FMEA Chapter 168

Chapter 168 The assassin leader joins! 

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Little by little, the sun moved from the east to the west, then plunged into the towering mountains in the distance. The sky darkened little by little, and the dazzling sunlight outside the window slowly changed into a soft moonlight. 

Xia Yuqing sat in Xiefang palace, waiting left and right until the flowers were almost wilted, yet Feng Tingye did not appear. After a long time, she became bored. 

Xia Yuqing has a small habit of wanting to eat when she is bored. As expected, someone nibbled on things from morning to night until she almost nibbled herself up, but Feng Tingye still did not show up. 

“It’s so late, why is His Majesty not back?” Xia Yuqing patted her small protruding belly, got up and hiccuped… 

“Well, it seems that I’m too full to eat and can’t sleep right away. Should I do some exercise for digestion first?” 

Do exercise? ! Lu Rui who was cleaning the room on the side was startled. Her face changed. She hurriedly winked at the little maids outside the hall. The little maids understood, and rushed to the front hall in a hurry to pick up the phoenix bow, then ran in the opposite direction.

Xia Yuqing paced out of the inner hall. Looking at the empty shelf, she exclaimed: “Hey, where is my bow?” 

“!” Niang Niang, you really wanted to play with the bow? Lu Rui screamed inwardly and secretly thanked her foresight. 

“Could it be a thief? Second Brother…” 

“…” Okay, this time Young Master Yun really got attacked even though he is innocent, but who made him a habitual offender? It should be okay to be wronged. 

“Ahem, the bowstring of the bow was a little loose two days ago, so Nu Bi took it for repairs. It hasn’t been retrieved yet.” Lu Rui coughed slightly, returning Yun Zhongyue’s innocence. 

“Oh, that’s it.” Xia Yuqing nodded, and muttered under her chin, “I’ll say, I was wondering which thief would think poorly and decide to steal such a heavy bow.” 


“However, since there is no bow, you can’t shoot arrows.” 

“Yeah, you can’t shoot without a bow, what a pity.” Lu Rui replied, pretending to be sorry. 

Xia Yuqing frowned in distress. Then when her gaze touched the side hall, she brightened: “Yes, Lu Rui, go and get my zither. I think the light in Miss Yan’s room is still on, so she shouldn’t be sleeping. I’m going to find her to play an ensemble now.” 

“!” Upon hearing Xia Yuqing’s words, the maids in Xiefang palace sounded a first-level alarm. Lu Rui stepped forward quickly, blocking Xia Yuqing to delay the time. She waved vigorously at the little palace maids behind her. Before the little palace maids could breathe, they rushed towards the zither room, picked up the zither, and sneaked out from the side hall. 

“Niang Niang, Niang Niang, wait…wait a minute.” 

“What’s the matter?” Xia Yuqing looked at Lu Rui who was in front of her with a puzzled look. 

Lü Rui froze for a moment, then said with a dry smile: “That…that zither…was also sent to be repaired.” 

“Is it even possible to have loosen the strings?” Xia Yuqing was stunned. 

“Oh, no, no, it’s because the strings were too tight. The servant girl was afraid that Niang Niang would hurt her hand when she played it, so it was sent to be adjusted by someone and I haven’t retrieved it yet.” 

“Too tight? But I played it last time and it didn’t feel too tight at that time.” Xia Yuqing twisted her eyebrows in confusion.

“The zither…expands with heat and shrinks with cold! Yes, yes, that’s what Niang Niang said before. Now that we are entering summer, the weather is relatively hot, so even the strings have tightened.” 

“So that’s it.” Xia Yuqing nodded, accepting Lu Rui’s argument. 

When Lu Rui saw Xia Yuqing listening to her explanation, she breathed a sigh of relief and wiped the cold sweat off her forehead. As soon as she looked up, she saw Xia Yuqing turning into the small study nearby. Lu Rui’s eyes sank, why is Niang Niang running to the study? There should be nothing dangerous in the study, right? 

Lu Rui followed Xia Yuqing in, full of doubts. As soon as she entered, she saw Xia Yuqing take out a bundle of white paper from under the desk. She then took out a small charcoal pen she had been carrying with her from her sleeve. 

