xixi’s heart within those two years, so he begged me to visit Ye Kingdom personally to watch over this man.” 

Actually the original wording of Yun Zhongli was that if this kid dared to have an affair and betray his baby girl, he should decisively erase him. However, if he could get the evidence of him cheating, this would help Xiao Xixi give up on him automatically, which would be even better. 

“…” After hearing Yun Zhongyue’s words, Xia Yuqing and the others were 囧 for a while. Xiao Xi’s father was as awkward and arrogant as ever. A child devotee is really a very magical creature. 

“Really? How could Royal Father be like this? I told him that General He is not that kind of person, why is he still…” Yun Xi complained a little embarrassingly.

“Ahem, your Father is also thinking about you.” Although this method is a bit… cruel! Xia Yuqing coughed slightly and continued to ask, “What happened later?” 

“Later? Later, I couldn’t resist Royal Brother throwing a tantrum. So, recalling that Junior Sister was also in Ye country, I reluctantly agreed. When I headed out, I ran to Ye Country myself. However, when I finally arrived, I found that Junior Sister took that man… and ran off to Xia Country.” When Yun Zhongyue said this, he was rather resentful. 

“…” Hey, Senior Brother, don’t say such misleading words! If the Ultra Seme Lord hears this, I will be out of luck again! 

Xia Yuqing cleared her throat and hurriedly recovered the topic: “Then when the people were gone and the place was empty, did Senior Brother just stay in our palace… until we came back to the palace?”

“How could that be possible?” Yun Zhong Yue slapped the table impassionedly, “Am I the kind of person who gives up that easily? When I heard you went to Xia Country, I naturally followed all the way without saying anything.” 

“…” Actually aren’t you just unwilling to be alone? I think the palace was too boring for you, so you followed along, right? Hey, that’s not right… 

“You, you…what did you say? You followed us all the way? When? Why didn’t we know at all?” Xia Yuqing pointed to Yun Zhongyue with a shocked expression on her face. 

“If I was discovered by you, then could I still have my golden sign of being the Thousand Hand God Thief?” Yun Zhong Yue raised his head arrogantly.

“In the end, weren’t you discovered by Big Baby in the end?” Xia Yuqing murmured disdainfully. 

The smile on Yun Zhongyue’s face froze: “…It was just an accident, an accident!” 

He was too careless! Who knew that all children these days were so evil! Him, the Thousand Hand God Thief, living as the King of Thieves, do you know how many people wanted to catch him? Yet, he did not expect that his reputation would be destroyed in the hands of a kid! 

“Actually, it’s not that everyone didn’t notice. Someone discovered me a long time ago, but didn’t tell you.” 

“Who?” Xia Yuqing asked with a curious look. 

“Senior Brother.” Yun Zhong Yue rolled his eyes helplessly, “That guy grew up with me. Even if he didn’t find my trace immediately, I wouldn’t be able to hide from him for a long time.” 

Xia Yuqing’s face sank. She stepped forward and patted Yun Zhongyue’s shoulder, “Second Brother, you and Senior Brother are really in love.”

“…” What’s the situation? Love? What? Why would I love that evil creature? If you really want to describe it, it should be described as an ill-fated relationship! 

Cui Er on the side listened to Yun Zhongyue’s words. She touched her chin and said thoughtfully: “Speaking of which, Niang Niang, when we were in Xia Country, Master Su did disappear for a while. During that time, he must have been with Yun Gong Zi. Later, he reappeared in An Wang’s Mansion. That is to say, on the day of the wedding banquet in An Wang’s Mansion, Young Master Yun was also in An Wang’s Mansion?” 

Tsk tsk tsk… listening to what Cui Er said, why does it sound so sour? Is this now a competition between a man and a woman competing for a man? But why is the one being argued for the womanizer Senior Brother? Sure enough, if men aren’t cheap, then women won’t love them. This broken world! My poor three views! 

As Yun Zhong Yue was busy fighting with his wits and bravery, without knowing, Xia Yuqing has turned this conversation towards a very strange direction. 

After listening to Cui Er’s words, Yun Zhongyue became startled. He greeted Cui Er’s inquisitive gaze and smiled: “As expected of my Sister-in-law, what keen senses, she really isn’t an ordinary girl at all. I have to admit, Senior Brother’s vision is quite good from a certain angle.” 

With a slap, Yun Xi and Lu Rui ruthlessly slapped down, slamming Yun Zhongyue onto the table, making a muffled noise. 

“If you’re asked a question, just answer it, why are you acting all weird?” 


“…” What about my human rights? ! Yun Zhongyue was filled with bitter tears, “Yes, that night, I was in An Wang’s Mansion.” 

