FMEA Chapter 176

Chapter 176 It’s always me who gets hurt! 

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“Why is she here?” Shao Zitang asked in surprise. 

Before he could say anything, Feng Tingye, who was sitting next to him, got up and rushed in the direction of Xia Yuqing. 

“Hey…” Shao Zitang came back to his senses, wanting to catch Feng Tingye, but was a step too late, “Really, those two are both worrisome.” 

Shao Zitang looked at Lan Yingran feeling a little apologetic: “I’ll go and see.” 

Lan Yingran nodded and said with some worry: “Be careful of everything.” 


Fortunately, everyone’s attention in this meeting was still on the princess, thus they did not notice the strangeness on this side. 

“Didn’t I tell you to wait in the mansion? Why did you run out here without authorization?” Feng Tingye saw Xia Yuqing here and was angry. After grabbing Xia Yuqing’s hand, he let out a low growl, his tone heavier than usual. 

Xia Yuqing being grabbed by someone’s hand, couldn’t help but gasp. She turned her head and saw the other’s face clearly and was overjoyed. But before she could be happy, she was frightened by his growl causing her to freeze on the spot. She didn’t even notice the pain from being gripped by the wrist.

After a while, Xia Yuqing came back to her senses, remembering what she had come here for. But also remembering that Feng Tingye was so fierce to herself just now, she couldn’t help feeling a bit wronged. She bit her lip, and turned her face away silently.     

“Your Majesty, you have misunderstood Niang Niang. Niang Niang didn’t deliberately come to watch the excitement. It’s because Miss Yan is missing. Niang Niang was worried that she would cause trouble for you by running here, so she came to let you know.” Cui Er didn’t expect Feng Tingye would appear suddenly and was also taken aback. After she recovered, seeing the uncomfortable atmosphere between the two, she hurriedly explained.     

“Ms. Yan is missing?” Feng Tingye was taken aback, then looked at Xia Yuqing questioningly.

Xia Yuqing was still angry, and awkwardly withdrew her hand from Feng Tingye’s hands. She pouted her mouth and replied very upset: “After you left, Xiao Xi went to ask Miss Yan and the others to come out for dinner. As a result, they were not in the room. So, we asked the gatekeepers and that’s when we found out that after you left, they also left and left in the same direction as yours, so…” 

“So, Ai Fei, you thought that they were following us. Worried that they would do something at the banquet that would hinder us, you came here?” Feng Tingye was slightly taken aback, watching Xia Yuqing’s unwillingness to face him: “Ai Fei…”     

Xia Yuqing did not appreciate his change in tone: “Who was worried? We are just worried that Miss Yan may do something stupid and can’t get out, don’t claim credit.”     

“Ai Fei is so cute when she says the opposite of what she is doing.”     

“…” This damn shameless blackened man!     

“How did you get in?” Shao Zitang walked to Xia Yuqing and the others, avoiding the officials who had started to talk again.     

“How did I get in? In the small alley not far from the door. I knocked out a fat-headed strange uncle, then took his invitation card and sneaked in.” Xia Yuqing gave a contemptuous “You are so stupid, how could you not know this” expression to Shao Zitang.     


“How did you know Miss Yan and the others came here? They didn’t go with us and they didn’t have invitations. They should not be able to come in. Maybe they just went out to buy things.”     

Xia Yuqing heard Feng Tingye speaking, turned her head and glanced at him, then gave a cold snort, and turned her head away again.     


“You are so stupid. We didn’t have invitations at the beginning, aren’t we here now? If we can come in like this, then of course they can come in like this.” Xia Yuqing gave Feng Tingye a fierce look. 

Feng Tingye was startled. This was the first time he discovered that his kitten would bite when pushed.

“Moreover, Cui Er had just asked the people around here. Those people said that two people who looked like Miss Yan and the others had entered this mansion.” 

“Wait, what did you say? Miss Yan and the others are here too. What are they doing here?” Shao Zitang, who came later, finally understood the conversation of the several people and asked with a look of surprise. 

“Nonsense, what else can they be here for? Of course they are here for revenge. Do you think they are here to grab a wife like you?” After being bitten by Feng Tingye, she acted as if she ate the wrong medicine and blew up on everyone. Poor Shao Zitang hit the muzzle and was turned into cannon fodder at this moment. 

