FMEA Chapter 186

Chapter 186 To speak or not to speak? 

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Xia Yuqing and Helian Mingyue pointed at each other in surprise, their eyes flashing with uncertainty. Afterwards, Helian Mingyue tentatively asked: “The king of heaven covers the earth tiger?” 

“The river demon in Pagoda Town.” 

Helian Mingyue’s eyes lit up: “The earth resonates with the high ridge, a group of eternal beauties.” 

“Pu… the door towards the sea, mountains and rivers flow together for thousands of years.” (what they say are basically a bunch of code words used as a secret message in a novel that is used nowadays as a joke)

Helian Mingyue was excited with tears: “Is Conan finished?” 

“F*ck, that was a good show that we will not be able to see in our lifetime!” 

“… I actually think so too.” 


The two of them said to themselves words that only the other side could understand. Their eyes looking at each other became brighter and brighter. 

After the back and forth engagement, Helian Mingyue grasped Xia Yuqing’s hand and said with tears in her eyes: “It turns out to be a fellow transmigrator! Family, where are you from? I’m from the corner of B City.” 

Xia Yuqing also didn’t expect to meet a second “hometown” member here, so she also had a burst of excitement. However, due to having seen her fellow Second Royal Brother before, she was not as shocked as Helian Mingyue.

“I’m from S City. When did you come here? You even have a child so big! It won’t be when you were about to give birth or after you have finished right…” 

“No, I transmigrated before I got married. I think around 12 years ago. I remembered it was just after the London Olympics. When I transmigrated, I was still a fresh young girl, then I met this fool……” Helian Mingyue’s small face blushed. She raised her hand and slapped Yun Zhongli’s shoulder: “I thought he was pretty good, so I married him and now even the child is so old.” 

“…” Fool? Pu…in this Shu Kingdom, I am afraid that there is no one else but the person in front of her who would dare to call Yun Xi’s father that! 

“By the way, when did you transmigrate over? It’s been so many years, the end of the world should have passed long ago, is it possible… that it’s already the 22nd century when you transmigrated over?” 

“How could that be? I transmigrated around two years later than when you came through. It should be due to the difference in time and space, just like country M and country Z. One is in the eastern hemisphere and the other is in the western hemisphere in which the time difference is half a day. ” 

“That’s it.” Helian Mingyue groaned and continued, “I haven’t seen any transmigrators all these years, so I thought there was no other person coming through. I didn’t expect…” Helian Mingyue stared at Xia Yuqing with two bright eyes. The gleaming appearance gave Xia Yuqing the illusion that she had turned into a pile of priceless gold. 

“Ahem, it’s just that you didn’t find them. At least I know one other person who also followed us in transmigrating over.” 

“Who?” Helian Mingyue was startled and asked in surprise.

“My Second Royal Brother. Oh, I forgot to ask him where he came from. He was collecting his clothes during a thunderstorm, and then accidentally…got electrocuted on the spot and transmigrated over.” 

“F*ck, that can happen too?!” Helian Mingyue patted the table with excitement and shouted loudly. 

Xia Yuqing was taken aback. She hurriedly waved her hand at her: “Calm down, nowadays even Ling Huchong can follow Dongfang Bubai (character from book) to become homosexuals, what else can’t be done?” 

“…Ling Huchong doesn’t like Ren Yingying? When did he go for Dongfang Bubai?” 

Xia Yuqing looked at Helian Mingyue sympathetically: “Which version are you reading? Now the most popular version is Ling Huchong and Dongfang Bubai’s deep gay relationship, you’re so OUT!” 

Well, it was actually because that version of Dongfang Bubai had him twisted into a woman abruptly, but she selectively ignored this. If Dongfang was no longer a man, can he still be the shocking and sad man that the people supported? it’s unbearable to turn a man into a woman! 

“Shoot! I’ve only transmigrated for a few years and I’m already derailed from the times. Wait, let me calm down for a moment.” Helian Mingyue’s face sank. She wanted to smack the table again, but Xia Yuqing quickly stopped her to prevent another big commotion.

“Omo omo, there are many terrific dramas these days, we should get used to it. Let’s not talk about this, let’s talk about something else. Speaking of which, how did you transmigrate through? Is it possible that you were also electrocuted?” 

“It would be better if it was that way. I just slept and god knows how I transmigrated over.” Helian Mingyue sat back and spread her hands, looking helpless. 

