FMEA Chapter 202

Chapter 202 A Past Soaked in Blood 

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When Feng Tingye and the others arrived, they saw a large number of soldiers and horses enclosing a simple courtyard. They were staring at the motionless woman standing in the middle of the courtyard, waiting for the arrival of a few people. 

Yun Shan, who was focused on observing this courtyard, seemed to notice the arrival of the few people, and slowly turned around. Her face was desperate and almost collapsed to madness. 


“Royal Aunt (Aunt)…” Yun Xi and Ji Miaoyan couldn’t help whispering when they heard Yun Shan’s crazy laugh. 

Yun Shan’s gorgeous palace dress and beautiful hair that was in a bun spread out slightly under the tossing just now. She was displaying a rare appearance of her being in a sorry figure. 

“Ha ha ha… I didn’t expect, I really didn’t expect Ben Gong to be trapped in this place in the end. Is God telling me that this is my retribution? I am not willing, I am not willing! I haven’t ruined the people who have hurt me the deepest. I have not destroyed the cage that has imprisoned me for a lifetime. I have not destroyed all the culprits that have ruined me, how can I just die like this? How can I be willing? How can I be willing!”

“Royal Sister, what are you doing……” Yun Zhongli was shocked by the hatred and intimidation that was in Yun Shan’s eyes, “That day you said that you hated Ye Kingdom and even the Kingdom of Shu, why? Why? Why do you hate them so much……?”     

“Hate? Of course I hate them! If it were not for these two countries, how could I end up like this today, how could I be in so much pain? How could I feel so pained that even dying can’t make me feel reconciled? How can I live like a walking corpse and be numbed to all? How?!” 

Feng Tingye twisted his eyebrows and glanced at Yun Shan, then sighed softly: “Do you really hate Ye Kingdom or Ye Kingdom’s royal family? Or do you hate Zhen’s mother from beginning to end?”     

Yun Shan’s face suddenly stiffened. Her face became gloomy. A pair of eyes turned to Feng Tingye’s body, full of shocking hatred. She stared at him firmly and shouted: “She told you? She actually told you? Hahaha, how did she tell you? How did that b*tch tell her son about the nasty things she did back then? Speak, speak!” 

Yun Shan’s almost screaming cry made everyone feel cold. They all felt like shuddering.

She? Is the ‘she’ in the mouth of the princess… the Royal Empress Dowager? 

She shuddered. Xia Yuqing couldn’t help but step forward and pull Feng Tingye’s sleeves. She raised her head and asked curiously: “Your Majesty, what is going on? The Eldest Princess knows Royal Mother? Why did you just mention Royal Mother…could it be that your Father refused to marry her for the sake of Royal Mother making her jealous and hate Royal Mother all these years?” 

“Jealous? Hahaha, this is what your mother told you? A sl*t really is a sl*t! They will always pretend to be pitiful and upright!”

“You…” Xia Yuqing’s face flushed. She just wanted to rush forward to argue with Yun Shan, but was caught by Feng Tingye. 

“No, it’s not!” Feng Tingye said with a calm face. He interrupted Yun Shan’s curse with a low growl. 

“King Ye, what is this…” Yun Zhongli and the crowd looked at the stagnant atmosphere between the two in confusion. 

Feng Tingye took a deep breath. He looked up at Yun Shan, who was also a little excited, and said quietly: “It was probably forty years ago. When Shu Kingdom was not as strong as it is now, in order to expand its power and no longer be affected by the small neighboring countries, they took the initiative to make friends with Ye Nation, which was already slightly stronger than the other countries in all aspects at the time. They proposed to send a royal heir to Ye Nation as a pledge in exchange for trust. At that time, the eldest prince had long been established as the heir, and the second prince died young, so neither of them were good candidates for sending out. The only two remaining in the palace were consorts who were pregnant, and would give birth in two or three months.”

“Wouldn’t those two concubines give birth to… the Third Prince and the Eldest Princess?” Xia Yuqing suddenly woke up and asked with a look of surprise. 

