FMEA Chapter 174

 Chapter 174 The Little Figurine’s Posture 

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“You mean that your Royal Aunt is also the aunt of General Ji? Then you and General Ji are brothers and sisters?” Xia Yuqing looked at Yun Xi, and her mouth became O-shaped. 

At the same time, someone’s mind had already made up a story for Yun Xi’s father, who was a child devotee. At an unknown time, Yun Xi’s father had an illicit relationship with a woman outside on a certain year, month, and day that Yunxi’s mother did not know about. This spring breeze caused him to give birth to General Ji. With General Ji’s background in addition to Yun Xi’s father always regarding him as a stain in his life, he kept him out of the palace and ignored him. Yet, he didn’t expect this to be found out by the Eldest Princess. Thus, she extended an olive branch to General Ji first, hoping to change the dynasty through the bloodline of General Ji’s royal family. He would kill his father and usurp the throne, a series of palace blockbusters. 

“…Uh, Qing Jiejie, did you misunderstand something?” Yun Xi watched Xia Yuqing stare at her with shining eyes and felt a shiver up her spine. She stepped back several steps in fear. 


“My Father and Mother only gave birth to me, how could Ji Gongzi be my brother?” 

Maybe it was your father and another woman Xia Yuqing thought. “But didn’t you just say it? Your auntie is also the aunt of General Ji. If you aren’t brothers and sisters, how could the eldest princess…” 

Yun Xi couldn’t help rolling her eyes: “Qing Jiejie, you really misunderstood. I meant my Royal Aunt is General Ji’s …Biao Gu.” (aunt via female line)

“Biao Gu?”

“En, Royal Aunt’s mother was originally from the Ji family, the sister of General Ji, so General Ji is regarded as the uncle of Royal aunt. So General Ji’s grandson is Royal Aunt’s nephew of course.” 

“It turns out to be like this.” 

“…… ” Qing Jiejie, why do you look so disappointed? Did you just think about something chaotic behind my back? Don’t deny it, just look at your expression. I know this must be the case! 

When Xia Yuqing was still struggling with the relationship between Ji Miaoyan and the Eldest Princess, the atmosphere on Jiang Zhaorou’s side also changed. 

Jiang Zhaorou heard the person in the carriage and hurriedly stepped forward to bow down: “This commoner, Jiang Zhaorou, greets the princess.” 

“Jiang Zhaorou? This name sounds familiar.” The woman was lazy and somewhat casual, so Jiang Zhaorou was startled. 

“Eldest Princess, this commoner is…” Jiang Zhaorou only had time to whisper before she was interrupted by the woman. 

“Ben Gong remembers now. The daughter of Jiang Sheng, who owned a Lingnan weaving company back then, seemed to have that name.”

Jiang Zhaorou’s face turned pale. She pressed her lips together to control her voice: “Eldest Princess is wise, this commoner is the daughter of Jiang Sheng.” 

“No wonder Ben Gong thought it sounded familiar. Back then, Jiang Sheng’s corruption and bribery caused widespread grievances among the people in Lingnan, forcing Royal Brother to personally order Jiang’s family to be executed to quell the public grievances and restore the tranquility of the Lingnan area. Ben Gong thought that the Jiang family would have all died, but there was still a fish that slipped through the net?” The voice of the woman in the carriage was magnetic and soft, which made people listen carefully. It was very comfortable. But, it’s a pity that the words spoken by such a voice was like a blade, sharp and hurtful. 

Jiang Zhaorou’s face turned pale and white. Only after a while did she reply: “My Father’s felony hurt the whole family. Fortunately, Da Ren saved me, thus this commoner have survived to this day.” 

“Was it Miao Yan who rescued you? This is surprising, when did that child become so nosy? Whatever, since you are by Miao Yan’s side, make sure you know your role. Miao Yan didn’t save a life to have them get him into trouble.” 

The princess’s words were tantamount to reminding Jiang Zhaorou to remember her identity as the daughter of a criminal minister. Jiang Zhaorou’s expression was a bit ugly, but she did not dare to give the slightest resistance to the woman in the carriage. She knew if she did that Ji Miaoyan would suffer. If this woman wants to kill her, it would be as simple as pinching an ant. 

“This commoner will follow the instructions of Her Royal Highness. I will definitely stay by Da Ren’s side and do my duties.”