“…” D*mn it, transmigrated after a nap? Isn’t this bullsh*t? ! And what is with the surprised look just now? Compared to Second Brother’s Heavenly Thunder Strike, your situation is obviously more supernatural! 

Helian Mingyue obviously did not discover Xia Yuqing’s entanglement at this moment. It is rare to meet a fellow transmigrator, so Helian Mingyue couldn’t wait to vomit out the sufferings that had been buried in her heart for these past years: “Hey, If I knew I would transmigrate after a nap, at that time, I would have played my collection of Little Overlord games to the final level. At least before transmigrating, let me experience the thrill of knocking down the final boss! Also in a few minutes, the snow lotus in my QQ farm could’ve been picked and the big unicorns in the ranch can also be used for gems! If I had known at that time, I wouldn’t have snoozed for a while and missed the harvest times. Now I don’t know which thief would come steal it and run away, oooooo…” 

“That…” Xia Yuqing was embarrassed and was just about to insert a sentence when she saw Helian Mingyue \ raise her head and stared at her with a bitter expression: “The most important thing is…” 


“The most important thing is my QQ pet! I used to feed it and play with it every day. Now that I have been gone for so long, no one will pet it or feed it anymore. My poor pet, it must be so hungry. The double torture of thirst and hunger tormenting it to death, ahhhh, my poor Xiao Xi!”

“Pu…wait, your QQ pet’s name is Xiao Xi?” Xia Yuqing twitched. She looked at Helian Mingyue with a stunned look. 

“Yes!” Helian Mingyue replied with a matter of course look, “Our family’s Xiao Xi is very kawaii. So the first time I saw Xiao Xi after birth, who was also kawaii, I didn’t hesitate to give her the name Yun Xi.” 

“…” So did you raise your pet like a child or did you treat your daughter as a pet? If Xiao Xi knew that her position in her mother’s heart was equal to that of a pet, that she is most likely a substitute for this pet, she would cry. She would definitely cry! 

“Aunt Yue, you really don’t have an ordinary caring heart to love your pet this much…” 

“Exactly! After coming here, Ben Gong has always wanted to keep a pet. It’s a pity that the heavens don’t grant what people want (things don’t go as people would like). When Xiao Xi was four years old, she was bitten by the local Pekingese dog from outside of the palace. Since then, the child has been afraid of small pets such as cats and dogs. Now Ben Gong can only raise parrots that can’t run or make big movements. Something that hardly moves or runs around is really boring.” 

“…” F*ck, it bit Xiao Xi when she was a child. This is why Xiao Xi would be so scared of Xiao Bai that she would take a detour as long as she saw him? That was from your hand! With such an extreme Mother and a daughter-obsessed Father, I can’t blame Xiao Xi for thinking about running away from home! 

“Speaking of which, how did you transmigrate through? Were you also struck by lightning? Did you fall into the sewer on the main road? Or were you washed away when flushing the toilet?” 

“…” Aunt Yue, you think this is “Kyo Kara Maoh!” (anime)? 

“Ahem…little yellow book (rated R books)…” Xia Yuqing murmured awkwardly. Her voice was not much different from a mosquito sound. 

Helian Mingyue didn’t catch her at all, she gave her a puzzled look: “Huh?” 

“Little…Little yellow book.” Xia Yuqing’s voice was a little louder, but it was still much lower than normal.

“Ah? Speak louder, what’s so embarrassing? Is it possible that it’s a reason that is worse than falling into the toilet and being washed away?” Helian Mingyue did not hear it for a long time and yelled impatiently. 

Xia Yuqing took a deep breath. She yelled: “Little yellow book, little yellow book, I didn’t pay attention to the thunder and lightning when I was reading my yellow little book. As a result, I don’t know how, but my eyes went dark and I came here!” 


As soon as Xia Yuqing finished roaring, there was an embarrassing silence in the sleeping hall. 

“Pu……” Helian Mingyue came back to her senses. Looking at Xia Yuqing’s red face, she hurriedly covered her mouth, trying to stop the laughter. Unfortunately, it had little effect. 

“Laugh, laugh, laugh if you want to. Who has never been scammed several times since being born. Is it so funny?” Xia Yuqing growled in annoyance. 