“Niang Niang, what are you doing?” Lu Rui looked curiously at Xia Yuqing scribbling on the white paper. Not long after that, she saw a few flamboyant characters on the white paper: Husband vs. Green Tea B*tch, the vicious female match. 

“Pu…” The corner of Lu Rui’s mouth twitched as she looked at Xia Yuqing and asked, “Niang Niang, this is…” 

Xia Yuqing sighed up to the sky and pretended to be profound: “This is the latest masterpiece of Ben Gong.” 

“The latest masterpiece?”

“That’s right. After hearing about the princess of Shu Kingdom a few days ago, Ben Gong felt that…” 


“The world view of Ben Gong has been refreshed!” Xia Yuqing shouted with a cry. Lu Rui couldn’t help but back up two steps in fright, then she quickly returned to her original state. Coughing slightly, she politely explained: “Well, after listening about the princess, Ben Gong found that the stories previously written by Ben Gong seem to be…. too childish! It’s hard to be elegant. Before, I was confined to this palace and was dedicated to discovering all kinds of affairs in this palace, inside and outside the palace, but now…” 

Xia Yuqing sighed faintly, raised her head at a 45-degree angle: “I’m too short-sighted.” 

“Niang Niang…” 

“Don’t speak, listen to me.” Before Lu Rui finished speaking, Xia Yuqing was quick to interrupt. 


“Yaoi, this great cause, is broad and profound. I only know a corner of it and I wasn’t making progress. I let myself be blindfolded, hence blocking my progress. I am really ashamed for all those senior Yaoi fans who had high hopes for me. I am ashamed towards the Transmigration god who sent me here. Fortunately, the Eldest Princess’s affairs have awakened me completely from the world of being a frog at the bottom of the well. In an instant, my vision has widened and my future is bright. I can’t be so decadent, I need to start again. I will stand up!” 

Looking at Xia Yuqing’s impassioned appearance, Lu Rui replied weakly: “… Niang Niang, speak human words.” 

“I decided to develop the fantasy business to other countries, to capture them all.” 

“!” Niang Niang, you finally couldn’t bear it? Did you want to extend your devil claws from the good women and men of Ye Kingdom to the good women and men in the world? Does the emperor know about your cruel plan? 

“This new work is just the first step for Ben Gong to realize her ambitions!” 

“…Niang Niang, what are you going to write about here?” Why does it sound so cruel? !

Xia Yuqing cleared her throat. She stared at Lu Rui with bright eyes, and said with excitement: “This time I want to write about an imperial emperor who fell in love with a son of an important minister. The two will go through countless hardships and obstacles. Then when finally their efforts come to fruition, the emperor having a special status will involuntarily attract a vicious female. This vicious female partner is the valuable Eldest Princess from a neighboring country. The emperor makes a serious statement in order to protect his loved one and rejects the princess’s display of love. The vicious female partner has since then held a grudge, and embarks on the intricate road of hatred due to love. Hate after love, love after hate, this tangled and complicated road will cause her to commit a series of frenzied evils.” 


“Of course, Lu Rui, you don’t need to be afraid, the ending will be beautiful.” 

“…” No, I am not afraid at all. I’m just worried that the emperor will vomit blood when he sees this book. 

“This vicious female is so resentful, she will naturally suffer the consequences of her action. The prince and the emperor will naturally lead a good life afterwards. Oh ho ho ho, in order to make this story more complete, Ben Gong will add the popular element of boy/boy giving birth.”

“…” Boy/boy giving birth, what concept is that?! Niang Niang, Nu Bi is going to be broken by you! Please let me go!

“Hey, a person always needs to keep up with the times. In order to be able to walk in the forefront of the big streets of Tanmei(BL), I must constantly improve my accomplishments and make continuous progress.” Xia Yuqing raised her head and made a decision. A very serious gesture, but it’s a pity… 

“…” After Lu Rui petrified for a moment, the corners of her mouth twitched and she whispered, “Niang Niang, how come this story sounds like the previous emperor, the empress dowager, and the princess of Shu….” 

“Oh, Lu Rui, you really understand my heart! Isn’t there a saying that is really good? Novels originate from life, but are higher than life, so don’t pay too much attention to such things.” 


