FMEA Chapter 178

Chapter 178 Fighting for favor 

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“Princess, this kid…” Xize Yan was shocked again when he heard this. Xia Yuqing was relieved when she could take Su Wuduan away, but she didn’t expect that something would happen again. 

“!” This eldest princess, did she become interested in her!? Oh dang, she was a girl, it will definitely be revealed if she stays! Xia Yuqing looked at the princess with a stunned expression, her smile froze on her face. 

“Princess, what do you mean…” 

“Why? Are you unwilling?” The princess raised her eyebrows. Her beautiful face was still smiling, but Xia Yuqing instinctively felt a little danger. 

“Ahahaha… why would I be unwilling?” Now, leaving was wrong and not leaving was wrong. If she knew this earlier on, she would not have come out to save Senior Brother. This Senior Brother is going to kill his Junior sister. 

Xia Yuqing was very annoyed and stretched out her hand to pinch Su Wuduan’s arm. Su Wuduan was crying silent tears. Why are you blaming me? I am more wronged than Dou E! 

“Your Majesty, we…” Cui Er asked worriedly, looking at the scene that was getting out of control not far away. 

Feng Tingye’s face sank. Without answering, he walked towards Xia Yuqing and the other two. 

“Since you are willing, then…” 

As soon as the Eldest Princess was about to come to a conclusion, she heard a gentle male voice: “Eldest Princess, please wait a minute.”

Everyone followed the sound and saw a young man arrive gracefully. The young man’s face could be described as ordinary, but the aura that came from his body was chilling. He simply walked towards the eldest princess. Someone should have stopped him, but for some reason, everyone’s feet seemed to have taken root at this time. They just watched him walk past without moving. 

The Eldest Princess looked at the young man who appeared, and was surprised for a moment. Something flickered through her eyes but quickly disappeared. 

“You are…” 

“He is… he is the eldest brother of my sister and I!” Xia Yuqing saw Feng Tingye approaching and screamed. She rushed to hold Feng Tingye’s arm. 

“…” Little Gongzi, how many brothers and sisters do you have? Did your whole family come for the banquet? 

“Brother?” The eldest princess smiled, “Looking carefully, the brother of this little Gongzi also looks…” 

“…” F*ck, this woman is really cruel, she even wants to get the Ultra Seme Lord involved? How hungry are you?! No, she can never let this woman touch the Ultra Seme Lord, never! 

“Princess…” Xizeyan’s face changed again and again, he was about to explode. What happened to the eldest princess tonight? Even if you are not disgusted with this random crazy commoner, why are you welcoming them all?! 

“Ahem, Eldest Princess, my eldest brother won’t do…” 

Xia Yuqing clasped Feng Tingye’s arm tightly, coughed, and bluntly refused. 

“Oh?” There was a trace of interest across the Eldest Princess’s face, “Why? Could it be that your brother is also a woman?”

“No!” Xia Yuqing said with a straight face, “It’s more serious than being a girl. My brother, he… can’t lift it up!”

 “!” Cui Er, Su Wuduan and Lan Yingran on the side were all startled when they heard these words. They looked at Feng Tingye with surprise. 

With a scream… the entire courtyard felt a cold evening breeze pass by them, making a desolate rustle in the air. 

“Pu…” Afterwards, somebody in the courtyard couldn’t help but burst into laughter, then a group of people came back to their senses. The girls blushed one by one. 

“Pu, it turns out that Junior Sister’s husband is a…hahaha, Junior Sister is also fighting for the innocence of brother-in-law!” Su Wuduan had to lie on the body of Cui Er who came forward to support him.     

It’s a pity that it was not appropriate to gloat, so he was rewarded with a fist mercilessly. It was so painful that he almost laid directly on the ground. He groaned in pain: “Wife, you are really cruel! I’m still injured.”     

Cui Er gave him a cold look, the corner of her lips twitched slightly: “One more thing out of you and I don’t mind letting you experience what is really…unable to lift it up.”

“…” Wife, when did you blacken? ! If it doesn’t lift up, it will affect your future happiness. Be cautious, be cautious! 

Unlike other people, Jiang Zhaorou at this moment did not know why she was focusing on Su Wuduan, the two people. To be precise, it was on Cui Er. 