The person in the carriage seemed to be satisfied, and took the initiative to change the subject: “How is Miao Yan these days?” 

“Da Ren is fine, just…” 


Jiang Zhaorou hesitated, but answered truthfully: “My lord has been a little depressed since he came back last time after seeing Master Shao of Ye Kingdom. Then with the matter of the Third Prince, Da Ren was innocently implicated, and has been quite frustrated lately.” 

“!” Little General Ji has been depressed since he saw Xiao Shangshu? Is it possible that General Ji really feels that way towards Xiao Shangshu? 

Ah…Xia Yuqing clearly heard a long scream from the little person in her head. This kind of falling in love with the person who killed your father…Ah, no, the enemy who killed your grandfather, this is a suffering of being forced to choose love or filial piety. This struggling male-to-male relationship is too torturous. Little General Ji must have been tossed around by this and is haggard. So, this is the best time for Xiao Shangshu to come and save him from his suffering! Xiao Shangshu, come quickly, the little general can’t bear it alone! 

“… Qing Jiejie, what strange things are you thinking about again?” Yun Xi looked at Xia Yuqing’s twin titanium alloy dog ​​eyes, and asked in a low voice.     

Xia Yuqing froze. She turned her head and looked at her ruthlessly. Her expression was that of one stating she was unreasonable, “What is a weird thing? Xiao Xi, you don’t understand me at all.”    


In the carriage, after hearing Jiang Zhaorou’s words, the Eldest Princess laughed lightly: “Miao Yan wants to avenge my uncle? Ben Gong feels the same, but being impatient leads to not eating the hot tofu. That Ye country villain killed him with a trick in the past. Now that Ye and Shu are opposed to each other, we have to carefully think about it if we want revenge. The future is long, we don’t have to worry about it at this time.”     

“…” The reason why Ye and Shu are opposed to each other, she can definitely claim credit! How can she say these things as if it didn’t matter to her.     

For the first time in their lives, Xia Yuqing and the others have seen what it is like being a white lotus on the outside, but being the ultimate green tea b*tch on the inside. Sure enough, her appearance is pure and flawless, while her inside is black like ink. The big boss is a really awesome character!

“However, for the matter of Third Royal Brother this time, Miao Yan has indeed been wronged.” The person in the carriage sighed softly, “Well, go back and tell Miao Yan that three days later, Ben Gong will hold a night banquet in the mansion and will invite all the precious daughters of the ministers of the court. Miao Yan can also come to join in the fun. First, to soothe his mood, and secondly, Miao Yan is not young.  If he can choose one or two amongst these girls of the right age, that would be the best. ”     

Jiang Zhaorou’s face changed. Compared to before when she mentioned her family background, she was even more stimulated: “His Royal Highness, the lord said that before he gets his revenge, he will not talk about these affairs.”     

“You are still listening to him?” The Eldest Princess seemed to have expected Jiang Zhaorou to say this and sneered, “The most important thing in a man’s life is two things: it’s to get married and start a career. How could he establish himself if he doesn’t get married? All those talks of his ambitions of getting revenge is Miao Yan being insensible and speaking casually. As his subordinate, you can just listen to it, but how can you take it seriously?”     

Jiang Zhaorou’s small face was already pale as paper, her delicate body swayed. Her mouth opened, but she didn’t say anything. She closed it again unwillingly.     

“That’s the decision. Go back and tell Miao Yan. Also, remember to tell him that Ben Gong is only informing him, not soliciting his opinions.”     


“…” Sure enough, the big boss is the big boss. No matter how harmless she looks on the surface, at the necessary time, she will unleash her killer move and she will not be merciful. How cruel!     

However, does this old witch want to break apart Little General Ji’s love? Urgent call for Xiao Shangshu! Urgent call for Xiao Shangshu, the little general will be stolen!     

Xizeyan glanced at Jiang Zhaorou’s pale face, there was obvious gloating in his eyes: “Your Royal Highness, the list of girls attending the banquet…”     

“You can get it ready, just pick some you think are suitable for Miao Yan. Of course, there is only one thing to pay attention to, she must be the child of the first wife. Our Miao Yan is the only offspring of the Ji family, the eldest grandson, how can regular people be worthy of him. Zither, chess, calligraphy and painting, decide first through ones with an outstanding appearance. Some things brought out from a mother’s womb cannot be changed no matter what.

