FMEA Chapter 170

Chapter 170 Leave the palace together! 

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“That’s it, Brother-in-law, you have to be careful. That woman is not a simple character, if you leave her alone…” 

Feng Tingye’s face sank. The hand holding Xia Yuqing tightened. His face was so dark and complicated, it made it difficult to see what he was thinking. 

“Your Majesty…” 

“You foolish boy, you didn’t even say a word when you came back and you even dared to enter the palace to assassinate my little apprentice? See if I won’t break your dog legs!” The atmosphere in the hall was still tense until everyone heard an energetic cry. In the next second, a figure running as fast as flying rushed into the hall. 

“Pu…Master!” Hua Nongying almost choked on the tea he had just sipped. Before he could react, he saw a walking stick fly towards his face. 

Hua Nongying’s expression changed. He reflexively pulled out the soft wire to wrap around the walking stick that was going to hit his head: “Master, you don’t need to treat your beautiful little apprentice who is capable of causing the downfall of states like this, do you?”

“What little apprentice? Where is this so called beautiful little apprentice who is capable of causing the downfall of states? You have been gone for a few days, and now your wings have grown? You dare to raise your hand against this old man!”

“…Master, it’s clearly you who was beating people first, I was just…” Hua Nong Ying was surprised. Who was the one who held his hand with a smile back in the day and stated that he was his most beloved little apprentice? Yet, a few years later, he accepted another disciple and doesn’t even recognize him anymore? Don’t like the new and hate the old! 

“You were what? Once a teacher, always a father, it is only right for me to beat my son. So what if I beat you twice? You dare to fight back?!” Xu Lao was so angry that the moustache on his lips curled up. He lifted up his crutch to hit someone. 

“Xu Ge, Xu Ge, calm down, Third Brother did not mean that! Come, take a deep breath, inhale, and exhale!” Xia Yuqing hurried forward at the critical moment. She grabbed Xu Lao’s hand, and patted his back for comfort. 

“Hmph, this time because of the little apprentice’s face, I won’t deal with you. Next time, if you do this sort of thing, see if I won’t break your dog legs.” 

“…” What the h*ll did I do? I don’t even know! Moreover, looking at the face of your young apprentice? Didn’t you forgive the two Senior brothers because of my face before? Master, why are you so temperamental? ! 

“Um… Xu Ge, you seem to have misunderstood. Third Brother is not here to assassinate me, he is here to warn us.” Xia Yuqing coughed slightly, and decided to rectify Third Brother’s name who was unjustly being attacked. 


“Yes!” Xia Yuqing nodded. Then, she repeated what Hua Nongying had just said. 

Xu Lao’s face looked better now. He coldly snorted, “You still have a conscience.” 

“…” I’ve always had a conscience! Hua Nong Ying’s mouth twitched. For the first time in his life, he saw Xu Lao’s eccentricity, and for the first time found that his original status was precarious.

“Senior Brother!” Hua Nongying stepped forward and pressed down on Su Wuduan’s back. It was as if he was a kid complaining to his parents after being bullied by other children. “Senior Brother, Master is too much. Back then, he was always so sweet to me. If I said east, he would never go west. If I wanted the moon, he would never dare pick the stars. But now that he has Junior Sister, he no longer acts like before, he is so cold to me. He only laughs with the new person, and doesn’t hear the old person cry!” 

“…be good, don’t cry. Your Senior Brother is his own son, but he still throws me away like he picked me up from the streets. At least you enjoyed a few warm years of him spoiling you, I……oh, I won’t say it.” 

“You two rascals!” 

“…” Senior Brother, is Third Senior Brother performing a Chiung Yao drama (taiwanese writer)? Showing public displays of affection and ignoring everyone beneath yourself, have you ever thought of Second Brother’s feelings? Third Brother, don’t you feel the murderous gaze projected from Second Brother? Snatching a man in front of Second Brother in public, Third Brother, don’t be a mistress! 

Yun Zhong Yue was oblivious to the misunderstanding made by Xia Yuqing as he threw a disdainful gaze at the two of them. He glanced at the two silently, and turned around to hypnotize himself. I don’t know these two people, I really don’t know these two people. 

Feng Tingye recalled what Hua Nongying had just said, and looked at the chaotic master and apprentices, the corners of his lips lifted upwards: “Xu Lao, you came right on time. It just happens that I have something to discuss with you.” 

“What’s the matter?” Looking at Feng Tingye’s unkind smile, Xu Lao had a bad premonition. 

Feng Tingye did not speak. He got up and led Xu Lao to the door of Xia Yuqing’s bedroom: “Xu Lao, just now, your Third Apprentice and your Second Apprentice broke down your Little Apprentice’s bedroom, making it impossible for Ai Fei to sleep peacefully anymore for the next few days. You just said that a day as a teacher, a father for life. Since this is the case, the debt of a son should be paid by the father, thus the repair cost of this room will be compensated by Xu Lao. I believe since Xu Lao loves Ai Fei so much, you wouldn’t mind this little money.”