Feng Tingye nodded. Yun Zhongli did not expect that Feng Tingye would mention the past things of that year at this time. After a long time, he reacted: “Zhen was only five years old back then. Zhen vaguely remembered that Royal Father was worried about this. It took a long time before he finally decided to let Royal Sister’s mother take their unborn child to Ye Country as a hostage because…”

“Because my mother’s family was not as prominent as Third Brothers family. She was just the daughter of a fifth rank court official. If it wasn’t for her having a bit of beauty and serving someone competently, how could she have been pampered, let alone fight with so many concubines in the harem. How could she, who is not of high birth, come out of the big entrance like the Mother of Third Brother and stabilize the court? Of course, my mother and I became the victims of old officials gaining power, ha ha…”     

Yun Shan chuckled, but everyone in the courtyard couldn’t laugh at all. Since ancient times, the prosperity of an empire had always been built on skeletons. Perhaps for the emperor, sacrificing a woman and a daughter in exchange for the empire’s increase in strength was a transaction worth the price and was irrelevant.     

But for this woman and child, such an unsuspecting disaster was undoubtedly devastating. It cruelly shattered the gorgeous future that they should have had, but…what does this have to do with Royal Mother of Ye Kingdom?     

Yun Shan seemed to see something from everyone’s incomprehensible eyes. She sneered: “I have been in Ye Kingdom for sixteen years. During these sixteen years, I have been treated with cold eyes everywhere I went. As a hostage staying in a country that didn’t belong to me, the life I lived was not as good as those lowly court ladies. There were people staring at me wherever I went, and there was no freedom at all. I lived with my mother at that time. In the remote and crowded small yard, no one waited on us or paid attention to us. However, after a few years, Mother became moody due to depression and would often vent out her anger on me. To me, those days, even thinking back to it would cause me to feel weary. It wasn’t until I was eight years old…” 

Yun Shan spoke about this, then her eyes gradually became blurred. Xia Yuqing and the others saw this and knew that the main point was finally here.     

“When I was eight years old, I couldn’t even remember what was the reason why my mother got angry and slapped me. I was very sad. As usual, I ran to the tree in front of the yard and covered my face, crying. It was then that she had just passed by and found me crying and asked me about it.”     

She?! Everyone’s complexion changed again. They all began to look at each other. Could it be that…

“That was the first time I saw her. Against the light, gentle and beautiful. It was the first time I saw a child about my age in the palace. I was very happy, and she was also like that. Then somehow we gradually got acquainted and became friends who talked about everything. We were truly good sisters. She was always generous and considerate. She would bring me delicious food from time to time, and would comfort me when I was sad. When I was wronged, she would hold me and tell me jokes to make me happy. The original sad days became colorful because of her appearance. I thought that we would continue to be good sisters for a lifetime, then we would find our lifetime happiness together. However, I was wrong. Ha ha, once people grow up, things will always change!” 

The nostalgic expression on Yun Shan’s face was reduced. Her face changed in an instant. 

Xia Yuqing was stunned. It turned out… It turned out that the Eldest Princess grew up in Ye Kingdom when she was a child. It turned out that the Eldest Princess and Royal Mother had known each other a long time ago and the two were once so-called good sisters!? But why…why were the sisters who were on good terms at that time so hostile now? Five years ago, the Eldest Princess even specifically named her Father-in-law who she had never seen to be her husband. Isn’t this stealing your sister’s man? 

Could it be possible that she was going to follow the example of Ehuang and Ying Er, two women serving one husband? No, that’s not right. The two sisters wouldn’t have ruined their relationship because of her elusive Father-in-law, right?

Oh shoot, how did this palace court drama turn into a romance drama? This shattered world was painting her face with blood, can’t they play nice? ! 

“Why did Royal Sister say that? What happened to you in Ye Country?” Seeing Yun Shan’s face change in a moment, Yun Zhongli asked aloud with a tremor in his heart.     