“…Can you not mention the matter of snatching a wife?” 

“Oh, that means bride kidnapping is also possible?” 

“…” Is there any substantial difference between the two? Why does he feel like she is taking out her anger on him? 

“Stop playing. According to Ai Fei, Miss Yan must be waiting for an opportunity in this mansion at this moment. This mansion is heavily guarded, a rash assassination is definitely not a good strategy. At this time, if she acts rashly, except for revealing her identity, there is nothing that can be done. At that time, not only will their lives be in danger, Zhen is afraid that we will also become trapped. At the worst case, this would hurt Master Lan and the rest. For this, we must find them before they make a move and stop them from doing stupid things.” 

“Hmph, what playing? If you didn’t show up, we would have been long done. Cui Er, let’s go. Ignore them, we will go find Miss Yan and the others by ourselves. We must find Miss Yan before them. Hmph…” Xia Yuqing glared at Feng Tingye again, then turned around in anger.     

“Niang Niang…” Cui Er saw Xia Yuqing was leaving and couldn’t care about Feng Tingye and the rest. She bowed to Feng Tingye, then went after Xia Yuqing. As soon as Cui Er left, Su Wuduan, Cui Er’s follower, naturally followed.     

Feng Tingye was a little bit dumbfounded about Xia Yuqing’s rare temperament, but he also knew that it was not a good time to coax her. Fortunately, he felt more at ease with Cui Er and Su Wuduan by Xia Yuqing’s side. He turned his head to look at Shao Zitang, “Let’s separate to search.”

Shao Zitang nodded. Thus the two separated on the spot, looking in different directions. 

Not far away, Lan Yingran glanced at the two people who had disappeared in the depths of the courtyard. Then he turned to look at the woman who had walked to the main seat and started to host the banquet. There was an untraceable worry in his eyes. 

Xia Yuqing took a few steps, then as if recalling something, she paused. 

“Niang Niang, what’s the matter?” Cui Er looked around with alertness.

“It seems that I only saw the emperor, Xiao Shangshu, and Master Lan. I didn’t see Second Brother, is it possible that Second Brother is already…” Xia Yuqing asked in surprise, recalling the scene just now. 

At the same time, in the bedroom of the princess, a few yards away from the brightly lit courtyard, a cheetah-like figure quickly fell onto the beam from the small hole made by lifting the tiles on the roof.     

In the dark, a pair of eyes that can still quickly distinguish the furnishings in the room glanced around. Arching his body, the person quickly went from one end of the beam to the cabinet. He leaned back and hung upside down on the cabinet. Then, he began to reach out and search for the things placed in the cabinet.     

He searched all the drawers on the top and bottom of the cabinet, but couldn’t find anything useful. Yun Zhongyue pursed his lips, then suddenly he heard the sound of footsteps outside the room. His eyes flashed. Using force, he lightly flipped over and landed without making any sound. Before the sound of footsteps outside approached, he hid in the curtains on the side.     

“Tonight is really lively, look how bright everything is lit up. Today, I’m afraid it will be lively until late at night.”     

“It will be! I heard Her Royal Highness specially invited all the misses of many noble households. All of the girls were dressed up like flowers.”     

“Even if they looked like a flower, they will never be yours. Those people were all selected by the princess for Ji Gongzi. If you dare touch them, watch how the princess would break your dog legs.”

“Hey, I was just saying this casually! How can a toad want to eat swan meat (when someone of low standing wants something of high quality), how could I ever think about those rich ladies? Moreover, those ladies look pretty, but all of them can be squeamish and finicky. I am a rough person and can’t bear that.”

“Come on, stop talking about it, just guard properly. With so many people coming and going this evening, it’s hard to keep people from taking advantage of this situation. If we really lose something, see how Her Royal Highness and Lord Xi will take your life.”     

“What Master Xi? To put it bluntly, isn’t he just an official under the princess’s skirt. A man who bows down and fawns over people like that is cheap, yet he dares to look down on us? One day, he will see.”     

“Your mouth is just shooting off. Some things are better left kept in your heart, so what are you doing with your mouth? I’m telling you, one day your mouth will be the death of you.”

“Hey, if it wasn’t just us two brothers, would I dare say that out loud?”     

