FMEA Chapter 180

Chapter 180 You have implicated me 

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“Who’s outside?” Feng Tingye twisted his eyebrows and called out tentatively. 

“Master Wei, it is Nu Bi.” A tender female voice came from outside the door. 

Xia Yuqing took advantage of this opportunity and quickly rushed out of the bed, exclaiming: “I’ll open the door for her.” 

Feng Tingye looked at her fleeing back, the corners of his lips twitched. Xia Yuqing escaped. Slightly relieved, she walked to the door of the room to open the door for the person outside. 

“Prince Wei… uh…little Gongzi!” The little girl outside the door was shocked when she saw the person who opened the door. “Why is Gongzi here?” 

“Uh, I’m here to find my brother. Us brothers sleep together all the time at home. Also, I wasn’t really used to sleeping separately last night.” 

“Oh, so that’s it.” The little girl didn’t suspect the reason he was there, then she moved her eyes down. Suddenly she screamed, covered her face, and turned around. 

When Xia Yuqing lowered her head, she realized that she had come out with only a jacket. She hurriedly put her arms around her chest, then felt that something was wrong. She was a man now. So she hurriedly moved her hands below to cover it, but… something seemed wrong again. 

When Xia Yuqing was in a hurry and didn’t know what to do, someone put a gorgeous coat on her shoulders: “Why didn’t you put on clothes when coming out, what if you catch a cold?”

“Oh.” Xia Yuqing was obedient and nodded. She smiled softly at Feng Tingye, a unique tacit understanding between the two of them passed through their eyes. 

The little girl who sent the letter blushed for some reason. She always felt that the two Gongzis in front of her were not like brothers, but rather… 

“What’s the matter?” Feng Tingye’s question awakened the shy little girl. 

“Oh, it just so happens that the little Gongzi is here too, so it will save Nu Bi some time. Your Royal Highness invites the two Gongzis to attend the little family banquet this evening.” 

“Little family banquet?” Xia Yuqing and Feng Tingye looked at each other. He asked tentatively, “Can I ask a question? Did Her Highness invite only us two brothers, or…” 

“Umm… Her Royal Highness also invited several young masters in the backyard, as well as Master Xi.” 

“…Other than that?” 

“No one.” 

“!” In other words, the party this evening is just for one thing. A jealous gathering between the members of her harem? It’s a gathering between new love and old love! Oh man, this is only the first day after entering this mansion, do you have to be so cruel?! 

“You go back first, we will go to the banquet on time.” Feng Tingye looked at Xia Yuqing’s shocked look and made the little girl withdraw first. 

“What should we do? Those gigolos will swallow me raw!” She really took things too simply. 

These days, not only women will be jealous, but men who fought for favor would also fight. No, this is even more extreme than fighting. If you are not careful, you will be swallowed up! 

“Don’t worry, Zhen is here. Even if someone will swallow you alive, that person will definitely be me.” 


“So, Ai Fei, you should worry about how to deal with the princess.” 

“Deal with the Eldest Princess?” Xia Yuqing looked at Feng Tingye suspiciously. 

Feng Tingye’s rubbed Xia Yuqing’s hair lightly: “Ai Fei, don’t forget who we are now.” 


“Then Ai Fei knows what a gigolo is for?” 

“Aren’t they for…” A big exclamation mark appeared on Xia Yuqing’s head. It shouldn’t be what she’s thinking, right? ! 

“Don’t look at me with such a pitiful look. I won’t be able to help you this time. After all, from your mouth you said I can’t lift it up. I believe that the princess should not have interest in summoning a man who can’t do it.” 

“So?” Xia Yuqing had a bad feeling. 

“Ai Fei, take care.” 

“…” Ultra Seme Lord, you really have a dark belly. You definitely did it deliberately! Deliberately! 

Although it was only a small family banquet, it was still more lively than the banquet held in the princess mansion. 

Even more, it was a banquet ordered by the Eldest Princess herself, so the gang of courtyard Gongzis who had been summoned were all dressed up. Their makeup was not inferior to that of the harem beauties who attended the palace banquets. 