“What happened?” Yun Shan raised her head and glanced at the moonlight above her head. “Hehe, it was such a beautiful night when I was fifteen years old. It was the first time I was allowed to go out to dinner in Ye State. That night, I saw that man.”     

“That man?” 

Yun Shan ignored Yun Zhongli’s questioning. She only turned her head and glanced at Feng Tingye’s handsome face without any blemishes, and said jokingly: “You look very similar to him. You should be thankful that when I saw you last time, it was not this face that you wore, otherwise you would never have lived to today.” 

Yun Shan’s words undoubtedly indirectly answered the question Yun Zhongli had asked just now. That man was… 

Xia Yuqing was stiff. The little person in her heart had already exploded several swear words, and she couldn’t wait to slap her thigh and exclaim: D*mn, it’s really her Father-in-law who she had never seen! 

Yun Shan raised her head, sneered and covered her eyes: “Haha, that was the awakening of love. I just thought the man was really good-looking, and I fell in love with him unknowingly. When I realized it, as a child, I obviously didn’t understand and panicked. Then, I naturally approached her who I trusted the most at the time for help, and she…hahaha…” 

At this point, Yun Shan covered her face and laughed loudly. She laughed so much that her eyes were full of surging tears before she stopped.

“She was silent for a long time, and she actually encouraged me. If I liked him, I should go to the man to confess. She also said that I was born good-looking, that the man would like me as well. At that time, I believed in her words deeply, and I was still a little bit embarrassed and happy in my heart. Thinking back on it now, I was really hopeless. She knew that the man liked her, knew that the two of them would be married soon, but she feigned ignorance. Could you guys understand how despairing I felt when I heard that my best sister was about to marry my beloved person?” 

Everyone listened to Yun Shan’s almost shouting vent. They all fell silent. 

“It’s ridiculous that I didn’t know her true identity until then, the granddaughter of the famous Elder Sun, the jewel in the hand of Ye Country’s Xiang Ye, the fiance of the current prince! Hahahaha, having known each other for so many years, that was the first time I realized that except for her name, she had never mentioned her family, her friends, including her origins in front of me. I thought I knew her well enough, but I was wrong, I didn’t know anything about her!” 

Yun Xi stared at Yun Shan’s eyes, her mood became more complicated. Her lips tightened slightly. Although she had never experienced Yun Shan’s pain, she could feel the disappointment in Yun Shan’s heart. If this happened to her and Xia Yuqing… 

Yun Xi shuddered just thinking about it, let alone Yun Shan who had experienced this in person. 

“Later… what happened later?” Xia Yuqing also wanted to sigh a little when she heard the words. She bit her lip. In her heart she was extremely reluctant to associate the person in Yun Shan’s mouth with the noble and elegant woman who had always been kind and friendly to herself. 

“Later?” Yun Shan smiled self-deprecatingly, “Later, I rushed to her impulsively and asked why she was teasing me like this. She was surprised and acted innocent. Hehe…how could she be that innocent? How can she pretend to be so innocent?! She told me that she didn’t even know that the person I was talking about was the crown prince of Ye Kingdom. She told me it was just a misunderstanding. I believed it, hahaha, I believed it so easily. I believed that this was just her unintentional mistake, I believed that it was an accident, I believed that we could continue to be sisters even if there was such a misunderstanding! It was ridiculous.”     

Yun Shan laughed to the point that tears came out. She turned her face indiscriminately and wiped it away but continued to laugh: “At that time, I still had the heart to bless them, but how did she act in return? Hahaha, she cooked a tonic of safflower all by herself. She smiled and watched me drink it, personally ruining all my trust in her, ruined everything!”     

Yun Shan’s words shocked Xia Yuqing’s body, and she retorted reflexively: “No, that’s impossible! It is impossible for Royal Mother to do such a thing, you…you are slandering her!”