“Okay, okay, at worst I will just write that this story is purely fictitious after I finish. Any similarities are purely coincidental. Don’t worry.” 

“…” How could I not worry? ! Niang Niang, the 300 silver taels are not in this place (revealing what one intends to hide). When you try to hide it, it makes it more conspicuous. Do you understand?! Doing this, won’t you just remind others that this thing really exists? 

But this is not the main point. The main point is…If the previous emperor finds out in his graveyard that you turned his affectionate love story between him and the empress dowager into a…man/man couple? ! I don’t know if he will get angry enough to jump out from below and strangle you to death! Also if the emperor knows what you have written… him being the product of two men, he will definitely become crazy, he will, for sure! 

Lu Rui was once again broken by Xia Yuqing’s unreasonable card play! With dark clouds on her head and tears streaming down her face, she heard a loud noise from the side hall. 

“What sound is that?” Xia Yuqing was so frightened by the sound that her hand trembled. The charcoal pen in her hand slipped from her fingers and fell to the ground. She turned her head to look at Lu Rui in amazement.

“This sound seemed to have come from the room of His Royal Highness and the little princess.” Lu Rui froze and her eyes shrank. 

Xia Yuqing’s expression also changed. Ignoring everything, she quickly ran towards the kid’s room in the side hall. Lu Rui was startled and hurriedly followed. 

“Dun Dun, Dudu, what happened…what happened?” Xia Yuqing yelled and pushed open the door of the side hall. As a result… 

“What are you…what are you doing?” Xia Yuqing looked uneasy in the distance. 

The two babies who have been moved from the cradle to the crib were sitting on the crib now. One of them rubbed their eyes and looked forward blankly, while the other held a pistol firmly and looked forward with a grim face. With his other hand, he patted his sister comfortingly. 

On the wall opposite them, a young man with his hands outstretched and raised upwards, looked forward with a complicated expression on his face. On the wall beside him, there was a big hole. No matter how you look at the hole, it looked like… 

“Dudu, you are shooting casually again?!” Xia Yuqing stared at the pistol in the baby’s hand and exclaimed. 

“Little Junior Sister, your child is really different.” Yun Zhongyue’s face became pale. Looking at the hole on his side, he swallowed hard. 

“Who told him to bully my sister while my sister was asleep? If you dare touch my sister’s face again, next time I promise you that the shot will be aimed at your head!” Big Baby didn’t pay attention to the adults on the opposite side. He simply raised his head and looked forward provocatively. 

“…” Who is this brat like? ! It feels like the Ultra Seme Lord was not as difficult as he is. Should we say that the student surpassed the master? Xia Yuqing covered her face silently.

“Ahahaha, okay, next time I won’t…cough cough…” Yun Zhongyue laughed. He awkwardly looked at the small bean with an embarrassed expression. He felt that he really lost face after speaking and turned his face away. Tears streamed down his face silently. Even a child could deal with him like this, so sad. 

“Oh, Mr. Yun, you’re bleeding.” Lu Rui who followed into the room was also taken aback when she saw the scene. 

Xia Yuqing was taken aback, only to discover that there was a wound on Yun Zhongyue’s right hand that was bleeding. It should be from the bullet from the gun just now. 

“Second Brother, you are injured. Lu Rui, help him bandage it up.” 

Yun Zhongyue obediently followed Lu Rui out, so only Xia Yuqing and the two small buns were left. 

“Brother…” Second Baby rubbed her eyes and yawned softly, with a very sleepy expression. 

“Hey, keep sleeping.” Big Baby patted Second Baby’s head, softly coaxing. 


Xia Yuqing watched the interaction between the two steamed buns, and the blue veins on her head bulged. She yelled intolerably: “Feng Suixue! You speak to me!” 

This is the first time Xia Yuqing has called her Big Baby’s name directly. This clearly displayed the degree of her anger. It’s a pity that the person she encountered wasn’t someone else, but Big Bun who is not that easy to deal with. 

“Mother, when did I not speak to you properly?” 


“Mother…I’m scared!” Before Xia Yuqing had time to criticize Big Baby, she heard Second Baby on the side pitifully crying. 

One sentence and Xia Yuqing became stiff: “No, Baby is good, Mother is not being fierce to you.” 