She didn’t think about it before she met Helian Mingyue. Now that she met Helian Mingyue, she had just remembered that when she had transmigrated, she was looking at a small yellow book. It was rare to find a male on male that suited her taste. In the end, she didn’t even see the ending! Scratch the wall! 

There were also those discussion posts that were too late to follow. She was often caught up in the forums, so she wondered what those like-minded friends of hers would think of herself when she disappeared. Now that she thought of those things, it felt like a world away, as if they have been things in her previous life. Alas, she really missed it when she thought about it.

“Hahahaha, don’t… don’t be angry, I didn’t mean to laugh. It’s just the reason for transmigration these days is really getting more and more nonsensical, even looking at a little yellow book can cause transmigration. There really is a risk in everything in life. Transmigration is dangerous, you need to be cautious when trying! Hahaha, no, let me laugh for a while, I haven’t heard such a funny joke in a long time.” Helian Mingyue laughed and rocked forwards and backwards. If it wasn’t for her hand leaning on Yun Zhongli’s shoulders, she would have laughed and fell to the ground. 

“…” Laugh, go ahead and laugh, the one who retreats 50 steps laughs at the one who has retreated 100 steps (pot calls the kettle black). This sister is magnanimous and won’t share your common knowledge. Xia Yuqing looked at Helian Mingyue’s presumptuous laugh, pouted, and thought very proudly. 

“I thought my way of transmigrating was unreliable enough, but I didn’t expect that… there were higher mountains outside and that there were more people outside.” (there are always more extreme cases outside of one’s bubble) Helian Mingyue laughed so much that tears came out. It took a while for her to come back. She pressed down on Yun Zhongli’s shoulder, “You said, you have only passed through in the last few years? Will anyone pass through again in the future?” 

Xia Yuqing rolled her eyes and spread her hands indifferently: “Who knows, the transmigration path seems to have been passed through until it’s become a sieve. Who knows which hapless worm will tragically be hit after us?” 

“That’s true.” 

“What…what are you talking about? Why? Why don’t I understand any of it?” Yun Zhongli left on the side and listened to the words of the two people vomiting it out like a machine gun. He felt that he understood every word said, but couldn’t understand even one of them in combination. 

What Ultraman? What game to beat the monster boss? What QQ farm or QQ pet? Why hasn’t he heard of any of these things? Why can only the two of them understand everything, but he was excluded? ! And this feeling… it seems a bit like deja vu, like… 

Yun Zhongli was 囧 for a moment (making that face), then seemed to think of something. He raised his head to look at Xia Yuqing and exclaimed: “Could Qing Ya Tou also be from Yueyue’s era?” 

“!” What is meant by that era?? She was too excited just now and didn’t notice that there was an unrelated person who was festering over there. After a while, Xia Yuqing couldn’t help but become a little scared, especially by Yun Xi’s father’s sentence. Is it possible… 

As if seeing what Xia Yuqing was thinking, Helian Mingyue smiled: “As you’re thinking, this fool knows. I told him long before I got married. At first he was still a little unbelieving, then he believed slowly, but he was not too surprised. In fact, it didn’t make any difference whether to say it or not, but at that time I thought that since I was going to be married for a lifetime, some things shouldn’t be concealed. That’s why I took the initiative to tell him.” 

“Aunt Yue, you are not afraid that Yun Xi and her father would be afraid of you because of this? It’s fine if they don’t marry you, but you may be treated as a scourge, demon or monster and be dragged out in public and burned in a fire.” 

As soon as Xia Yuqing said this, Yun Zhongli was the first to interrupt. His eyebrows were furrowed, a vicious look appeared on his face: “Who dares to treat my Yueyue like a scourge, monster or demon to pull out to burn? I will have his entire clan executed!” 

“…” Well, I have been over thinking! Even if the man in front of him burned himself, it would never be possible for him to burn Yun Xi’s Mother. 

Helian Mingyue was startled, but laughed: “Girl, what are you thinking inside your head? Although we are people who transmigrated, we are also living people. How could we become monsters or demons? Don’t tell me you were always afraid of this.”

Helian Mingyue looked at Xia Yuqing’s slightly embarrassed face and she already had the answer in her heart: “In that case, I heard Xiao Xi say that you have also formed a family and now seem to have two children. The child’s father, does King Ye know you…” 

Xia Yuqing’s whole body shook. She shook her head in rare disappointment, and dropped her head. 