“Second Brother, why did you run to my Fourth Brother’s mansion? To have a lover’s rendezvous with Senior Brother?” 


“… lover’s rendezvous?” Wouldn’t it be strange to use that word there? !

“This is not the point. The point is that you are a thief. Second Brother, did you sneak into my Fourth Royal Brother’s mansion late at night because you were interested in some rare treasure in my Fourth Royal Brother’s mansion?” 

“…No.” Yun Zhongyue looked at Xia Yuqing’s eyes that wished to strip himself off to find a treasure. He was speechless. 

“Oh, you didn’t like the treasures in my Fourth Royal Brother’s mansion? Hey, wait, that night, Fourth Royal Brother… it wouldn’t be, Second brother you…” 

“Do you think I killed him?” Yun Zhongyue crossed his arms and propped it behind his head. Then, he leaned backwards on his chair, away from the dangerous table. He smiled lightly, “It’s really not me, but I know who the real murderer is.” 

“!” Xia Yuqing and several people were in shock. The group turned to look at Yun Zhongyue, and exclaimed in unison, “Who is it?” 

Yun Zhongyue stuck out his tongue at several people, and smiled playfully: “I won’t tell you. ” 

“…” This damned brat. “Little Royal Uncle, you are looking for death!” Yun Xi simultaneously raised her hand, but it was a pity that it landed on empty air. 

Regaining his strength, Yun Zhong Yue slapped his hand on the table. Flipping over, he leaped up to the beam of the room lightly: “Come hit me, come hit me. Come up and hit me if you have the ability. ” 

“…” Second Brother, are you itching for a spanking? Believe me, you will get retribution soon. 

With a bang, the sound of a long sword unsheathed. Everyone present turned to look. Cui Er was standing with a sword in a vigorous and heroic posture. 

“!” Yun Zhongyue’s heart rang an alarm bell. As expected, in an instant, the long sword pierced towards his face coolly and mercilessly. Frightened, Yun Zhongyue fell backwards. His body turned over, and he hung upside down on the beam of the house motionless as a mountain. 

“!” D*mn it, he could actually do that? He’s just hanging there! Xia Yuqing stared at the upside down lady above her head in a daze, ah, that’s not right, it’s an upside down man. Suddenly there was a cold feeling.

“Sister-in-law… Sister-in-law, if you have something to say, let’s talk it out nicely and not use our fists. Isn’t it just the identity of the murderer? I will say it, I will say it….” If he didn’t flash away quickly, the sword would have completely pierced through him. Isn’t that too cruel!? 

“Murderer? You think I really value the identity of the murderer?” Cui Er leaned on the beam, looking down at Yun Zhongyue, as if she was staring at a live frog about to be thrown into hot water. She sneered: “What has the murderer got to do with me? I am angry only because Young Master Yun was in An Wang’s mansion at the time. Since Young Master Yun was there, he must have known that Niang Niang was being h*rassed by An Wang at the time. But as far as I know, the Prime Minister and the Third Princess were the ones to arrive that night to rescue Niang Niang and not anyone else. Now asking Yun Gong Zi, when Niang Niang was having a hard time…. where were you?” 

“That… I was……….. ” 

“Yun Gong Zi said it himself, you were with Young Master Su. If Young Master Yun just said that he knew the identity of the murderer, he shouldn’t have been too far away from Niang Niang at that time.” 

“I was indeed nearby at that time, but…” Yun Zhongyue wanted to explain, but… “In that case, when Niang Niang was in trouble and Young Master Yun was obviously nearby, why did you… just stand by? How hateful! Also, I’m not your Sister-in-law, don’t speak nonsense!” 

“!” The palace people on the side, one by one, stopped their movements and looked at each other. After reflecting the meaning of Cui Er’s words, everyone’s face sank. They all gave Yun Zhongyue a murderous gaze. Afterwards…

Yun Zhongyue looked at the sharp blade that was stabbing towards him without mercy. His face changed slightly. Avoiding it, he ran away, and the result…

“Hey, when did the door close?” 

“Oh, how did the windows…… ” 

” …… ” The roof doesn’t even need to be mentioned. Sister-in-law had already occupied that spot. He had completely fallen into the enemy’s hands, only……” 

“…… Eh.” Yun Zhongyue looked at the palace people not far away. A drop of cold sweat slipped down his forehead, “That…” 

“Kill this little thief who didn’t save our Niang Niang and tried to steal things from our palace.” Who knows who shouted, but a thousand waves were raised by a single stone. Responding to the call, the group rose to attack. 

“!” Yun Zhongyue watched a group of people gradually approach, with only one thought in his mind: no, this time, he really is going to be beaten by a group, help!

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