“Well, do you know how many pairs of ears are listening in this yard? There are ears on the wall, so talk less and do more in the future. There is nothing here, let’s move over there to look.”     


Yun Zhong Yue heard the footsteps of the two people drifting away, so he poked his head out of the curtains and let out a sigh of relief.     

“Minister under her skirt?” Yun Zhong Yue sneered. There was a trace of clarity and ridicule in his eyes. It turned out that Xizeyan relied on this to get his life back. Yet even now he dares to show off. However, this prestige might not last long.     

Yun Zhong Yue opened the curtains and walked towards the inner room. He started looking in the spacious and luxurious bed.     

Yun Zhongyue was eager to find something here, while the banquet on the other side was also in full swing.     

Yun Shan sat in the main seat. Raising her wine glass, she looked at the young women who were constantly throwing flirtatious glances at the person next to her. Leaning over to the person next to her, she whispered: “Miao Yan.”

Ji Miaoyan hadn’t noticed the eyes of the official ladies at all or had noticed it, but treated it like a thorn on his back. He didn’t want the bother at all. After hearing Yun Shan’s whisper, he was stunned. He hurriedly turned his head, “Royal Aunt, what’s the matter?” 

“What can be the matter? Isn’t it your lifelong event?” Yun Shan smiled. Her smile was so gentle that the married officials on the side could not help but look over frequently. 

Ji Miaoyan had a bit of impatience in his eyes, but he still cared about the identity of the other party, so he respectfully replied: “Auntie, I have told you. Until my grandfather’s vengeance is obtained, I have no intention of starting a family.” 

“Look at what this child is saying. Is it possible that if you never resolve this hatred, then you will not marry for a lifetime? You are the only blood of the Ji family, you have to bear the burden of the Ji family and continue the descendants of the Ji family. You are also older now, it is time to accept it. It’s okay to play outside, but how can the people outside compare with these knowledgeable people? Are you planning to play outside for a lifetime?” 

When Yun Shan said this, not only did Ji Miaoyan’s face change, but the person around Ji Miaoyan, Jiang Zhaorou’s, face also changed.

“Aunt, I just… haven’t met the person I like. This kind of thing shouldn’t be rushed. It all depends on fate.” Ji Miaoyan held back for a long time before spitting out this sentence. 

“Fate? Being able to have a child is fate. As for the others, it is called destined to meet but not fated to be together.” 

That sentence made Jiang Zhaorou’s face pale. Her body began to tremble slightly. She had to reach out and drink the glass of wine on the table just to feel a little better. 

Ji Miaoyan fell silent, but Yun Shan didn’t intend to let him go like this: “Miaoyan, don’t blame your aunt for being troublesome. Your mother has been gone a long time, and your cousin is a big old man who only knows how to march and fight. Things concerning your lifelong events, as the saying goes, the eldest brother is the father and the eldest sister is the mother. You don’t have a sister, just an aunt in this palace. Ben Gong has no children and has always treated you as my own son. Thus your lifelong event, Ben Gong is naturally more concerned than anyone else.”     

Ji Miaoyan looked at Yun Shan’s loving gaze. He was speechless, and had to lower his head to compromise: “Aunt is kind to nephew, nephew knows this. Nephew… knows what to do.” 

Yun Shan smiled with satisfaction, then she retracted her gaze, “That’s good. Look carefully at the many official ladies below. See if there is anyone you like in particular and speak to your aunt about it. Auntie can also make suggestions for you.” 

“…En.” Ji Miaoyan used the wine glass in front of him to obscure the expression on his face. After Yun Shan received the answer she wanted, she smiled and nodded, then turned her gaze to the officials below.

The officials below who had been paying attention to the princess and Ji Miaoyan saw the princess look towards them, so their expressions suddenly changed. Their eyes were all dyed with a little expectation, hoping that the princess’s sight would fall on them. It’s a pity that they were destined to be disappointed. 

After Yun Shan glanced over at the crowd, she seemed to have discovered something. She turned her gaze and fixated on Lan Yingran in the corner. She smiled, “Master Lan is also here.” 

Lan Yingran after being named was stunned for a moment. He hurriedly got up: “The eldest princess personally invited this minister to come to the banquet, so it is the honor of this minister, how can this minister not come?” 