“What? Those two little rascals ruined Little Apprentice’s palace?! And you want this old man to pay for it? How can this be?!” Xu Lao looked at the mess in Xia Yuqing’s bedroom, he was stunned for a few seconds before he burst out with a shout. Carrying a cane, he chased after Hua Nongying. 

“Xu…” Xia Yuqing wanted to call Xu Lao, but she was still a step too late. The corners of her mouth twitched a few times. Master, you are old now, it’s easy to get angry and have high blood pressure! 

“Master…Master, your crutches touched the ground and have dust on them. Don’t hit me! If you want to hit me, change to something clean! Also, don’t hit my handsome face!” Hua Nong Ying’s screams resounded over the entire Xiefang Hall. 

“…” At this time, you still care about whether the weapon that hits you is clean? Third Senior Brother, you must be drunk! Xia Yuqing was embarrassed and looked at the sky silently. Sure enough, Virgos are really creatures that are difficult to understand! 

“Master, it’s okay if you are partial to Junior Sister, but why are you partial to Second Brother? The room was obviously broken by the two of us, so why only beat me?!” 

“Stop talking nonsense, after beating you, I’ll beat him too, no one can run away.” 

While Yun Zhongyue was gloating and looking at Hua Nongying being chased by Xu Lao all over the hall with the biggest smile on his face, a figure stood in front of him blocking his sight. 

“King Ye?” Yun Zhong Yue raised his head in surprise and looked at Feng Tingye who suddenly appeared in front of him. 

Feng Tingye’s phoenix eyes were raised slightly. He glanced at Yun Zhong Yue, then over at Yan Tingfang who rushed over after hearing about Yun Xi: “Your proposal last time, Zhen accepts it.

“What?” Everyone on the side gasped when they heard these words. Yun Zhongyue raised his eyebrows: “You have promised to help?” 

“Don’t get the wrong idea, I just don’t want Ai Fei and the people of Ye to get hurt.” 

Yun Zhongyue turned his head and glanced at Yan Tingfang, who was ecstatic behind him. He nodded towards Feng Tingye: “What will King Ye do? Send troops to help?” 

Feng Tingye glanced at Yun Zhongyue and chuckled: “Send troops? In what name? To vindicate Prime Minister Yan? If troops were sent wouldn’t that be exactly what that woman wants? Do we want to give her an excuse to instigate the relationship between the two countries? Moreover, wouldn’t it prove Yan Chengxiang’s crime, the charge of colluding with Ye Kingdom?” 


“Since that woman can’t help but want to attack Xiao Xi, she must have made some moves in Shu Kingdom.” 

“The emperor means… Royal Aunt is very likely towards my Father and Mother…” Yun Xi’s face turned pale. She stared at Feng Tingye in astonishment. 

Feng Tingye didn’t bother to explain, he only let out a sigh of relief: “Since she has the ability to deal with my country and Ai Fei, she should be prepared to bear the consequences. In five days, Zhen will personally lead people with you to Shu. My spies will tell you what to do when you arrive in Shu .” 

“Your spies? You have spies in Shu?” 

“This is a secret, but it’s a very special circumstance right now. I will reluctantly take you there for a look.” 

“…” Yun Zhongyue’s face became darker. The gaze towards Feng Tingye was more complicated than before. This man was not a simple character.

“The emperor is going to the Kingdom of Shu? Then I want to go as well!” Xia Yuqing was stunned for a long time, before she responded. She shouted with bright eyes, but it’s a pity… 

“No, this is very dangerous, Ai Fei can’t go.” Before Xia Yuqing’s excitement was finished, it was sentenced to death by Feng Tingye’s words. 

“What, no, I want to… um, um…” Before Xia Yuqing finished protesting, Feng Tingye covered her mouth, then carried her towards her bedroom. 

“It’s getting late, everyone should go back and rest. Zhen and Ai Fei should also sleep. Ai Fei’s bedroom will be out of use tonight, so from tonight onwards, Ai Fei will be transferred over to sleep in my bedroom.” 

“…” Transferred to the bedroom of the Ultra Seme Lord? Hey, I haven’t agreed yet! Don’t act on your own initiative, yamete! 

Just like that, Xia Yuqing’s protest was strangled in the cradle by Feng Tingye. When she recovered and wanted to protest again, she was overwhelmed by a certain animal, there was no chance to speak. By the time she recovered, it was already the next day… 

“D*mn beast, I don’t want to live in the same palace with him.” Early the next morning, Xia Yuqing had to support her sore waist. Ignoring Xiao Shunzi and the others’ repeated urges for her to stay, she returned back to Xiefang Hall. 

