FMEA Chapter 166 Part 2

Chapter 166 The Root of Everything 

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He Fang tightened her hands on her side. She crossed the table, walked to Yun Zhongyue, and knelt down on both knees: “Yan Tingfang, the daughter of the criminal minister, greets the Sixth Prince.”

“Yan Tingfang? Your surname is Yan? You are the daughter of Prime Minister Yan?” Yun Zhongyue thought for a moment, then he stared at the kneeling woman’s head and exclaimed. 

“The prime minister’s daughter?” Xia Yuqing was stunned once again, looking in surprise. What’s the matter with herself? Forget the fact that she had picked up a person from the Kingdom of Shu, but it was another extraordinary person? Last time it was the crown heir, now this time it turned out to be the prime minister’s daughter!?

“What prime minister’s daughter? That is in the past. Now I’m just the daughter of a criminal minister who was hunted down and cast aside by others.” He Fang, the daughter of Yan Huan, the former prime minister of the Kingdom of Shu, mocked herself.

“The daughter of the prime minister of Shu? The daughter of Yan Huan, the prime minister of Shu, who committed suicide to escape punishment five years ago due to being accused of collaborating with the enemy and being a traitor?” Feng Tingye’s voice suddenly came in from the outside, causing everyone in the house to be taken aback.     

“Your Majesty, we greet His Majesty.” He really came! Xia Yuqing and Li Yuan looked at each other and hurriedly greeted him, but Feng Tingye stopped them.

“Everyone get up, you don’t have to be polite.” Feng Tingye took Xia Yuqing into his arms and turned his attention to Yan Tingfang.     

Yan Tingfang stepped back a little nervously. Ruixia next to her was also the same, but Yun Zhongyue’s face remained unchanged. He was not too surprised by Feng Tingye’s sudden appearance, as if he had expected it from the beginning. He asked with a smile. “You already knew our identities?”     

Feng Tingye smiled lightly and shook his head: “No, it was just a guess. I was really suspicious of your identity for a long time. As for Miss Yan, a person from Shu who has been lurking as a Xue Country spy for so many years, she must have a certain grievance with Xue Country. The most important thing is that she and Yun Xi are old acquaintances. As far as I know, Yun Xi, as the crown heir of Shu, has been tightly protected since she was a child. She has never been out of the Shu Palace except for last time when she ran away from home, while Miss Yan had settled in Ye State a few years ago. In that case, Miss Yan and Yun Xi could only be old friends from childhood. With her status being so precious, a person who can be her childhood friend could never be a commoner.”     

Yun Zhongyue greeted Feng Tingye’s calm gaze, and chuckled: “I underestimated you.”

“Suicide to escape punishment? Collaborating with the enemy and being a traitor? How is it possible? How could Uncle Yan collide with the enemy and be a traitor to the country?” Yun Xi was frightened by Feng Tingye’s words. It took her a long time to react. She exclaimed in disbelief, “Mother… Mother told me that Uncle Yan was nursing a sickness and returned home, leaving the capital with Fang Jiejie, how could this be? How could this be? Impossible, Fang Jiejie…” 

Yan Tingfang looked at the Yun Xi who was panicked. She endured it, then she turned her face away, neither admitting nor denying it. 

“I heard that Prime Minister Yan was charged with secretly communicating with Xia Country to plot a rebellion. Later, being investigated by the officials of the Shu state, all his deeds were revealed. So, afraid of being punished, he killed himself and his whole family was sentenced to be executed. …” Shao Zitang interrupted Yun Xi’s exclamation in a timely manner, and completely ignited the anger that Yan Tingfang had suppressed for a long time. 

“My Father never collaborated with the enemy to betray the country! It was the Eldest Princess who colluded with Xue Country to instigate the relationship between Ye and Shu. My Father found out and she killed my Father in desperation, wiping out my entire Yan family. The real collaborator and traitor is not my dad, but that sl*t of a princess!” 

Yan Tingfang’s out-of-control growl resounded through the entire hall. It made everyone present stunned. All of them stared at her with wide eyes. 

“Miss…” Ruixia’s eyes flushed red when she whispered to Yan Tingfang who was crumbling in front of her with a worried look on her face.

As soon as she spoke, Yan Tingfang realized her slip of the tongue. Her face was white, and she swayed back two steps with her mouth covered. Her eyes were covered with water vapor. 