Yun Shan’s smile on her face became deeper when she heard these words: “I have heard that Master Lan has strict tutoring, thus Miss Lan is proficient in zither, chess, and calligraphy. She is proficient in everything. Even in poetry and songs, she has quite unique deep insights. Even the Grand Tutor admires her. Ben Gong would like to take a good look at what this is like. Where is this wonderful person?” 

Yun Shan’s gaze flicked around Lan Yingran, but did not find Miss Lan’s figure. She couldn’t help but wonder: “Why did Master Lan not bring Miss Lan with you today?” 

“Those are all rumors and are exaggerated. My little girl was a little uncomfortable, so she retired for a while, she should…” Before Lan Yingran’s words fell, he heard a soft call from behind: “Daddy.” 

Everyone turned to follow the sound. They all saw a young girl coming from the gate of the courtyard, walking slowly towards Lan Yingran.

“You…” Lan Yingran’s face changed. The clothes this woman was wearing were indeed the ones his daughter had just worn, but those eyes… 

“This is Master Lan’s daughter?” Yun Shan squinted at the girl holding Lan Yingran’s arm for a while and asked softly. 

“Uh…Yes. My little girl has been rude, please forgive us princess.” 

Yun Shan looked at the girl up and down for a long time, then finally fixed her gaze on the tulle covering her face: “Miss Lan, this….”

“This…” Lan Yingran didn’t know how to justify himself when suddenly he heard a soft cough. He said hurriedly, “This little girl was naughty on the way here. Because of the wind, she became uncomfortable. In addition, this girl is shy, so this minister asked her to cover her face with a tulle. First to avoid offending others, and secondly, to make her less nervous.” 

After speaking, the girl next to Master Lan cooperated to make a statement. She made an extremely shy gesture. 

“So, that’s the case.” Yun Shan’s eyes were full of smiles, as if she completely believed Lan Yingran’s words, “Since Miss Lan has stayed in her boudoir for a long time and rarely goes out, she must get a little nervous when she comes to such a lively place. It doesn’t matter. Miss Lan, you don’t have to be nervous, treat this palace as your own.” 

As soon as Yun Shan said this, everyone at the banquet cast a meaningful look at Lan Yingran. If the princess said this, it seems that she really admired this Miss Lan and is deliberately trying to match her with Young Master Ji. However, they would not be so stupid to say anything at this time. After all, Lan Yingran’s own official position was not high, but his sister was the Fifth Prince consort. If the lady of the Lan family can get married with the Ji family, it can be regarded as a deeper relation.

Compared with the envy, jealousy and hatred of these people, Lan Yingran acted as if a pie was falling from the sky and smashing him directly. He was complaining at this moment. God knows that he was here for formality, to cover some people in the backyard. Who knew that Cheng Yaojin will come out halfway (Used to describe a situation where someone shows up unexpectedly and disrupts a plan). Now he can only hope that this person will not act rashly, otherwise… the consequences will be… unimaginable. 

“I heard that Miss Lan is very good at playing music. Since today is such a rare, lively occasion, if Miss Lan doesn’t mind, can she perform for us on the spot and open all our eyes?” 

“This…” Lan Yingran just wanted to take someone to sit aside and wait until the banquet was over in peace, but someone obviously wasn’t thinking this. 

“Thank you Eldest Princess for the praise. This one will play a song for the Eldest Princess and Ji Gongzi. I hope that the Eldest Princess and Ji Gongzi will not laugh.” 

Lan Yingran’s eyes widened. He looked at the person beside him in surprise. 

There was a trace of interest in Yun Shan’s eyes. She smiled: “Ben Gong is excited to see. Someone, come go and prepare musical instruments for Miss Lan .” 


“What do you want to do?” Lan Yingran took advantage of the opportunity as the person walked in front of him. 

The woman was Yan Tingfang, who was disguised as Lan Yingran’s daughter. She chuckled, turned her head and glanced at Yun Shan who was sitting there. Her eyes was filled with a faint murderous intent: “You’ll know soon. ” 

Lan Yingran grasped Yan Tingfang’s hand and slowly tightened it. He didn’t want to let Yan Tingfang go just like that. 

“Let go of me.”

“Miss Yan, have you considered the consequences of doing this?” 


Lan Yingran stared at Yan Tingfang’s eyes and took a deep breath: “You never thought about it. After you do this, what will happen to the people who came to Shu with you?” 