It was not surprising for everyone in Xiefang palace to see Xia Yuqing’s return. The empress liking to make things difficult for the emperor was not a new thing. At night time, the empress will definitely be carried back by the emperor. They only needed to serve the empress until then. 

Xiefang palace was originally a lively place, especially after Xia Yuqing’s two seniors began to frequently report there. However, it was not them who made the most noise today, instead, it was the newcomer… Xia Yuqing’s Third Senior Brother, Hua Nongying. 

“Tsk tsk tsk, no wonder Senior Brother and Second Senior Brother have been forgetting their duties at home since they came to Junior sister’s, the Ya Tous in this palace of Junior sister’s is even more beautiful than the sisters in my assassin house. Especially this one and this one too.” Hua Nongying leaned on the pillar to observe the girls in Xia Yuqing’s hall, looking at each one for a long while. Then, he suddenly rushed behind Cui Er and Li Yuan to pat them on the shoulders.

“!” Su Wuduan’s face changed. He hurriedly stepped forward to grab Hua Nongying’s hand, but was still a step too late. 

Cui Er and Li Yuan felt the approach of a person behind them at the same time, then with a bang, two rainbow-like long swords were unsheathed at the same time. They stabbed at the person behind them mercilessly. 

Hua Nongying didn’t expect the two of them to move so fast, he was shocked. After a furious move, the soft steel wire in his hand was swung out. The two long swords were directly entangled together, abruptly stopping a few centimeters in front of him. 

“Close, very close. You almost cut off this noble person’s supple and abnormally dark hair.” 

“…” Third Senior Brother, if this continues, you will be treated as a sissy by me, really! 

“However, my vision is right. These two girls are not only beautiful but also good at martial arts. Are these two girls interested in following this noble person back to the assassin house? We can discuss the salary, which is definitely not lower than Junior Sister’s here. Moreover, you are girls, so I will not arrange assassinations that are too dangerous for you.” 

“…” Third Senior Brother, can you stop digging at my dignity in front of these two girls? I’ll bite you if forced! 

Before Xia Yuqing had time to vent her dissatisfaction and step forward to pull her people away, one person already stepped forward to protest. 

“Little Junior Brother, Little Junior Brother, you can ask for whoever you want, but you can’t ask for her.” Su Wuduan slammed the brakes and stopped in front of Cui Er, shouting at Hua Nongying. 

“Huh, why? Senior Brother, although you like girls, you have never fought for one with Junior Brother. Could it be that you fell in love with this beautiful girl and haven’t gotten tired of her? Well, I can wait until you get tired of her, then take her into the assassin house.” Hua Nongying gave Su Wuduan a joking look, but what he said made Su Wuduan want to beat him on the spot.

“Tired of playing, your sister! This is my wife, your sister-in-law, what ‘get tired of playing’? If you dare affect her, see if I will demolish your assassin house!” 

“Sister-in-law?” Hua Nong Yingg was startled. He put away the soft wire and looked at Cui Er for a long time, “Hey, that’s not right, Big Brother, you didn’t like this type before.” 

“What type did Senior Brother use to like?” Xia Yuqing froze, then quickly approached Hua Nong Ying and asked curiously. 

“Little Junior Sister, you…” Can you not make trouble at this time! 

“Big Brother likes the enchanting, seductress type, the type that still possesses a bit of innocence. This girl looks ordinary and doesn’t match either type, so how can it be that she is my future sister-in-law?” 

“You…” Su Wuduan’s face changed. He stepped forward and wanted to cover Hua Nongying’s mouth, but was dodged. 

“Senior Brother, your hand just touched the white-haired dog, it must be stained with the dog’s body, don’t touch me.” 

“…” Su Wuduan started grinding his teeth. 

“The enchanting seductress type, I understand, but the innocence part? Senior Brother, do you like underage girls? Senior Brother… it is illegal to force yourself on underage girls, ruining flowers, you’ll get retribution!” 

“Enough, those are all in the past. I have now corrected my evil ways and returned to the righteous path. Been through tens of thousands of flowers, no leaves have marked my body. I have stopped for my wife, this flower, so don’t go too far!” 

“Changing your evil ways and returning to righteousness? Has the sun come out from the west?” Hua Nongying raised his head and glanced at the rising sun in the distance, with a serious face. 


Cui Er glanced at Su Wuduan, then turned and left. 

Seeing this, Su Wuduan hurried to follow and explain: “Wife, don’t listen to that guy’s nonsense, I am really sincere to you, you have to believe me!” 

“The brother you have been with for many years doesn’t believe you, why should I? Also how many times have I said that I am not your wife.” Cui Er stopped and her right hand clenched into an angry fist that was swiped towards Su Wuduan. 

“Oh, wife, you’re really going to hit me? Wife, wife, listen to me!”

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