Helian Mingyue was silent for a moment: “Then… girl, have you ever thought of going back?” 

“Going back?” Xia Yuqing raised her head in astonishment, then stared at Helian Mingyue. Only then did she cautiously ask, “Can we go back?” 

“Who knows? Since you transmigrated through, maybe one day the system will send us back again.” 

“What? There is that kind of thing? Where is it? Zhen will go and beat it up immediately. Yueyue is Zhen’s and has to stay by Zhen forever. This rash system is an evil thing, we must cut the grass and get rid of its roots!” (destroy the roots to eliminate it completely) Yun Zhong Li was taken aback by Helian Mingyue’s words. He immediately wanted to jump up and eliminate the possibility that the evil thing could grab his wife. Then he seemed to think of something. He turned around and stared at Xia Yuqing aggressively, pretending to be fierce, “Qing girl, if you want to go back, you can go back alone, don’t drag my Yueyue into this…” 

Just when Yun Zhongli had no morals and was planning on threatening the girl who had a high likelihood of abducting his own wife, before he could speak his words, a huge fan suddenly appeared behind him. The soft fan quickly slapped him on the head, making a loud noise. It directly hit him to the ground. 

“!” F*ck, where did you get such a big bamboo fan like that from? Moreover, it was so loud! Wouldn’t it make people stupid if they were hit by such a fan? Okay, I finally know why Yun Xi’s father looks stupid, it’s because he’s beaten like this all day long. Even if he wants to be smart, it would be hard! Xia Yuqing stared blankly at the domestic violence that occurred in front of her. She secretly gave a tear of sympathy to Yun Zhongli.

“Oh, Yueyue, you’ll murder your husband!” Yun Zhong Li complained, while holding his head and squatting down in pain. With a faint groan, he raised his head and looked at his domineering wife. 

“The two of us are talking, what are you talking about? Go stay aside and face the wall.” Helian Mingyue raised her eyebrows and cast a cold glance towards Yun Zhongli.

Yun Zhongli was stiff. His face turned blue to white, then white to blue. He looked at Helian Mingyue very sadly, but he didn’t even let out a fart. 

“…” It turns out that Yun Xi’s father has this kind of status at home, this is really enviable. If she did something like this to the Ultra Seme Lord… 

Xia Yuqing thought about what the results of doing the same thing as Helian Mingyue might lead to. As a result, she shuddered. Forget it. If she does this, the unfortunate one in the end would be herself! 

“Girl, you haven’t answered me yet. If it is possible, do you want to go back?” Helian Mingyue solved a big problem with a big fuss, then turned to look at Xia Yuqing to return to the topic at hand. 

“I…” Xia Yuqing was silent for a while. She bit her lip as if she made up some kind of determination. She raised her head: “I don’t want to go back.” 

“Oh? Why? You don’t miss your parents, friends or other important people? Isn’t there anyone you care about back home?” Helian Mingyue cast a glance at Xia Yuqing and asked meaningfully. 

“Of course there is. It’s just…” 

Her parents have been playing outside all year round and they didn’t care about her much. Even without her, they would be only sad for a while. However after that period, they would return to the way they were before. Her grandparents who loved her the most had passed away one after another when she was in junior high school, so that wouldn’t be a problem. As for those bad friends of hers, without her, they couldn’t become happy quick enough. The most important thing is…

A certain animal with a wicked smile popped up in Xia Yuqing’s mind. Even though the man had a black belly, was petty, and liked to bully herself, making herself miserable, he still cared about her. He loves her, tolerates her, protects her, and pampers her unconditionally. He is the only person in this world who would always look at her with those kind of doting eyes and would pamper her regardless of receiving anything back. The most important thing is that they still have their treasures, those two children were irreplaceable. 

“It’s just that there are people here that I am even more concerned about.” 

Helian Mingyue seemed to have expected Xia Yuqing to say that. She smiled: “If this is the case, you should tell him sooner.” 

“…Tell him?” 

“Well, find an opportunity to tell him about your affairs. Since you have made up your mind to live here for the rest of your life and want to live with him for the rest of your life, this matter should not be kept from him. Moreover, the time spent together may not be long now, therefore he didn’t notice your strangeness, but what about ten, twenty, thirty years later? If he still can’t notice the difference at that time, then it can only be said that he doesn’t love you enough. Rather than wait for that day’s arrival, it’s better if he found out from you instead.” 