“I’m slandering her?” Yun Shan patted her chest, and laughed mockingly: “You are the daughter-in-law of that b*tch, of course you’ll help her! Do you know, do you know, I also had a child once… I also had a child who was as smart and handsome as him. Maybe even better than him! But because of her pot of safflower, it damaged my body. Although the amount I drank was not enough, it made it extremely difficult to conceive. At that time, it was not easy to have a child, but because of the lack of a stable body, before he was born, he was judged to have congenital defects, and he died… died!” 

She would never forget the heart-piercing pain she had when she innocently drank the tonic that the person had brought for herself. She had laid on the ground weakly as if struggling like an ant, but the person didn’t even look at herself. She turned and left. Even after she woke up, she didn’t even look at her. She could not forget the helplessness and misery that the bright blood from her unformed child had brought her. The unformed child she thought that could allow her to regain her happiness! 

That person deprived her of the right to have children, yet she was enjoying a happy life with peace of mind. She had a husband who loved her, a child who was smart and sensible, and the citizens loved her. Yet, she had nothing. She lost everything. Tell her, how can she not hate, how?!

“Impossible, it’s impossible for Royal Mother to do this kind of thing, impossible.”

“What’s impossible? Ask the man next to you, are these things true? Are they?” Yun Shan pointed at Feng Tingye while shouting towards Xia Yuqing. 

“Your Majesty.” Xia Yuqing looked at Feng Tingye, asking for help. She wanted to hear a little rebuttal from his mouth, but… she was disappointed. 

“Hahaha, look, that sl*t was such a person. Back then, we jokingly said that if we accidentally fell in love with the same person in the future, she must give in to me a little, but in the end she said nothing. She broke her promise and didn’t say anything… how could I believe her, how could I believe her, how could I?!”

Yun Shan’s words to herself were full of disappointment to Zhang Sunshi and herself. After a brief loss, she raised her head again and turned to look at Yun Zhongli. 

“In the second month after this happened, the royal family of Ye was worried about this matter ruining the reputation of that sl*t, so they sent my mother and I back to Shu. My mother was ecstatic. I thought too that my suffering would end here, but the facts have proved that I am still too naive.” 

The complexions of Yun Zhong Li and several people changed slightly. Their hearts trembled. They had thought Yun Shan’s hatred of Ye Country was because of those sixteen inhuman years of poor treatment that she may have suffered in Ye Kingdom. That was reasonable. However, Yun Shan’s hatred of Shu Kingdom was incomprehensible for them. They always thought that Yun Shan would be happy after returning to Shu Kingdom. But now Yun Shan is telling them that this was the beginning of another suffering for her? ! 

“After returning to Shu, the old man was very fond of me. He even hesitated to marry me to the most powerful and famous family in Shu at that time as he would miss me. At that time, everyone probably thought I was the happiest person in the world. In fact, I also thought so at the time. The love of my father and husband, a perfect family all at once, it made me fall into the clouds. But in fact, this happiness did not last long. It was as sudden and hurried as it came. I had just said that at that time, it was very difficult for me to conceive. Yet, when I was finally with child, I had a miscarriage in less than three months.” 

“Royal Sister, that child’s miscarriage was just…… an accident.” Hearing this, Yun Zhongli couldn’t help but interject. 

Only a few people knew about Yun Shan’s miscarriage back then. The people who knew it all unanimously knew at that time, it was just an accident. 

“Accident? No, that was no accident!” Yun Shan waved her hand and fiercely interrupted Yun Zhongli’s words. 

Yun Zhongli and Helian Mingyue’s expressions changed slightly. They looked at each other in surprise, “Isn’t it an accident?”

“Hehe… I used to think it was just an accident, but how could there be so many accidents in this world? If… If it wasn’t for that day when I left the house and forgot to bring my things, when I just turned back to pick up my things, I would never have thought that it would be my kind-looking Mother-in-law working with my Sister-in-law to add something to my fetal medicine. It wasn’t an accidental miscarriage at all, but a deliberate murder that killed my child. It had made me unable to have another child in my life!” 