“Oh my god!” Xia Yuqing looked at Yan Tingfang with a stunned expression. She didn’t expect to watch such a lively show, hearing such a hot secret, and making profit! 

Feng Tingye looked at the shiny little eyes of the person in his arms. He couldn’t help but stretch out his hand to pinch her little face, causing her to stare at himself with dissatisfaction. Then he returned to the subject: “Zhen has been puzzled for a long time about the matter of Prime Minister Yan. Since childhood, Zhen has followed Royal father around. If Prime Minister Yan really had an affair with the people of Ye Kingdom, there is no reason for Zhen and Royal Father to be ignorant of it. The only explanation is that this charge was totally fictional, a fake. Someone deliberately pointed their finger at Prime Minister Yan and pointed their finger at the country of Ye. Moreover, Prime Minister Yan’s character and temperament was not only famous in Shu, but also in the other three countries. It was not that no one had tried to change his mind back then, but they all returned without success. Yet, such a person was suddenly revealed to be collaborating with an enemy and betraying their own country to defect to my Ye country? This scandal was really too surprising. This doubt has plagued me for so years and it has finally been resolved.” 

Yan Tingfang bit her lip. She lowered her head and laughed mockingly: “People from other countries still believe in my dad’s temperament? What’s ridiculous is that people from other countries believe in him, yet the country where my dad has guarded his whole life doesn’t.”     

“Fang Jiejie, this is all true? Uncle Yan has…what is going on? You just said the Eldest Princess, the Eldest Princess… do you mean Royal Aunt?” Yun Xi’s expression was unusually ugly as she clutched Yan Tingfang’s clothes tightly. 

The panicked appearance made Xia Yuqing and He Wenzhong feel distressed.     

“Xiao Xi, don’t worry, don’t worry, it’s okay…” He Wenzhong stepped forward and pulled Yun Xi’s hand. When he touched her, he clearly felt the light tremor from her fingertips.     

“This is not the place to talk. If you don’t mind, how about changing it to another place?” Shao Zitang glanced at Yan Tingfang, whose face was ugly to the extreme, then he reminded a few people who were a little emotional.     

“Let’s go into the inner hall to speak. I don’t think Miss Yan would want too many outsiders to know about this.” Feng Tingye glanced at a few people and said with a faint smile.    

Yun Zhongyue’s complexion was not good. He raised his head and glanced at Feng Tingye, then sneered: “This is a matter of my Shu Kingdom, it really shouldn’t be known to too many outsiders. Lets please have King Ye prepare a secluded room for us. Allow me, Xiao Xi and Miss Yan to have a chat alone.”

Yun Zhongyue deliberately emphasized the word ‘alone’, but Feng Tingye remained unmoved.  He raised his eyebrows: “Sixth Prince is wrong. Just now Miss Yan had said that the reason why the princess framed Prime Minister Yan, was to cover up their conspiracy with Xue Country to instigate the relationship between Ye and Shu. This matter is related to the safety of Ye Country, how can I ignore it?” 

“…” I… I’m speechless! This d*mn fox had planned it from the beginning. 

“Exactly, I also want to listen, I also want to listen. You are in my home, eating mine and living with mine, so what you say is also mine. I should be able to listen!”

“ …” 

The reason why the palace people of Xiefang Palace have been able to stay in the Ye Kingdom’s palace for a long time was first because of their loyalty and ability. Secondly, it was because of their sensible knowledge of knowing what can be done and what can not be done. It didn’t matter how they joked and jested with their master, or played wantonly, when they really encountered things they shouldn’t watch or listen to, these people would run faster than anyone else. Therefore, in just a split second, only Xia Yuqing’s group was left in the inner and outer halls of Xiefang palace. 

“Now can we speak? Fang Jiejie, what is going on?” Yun Xi saw the people in the hall disappear and immediately asked anxiously. 

Yan Tingfang looked up at Yun Xi and Yun Zhong Yue, then at Feng Tingye and everyone not far away. After gritting her teeth, she slowly opened her mouth: “Five years ago, I just turned fifteen years old. That year, Dad often went out early and returned late. Every time he came back, he would be frowning and sighing. Later, I learned that it was because of some disputes between Ye and Shu. The emperor had advocated for peace, but some court officials headed by the Third Prince disagreed. He strongly advocated a heavy-armed war against Ye Nation.”