Xia Yuqing showed some hesitation on her face. Helian Mingyue couldn’t help squinting her eyes and chuckling: “Are you alright? Do you not have confidence in yourself or not enough confidence in him?” 

Xia Yuqing’s eyes tightened. She was silent for a long time, before raising her head: “That’s right, even if I don’t have confidence in myself, I can’t not have confidence in the Ultra Seme Lord.” 

“Oh, where are you so anxious to get back to?”

“Isn’t it you who told me to…” 

Helian Mingyue couldn’t help but twitch. She sighed, “I asked you to tell him honestly, that’s correct. However, not now. You are still in the palace. If you rush out, are you not afraid of being caught?” 


Helian Mingyue looked at Xia Yuqing’s dazed appearance. She couldn’t help sighing: ” The eldest princess has premeditated and developed a lot of forces over the years. Although we have now clearly seen through her ambitions, we cannot rashly make a move at her. If we really meet force with force, the odds of winning are only fifty fifty. Now that you have entered the palace, in this palace, apart from the inner hall of the Chengqian Temple, the princess’ eyes are scattered everywhere in the palace. Ben Gong was still worried about how to send the letter out without people knowing. But now, I can write a letter and you can help me bring it out of the palace to Sixth Royal Brother. After he gets the letter, he will naturally know what to do. Moreover… I will write another letter and you will bring it for me to King Ye.” 

“Bring it to the emperor? Is there anything you can’t tell me directly? It’s the same if I go back and tell him.” 

Helian Mingyue looked at her up and down for a while, then replied mercilessly: “I’m worried that my words will become another version when they reach him through your mouth. So to relieve my worry, it’s safer to write it down.” 

“…” Aunt Yue, is this a disguised way of looking down on my IQ? 

Helian Mingyue quickly wrote two letters. Seeing that it was not early outside and if Xia Yuqing stayed any longer, it would raise suspicion, she softly said: “Be careful when you go out. After exiting the gate of this palace, there are a lot of spies that the Eldest Princess has planted in this palace. If you let them discover anything odd, you will be in danger, especially since you are with the Eldest Princess now and is her…”

Xia Yuqing received Helian Mingyue’s inquiring gaze, and coughed lightly: “Gigolo.” 

Helian Mingyue’s eyes flashed clearly: “You should be especially careful since you are acting by her side. Besides that, you must be especially careful around that Lord Xi. That guy is not an upright person. Finally, let Xi Er know to not worry about us and take care of herself.” 

Xia Yuqing nodded and placed the two letters in her arms. She picked up the tray on the table and walked out as if nothing had happened. 

Helian Mingyue quietly watched Xia Yuqing’s back. She was speechless for a long time, until… 

“Yueyue, you just told the girl to not tell Feng Tingye that kid because that girl doesn’t have confidence in him. Then, did you take the initiative to tell me about you because you were particularly confident in me? So, Yueyue, even if you had the opportunity, you would not leave me and return to the modern era that I don’t really know about, right? ” 

Helian Mingyue looked at Yun Zhongli with his eyes on her, like a large dog wagging its tail at her. She grinned: “I just thought, if you didn’t accept it, I would kick you out and find another one. Anyway, with my condition, it’s not like no one would not want me.” 

“…” The smile on Yun Zhongli’s face froze, then it shattered. 

Helian Mingyue stopped paying attention to him. After a while, Yun Zhong Li quickly recovered from the huge blow. He glued his broken heart back easily, and comforted himself: “Hmph, anyways, I’m much better than Feng Tingye that kid. I discovered Yueyue’s uniqueness from the very beginning. Feng Tingye that guy has been raising that girl for so long and he didn’t even notice it at all.” 

Helian Mingyue frowned. After a little frustration, she asked in a deep voice, “Do you think that man is that stupid? The things that you can discover, he cannot?” 


Helian Mingyue looked at Yun Zhongli’s hesitation. There was already a certain kind of speculation in her heart: “Maybe he has discovered it a long time ago, but he doesn’t want to say it or he’s just waiting for someone to confess to him in person. Just like you at the beginning, waiting for me to confess to you personally one day.” 

Yun Zhongli was stunned. As if he understood something, he turned his head and glanced at the direction Xia Yuqing had just left. He curled his lips: “Perhaps.”

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