“Waa, Baby is going to sleep, but mother is being mean to Baby.” Second Baby being very sleepy and woken up many times felt anger as she got up. 


“Mother, you made my younger sister cry again.” Big Baby hurriedly hugged Second Baby and coaxed in a low voice. At the same time, he cast her condemning little eyes.

“…” Who is the reason I made my baby cry? This kid didn’t put herself in his eyes again. He even repeatedly attacked her relationship with  Second Baby to brush up on Second Baby’s favor. Ahhhhh, did I even give birth to him? I’m so angry! 

“Mother, we are going to bed, so we ask that Mother leave first. If there’s anything, we can speak tomorrow.” 

“…” Xia Yuqing glanced at Second Baby with tears in her eyes looking pitiful. She sighed and compromised, “Okay, we can talk about the other things tomorrow, but the gun in your hand is too dangerous for a kid to hold. Give the gun to your Mother.” 

Big Baby’s eyes were exactly the same as Feng Tingye’s. He squinted, turned the gun in his hand, and put the pistol into his purse in front of Xia Yuqing. He raised his head and smiled: “Mother, this pistol was grabbed by your son during the Zhua Zhou ceremony, it belongs to your son. Mother doesn’t have the right to confiscate it.” 

Xia Yuqing pulled the corner of her mouth and gritted her teeth: “It’s not like Mother won’t return it to you, just wait until you get older, then Mother will return it to you.” 

“For that point, Mother doesn’t need to worry. Father has already agreed to allow this son to carry this thing to protect himself. Since Father hasn’t said anything, Mother shouldn’t say anything, right?” 

Xia Yuqing looked at the innocent smile on Big Baby’s face and realized that she was… speechless. 

“If there is nothing else, it is not early now. Mother please go back to rest first, this son and sister will also go to bed.” 

“…” Xia Yuqing looked at the impeccable smile on Big Baby’s face and Second Baby’s pitiful expression. Defeated! 

Xia Yuqing walked out of the room of the two buns listlessly. She closed the door for the two buns, and sighed. Is it a good thing or a bad thing for her child to be this smart?

“It hurts… Ms. Lurui, do it lightly!” As soon as Xia Yuqing walked outside, she heard the tragic cry of pain from Yun Zhongyue. 

“Does it hurt? But I didn’t seem to touch there.” Lu Rui looked at Yun Zhong Yue holding his chest, feeling puzzled. 

“Ahem, it’s the last time… the injuries that you caused last time are not healed.” 

Lu Rui was startled, then she remembered the last time they fought Yun Zhongyue in a group: “The last time……” 

“Let me tell you, last time’s incident was all your fault, Second Brother.” Xia Yuqing stepped forward, sat next to the two of them, and slapped Yun Zhongyue’s arm with a slap. 

“Oh…” Yun Zhong Yue let out a painful cry, frightening Xia Yuqing. She realized that she had just accidentally hit Yun Zhongyue’s newly bandaged wound. 

“Oh, the blood is flowing out again.” Lu Rui exclaimed, hurriedly re-stopping the bleeding for Yun Zhong Yue. 

“Little Junior Sister, you did it on purpose.” Yun Zhong Yue grimaced with pain. He stared at Xia Yuqing with tears in his eyes. 

Xia Yuqing laughed and waved her hand, “Um…I didn’t mean it, really! However, Second Brother, really? You know that Big Baby doesn’t like you, so why do you keep provoking him and annoying him? Are you looking for abuse? But then again, how did you provoke him? Last time during the Zhua Zhou ceremony too. I thought he saw me nagging too much and wanted to hit me, but it turned out that he was aiming at you. He also kept saying that you bullied my Second Baby. Second Brother, honestly explain, what did you do to my second child?”

“What can I do? Isn’t it because Junior Sister’s Second Baby is too cute? Senior Brother really likes her and can’t help but pinch her small face. As a result, who knew that your Eldest Baby would hold such a grudge. He actually dared to hit me two times with that thing. If I knew that the kid was so evil, I wouldn’t have thrown those things for the Zhua Zhou ceremony on a whim. Who would have thought that this thing was so powerful? Moreover, with so many things on the table, how did the child choose that silver item?” 

Yun Zhong Yue regretfully muttered to himself, but he didn’t realize that Xia Yuqing, who was sitting next to him, had already heard what he said and stood up. 