After a not-so-long gaze, Jiang Zhaorou’s eyes flashed with obvious surprise and clarity. Then her gaze fell on Xia Yuqing and Feng Tingye’s bodies. Her complexion changed for a moment, then her hands hanging by her side slowly clenched together.     

“…” Feng Tingye listened to the people’s low laughter, the blue veins on his head were bursting. The smile on the corner of his mouth twitched for a moment. He really wished he could overwhelm a certain someone on the spot to prove if he was… ahem. Unfortunately, the time and place did not permit this. But it didn’t matter. The future is long, and in the future he will have the opportunity to let this girl know in person if he was… unable to lift it. Feng Tingye glanced at Xia Yuqing, a clear cold light flashed in his eyes.     

Xia Yuqing felt a shiver run down her spine. She had a bad premonition.     

The Eldest Princess was also taken aback when she heard the news. She squinted her eyes and stared at Xia Yuqing for a long time. When Xia Yuqing thought she was going to get angry, she chuckled: “It doesn’t matter, Ben Gong doesn’t mind.”     

“…” But we mind! Wait, what did this woman just say? She didn’t mind? ! A woman doesn’t even mind this, is it possible… She has some strange hobbies like sm!? Oh d*mn, what should I do? !     

Xia Yuqing’s head had already entered a bitter cycle of death due to direct brain damage.     

“Looking at the little Gongzi’s appearance, he doesn’t seem to be very happy. Do you know the number of people who would fight to squeeze their heads in this princess mansion? Yet this Gongzi doesn’t want to drink the wine toasted, but the punishment wine?”     

“…” It’s a threat, a threat in broad daylight. Kidnapping women is popular, but is robbing men in the dark also popular? Ahhhhh, stop playing with me, I’ll break!

Xia Yuqing looked at Feng Tingye for help. Feng Tingye’s eyebrows moved slightly, then he turned to look at the princess: “The princess is too serious. Since the princess wants to sincerely keep us in the princess mansion, how can we refuse?” 

The Eldest Princess nodded in satisfaction: “The little Gongzi mentioned you were staying temporarily at?”

“We are now temporarily staying at my uncle’s house, Wei Yanwei’s mansion in the capital.” 

“It turned out to be the Wei mansion. Later, Ben Gong will send little Gongzi’s sister back to the Wei mansion and tell Master Wei that you will live in Ben Gong’s mansion.” 

“Then I thank the Eldest Princess.” 

Feng Ting Ye smiled at the Eldest Princess without any other reaction, then turned his head and winked at Cui Er, who immediately understood. Cui Er supported Su Wuduan and left. 

At the same time, Xia Yuqing felt a hostile death glare from Xizeyan. 

Xia Yuqing: this is really just a misunderstanding, I didn’t mean to compete with you at all! 

A blind date that originally belonged to Ji Miaoyan eventually turned into a draft feast for the elder princess to enrich her harem. It was really uncomfortable. However, no one dared to express any doubts or dissatisfaction with this. This is the convenience of rights. No matter what people in power do, people at the bottom have no right to say anything.     

After the final decision was made to temporarily reside in the Eldest Princess mansion, Xia Yuqing finally breathed a sigh of relief. She scanned the surrounding area once, then asked in a low voice: “Your Majesty, where is Miss Yan and Xiao Shangshu?”    

“I let them go first and remember to call me Older Brother, you naughty little brother.”     


“Let go of me!” Yan Tingfang, who was dragged out of the Princess Mansion by Shao Zitang, was struggling as soon as she walked out of the gate. It’s a pity, Shao Zitang’s strength was so great that he would never give her a chance to break free.     

“I told you to let me go, are you deaf? Let go!”

“I won’t let go! If I let go of you, who knows what you will do again. You know this better than me. Honestly, I’ll let you go when I return to the Wei Mansion.” Shao Zitang turned his head and looked at Yan Tingfang and refused her coldly. 

Yan Tingfang’s face was slightly dark. Standing still, she shook Shao Zitang’s hand that was tight on her wrist. She sneered with red eyes, “Who are you? Why do you care about me? It doesn’t matter to you what I do anyways. Let go, let go!” 

Seeing Shao Zitang refusing to let go, Yan Tingfang pursed her lips and bit Shao Zitang’s finger. 

Shao Zitang didn’t expect that a girl would be so valiant, thus allowing her to bite him. He let go of Yan Tingfang’s hand with a cry. 