When Xia Yuqing and the two arrived, the Eldest Princess had not yet been seated. There was only a group of bickering red-faced young men in the courtyard staring at the young man with crossed eyes. 

Tsk tsk tsk…Who said that only women can be petty? Look at these men, they can take such trivial matters and argue for a long time.

However, being able to watch this competition at close range is also considered a profit. It would be even better if the object they were fighting over was a man, cough cough… 

Xia Yuqing watched with gusto, wishing to step forward to cheer for the quarreling people, but she had obviously forgotten her current identity. Thus, when the eyes of these people gradually moved from the quarreling people to her side, she later realized that there was trouble…as if their target had moved to her side.

“Oh, aren’t these the two new Gongzis who have recently entered the house? What are you doing here watching us as a joke?” A delicate young man standing on the side, with a slightly strange aura successfully drew all the eyes of everyone present to Xia Yuqing’s side.     

“It’s a pretty good-looking face. I heard that you caught Her Highness’s attention at last night’s banquet? Tsk… If I remember correctly, yesterday’s banquet was specially organized by Her Highness for Master Ji, only some Da Rens and young ladies who have not yet made a debut were invited. Why did you two big men join in the fun?” A young man who looked like the leader of the youngsters took a step forward and asked them in a slightly elevated tone. 

“Brother Shengxi, you probably don’t know, but these two Gongzis brought a sister over last night. It’s a pity that Ji Gongzi didn’t take any interest in the sister, but the two older brothers who accompanied her were chosen by Her Highness.” Before the boy’s voice was over, another weaker boy interjected. 


“No, I heard that the sister of these two Gongzi is crazy. Last night she made a fool of herself at the banquet, but in the end she was let off easily and it also allowed her brothers to rise up. It is pitiful thinking about it.” The frail young man laughed twice and the eyes on Xia Yuqing were full of hostility and contempt. 

“Crazy? They brought a madman into our princess mansion and want to climb this branch to become a phoenix? Hehe, I can see that their original purpose is our Royal Highness. Using your own sister to attract attention and even attracting Her Highness’s attention to reach the sky in one step, I have seen this kind of thing a lot.” 

“…” Brother, you are thinking too much, we really didn’t want to be eye-catching at all!

“Let me say, the madness seems to be contagious. If this sister has this kind of madness, who knows if these two brothers are the same as their sister…” As soon as the weak boy said this, the crowd retreated several steps at once. They quickly distanced themselves from the two for fear that they might accidentally be infected with madness. 

“…” Xia Yuqing looked at the two groups of people who were still arguing with a speechless expression. As soon as they saw them, they all agreed and joined together. The battle for favor started this soon?     

Shoot! When she traveled back in time and fell into the palace, why is it that instead of competing with a group of court ladies being jealous, she fell in with a group of men fighting for a woman? Transmigration god, please don’t make trouble!     

Compared to Xia Yuqing’s speechless look, Feng Tingye was calm. He looked at these young people who were speaking coldly and mockingly in front of him as if he was watching a joke. After a while, he spat out a sentence impatiently: “You are too noisy.” 

The low and magnetic voice echoed over the entire courtyard. There was a suffocating pressure and all the noisy youngsters became silent. Their eyes widened, looking at the calm man opposite. 

Some people were born to be looked up to. They don’t need to talk much. Just standing in front of people like this could deter everyone. 

“You!” After taking a few steps back unconsciously due to Feng Tingye’s pressure, several people woke up. Just when they wanted to scold them, they heard a loud shout outside: “Her Highness has arrived.”

Thus, Xia Yuqing was fortunate enough to see a group of youngsters who were still flaring their teeth and claws half an hour ago transform into behaved kittens, waiting for their master to approach and feed them. 


“Greetings Your Highness.” A group of people happily bowed and saluted in the direction where the Eldest Princess came. 

Xia Yuqing was stunned for a moment, then recovered from Feng Tingye’s shake. She followed the people around her to greet the princess. 

