FMEA Chapter 218

Chapter 218 Standards for Choosing a Spouse! 

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The next day, Feng Tingye still wanted his wish to be fulfilled of driving the culprit who caused the mutiny of his cute pet out of the mansion. There was no other reason. The enemy was too strong. No, the enemy’s reserve army was too strong! 

At lunch that day, Xia Yuqing and Feng Tingye once again had a fierce quarrel over whether to drive someone out. 

As the concerned party, Ye Shuyan’s words successfully pushed the war between husband and wife into a world war.

“The emperor and the empress should not hurt their husband and wife relationship because of this little person. This little person knows that his life is insignificant and it is the honour of this person to be able to be treated so kindly and sincerely by the empress. It would really be this person’s sin if this person damages your relationship. The emperor did this for the sake of the empress’s safety. This little person is not an ignorant person. After lunch, this little person will leave the mansion and find another way.” 


At that time, the people at the dining table thought, as expected, good-looking people gather others to treasure them! 

Ye Shuyan wore a harmless, soft and beautiful face. After saying those things, he was really more white than a white lotus. When paired with his little aggrieved bright eyes, this time, it was not just Xia Yuqing’s maternal bursting out, she even took a protective position in front of Ye Shuyan. Even the innocent girls on the side turned their condemnation to Feng Tingye one by one. Feng Ting Ye’s face grew darker. 

Shao Zitang, the only person who knew that Ye Shuyan’s white lotus had hidden the attributes of a man eating flower, unconsciously twitched after seeing Ye Shuyan’s weakness. Recalling the terrible feeling of oppression suffered last night, he felt he was entangled. Thinking in the line of, ‘it’s better for you to die than me’, he decisively adopted an attitude of ignoring everything in front of him. 

Brother, it’s not that your buddy doesn’t want to help you, but the enemy is too strong. It’s not something you and I can resist. Moreover, they don’t look like they have any bad intentions. Otherwise, according to that person’s ability, we should all be killed in a matter of minutes, so, brother, you should ask for more blessings!

Just like this, Feng Tingye forced by his last ally’s defiance, for the first time in his life, experienced the feeling of becoming a target of public criticism. 

However, the real tragedy was more than that. When Feng Tingye confronted Xia Yuqing with a calm face, the couple was about to fall into their first cold war since their marriage. Xiao Hei, who was originally nestled in Xia Yuqing’s arms and stretched out his waist. Then, he rushed towards Feng Tingye. A paw intimately touched Feng Tingye’s flawless handsome face… 

Accompanied by a terrified roar and a sharp cat cry, everyone’s expression turned into this: “…” 

After a brief astonishment, Xia Yuqing’s exclamation made everyone react: “Ah… Your Majesty, your face!” 

“…” Why did the others after hearing Xia Yuqing’s exclamation… seem to be gloating? It must be an illusion! 

Feng Tingye’s handsome face was gloriously wounded. The cat’s claws did not scratch that hard and confirmed by Su Qingyan’s gloating diagnosis, no scars would be left. However, the small reddish scratches still caused his handsome face to suffer devastating damage. 

Xia Yuqing stared at Feng Tingye’s persecuted beauty for a long time, she couldn’t help but chuckle. She was used to seeing Feng Tingye’s cool, handsome, tyrannical and black-bellied acts. Such an embarrassed Ultra Seme Lord was the first time she’s ever seen it. It really gave Xia Yuqing, who had been forced by Feng Tingye to be at the bottom, a sense of pride of a serf overturning their situation. 

When Feng Tingye heard Xia Yuqing laugh, his face became gloomy. His eyes were stained with danger. 

Xia Yuqing was frightened by his implied threatening eyes. She coughed lightly, and reduced the smile on her face, but the narrowness of her eyes could not be concealed.

“Cough cough, Your Majesty, Second Master said the scars on your face are not serious. As long as you pay attention to it, don’t get it wet, it will not leave scars.” Xia Yuqing reminded Feng Tingye. Seeing his murderous eyes added with a guilty conscience, she said, “And even if a scar is left on His Majesty, Ai Fei will never mind. It is normal for a man to leave a scar on their body! Regardless of what you become, Chen Qie will  the emperor. Become the appearance, your concubines will always be your fan!” 

Feng Tingye looked at Xia Yuqing’s appearance that wasn’t afraid of dying. He sneered: “Why does it seem like Ai Fei wants Zhen to leave a few more scars on Zhen’s face?” 

“…” Everyone was stunned. They glanced at each other, it was really not his own illusion! 

Xia Yuqing smiled awkwardly, and said more dogmatically: “No, no, how could Chen Qie have such a rebellious mind?Your Majesty, you must have heard it wrong.”

“Really?” Feng Tingye grinned. He stared at Xia Yuqing until she gave a shudder before turning his gaze to Xiao Hei not far away. 

When Xia Yuqing saw this, she was shocked and hurriedly stepped forward, blocking Feng Tingye’s sight. She said with a flattering smile: “Your Majesty, you see Xiao Hei did not do this intentionally, Da Ren, please be magnanimous and not bother picking on the small cat, okay?”