“Miss Lan, it’s ready.” 

Lan Yingran was about to say a few more words, when he heard the urging female voice. 

Yan Tingfang struggled and broke free of his restraint. She walked a short distance. 

“This…” Lan Yingran’s face changed slightly, he felt like he was frozen in place. 

The crisp sound of big beads and small beads falling on the jade plate rang from the sky above the princess’s mansion, making the people looking for Yan Tingfang startled. 

“This sound… is it Miss Yan?” A few people who had heard Yan Tingfang play the pipa in the Ye Country Palace earlier paused. 

“It sounds like it’s in the front yard, at the banquet…” 

“!” Miss Yan has already started to make her move? ! 

Xia Yuqing paused, then turned around and rushed towards the sound source. 

“Niang Niang, wait for us!” Cui Er was startled, but she didn’t care about anything else and rushed back with Xia Yuqing. 

On the empty platform, a girl with a veil was quickly playing the pipa. The slender and white knuckles fluttered above the strings like butterflies. Skillfully playing, the girls attention was not on the strings, but on a high platform not far away.

Yan Tingfang’s gaze glided past the woman who was chatting and laughing with the people nearby not far away, then she suddenly remembered what Lan Yingran had said. 

“You never thought, after you do this, what will happen to the people who came to Shu with you?” 

Yan Tingfang thought of those who were still staying in Wei Yan’s mansion and couldn’t help biting her lips. A tremor sprang up in her heart. It was a pity that this tremor only lasted for a second and was replaced by something else. 

Staring at the face of the woman who was smiling, Yan Tingfang’s mind recalled the scene of the day when her house was ransacked. Her father was killed, her mother was captured by the officers and soldiers in order to protect herself, and the servants and relatives in her family were all brutally killed one by one. The bright red blood had spread along the floor to where she was hiding, but she could only hold tight. She covered her lips, tried hard to stop the crying in her mouth. She couldn’t do anything. The bright red blood shining within her eyes, it was all due to that woman in front of her! 

The pipa’s sounds echoed over the entire courtyard. After the song was over, all the officials unanimously focused their attention on the person in charge.

Yun Shan smiled and asked Ji Miaoyan in a low voice: “Miaoyan, what do you think of this Miss Lan?” 

Ji Miaoyan pursed his lips and spat out two words: “It’s okay.” 

Yun Shan smiled. She got up and stroked her palms: “Miss Lan is indeed well-deserved of her reputation. Come and let Ben Gong take a good look at how beautiful and charming one is to play such a beautiful song.” 

“Eldest Princess, my little girl is unwell, so she might offend your Highness.” When Lan Yingran heard Yun Shan deliberately allow Yan Tingfang to approach and personally take off her veil, his face paled and he shouted anxiously. 

“Just one look, how could one get offended? Don’t listen to your father, come here.” 

Seeing Yun Shan beckoning to herself, Yan Tingfang slowly put down the pipa in her hand. She got up and walked towards Yun Shan. She slowly stretched her right hand in her sleeves. She drew out the sharp dagger she had prepared early on. 

When Xia Yuqing and the others arrived, they saw such a scene. 

“It’s over, stop her.” Xia Yuqing whispered, and grabbed Shao Zitang who had also arrived.

Shao Zitang glanced at the figure pressing towards Yun Shan. His eyebrows were slightly twisted, then his eyes moved to Cui Er who was behind Xia Yuqing. 

Cui Er was startled, and glanced at him suspiciously, but saw that his gaze moved to Su Wuduan next to her. Suddenly as if she had understood something, she nodded solemnly towards him. 

“Niang Niang, please move aside.” 

“Huh, what are you going to do?” Xia Yuqing took a step back reflexively, then saw Cui Er and Shao Zitang step forward. Grabbing Su Wuduan’s arms, one left and one right, before Su Wuduan could react, they threw him in Yan Tingfang’s direction. 

Xia Yuqing stared at her elder brother, stunned, as he flew out over her head. 

Before he could even protest, he slammed into Yan Tingfang’s body not far away. Fortunately, he was on the bottom… 

“!” Xia Yuqing’s mouth turned into an O shape. She quickly reached out her hand to hide her face. This picture is so beautiful, she really dare not look at it! 

“Ow…” He let out a low growl in pain, “Why is it always my…” butt! 


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