Yan Tingfang seized the opportunity to turn around and rush towards the princess mansion. Unfortunately she didn’t run two steps before she was caught again by someone. 

“*sshole, let go, let go!”

“Papa–” The loud slap echoed in the empty alley and the head of the person who had been hit was blank.

Yan Tingfang was stunned for a while, before covering her painful face. Her eyes widened. She looked at the boy who hit her in disbelief. 

“Calmed down yet? If you want to go back, I don’t mind giving you another slap. Don’t think that a man won’t hit a woman. As long as they’re abominable, I don’t care if it’s a man or a woman.” Shao Zitang looked at Yan Tingfang and smiled coldly. 


“Perhaps you are right, I am nothing to you and I am not qualified to manage your affairs. But don’t forget, who begged us to follow you to the Kingdom of Shu? Now look at yourself and how desperate you are to assassinate the eldest princess that it doesn’t matter whether you are dead or alive. Have you ever thought about how many people would be burdened by your appearance? Let’s not even talk about us for the time being, even the Queen of Shu who saved your life back then and Yun Xi would be implicated in this. Is this how you repay your saviors?” 

“What do you know? That b*tch killed my whole family. There was so much blood that day. My father, my mother, my relatives, my friends, all of them. All of this was because of that b*tch. If I don’t kill her, what face would I have to meet my parents in heaven, what kind of face…” 

“Enough, I don’t understand. I have not experienced having one’s own family being exterminated, nor do I understand what you call bloody vengeance. But I know that if this vengeance involves others being dragged into this, this is tantamount to murder and having no plan. Its like moths fighting a fire. This assassination is the same as death, no difference from suicide. I didn’t kill Boren, but Boren died because of you. (search up Wang Dao on wiki for detailed story; but basically miscommunications causing saviour to die)This is what you want? To have everyone die with you?” 

“No, it’s not like that. I never thought… I just…” (she’s so -_-, you go Xiao Shangshu)

“You what? You keep saying that you want to avenge your parents, otherwise you won’t have the face to see them below. But do you think killing yourself with the eldest princess, making this reckless sacrifice, means that you have the face to meet your parents?” 


“Your mother hid you to prevent them from discovering your tracks. She did not do that for you to do this. You have done such a stupid thing today. You have not lived up to your mother’s expectations. Do you think you still have the face to say that you can see your father and mother with a clear conscience?” 


Shao Zitang’s relentless words were no different than lightning striking down on Yan Tingfang who was helpless to fight back. 

Shao Zitang looked down at Yan Tingfang, who was no longer struggling. He sighed softly, “Go back first.” 

Shao Zitang was about to pull Yan Tingfang and turn away when he saw two shining sparkles in the dark night. A bright light came out and it just fell on his hand. 

Shao Zitang’s eyes tightened. Looking at the tears falling on the back of his hand, he was a little stunned: “Hey, don’t cry! Although what I said just now was a bit strong, don’t cry. Don’t cry ! Hey…” 

It’s the first time that poor Xiao Shangshu saw a girl cry, especially a girl he made cry. Of course, he didn’t know that sometimes when a girl cried, she would not be so fierce. But because of the comfort of a person, the iron law of crying is bound to have her become more fierce, therefore… 

Papapa, the light rain that was originally just a drizzle turned into a majestic rain. Xiao Shangshu was petrified on the spot… 

“Don’t…cough cough, it’s okay, I was wrong, don’t cry……” Shao Zitang awkwardly tried to comfort the person in front of him, but he didn’t expect that he would be crashed into halfway through the conversation. The person in his arms choked. 


Yan Tingfang didn’t respond. She just clung to Shao Zitang’s collar. She was crying until she was out of breath and didn’t have the ability to speak. 

“…” Shao Zitang was silent for a while. Afterwards, he sighed and slowly stretched out his hand to pat Yan Tingfang’s shoulder. Perhaps, letting her cry and letting her vent it out would be more effective than anything else. 

Silence spread little by little between the two. No one talked any more, only a faintly choked voice could be heard in the empty alley. 

After a while, Shao Zitang heard the person in his arms speaking in a muffled voice: “I…I when I saw her, I hate her so much…I didn’t know what to do.” 

Shao Zitang was slightly startled, then the corners of his lips were raised slightly. He whispered softly. “Wait.” 