“What? How is this possible?” 

“Why is it impossible?” Yun Shan staggered forward two steps. She fell to the ground all of a sudden, and laughed, “Just because my body was not suitable for conceiving, even if I gave birth to a child, the child would be born inadequate. He would live a lifetime accompanied by medicine, unable to achieve anything great. That family couldn’t tolerate a heir who would be ineffective and sick all his life, so they cruelly killed my child. My child, the child I had looked forward to, my baby!”

Yun Shan cried out as she fell apart. Who could imagine how desperate she was when she was standing outside the door listening to her Mother-in-law and Sister-in-law telling the truth about the matter. How desperate could she be to not even push open the door to ask them why they did it? At that time, she didn’t even know who she should hate. 

Should she hate the woman who caused everything and made herself to unable to have a child successfully or should she hate these two cruel, sly-hearted women who pushed herself completely into h*ll? Or… should she hate them all! 

Moreover, at that time, she would never have thought that this was just the beginning. What really made her be in so much pain and not want to live was still to come.

“Royal Sister…” 

“Auntie…” Yun Zhongli and the others looked at Yun Shan’s appearance. They wanted to step forward, but was halted by Yun Shan, “Don’t come here!” 


“You guys are sympathizing with me?” Yun Shan raised her head and glanced at the people with different faces, then laughed, “No, I don’t need your sympathy, I don’t need your hypocritical kindness!” 

Yun Shan swayed and got up from the ground. She pointed to the house behind her and laughed wildly: “Xi Er, do you remember this yard?” 

“This yard?” Yun Xi was taken aback and looked, some doubts in her eyes. 

Xia Yuqing also took the opportunity to look at the courtyard. Only focused on the Eldest Princess earlier, she didn’t pay much attention to the courtyard at all. Now, after looking at it carefully, she also felt… It seemed a bit familiar. 

Yun Xi pondered for a while, then suddenly said: “Ah, I remember, this yard is the one where Shu Jia Jiejie used to live.” “

“Shu Jia Jiejie?” 

“Princess Shu Jia was the daughter of the former Lingnan King. Lingnan King died in battle, so the previous emperor pitied Princess Shu Jia for being helpless and took her into the palace to  take care of her and placed her here.” Seeing Xia Yuqing’s question, HeLian Mingyue explained to Feng Tingye and the others. 

“Yes, this is where the little b*tch lived. Do you know how she died later?” 

“Didn’t Shu Jia Jiejie commit suicide because she lived in a corner of the palace and was too lonely?” Yun Xi replied with some doubts. 

Yun Shan glanced at Yun Xi and smiled coldly: “No, she was strangled to death by my own hands. Oh, by the way, when she died, she was still pregnant with my family’s master’s child in her belly… it was less than three months, hahaha…”

“What?” The expressions of the group changed again. They looked at Yun Shan with an exclamation of disbelief, only feeling that they had never been shocked as much as today in all their years of living.

“Uncle’s child? How could it be… Shu Jia Jiejie was carrying uncle’s child!” Yun Xi stepped back two steps with a pale face, “Uncle and Shu Jia Jiejie…” 

“Hahaha… Even if he had no children, I thought he would only love me in this life, that he will be loyal to me for the rest of his life. As a result, it was fake, all of it was fake!” 

She could never forget. When she found out that day that her husband had a private meeting with another girl behind her back, speaking sweet nothings to her, she felt that the sky had collapsed on her head. From that moment on, she had completely and thoroughly become crazy. 

“Royal Aunt, is it because of this that you separated from uncle…” Yun Xi’s expression whitened. She suddenly remembered that Yun Zhongyue mentioned the separation of the two six years ago when she was in Ye Kingdom. Is it possible… 

“Yes, I won’t tolerate my man betraying me. Two b*tches, they should both pay for what they did!” Yun Shan yelled in a hoarse voice, “Separation was only my first step in revenge. After knowing that the little b*tch was pregnant with his child, he actually wanted me to agree and let him bring her into the mansion. Hehehe…he must be dreaming! He wanted to marry her and want to have a baby with her? Then, I will fulfill their wishes and let them meet in the underworld as a family of three.” 