The last trace of blood on Jiang Zhaorou’s face completely faded. She knew that the princess said these words specifically to her, because unfortunately, she was a woman whose identity was not noble and her blood was not pure. She was born through a concubine. That woman was warning herself that even if she was not the daughter of a criminal minister, she was just a Shu daughter (born from concubine) who was not worthy of that man at all. She was warning herself not to have any thoughts that shouldn’t be thought of. 

“It’s not too early, Ben Gong is a bit tired, let’s go back.” The sleepy voice that came out of the carriage made everyone awaken from the dream. 

Xizeyan gave Jiang Zhaorou a mocking look, then led the horses and carriage past Jiang Zhaorou. 

Jiang Zhaorou looked like a sculpture standing in the same place for a long time. After a long while, her head lowered. Facing the opposite direction from the princess and the others, she departed. 

“Xiao Xi, did you see Jiang Feizao’s hand just now…” 

“I saw, it was almost bleeding… No matter how you listen to it, it seems the words of Royal Aunt were aimed at her.” Yun Xi twisted her brows for a moment. If she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, she would have never expected her Royal Aunt who would always greet them with a smile, someone so gentle and humble, would have such a face outside. This feeling was like finding out the warm blanket lying next to her has suddenly turned into a giant python that can swallow her up. She shivered.

“Aimed at her? Why did the Eldest Princess target her? What the Eldest Princess just said was clearly about the marriage of Little General Ji, could it be that Jiang Feizao, she…” 

Yun Xi gave Xia Yuqing a roll of her eyes, as if she was saying Qing Jiejie, you just found out…. 

“…” Xia Yuqing was choked by Yun Xi’s gaze. She hid her face silently. Okay, I was too slow to realize that there was actually such a small love rival hidden beside General Ji a long time ago. Xiao Shangshu, I’m sorry, Wa! 

“Niang Niang, the two people over there are…” Xia Yuqing was talking, when Cui Er suddenly pointed to a place in front of her and shouted. 

“Huh?” Xia Yuqing and the other two looked in the direction that Cui Er pointed, their eyes constricted. 

At the end of the crowd, two figures were looming. They were Yan Tingfang, the master and servant duo, who went out with them this morning. 

“When did they…” Xia Yuqing looked at Yan Tingfang’s eyes, staring at the carriage and horse. Even though they were far apart, she could vaguely visualize the hatred that rolled in those eyes when they looked at the carriage and horse. 

It seems that these days, not only is the path with your enemies narrow, the path of your enemies with deep animosity is even narrower! 

Fortunately, Yan Tingfang’s self-control was much better than expected. Even when the carriage passed in front of them, they didn’t act too aggressively. As soon as the princess’s carriage disappeared around the corner, Xia Yuqing and the others rushed out of the alley and walked towards Yan Tingfang. 

“Fang Jiejie, you guys are back? Are you okay?” Yun Xi grabbed Yan Tingfang’s hand and asked worriedly. 

Yan Tingfang reluctantly lifted the corners of her lips and glanced at the carriage and horses that were drifting away. There was a clear killing intent in her eyes. 

“Fang Jiejie, you’re hurting me.”

Yun Xi’s exclamation pulled Yan Tingfang’s attention back. She looked at Yun Xi’s red hand squeezed by herself: “Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention for a bit…” 

“It’s okay. Fang Jiejie, if you can’t bear it, you’re going to throw the big plans into disorder.” 

Yan Tingfang glanced unwillingly at the carriage and horses not far away: “En.” 

On the way back, Yan Tingfang didn’t say a word. The atmosphere compared to going out was a lot heavier, which made Xia Yuqing and the others worried and relieved. 

Second Baby’s candied haws were not able to be eaten in the end, so Second Baby and Xia Yuqing were not getting along with each other. However, Xia Yuqing had no spare time to comfort her at this moment, because she was powerless to defend for herself. 

After sending the two, master and servant who were in a bad mood, back to their room; the rest of the group mentioned the bad luck meeting with Jiang Zhaorou and the Eldest Princess when they went out today to Feng Tingye, who had just returned from a trip.

“Ji Miaoyan and the Eldest Princess have an aunt and nephew relationship?” Shao Zitang and the others were a little surprised when they heard the news. 

“Xiao Shangshu, don’t dislike the little general just because he has a bad aunt.” Xia Yuqing glanced at the surprised Shao Zitang, and kindly advised him. 