This time, the princess still had Xi Zeyan by her side. He seemed to be a gentleman standing next to the princess. Gentle and elegant, it was easy to make a good impression on people. Of course, the premise is not to look at the man’s fierce gaze on the youngsters on the side. The cold gaze that touched Xia Yuqing had an even more severe murderous intent. 

Xia Yuqing shuddered abruptly. Master Xi was looking at her as if he was about to cut her into eight pieces! Ooooo, how did I provoke him? ! 

“Is it cold?” Feng Tingye looked at Xia Yuqing’s nervous appearance. He stretched out his hand and squeezed her palm. 

Being squeezed by him, Xia Yuqing’s cold back and nervousness that had been caused by Xizeyan’s glance disappeared. Okay, what’s the point of being nervous? The actual dangerous beast is by her side, even if she is really nervous, it shouldn’t be because of that man.

“It’s just a family dinner, don’t be too formal, get up.” The Eldest Princess slowly took her seat with the support of Xizeyan. She raised her hand to let everyone get up. Her eyes moved around, and she quickly fixed herself on Xia Yuqing’s body. 

“You are here too, sit down. Are you used to staying in the mansion now that it has been a day?” 

The princess asked with concern and affection, directly causing everyone present to pause including Xi Zeyan who was next to the princess. 

Xia Yuqing clearly felt the gloomy gaze coming from all directions. She felt her back getting chilly, like sitting on pins and needles. The princess did it deliberately! To become a public enemy of mankind or a public enemy of a bunch of men, this pressure is really too great. 

“Ahahaha, it’s okay.” Xia Yuqing replied with a dry smile and a big drop of cold sweat on her forehead. 

“Little Gongzi, your face doesn’t seem to be very good, what’s wrong?” The princess looked at Xia Yuqing’s face and asked more worriedly. 

“…” Uuuuuu, I was stared at by your harem regiment and am cold all over, please be compassionate. Don’t stare at me and ask this or that anymore. This little person can’t bear it. If this continues, I will really be killed by this group of people with their eyes! Ultra Seme Lord, help! 

As if he heard Xia Yuqing’s inner wailing, Feng Tingye smiled: “Thank you for the princess’s care. My brother is only familiar with his own bed, so he didn’t sleep well last night, thus his complexion is a little ugly. It is nothing serious. He did the same when he first arrived at uncle’s, it will be fine after a couple of days to adapt.” 

“So that’s it.” The Eldest Princess smiled, but she still stared at Xia Yuqing which attracted the youngsters beside her to gnash their teeth.

Xizeyan’s eyes narrowed dangerously. While the princess’s attention was still on Xia Yuqing’s side, he cast a wink at a young man on the side without a trace. 

The young man was startled and immediately understood. He got up, walked to the princess, leaned over and bowed, “Your Royal Highness, I have recently gotten a very expensive coral bracelet, thinking that if the princess can wear it, it would be very beautiful. So, today, taking the opportunity of the banquet, I would like to offer it to Your Royal Highness. I hope that your Royal Highness will like it.” After speaking, the young man took out a very beautiful big red coral bracelet from his sleeve.     

Although this move successfully attracted the attention of the princess from Xia Yuqing, the princess’s eyes only stayed for a moment on the bracelet that looked very rare. Afterwards, she raised her hand to allow the maids to accept it. She didn’t even try it on.     

The young man’s smile froze on his face, then he returned to his seat.     

Upon seeing this, the youngsters nearby all casted a mocking look at him. Since there are people taking the lead, others were naturally unwilling to lag behind.     

Therefore, in the following period, the Gongzis’ tried their best, one by one, hoping that the Eldest Princess’s eyes could stay on their body more. They no longer remembered the two new loves, Xia Yuqing and Feng Tingye. It was a pity that the results were not very good. A lot of carefully prepared gifts were given a glance by the princess and accepted silently. Until…     

“I have missed Her Royal Highness these few days, and specially made a portrait of Her Royal Highness. Look, your Royal Highness, did I do a good job?”     

Portrait? The dull hair on Xia Yuqing’s head stood up. Following the sound, she realized that the speaker was the one who took the lead earlier… Young Master Sheng Xi?     