“A family of three? Could it be that Uncle was also…” Yun Xi’s eyes widened suddenly, she looked at Yun Shan in surprise. 

“It was me who had people add slurries and hallucinogens to his meal, a little bit a day, so that he would go back and forth between sobriety and illusion. Finally, he died in pain and torture. Hahaha… he didn’t even have any regret in the end, but even if he did, it was too late. I wouldn’t forgive him.”

She still remembered his astonishment and shock when she put the divorce papers in front of the man. He had told her that he was just fascinated for a while, that what he loved the most was still herself. He begged her… to please not leave him, as long as she didn’t leave him, he can keep that woman out of the door, and he can fulfill his promise for a lifetime. However, she did not cherish him anymore. If that was the first misfortunate event, she might have been tempted, but after experiencing so much, she would not give in anymore because she doesn’t believe in anyone anymore! Everyone can betray her, only she will not betray herself! 

“Auntie, why didn’t you tell me about these things?” Ji Miaoyan asked with a face full of surprise. He remembered that he was only a teenager at the beginning, so what if he knew it, but… 

“Why didn’t Auntie tell me about these things? Tell my father or grandpa, if they knew, they would have…” 

“What would happen?” Yun Shan interrupted Ji Miaoyan cleanly, and laughed mockingly, “They would help me? Could they help me?” 

“Of course they would. If grandpa and my father knew these things, they would certainly seek justice for aunt. Even if it was a prestigious family in Shu State, our Ji family is not a soft persimmon. How could we be bullied like this, aunt…” 

“Enough. How could they help me? Even if they want to help me, they would have to see if they have the ability. Ha ha ha, that family in the eyes of Ji family may not be much and they don’t mind offending them, but what about the previous emperor? Uncle and cousin were such loyal people, would they dare to go against the previous emperor’s wishes?” 

“Previous emperor? What about the previous emperor?”

Yun Shan sneered and turned her head to look at Yun Zhongli, laughing: “Royal Brother, do you remember what the old man said before he died? He said that he was destined to fail me in his life and asked you to take good care of me in the future. Royal Brother, did you really understand what he said that day?” 

“This…” Yun Zhongli was speechless. He had always thought that the so-called betrayal in the previous emperor’s mouth was the matter of sending the unborn Yun Shan to Ye Country as a pledge, but now that Yun Shan was like this…could it be… 

“Hehe, yes, just as you thought, father lied to me! He lied to me! The reason why he married me to that family was just to help him stabilize the government and let his position in the court become even more unshakable. But he didn’t expect that I would be unable to give birth, which disrupted his overall plan, so he found someone to replace me, and that person…” 

Yun Zhongli’s face was pale. His body trembled and he almost fell backwards, but fortunately, Helian Mingyue swiftly held his hand. 

“When he died, I was moved by what he said. Later, when I learned the truth, I really felt that it was a joke! A joke!” 

Everyone looked at Yun Shan’s sorry figure. They all fell silent, the atmosphere became extremely heavy. 

After a short period of deathly silence, Xia Yuqing couldn’t help but stand up and ask her last question: “Since you hate Royal Mother so much, why did you propose to have a relationship with… For many years, did you still have feelings for… the emperor, or did you simply want to have your revenge against Royal Mother and let her…” to be just like you and have the taste of being betrayed by your loved one? 

Yun Shan glanced at Xia Yuqing. She took a deep breath, “After so many years, how could I still miss that man. Originally, I did intend to take revenge on her and let her experience the taste of a woman having to share a man. It’s a pity that the man was really unexpectedly affectionate…”

Xia Yuqing heard the viciousness contained in Yun Shan’s words. She shuddered for a while, but her heart raised up a few notches for her sympathy. Although her Father-in-law didn’t do it intentionally, he might have hurt this woman too. Originally, she resented her Royal Mother because she had no children, but now even her husband…people are such strange creatures. They can comfort themselves when there is no comparison, but when there is a comparison, especially a painful one, the comparison often produces something that even oneself can’t control. Envy, jealousy and… resentment. 