“…What?” Shao Zitang didn’t react for a while, looking at Xia Yuqing suspiciously. 

“It’s no wonder that Young Master Ji couldn’t wait to smash his body into pieces when he saw Zitang. It must be the princess’s fanfare that played a big role.” Feng Tingye groaned and looked at Shao Zitang thoughtfully. 

Shao Zitang raised his eyebrows and snorted with a mad and disdainful face: “With his skill, it’s too early for him to want to kill me.” 

Tsk tsk, Xiao Shangshu, if you are too arrogant and proud, the little general will run away with someone else!

“Hey, Wen Zhong, what are you holding? Yun Xi seems to have one too.” Shao Zitang spotted the wooden figurines in He Wenzhong and Yun Xi’s hands and asked aloud. 

“This…that…” He Wenzhong habitually reached out and scratched the back of his head, with a simple smile on his face. 

“What, this and that, let me see.” Shao Zitang looked at He Wenzhong’s slow, dull personality and rolled his eyes. He stretched out his hand to ask for the object. 

He Wenzhong hesitated for a moment, then under the earnest gaze of Shao Zitang, he put the little wooden figurine back into his bosom. He coughed lightly, looked at the ground… and pretended to be stupid! 

“…” General He, do you think that if you take the little wooden figurine back so self-deceivingly, you can pretend that everyone hasn’t seen it? Can you be more naive? ! 

Xia Yuqing glanced at He Wenzhong sympathetically. Once again, she felt how his low IQ was indeed a flaw. 

Because of He Wenzhong’s unexpected behavior, Shao Zitang was stunned for a moment. He looked back and forth between He Wenzhong and Yun Xi several times before suddenly realizing: “So, it’s true that things like tokens of love can’t be shown to others casually.” 

The two of them turned red. He Wenzhong looked at the sky and looked around, but he did not dare to look at Shao Zitang’s provocative deep eyes. The poor honest man turned red in the end. He was almost smoking.

Yun Xi blushed and clenched the little wooden figure in her hand. She tried to defend herself: “It’s… it’s not a token of love. It’s just a little wooden figure carved at the stall. Qing Jiejie…it’s Qing Jiejie who did it first. We just thought it was fun, so we got one finished together. That’s right, that’s it.” 

“…” Xiao Xi, don’t you usually tell me not to reveal what one tries to hide? How come you are worse than me!?

After listening to Yun Xi’s words, everyone’s gaze flicked over to Xia Yuqing’s body, especially the eyes of Feng Tingye, who had been watching Shao Zitang ridiculing He Wenzhong. He stood up and walked towards Xia Yuqing. 

“Ai Fei, where have you all gone to play? Zhen is also a little curious. Wen Zhong and Yun Xi have already taken out their things for us to see, so Ai Fei might as well take out the things you bought outside for us to take a look.” 

“…” Did General He and Xiao Xi show them anything? They obviously took it back! Xia Yuqing realized the danger was coming. She slowly stepped back two steps. She laughed dryly, “It’s just a few small things for children to play with. There is nothing to look at, there is really nothing to look at.” 

“A few small things for children to play with?” Feng Tingye turned his head to look at his little spy who he had placed beside Xia Yuqing— Big Baby. 

Big Baby glanced at everyone with disdain. He pulled from his little purse, the little wooden figurine he had exchanged with Second Baby when he came back. He smiled: “Father, this is the little wooden figurine that Mother bought for your son and sister. People, look how cute my sister is.” 

The attention of the few people focused on Second Baby’s wooden figure in Big Baby’s hand, then they glanced at the Big Baby figurine in Second Baby’s hand. They nodded and replied: “It’s really cute.”

As soon as everyone praised his sister, the sister-devotee was thriving. He raised his head to break the news: “Moreover, Mother not only made a wooden figure for Er Chen and sister, but also one for herself and Father. She put it…well…” Xia Yuqing stepped forward with sharp eyes and covered Big Baby’s mouth in an attempt to stop him from breaking the news, but it was a pity that it was still a step too late. 

“It turns out that Ai Fei also made my little wooden figure. Why don’t you show it to me and see if it looks similar?” 

“Ahahaha…not at all, not at all, that old uncle has limited abilities, how could he carve it like the real person without seeing them? Because it’s too dissimilar, Chen Qie didn’t think it was worthy of the emperor, so Chen Qie threw it out on the way back. Yes, threw it away!” 