The white rice paper slowly unfolded, revealing the stunning woman in the scroll. Every stroke was profound, it was breathtaking.     

“Sheng Xi’s painting skills are as good as always. I like this painting very much. Later, someone send it to Ben Gong’s bedroom to hang.”     

A simple sentence, compared to those who she didn’t bother to look at, was already the highest praise.     

Sheng Xi’s face couldn’t help showing a somewhat arrogant look. The people on the edge were envious and jealous: “Your Royal Highness, tonight…”

Sheng Xi was trying to win the chase, but he saw the princess turn her head and ignore him. She moved her gaze to Xia Yuqing again and said with a light smile: “The water chestnut cake is very refreshing and delicious, Gongzi please try it. See if it suits your appetite.” 

“Pu…cough cough…” Xia Yuqing, who was picking up a piece of pastry on the side and preparing to eat and watch a good show, did not expect that the princess would conduct a surprise attack. She choked on the pastry that just entered her mouth, “Okay, I…I will.” 

For a moment, Xia Yuqing felt that all of the eyes that had finally been removed from her body had come back. Hey, she just wanted to eat something, wouldn’t it be too much of an injustice to cause a murderous disaster like this!?     

“Pu ha ha ha…” The people on the side who had originally envied Sheng Xi couldn’t help covering their mouths and laughing.     

Sheng Xi gave everyone a cold look. This successfully silenced those who laughed at him. Completely treating the silly smile on Xia Yuqing’s face as a provocation to himself, he clenched his fists tightly. A deep unwillingness flashed in Sheng Xi’s eyes. After taking a few deep breaths, he secretly suppressed the anger in his heart and stepped forward: “Your Majesty, it is rare for everyone to be so lively at this banquet. Everyone more or less brought something to gift your Highness, but I don’t know what kind of gift this little Gongzi has prepared. How about taking it out to open our eyes?”     

“!” Gift? Do you have to bring gifts to the banquet? Xia Yuqing’s eyes widened and looked at Sheng Xi in amazement, the snack in her mouth fell onto the table with a plop.     

Feng Tingye squinted his eyes and glanced at Sheng Xi, then said in distress, “Your Highness, I’m so sorry. We have just arrived here, so we didn’t bring any gifts …” 

“Not knowing to bring gifts to the banquet, how rude. In that case, just like the previous banquet when Xiao Yan first came, let Her Highness see your true abilities.” 

Before Feng Tingye’s words fell, he heard a chuckle. Feng Tingye squinted his eyes to follow the sound, it was the weak boy who wanted to embarrass them with Sheng Xi.

“True ability?” Xia Yuqing glanced at the young man confusedly, then she just saw the young man smile and kneel down in front of the princess: “Your Royal Highness, most of the Gongzis in the mansion have great skills, presumably these two Gongzis are no exception. Forgive me for being insolent, I just really want to take advantage of this opportunity to see how these two Gongzis perform. I hope Your Highness permits it.”     

The princess stared at this person for a long time. She raised her eyebrows: “Interesting. Since you said that it’s for your satisfaction, Ben Gong can’t refute your wish. Little Gongzi, take advantage of this. Since everyone is happy, just show us what you are good at. Let them open their eyes and calm their hearts.”     

“Good at…” Xia Yuqing felt that this scene was a bit familiar. She felt like she had seen this scene happen wherever she went. Forced to do something to express herself, does she seem so easily bullied?     

After listening to the princess’s words, Feng Tingye narrowed his eyes. He smiled indifferently: “This commoner is dull, and doesn’t do much usually. However, my brother is superb at the zither. If everyone does not mind, how about letting him play a song for everyone. This can be treated as a meeting gift for our brothers, how about that?”     

“!” Ultra Seme Lord, what do you want to do? ! Although this young lady knows that her zither art is invincible in the world, I haven’t ever seen you admire my zither art, why today…? why do you have that smile on your face? What is it? What bad idea did you form? Quickly tell me!     

The Eldest Princess was taken aback. She looked at Xia Yuqing’s gaze and couldn’t help but inquire a little more: “I didn’t expect the little Gongzi to have this kind of ability. I should take a closer look today. Someone come and prepare the zither.”    