“But that’s okay, that gave me an excuse to act rightly against Ye. I will not let go of all the people who have hurt me. I spent a month clearing everything in the court. Using Prime Minister Yan was an example. Leading us to disaster, instigating Royal Brother to use his troops against Ye Kingdom, it was a pity that even God favoured Ye Kingdom. Even though uncle was so brave and good at fighting, his soldiers were all defeated. No way to return, I could only find another way out. Taking advantage of uncle’s death, I had Miaoyan hate the Ye State, and hate the general from Ye State who had done so many good deeds on the battlefield.” 

Once Yun Shan said this, Shao Zitang, Ji Miaoyan, and Yan Tingfang’s faces were not very good-looking. Yan Tingfang couldn’t help but want to step forward, but Shao Zitang firmly grabbed her wrist so she couldn’t move. 

“Then I spent another three years completely destroying the sordid, filthy family that killed my child. Do you know? Seeing them become corrupt, break the laws, reveal their intent on rebelling, causing them to be executed with not even the servants being let go, do you know how happy I was? I don’t have to rely on anyone, I don’t have to believe in anyone. I just trust myself and will rely on myself. I will happily make the people who hurt me pay the price one by one! First, the two b*tches, then my family, then the Kingdom of Ye, and finally the Kingdom of Shu, which the old man had guarded all his life. No one can escape! But, why, why did you people appear? Why did you have to stop me?! Why can’t you just die?”

Everyone looked at the craziness on Yun Shan’s face, which was almost distorted. The mood was really unspeakably heavy and complicated. 

“Royal Aunt, even if… Even if they really hurt you, Royal Aunt… You shouldn’t kill so many people for your purposes… Many people were innocent!” 

“Innocent? Wasn’t my unborn child innocent? Who pitied him? Who sympathized with him? Who was willing to let him go?” 

Yun Xi choked, but couldn’t say anything to refute.

At this time, Feng Tingye suddenly asked: “Is the death of my father… also related to you?” 

“!” What, the death of her Father-in-law who she had never seen was related to the princess? 

Yun Shan shook her body and looked at Feng Tingye with a chuckle: “That’s what your mother told you? That your father’s death is related to me?” 

“No, my mother was unwilling to mention anything to me, that’s why I want to ask you.” 

“You are not afraid that I will lie to you?” 

“Speaking about it is your freedom, believing it or not is my freedom.” 

Yun Shan was startled, but then she laughed. : “You really have a temperament… Your father’s death is indeed related to me.” 

“!” Everyone’s expressions changed again. The atmosphere around Feng Tingye suddenly became heavy. 

“Hehe, that man, he was really a warm hearted person. Knowing that I hated both of them, he still lent a helping hand to me in a crisis when I was seriously injured. I really don’t know if I should say that he is kind or stupid.” 

Yun Shan’s words undoubtedly dropped a blockbuster in everyone’s hearts again. Did King Ye get badly injured and died to save her?

“After all, he was still a good man. At that time, he had said that if something happened to me, that woman would be sad, really…how could it be… how could such a good person be blind and fall in love with her? God is really unfair.” 

Yun Shan muttered to herself with a smile, turned around and walked towards the house in the courtyard. 

“Royal Aunt…” Yun Xi still wanted to step forward, but was stopped by Helian Mingyue first. She shook her head helplessly. 

“Actually, before I came, Mother had instructed me to bring you a word.” 

Feng Tingye’s sudden voice made Yun Shan’s steps forward stop, but she did not look back. 

“I’m sorry.” 