“Threw it? I clearly saw Qing Jiejie treasuring the two little wooden figures in your pocket, how did you lose them? And why are they not similar? I actually thought they looked quite alike… Mm…” 

Xia Yuqing didn’t expect that she would have just blocked the little traitor’s mouth, when a bigger traitor would come out. She hurriedly rushed over, but still couldn’t stop it. 

After listening to Yun Xi’s words, Xia Yuqing burst into tears. Sure enough, she is not afraid of god-like opponents, but pig-like teammates who would drag her down. Why does she have it so hard? Why does she always encounter teammates who like to dismantle her own station? ! 

“Hey, what is this little thing?” Xia Yuqing was busy mourning when she heard a commotion behind her. She turned her head and looked around to find out… 

“!” How did that thing fall out? She obviously put it in her purse and put it away! Is it possible that her wallet was some fake, shoddy commodity and… it broke? 

Xia Yuqing reflexively touched the purse on her waist and came up empty. What about her purse?

Xia Yuqing turned her head to face Big Baby with her light purse in his hands. There was a devil like smile on his face. 

“…” This kid stole her wallet while she was covering his mouth just now! 

Xia Yuqing let out two noodle tears and fell to the ground silently. D*mn brat, your traitor, ugh, my heart is so tired, I will never love anymore! 

Big Baby looked at Xia Yuqing receiving this hit. With a bleak little face, he threw the purse backwards. He snorted coldly, picked up the tearful Second Baby on the side. He thought arrogantly, who was the one who lost their credibility and made his younger sister cry? He just did a little thing to vent the anger of his younger sister… 

“This little figurine looks very similar to the little prince in the hands of the little princess, but it doesn’t seem to be the same…” The people on the side all gathered. 

“Qing Jiejie said this figurine is the mini version of Da Ren. Look at the clothes on the little wooden figurine, doesn’t it look exactly like the emperor’s?” Yun Xi heard the crowd’s comments, and wasn’t willing to be left out. 

“At first, I didn’t think so, but now that you mentioned it… this outfit, this appearance, and the demeanor are indeed a bit like someone.” As soon as Yun Xi said this, everyone’s eyes went back and forth before Feng Tingye and the little figurine. 

Feng Tingye stepped forward and snatched the figurine from Shao Zitang’s hand. After looking at it carefully for a while, he smiled, “I didn’t know that this is what I look like in Ai Fei’s mind.”

Xia Yuqing froze, then laughed twice: “Um… we are still in Shu, if we do our original appearance, we might be accidentally noticed by someone with bad intentions and it will cause a lot of trouble, so… ” 

“……” Niang Niang (Qing Jiejie), if you know, then why do you usually cause so much trouble? 

“So you drew the emperor into this appearance?” Shao Zitang looked at Feng Tingye’s little wooden figurine who looked about the same size as the two little buns. He couldn’t figure out whether he should cry or laugh. 

“Isn’t it cute?” Xia Yuqing stared at the complex expression on Shao Zitang’s face, frowning in displeasure. Heh heh heh, sure enough, speaking about the Q version of the king to someone in the ancient period is basically like playing the piano to cows, there is an insurmountable generation gap between them! 

Shao Zitang was uncomfortable being stared at by Xia Yuqing’s deep gaze. Coupled with the fact that someone was giving him warning glances, it really made him feel a little bit cold behind his back. 

“Ahem, it’s not that it’s not cute, I just… I just feel that this little wooden figurine’s posture looks a little weird.” 

“How can it be weird? It’s normal, isn’t it?” Xia Yuqing became triggered when she heard her most proud design had been questioned. You must know that she had hesitated for a long time before deciding to use this for the little figurine of the Ultra Seme Lord. This posture, the reason was…cough cough… 

“… normal?” Shao Zitang glanced at the figurine’s posture in his hand. He asked in confusion, “Ordinary people, would they use this fawning posture?”

“What fawning posture? It’s obviously just bending his waist. Of course, ordinary people don’t use this posture, but he is doing something. So of course, he has to use this posture.” 

“…Then what is he doing?” What is it? When does he need to use such a wicked posture? 

“Nonsense, of course he is picking up soap! Having no common sense is terrible!” Xia Yuqing didn’t even notice herself saying something shocking, until… 

“Ai Fei, picking up soap? What is that?” 

Picking up soap = innuendo of guy receiving it from behind from another guy


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