“Just wait. It’s okay, I…we’ll help you.” 

The evening breeze slid through the depths of the alley and with the soft moonlight, it blurred the two people who had been standing in the alley for a long time. 

On the other side, taking advantage of Xia Yuqing and the others deterring the princess, Yun Zhongyue turned the princess’s room upside down. However, he did not find any useful things. Just before he was ready to pack things up and head back to the house, he heard the sound of footsteps outside. 

Yun Zhongyue was startled. He turned over and quickly rushed to a pillar beside him.

“I heard that the Eldest Princess received two more gigolos today.” 

“I heard that one of them was especially tender, now let’s see how Master Xi can be so arrogant.” 

“You weren’t there just now, Master Xi’s expression…tut tut…” 

A group of people walked past the princess’s room holding lanterns and laughed from time to time. 

Yun Zhong Yue waited until the group of people left before lifting the curtain covering him. Just about to walk out, the hand on the pillar seemed to touch something. 

Yun Zhongyue’s figure paused. His eyebrows frowned and his hands quickly stroked the pillars, looking for the small protrusion that he had just accidentally touched. 

“Ah, found it. Right here.” Yun Zhongyue’s face relaxed. He got closer to the small protrusion and found that it was something similar to a small switch. 

Yun Zhongyue’s eyes shivered. He took a deep breath and poked at the small protrusion. Then after hearing a clatter, a small square window appeared on the originally compact wall. 

Yun Zhongyue was overwhelmed with joy. He quickly ran towards the window. After a closer look, he found that there were a few letters-like things inside. 

Could it be a letter from his Fourth Royal sister with Xue Country? Yun Zhongyue’s heart trembled. He picked up those letters with a little excitement. As expected, all the letters were written with Yun Shan’s name. The only difference was that at the bottom of the letter, the name written on the page was……Zhangsun Qianrou. 

“Zhangsun Qianrou? Zhangsun…” Yun Zhongyue whispered the name on the letter, his eyebrows slightly twisted. But before he could figure out who the name represented, there were footsteps outside, accompanied by several people’s conversation.

“Eldest Princess, those two boys are of unknown origin, this minister is worried about…” 

“Master Xi, you are minding too much. Ben Gong likes people with independent opinions, but Ben Gong prefers people who know how to advance and retreat.” 

“Princess… ” 

Yun Zhongyue’s expression changed. He didn’t care to explore any more. He rolled up the letters inside and jumped out of the window. 

The moon was high and this night was destined to be a sleepless night for some people. After going deep into the tiger’s den and sleeping in the princess’s house, Xia Yuqing resurrected and was full of energy. She stretched her waist and looked at the bright light outside the courtyard, feeling very good.

In her heart she was rejoicing that the Eldest Princess arranged two separate rooms for her and a certain big beast, otherwise it would be a problem whether she can get up safely today or not, cough cough… 

However, just when Xia Yuqing was full of energy and was preparing to have a big meal at the Eldest Princess Mansion to destroy the entire Princess Mansion food storage, trouble was eager to come to her door.     

“Hey, this is the new brother at the palace? He looks petite and charming, I wonder if he is still a virgin? You know, the princess is very picky in bed. I remember last time there was one who had a filthy mouth. With some opportunistic thoughts, he tried to reach heaven in a single bound (instant success), but what happened later?”     

“Later, it seemed that the princess had chopped off his hands and feet and threw it into the flower bed as fertilizer. Tsk tsk tsk, so miserable… ”     

Xia Yuqing chewed on the small steamed bun, watching the two men dressed up in a seductive manner commenting one after another, trying to frighten herself. She asked harmlessly: “So, these two brothers are still virgins?”

But why does she feel like they weren’t? Looking at these two men twisting their waists that were thinner than a women’s, tsk tsk, I didn’t expect that there are still men in this world who are even more feminine than my Third Brother!     

It turns out that Xizeyan was not the only one in this mansion. Looking at the four or five in the front, the four or five who was observing the situation not far behind, and the four or five who pretended to be passing by, this group of them was almost catching up to the three thousand beauties in the harem. This princess is really cultivating her harem in preparations to the palace standards!     

“We…” The men choked on Xia Yuqing’s straightforward words. Their faces blushed slightly, it was unclear whether they were shy or angry.     