“Wait a minute!” Xia Yuqing awakened, got up and shouted at the man.     

“What’s the matter?”     

“Ahahaha…” Xia Yuqing met the princess’s inquiring gaze. She laughed dryly, “Well, Your Highness, this commoner is not familiar with this place, a person playing the zither alone… Might as well…” Let my brother come with me to play a song.

Xia Yuqing’s intention was that no matter what bad idea the Ultra Seme Lord was making, she would first drag that person into the water, so they could go down together. Unexpectedly, she was interrupted by someone before she finished speaking. 

“Oh, the little Gongzi wants to find someone to play with? Master Xi, you go up and help.” 

“Ahhhhhh.” Xia Yuqing was stunned and couldn’t react.

“Master Xi is the one who plays the flute best in this mansion. If he plays with you, the young Gongzi can feel rest assured.” 

“!” What? Ensemble with him? ! My original intention was to play with the master of my family. This master Xi is here now trying to butt in? What is this? Dear friends, please follow the script, OK? Changing the plot casually can easily tear people apart! 

Xia Yuqing just wanted to refuse aloud, but was held down by Feng Tingye first. She turned her head to look at Feng Tingye a little puzzled, but saw him shaking his head towards herself. 

Although Xia Yuqing was regretful, she had to reluctantly agree when she saw that: “Then thank you Master Xi.” 

“…” Upon seeing this, Xi Zeyan showed a trace of annoyance passing through his eyes.

What’s the matter with this kid’s expression like he doesn’t want to get in contact with himself at all? He acts like he doesn’t even put him in his eyes at all. How long did it take for them to act his spoiled just after entering the house? He should know that at the Shu Kingdom court, which official who heard his name, Xi Zeyan, wouldn’t bow down to call himself Lord Xi, let alone have the opportunity to have an ensemble wih him. If the Eldest Princess hadn’t spoken, he would never go on stage with this vulgar and despicable person. As a result, this lowly person dared to look down on himself? That’s unbearable! If he doesn’t teach this ignorant boy today, how can he swallow this breath? ! 

Feng Tingye glanced at the furious Xizeyan, then moved his gaze to the calm Eldest Princess who was sitting there. There was a trace of clarity in his eyes. 

Sure enough, the reason why the Eldest Princess wanted to accommodate the two of them at the night banquet last night was not simply because of their appearance that she was attracted to. The reason why she included them in this princess mansion was actually to stimulate Xizeyan.

She must have discovered that the dog she raised has recently become less and less mindful of herself, and less and less obedient. Disobedient dogs need to be warned. Leading them into the mansion at this time was to warn Xizeyan to not forget who his master was and who cared for him. She can spoil him to a high position, one person above ten thousand. However, she can also naturally pull him down from the high position with her own hands, then help other people to sit up there. He is not yet important enough to the point where he is indispensable. If he wants to stay by her side for a long time, he will have to obediently be a dog that obeys its owner.

The princess seemed to notice Feng Tingye’s gaze. She turned her head to look over. The eyes of the two met without warning. Feng Tingye didn’t panic. He raised the wine glass on the table towards the direction of the princess. 

The Eldest Princess was stunned. After, she smiled slightly and also raised a toast to him. 

With the cover of the wine glass, Feng Tingye’s lips slowly raised into a playful arc. This woman wanted to use them to domesticate her dog, but she never thought that some people can be quite unexpected. Nowadays, anyone who wants to use them will inevitably pay a heavy price in the end. 

“You are not worried at all?” Feng Tingye was watching Xia Yuqing slowly walk back to the stage when he heard a low chuckle around him. 

Feng Tingye followed the sound to face the fragile young man sitting on the other side of him that seemed to be smiling but not smiling, his eyes couldn’t help being on guard. 

The young man didn’t care. He turned his head and glanced at Xia Yuqing, then continued: “The flute art of Master Xi can even satisfy the musicians in the palace. Although it’s an ensemble, if your brother doesn’t know how to play the zither, it’s going to be embarrassing.” 