With just two words, Yun Shan’s whole body began to tremble. After a while, everyone heard her hoarsely say back: “You go back and tell her, even if she apologizes, even if I made her lose her man, in our life…there is no end. I will never…will never forgive her, even to death!” 

After speaking, Yun Shan looked back at Feng Tingye and wanted to say something, then she stopped again. She turned around and walked into the house without looking back. 

Bang, a loud explosion mixed with the rapidly spreading fire made everyone in the yard startled. 

“D*mn it, it’s a brimstone bomb, she actually carried gunpowder with her!” Shao Zitang stretched out his hand to block the person next to him, cursing. 

“Royal Sister!” Looking at the figure standing in the middle of the fire, Yun Zhongli woke up from his dream. He wanted to gp forward but was grabbed by the people on the side. 

“Your Majesty, it’s dangerous!”

“Royal Sister, come out quickly, let’s talk about it, come out first!” The shout from Yun Zhongli did not recall Yun Shan’s heart. Yun Shan stood in the flames and smiled with tears. “It’s too late. I lost. This is an undeniable fact. I don’t want to die ugly. This ending is… the best for me.” 

“Royal Aunt (Aunt)…” 

“No one come here! Otherwise, I will die with you.” Yun Shan held the last few gunpowder in her hand and roared in a low voice. 

Yun Xi and Ji Miaoyan’s steps forward stopped. Everyone stood on the spot, watching the fire spread bit by bit, slowly climbing up Yun Shan’s clothes, and quickly swallowing her body. 

As the fire swayed, Yun Shan’s vision blurred little by little. For some reason, her mind seemed to be like a revolving lantern. She recalled her life, which was neither long nor short, but everyone was in her mind. After swaying, it was finally frozen on a small figure. 

In the end, why is she still thinking of her? In fact, the moment she turned her head back, what she wanted to tell Feng Tingye was that she actually left Feng Tingye alone that night because she saw that person’s shadow on him. Feng Tingye’s appearance and talent was indeed very similar to that man, but the ability to give off that feeling… was very similar to her. 

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Under the dim light that night, she looked at Feng Tingye’s backlit figure, wondering why the scene of their first meeting appeared in her mind. 

At that time, it was also such a beautiful light. She came from the backlight and asked herself why she was crying with a worried look. She gently wiped her tears, and stretched out her hand to her helpless self at that time. That was the first time she felt warmth, the only warmth she had experienced in her life. It was a warmth her parents and husband had never given her. But, why…why did she treat her like this, she obviously liked her the most! 

Yun Shan stretched out her hand to feel the blazing temperature of the flames in her palms. No matter how hard it was to lie to herself at this last moment, she had never forgotten that warmth she had felt. 

“Pretty Sister…” She whispered the nickname that had been in the dust for more than 20 years. Yun Shan’s lips curled up slightly, and the flames swallowed her completely.

Pretty Sister, you said that you were an older sister and will protect me and not let anyone bully me. But this time I am really tired. I have hated for so long, pained for so long, and now I finally found a way to never hurt again, so let’s do it. 

Little by little, the fire climbed up to the dilapidated house and burned everything clean. 

Everyone looked at the fire with solemn expressions as the fire became bigger and bigger. The skyrocketing flames reflected a large area of ​​the dark night sky, like a flow of red blood. Not long after, they suddenly heard a loud bang. The house was burned to the ground with the load it carried, and collapsed. 

At the same time, Zhang Sunshi who was chanting and praying far away in the Ye Kingdom’s imperial palace, had the beads in her hand suddenly break from the middle. The beads on the string rolled down to the ground in an instant, making bursts of crisp sounds. 

Zhang Sunshi watched the beads roll away bit by bit, her whole body stiffened. 

After a while, two drops of crystal tears rolled silently from her eyes, and landed on the wooden fish placed in front of her. 

The quiet room also overflowed with a sighing whisper: “Shan Shan…”

(T/N: That’s so sad her backstory :’( I wish she had an actual conclusion to her history with Zhang Sunshi)

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