“It turns out it was you who put the pistol on the table. I obviously put that thing at the bottom of the box, so why would it still appear on that table for no reason? It turns out…you caused this.” 

Yun Zhong Yue felt a cold behind his back. He stiffened his neck and turned around to face the murderous figure of Xia Yuqing. He smiled awkwardly: “Little Junior Sister, this is just an accident, an accident!” 

F*ck, your sister is an accident!” Without saying anything, Xia Yuqing hit Yun Zhongyue’s head with a fist, causing the unsuspecting Yun Zhongyue to slam into the table in front of him leading him to have a pile of buns on his head (bumps). His face also brought out two tubes of nosebleed. 

“…Little Junior Sister, you are really ruthless.” 

“Hmph, you asked for it yourself. No wonder Big Baby wanted to point a gun at you when he saw you, I would have done the same. From the start, you reap what you sow! Senior Brother is not reliable, Second Brother, you are even less reliable. Can I even have any hopes for Third Brother? I…” Xia Yuqing was filled with righteous indignation and wanted to step forward to compensate for her anger, but suddenly she heard something from outside, so she stopped.

“Niang Niang, the emperor is here, come out quickly.” Cui Er’s voice came in from outside, stopping Xia Yuqing’s castration. 

“Hey, it’s so late, why did the emperor come here?” Xia Yuqing snorted coldly towards Yun Zhongyue and straightened her clothes: “You can reflect on it here, I will settle the account tomorrow.” 

Yun Zhongyue pulled over a handkerchief in his hand to stuff his two bleeding nostrils. Looking at Xia Yuqing’s back, he mumbled: “When you meet your Third Brother, you will find that compared to him, Senior Brother and I are already the most reliable.” 

“Your Majesty?” As soon as Xia Yuqing walked out, from one glance at Feng Tingye, she could see that this person was different tonight. 

Feng Tingye didn’t have his smile that made people unable to pick out any flaws like usual. He also didn’t tease or flirt with Xia Yuqing with ease, instead, he directly took Xia Yuqing and walked into the bedroom. 

“Your… Your Majesty?” Xia Yuqing was dragged by Feng Tingye all the way into the room. As soon as they walked in, she was thrown onto the bed by someone. 

“!” F*ck, why is the Ultra Seme Lord going crazy today? Why is his action so fierce? Is he preparing to… force himself on her? 

Before Xia Yuqing recovered, she felt her body feel heavy. She thought that Feng Tingye would go straight to the subject, but the person who pressed down on her just reached out and hugged herself tightly. There were no other actions. 

“Your Majesty?” Xia Yuqing whispered tentatively, then she felt a peculiar smell entering the tip of her nose. Her eyes shrank, “Your Majesty, did you drink?” 

Is the emperor preparing to have s*x after drinking? Don’t carry such a strong taste, Yamete!

“Don’t move. Just let Zhen hug you for a while.” 

Feng Tingye’s rare weakness made Xia Yuqing stunned. Although she was surprised in her heart, she wisely chose silence. She slowly relaxed her body, and moved her hand behind Feng Tingye’s back.

After a long while, Xia Yuqing heard Feng Tingye’s question: “Ai Fei, if… if one day, I suddenly leave you and no longer live in this world, what will you do?” 

“!” Xia Yuqing was stunned. Looking at the person in her arms with a look of surprise, she called out, “Your Majesty.” 

“Answer Zhen’s question.” 

Xia Yuqing couldn’t help shrinking her neck. Holding Feng Tingye’s clothes behind her hands, she tightened her grip: “Then if one day, I suddenly disappeared from this world, what would you do? Will you still remember me?” 

Feng Tingye’s whole body trembled. He looked up at Xia Yuqing, stubbornly: “You won’t, Zhen will protect you for a lifetime. Zhen will not give you a chance to leave Zhen’s side. As long as Zhen is alive for one day, Zhen won’t let go of your hand.” 

Xia Yuqing looked at Feng Tingye’s serious expression. She didn’t know why but she felt like crying: “Well, the emperor is the dignified king, and your words are worth an enormous weight. If one day you suddenly leave the world, I will wait… wait for one year.” 