Yan Tingfang spoke to this point and stopped. She slowly clenched her hands: “One day, my father hurriedly returned home, saying that he was going to write a memorial to enter the palace. He told us not to bother him. Mother and I seeing he was in a hurry at the time didn’t ask much. As a result, the next morning, Dad never came out of his study. Only then did my Mother realize that something was wrong. She opened the door of the room and wanted to call out, but found tht my Dad had died in the studyroom. My Mother and I were both terrified. Just as we were at a loss, the Third Prince surrounded our mansion with a group of officers and soldiers and started arresting people. Mother saw that the situation wasn’t good and stuffed me under the bed, as a result…” 

Yan Tingfang covered her face and laughed: “Hahaha, the Third Princess must have never thought that I was in that room at that time, so she pointed out that… if Father had not bumped into her and the people of Xue Country discussing how to initiate the disputes between Ye and Shu, she wouldn’t have needed to spend so much effort to kill my Father. She would not let go of anyone who wanted to stop her from ruining Ye Country, she would not let go of any of them, hahaha…” 

Everyone watched Yan Tingfang laugh until tears fell out, their expressions became a little heavy. 

Xia Yuqing stepped back with some fear and ran into Feng Tingye’s arms.

“Your Majesty, she…” Xia Yuqing wanted to speak out, but Feng Tingye held her hand tightly and shook his head at her. 

“How could this happen? How could this happen?” Yun Xi leaned back into the arms of the person behind her with a pale face, “How can Royal Aunt…” 

Yun Zhongyue’s expression was also extremely solemn: “Later, how did you escape?” 

“Later, Ruixia guarded me and took me to a secret path behind my courtyard. It was a pity that I was chased by the Eldest Princess after I just ran out. Between life and death, fortunately, the Empress lent a hand to save Ruixia and I.”

“Empress? Mother? My mother saved Fang Jiejie?” Yun Xi’s eyes widened again. She looked at Yan Tingfang in astonishment. 

Yan Tingfang took a deep breath and nodded slowly: “The Empress secretly sent someone to rescue us and sent us out of Shu.” 

“But if mother knew about this, how could she not tell father? How could she let Fang Jiejie’s family be executed?” 

“The Empress wanted to save our family, but… she couldn’t. The Third Prince decided to act first and report later. From the start, he didn’t inform the emperor…” Yan Tingfang turned away. Her hands clenched tightly, almost until she was bleeding. Her eyes gradually filled with unbearable hatred. 

Yun Zhong Yue quietly listened to Yan Tingfang’s words, then his eyebrows frowned: “What about the evidence?” 


“What you just said, is there any evidence?” Yun Zhong Yue asked. 

“Sixth Prince, are you suspicious of me?” Yan Tingfang stared at Yun Zhongyue’s face and asked neither humbly nor arrogantly. 

Yun Zhongyue shook his head: “You are the person saved by Royal Sister-in-law, how could I suspect you? I just wanted to ask you, did you keep any evidence against the princess?” 

“This…” Yan Tingfang was stunned. Her right hand grasped her left elbow, unable to speak. “No. The only evidence back then was the memorial handwritten by Father, but the memorial was later discovered by the Third Prince and was taken away. So at that time, only after the Empress sent me out of Shu, was I allowed to enter the Ying Chun Yuan. She knew that Ying Chun Yuan was a spy organization set up by Xue Country in Ye Country. If I could get in completely, I would be able to track the clues and find evidence of the princess negotiating with Xue Country.” 

“It turned out to be like this.” Feng Tingye and the others suddenly realized that this also explained why Yan Tingfang appeared in Ying Chunyuan.

After listening to Yan Tingfang’s words, Yun Zhong Yue turned to look at Yun Xi, “This is probably the reason why Royal Sister-in-law had to be silent. First of all, Fourth Royal Sister’s status in the Kingdom of Shu is not low. If she had opened her mouth, Royal Brother would be in a dilemma. Secondly, this being the most critical point, is that your Fang Jiejie does not have sufficient evidence. If she opened her mouth, it would expose your Fang Jiejie’s whereabouts. However, not only will it not help clear Yan family’s name, instead, it will drag her and your Fang Jiejie down.”