Feng Tingye took a deep look at the boy, his eyes were dull and difficult to see through. Only after a while, he smiled sweetly: “Of course someone will be embarrassed, but that person will never be my brother.” 

The boy raised his eyebrows and smiled “Oh? You are quite confident in your brother’s zither art.”

“No, this is not self-confidence. This is the result of many accidents… a lesson learnt through blood.” Feng Tingye smiled. With a fascinating look, he took out two cotton balls from his sleeves in a very unscrupulous manner, then put them into his ears under the surprised gaze of the teenager. 


Xia Yuqing slowly walked onto the high platform and took a deep breath. Before sitting down, Xizeyan asked a little annoyedly: “What do you play?” 

Xia Yuqing was startled and tilted her head. With an innocent look, she said: “Play casually.” When she played with Third Royal Sister last time, Third Royal Sister didn’t ask her what she played. In the end, it was still successful. Sure enough, this kind of switching of their roles just doesn’t work, there is no tacit understanding. 

Xia Yuqing’s words successfully made Xizeyan’s face darker. D*mn it, this kid is here to cause faults! He is afraid I will steal the limelight from him, that I’m going to play his part. Okay, I will fulfill that. If I don’t make you lose face in front of the princess today, I will follow your last name! 

Xizeyan made up his mind to give Xia Yuqing a head start, then take the lead for the very first ensemble song. He would snatch Xia Yuqing’s rhythm in one fell swoop, but he obviously underestimated… 

“Duang…” Accompanying Xia Yuqing’s casual finger swiping, a shocking sound rushed into the sky. It abruptly frightened the sound of the flute that Xizeyan was about to make into a broken sound. 

“Ah…Qua…” A gust of wind blew. The birds above the princess mansion obviously did not have the long-term experience of handling trauma like the devastated birds of Ye Kingdom. One hit, and there was a sound in the night sky. Shrill screams, like ghosts, fell from the sky like raindrops. It was then followed by plopping sounds on the ground.

“…” These were the youngsters who were completely petrified when Xia Yuqing played the first zither sound. 

“…” He finally knew why Feng Tingye had stuffed his ears with cotton just now. This was the frail young man who had just watched Feng Tingye plug his ears with his own eyes. 

“!” God, is this a sound that the zither can make? Xizeyan’s face changed. He was shocked by Xia Yuqing’s change. 

After a short astonishment, his eyes shivered. He grabbed the flute in his hand in an attempt to overwhelm Xia Yuqing’s magical sound. Unfortunately, because Xia Yuqing’s zither sound was too cruel, Xi Zeyan’s sound began to move towards a weird direction. It was being led into a… ditch. 

If you ask, what is scarier than Xia Yuqing playing alone, someone will answer you that it is when someone plays with Xia Yuqing. Because in front of Xia Yuqing, musicians with the most advanced skills will inevitably be led by her in the end. Ever since, the magical sound changed from one to two, it really became a flurry of demons. Moreover if you really dare to face it head-on, the result can only be… going mad.

Therefore, after Xia Yuqing opened her eyes again, the first scene she saw was the courtyard full of corpses and Xizeyan who was forcing himself to be calm. 

Xize Yan forcibly suppressed the blood stuck in his throat. He stared at Xia Yuqing tremblingly, trying to suppress Xia Yuqing’s aura. However, this plan was completely declared bankrupt after Xia Yuqing’s next sentence. 

“Well, last time playing with Third…I mean my older sister, the effect was much better. This partner is really not in line with me, thus I couldn’t fully express my talent.” 

Xia Yuqing muttered and thought no one heard, but it was successfully heard by Xize Yan, who was standing on the side. 

“…” So, are you blaming me for dragging you down? Wait, sister? Do you mean I’m not as good as your crazy sister yesterday? Really… Really… I am so angry! 

“Pu…” The people who had just come to their senses only heard a muffled sound when a blood mist splashed all over the music stage instantly. 

After a short silence, someone screamed: “Hey… Hey… Master Xi spurted blood! Someone come, Master Xi spurted blood!” 


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