“Wait one year?” Feng Tingye looked at Xia Yuqing in surprise, not quite understanding what she meant. “Yes, wait one year. If I can forget you after a year, I will continue to live my life.” Xia Yuqing looked at Feng Tingye’s sudden sinking expression and couldn’t help smiling, “On the contrary, if after a year I still remember you, I’ll… go with you.” 

“You…” Feng Tingye’s eyes shrank. He stared at Xia Yuqing in surprise. 

“Shhh, listen to me. In exchange, if I disappear, Your Majesty will have to wait for me for a year. After a year, no matter what happens, it will be the emperor’s business. But for that year, we owe each other, okay?” Xia Yuqing didn’t know why she said such words. Perhaps it was because of the uneasiness that had buried in her heart that she didn’t belong to this world. Perhaps it was because she did not know when she might disappear from this world. 

Feng Tingye’s eyes stared at Xia Yuqing stubbornly, Xia Yuqing also gave back a seldom seen stubborn stare. After a while, Feng Tingye nodded gently. 

There was no sound in the room for a while. The two people hugged each other closely and did not say a word. Everything seemed to have stopped, warm and sad, until… 

“Your Majesty, can you tell Chen Qie what your hand is doing?” Xia Yuqing twitched, staring at the salty pig hand that was stirring up trouble on her body. 

“I just thought about it. One year seems to be too long, so Zhen has decided to cherish the current moment and have fun with my Ai Fei and enjoy the present.” 

Feng Tingye smiled lightly. Hr lifted his head from Xia Yuqing’s body, saying it as a matter of course. 

The grinning appearance made it impossible to associate him with the speechless man who was emotionally out of control just now. 

“…” Although I am happy that the Ultra Seme Lord is back to his original state, can you stop ruining the atmosphere at this time? This is the rare moment that this Lao Zi is emotionally touched, yet you are spoiling the moment? It’s…too much, too infuriating!

 So was that life parting and confession of one’s true feelings just now fake? D*mn it, you made me a “little” worried, unforgivable! 

“Um…” Xia Yuqing just wanted to protest, but Feng Tingye took the lead and blocked her mouth in one fell swoop, depriving her of the ability to speak. 

“Qing Er, can you give it to Zhen?” Feng Tingye let go of Xia Yuqing’s lips, and asked softly, stroking her face. 

“…” It’s too foul to be seduced at this time! Although Xia Yuqing was angry in her heart, she was once again confused by his beauty and nodded involuntarily. 

Feng Tingye’s lips lifted up before he lowered his head and kissed her again. Just when Xia Yuqing thought it was a horse stumbling on its own hooves tonight (failure through one’s own inattentiveness) and that she could not escape the poisonous hand of this hungry wolf on her body, something happened again. 

The movements of Feng Tingye’s hand who were originally on her suddenly stopped. In the next second he hugged Xia Yuqing and rolled to the inside of the bed.

Xia Yuqing only felt the sky was spinning. By the time she was able to stabilize her figure and recover, she realized that she heard a few small muffled noises when she was rolling. She turned her head in doubt and found out that the place where the two of them lay just now was neatly lined up with a row of star-shaped hidden weapons. The hidden weapons were shining with a faint silver light under the moonlight, very beautiful. 

“Aaa…Assassin!” Xia Yuqing exclaimed and a sweet chuckle sounded at the same time. 

“Hehehe, you deserve to be the famous new emperor of Ye Kingdom. Even though you are drunk, you can still maintain such a cautious defensive state.” 

This voice came from… the roof? ! Xia Yuqing looked up to follow the sound, but couldn’t help but gasp in the next second. 

At the beam of the room above the two of them, a slender figure lay on his side. One leg stretched out, the other knee bent, gorgeous black clothes hung from the beam of the room, while the moonlight outside the window spilled on the corner of his clothes. The silver pattern embroidered on it appeared even more gorgeous as a sly smile hung on the boy’s extremely exquisite handsome face. He had a pair of very moving fox eyes as it stared down at them with a smile. 

A beauty…a beautiful boy! Another beautiful boy! Xia Yuqing’s old sickness acted up again. Regardless of the occasion, she began to drool at the sight of the beautiful boy until… 

“Meeting for the first time, please take care of me Junior Sister.”


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