“Of course we were before serving the Eldest Princess…yes…”     

“Oh, so, afterwards, you were no longer a virgin, so the Eldest Princess never called you again.” Xia Yuqing gnawed her bun while she spoke with an innocent face.     

“!” The expressions of the two men who had come to cause trouble changed when they heard Xia Yuqing’s words.     

“You, you, you……”

“I what? Is it possible that I’m wrong?” Xia Yuqing glanced at the few people suspiciously, her eyes becoming more and more innocent. 

“You…” The angry man was ready to wave his sleeves, but he became a bit awake and stared at Xia Yuqing meaningfully, “How do you know?” 

Xia Yuqing stretched her waist. She touched a steamed bun on the side: “One, if you were favoured as before, how can you have this idle time to trouble me? You would have long gone to serve the princess. Moreover, haven’t you heard of the bullet hits the bird that pokes its head out (nonconformity gets punished)? The first day I entered the mansion, you guys came to me causing a great deal of trouble. Are you not afraid that the princess will find out? … well, looking at you guys, it’s not like you were thinking of this?” 

” …… ” 

“Secondly, you said you were virgins before you served the Princess, tut tut …… then you wouldn’t really know how to serve a person, right? As a servant, if you are not proficient, how could the Eldest Princess spoil you?” 

“…You said we are servants?” 

“Huh, isn’t it? Serving a master, how are you different from those outside servants?” 

Several people were stunned by Xia Yuqing’s blunt words. After a while, they recovered and blushed, “Don’t speak as if you are not the same kind of people as us. Unless you really are not a virgin?” 

“…” Does it matter if I am a virgin? I don’t plan to engage in lesbian acts with the Eldest Princess and my babies were just born. Coming to ask if I am a virgin, isn’t it too late? 

“You are here today to discuss whether I am a virgin or not?” 

“…” A few people were taken aback, then they remembered their purpose here. They were even more surprised that they seemed to have been accidentally led into a ditch. 

“You…you kid, don’t be arrogant. It’s in your best interest to leave, this is not a place for you to stay.” 

“…” Hey, brother, don’t speak as if I’m dying to be here and don’t want to go. If I can go, I would have left this dangerous place early on, okay? Also, when have I been arrogant? You guys were the ones who have been cursing at me and pointing at my nose. People with low IQ are too much! 

Xia Yuqing silently rolled her eyes to the sky and coughed, “Well, it seems that I can’t make that decision. You should ask the princess first. If the princess is willing to let me go, I will immediately pack my bags and leave here.” 

“You’re using the princess against us?!” After hearing Xia Yuqing’s words, everyone’s complexion changed again. Their faces were insulted and angry. 

“…” I’m just saying the matter as it stands. There really is a generation gap with ancient people. Loyal advice jars the ears (honest advice sometimes hurts). It’s really frustrating, so it’s better to follow the thirty-six strategies (chinese essay of a series of stratagems). 

Xia Yuqing made up her mind and surreptitiously put a few buns into the pockets of her clothes. She stretched her muscles under the surprised gaze of everyone. 

“You, you…what do you want to do? Her Highness said that if anyone dared to do anything in the princess mansion, as soon as she finds out, she will immediately disable the hands and feet of the person who did it and throw them away to be flower fertilizer. Don’t mess around.”

When several people saw Xia Yuqing start making some poses, they thought she was ready to do something. They all became nervous. 

Xia Yuqing paused and said in surprise: “So you’re not making a move? Why didn’t you say so sooner.” 

After that, she pointed to the side: “Look, the princess is here.” 

“Her Royal Highness, her Royal Highness is here? Where?” The faces of several people changed. They hurriedly turned to see where the princess was? As a result… 

There was an empty space behind them. When they turned their heads back, the front was also empty. A cold wind passed in front of everyone, making a rustling sound, as if laughing at their carelessness. 

“Huhuhu… It’s exhausting to do such a large amount of exercise early in the morning.” Xia Yuqing shook off those people who came to find fault with her and gasped for air with her hands on her knees. 

As soon as she stopped, she heard her stomach growling. She hurriedly took out her little buns and prepared to take a bite: “Fortunately, I brought out a few buns, hehe…” 

She was eating happily when a hand silently stretched out from behind her, covered her mouth, and dragged her back quickly. They pulled her directly to the rockery on the side.

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