Yun Xi’s face changed slightly, she obviously thought of this too. Listening to Yun Zhongyue’s words, Yan Tingfang was stunned. Afterwards, she seemed to understand something, and smiled: “No wonder the Empress told me that apart from her, the only one who I could show my identity to is the Sixth Prince.” 

“No wonder you would daringly show off your identity. Hahaha, in this way, my position in Royal Sister-in-law’s heart seems to be even higher than that of my Royal Brother.” Yun Zhongyue’s dignified and steady appearance didn’t have time to linger for a few minutes before it fell apart again. 

“…” Second Brother, believe me, if you dare to say that in front of your Royal Brother, you will definitely be hung up and beaten by him. 

“How can Royal Aunt do this? Collaborating with the enemy and betraying her country is a big crime! What will Fang Jiejie do next?” Yun Xi bit her lip and looked at Yan Tingfang cautiously. 

Yan Tingfang was silent for a moment, then sighed: “Now that Ying Chunyuan has been destroyed by the roots, if she wanted to find evidence of the collusion between the princess and Xue Country, she could only find another way.” 

“In this way, it seems that it was my mistake.” Xia Yuqing smiled awkwardly. If she hadn’t been kidnapped carelessly, then Ying Chun Yuan…

“Ai Fei, you don’t need to blame yourself for this matter. Even if Ying Chun Yuan still existed, the secret agents of Shu are famous for having hard mouths. Wanting to take something out of their mouths is basically impossible.” Feng Tingye held Xia Yuqing’s waist and glanced at the people on the opposite side, speaking with a faint smile, “If you really want evidence, why don’t you think of a way to get back the memorial that Prime Minister Yan wrote?” 

“Wasn’t the memorial taken away by Third Royal Uncle?” Yun Xi looked at Feng Tingye with a puzzled look, “This kind of dangerous thing, it should have been destroyed by him long ago, how could it be left until now for us to find? Moreover, Third Royal Uncle had already during the last conspiracy to rebel…” 

“That’s not necessarily the case.” Having stayed by Feng Tingye for so long, Shao Zitang  naturally understood the meaning of Feng Tingye’s words. “Ms. Yan said just now that Prime Minister Yan saw through the princess and Xue Country’s conspiracy thus he got murdered. In that memorial, everything written is likely usable to testify against the eldest princess. Yet, in the end, this memorial was taken by your Third Royal Uncle.” 

“Aren’t they in the same group?” Isn’t it the same no matter who took it?” 

“Of course it’s not the same.” Feng Tingye smiled coldly, ” Brothers of ordinary families still have to settle accounts with each other, let alone the brothers and sisters of the royal family.”

Yan Tingfang seemed to understand something. Her eyes lit up: “That’s right, the memorial may likely be still around.” 

“You have spoken for a long time, but it’s all just a guess. However, there is something I’m quite curious about.” Xia Yuqing, after listening quietly for a long time, finally couldn’t help but interject.

“What’s the matter?” Everyone’s eyes gathered on Xia Yuqing’s body. 

“You have been saying that the Eldest Princess was conspiring with others to provoke the relationship between Ye and Shu, she even had to kill off Prime Minister Yan and execute his entire family, but why did she do this? It sounds like she hates the country of Ye, but, why? Did Ye Country do something to her?” 

“The reason why she is doing this kind of thing? Well, of course, it’s because she wants to usurp the throne and become the emperor.” Yan Ran replied indifferently. 

“Is that so?” Xia Yuqing twisted her face, not believing it entirely. 

Yun Zhong Yue listened to Xia Yuqing’s words and was silent for a while. He touched his chin and pondered for a moment. Scanning all the people present, he finally fixed his eyes on Feng Tingye’s body. He brightened and the corners of his lips slowly hooked upwards. He stood up: “So that’s the case.” 


“Miss Yan, there may be another purpose for Royal Sister-in-law sending you to Ye Country.” 


“Here… is the root of everything.” 

Yan Tingfang was stunned: “The root of everything?” 

Yun Zhong Yue nodded. He turned his head to look at Feng Tingye: “Your Majesty, do you still remember that the Kingdom of Shu had intention to make peace with the Kingdom of Ye five years ago?” 

Feng Tingye’s face sank suddenly. Yun Zhong Yue smiled: “That’s right, at that time, Shu Kingdom wanted to send someone over to Ye Kingdom to form a marriage relation and that person was Fourth Sister.”


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