Feng Tingye laughed at Xia Yuqing’s pleading. When did the little beast who had been here for a few days have an ever higher standing than him, so much that he could go over his head and he has to settle the matter by leave it unsettled?

“According to what you mean is if I can’t get along with this cat today, then I will not be magnanimous but petty?” 

The smile on Xia Yuqing’s face was slightly stiff. Under Feng Tingye’s pressing stare, she gave birth to a slight intent to withdraw. But when he thought of Ye Shuyan and Xiao Hei who were about to be kicked out, she strengthened her confidence again. She looked up at Feng Tingye and nodded in fright.

Feng Tingye’s eyes went cold. He glanced at Xia Yuqing and the graceful steps behind Xia Yuqing. No matter how he looked at it, it was Xiao Hei flaunting his night. In his heart, he made a secret decision. When he returned to Ye Kingdom, he must order someone to catch all the cats inside and outside the entire palace, stew them, and eat them! 

Xiao Hei didn’t know that his behavior was about to bring disaster to his own kind. Two cat eyes, one blue, one green, which resembled colored glass had a trace of complacency. 

Hmph, little guy, dare to look down on this little master and the this little master’s  owner, see if this little master will scratch your face. The two pointed claws of this little master didn’t grow out for no reason!

Feng Tingye saw Xiao Hei’s provocation, but Xia Yuqing stood in front of them with the appearance of protecting a calf, so that he couldn’t vent his anger at all. 

After confronting for a long time, Feng Tingye’s face became dark. He turned around and left the dining table like this. 

It was the first time that Xia Yuqing saw Feng Tingye like this. She was stunned. She was slightly relieved, but she was still somewhat unspeakably disappointed. Her instinct told her that Feng Tingye was angry. But at this time, she was a little bit at a loss to apologize to Feng Tingye, and didn’t know how to. 

Therefore, because of the existence of Ye Shuyan, the young couple for the first time had a complete cold war! 

Big Baby who had been watching the good show quietly by the side looked at Feng Tingye’s leaving back. He was also gloating for a while, and in his heart thought: Father, it turns out that you too would have such a day! Wow ha ha ha… 

But soon, Big Baby found that he couldn’t laugh anymore!

When Feng Tingye left like this, the greatest resistance against Ye Shuyan disappeared. With most people remaining neutral and a few supporting, Ye Shuyan and Xiao Hei settled down in the Prince’s Mansion. 

At first Big Baby didn’t notice much, but slowly he discovered that Xiao Hei who made his Father jumpy, not only likes to stick to his Mother, but also likes to stick to Second Baby who was very similar to the Mother. Especially after discovering that Second Baby is more obedient than Xia Yuqing, it basically followed Second Baby every day. And his most beloved sister was also seduced by that little beast. She would play with that little beast all day long and would throw her brother aside, it was unbearable! 

At this moment, Big Baby finally realized his Father’s feelings, this little beast is really annoying! Knowing this, he should have supported his Father and raised the banner of opposition. With the Father and son duo working together, they would have been able to throw out the two master and pet. But when he realized this, the matter was a foregone conclusion, it was too late! 

In the next few days, Xia Yuqing and Feng Tingye were completely plunged into the cold war period. 

On the first day, Xia Yuqing felt pretty good. Without a person minding herself, her future was bright. On the second day, she felt that no matter what she did, she was not used to it… On the third day, on the fourth day… the sense of emptiness became stronger and stronger. Xia Yuqing finally had to admit that she still cared about someone. At the same time, she felt embarrassed that after a few days of leisure, she still remember the beast. Is it possible that I am a hidden M (m*sochist)? Am I hopeless?! 

Even though she had begun to compromise in her heart, Xia Yuqing still couldn’t throw her face away to beg for peace with someone, which directly caused her mood to plummet in the next few days. 

Xia Yuqing, who had “fallen out of favor” for a few days, felt that she could no longer be so decadent, otherwise she would definitely become the kind of deep grieving woman in those dogblood drama with a face of blood. Therefore, in order to divert her attention, she decided to go out, take a breathe of air, and adjust her mood.

After seeing Ye Shuyan’s flawless face weak Uke face, Xia Yuqing finally found her conscience and remembered the person that was persecuted the first time they met, who was now still struggling to recover from their wounds at home. 

“I don’t know what happened to the pig-headed face of Second Royal Brother? He won’t be really disfigured, right?” Thinking like this, Xia Yuqing was still a little worried, and she decided to leave the house to see Xia Mingxi. 

In view of the fact that Xia Mingxi flew into a misfortune last time, it was purely because of his own mouth making Big Baby mistakenly believe that he had bad intentions towards his sister,  therefore, when he heard that Xia Yuqing was going to visit the Second Uncle who was tormented miserably last time. Big Baby decisively abducted his sister to hide as far as possible. 

As soon as Second Baby left, Xia Yuhan, the follower, naturally followed Second Baby. As for Xia Yuze, who wandered between his younger brother and his Aunt who needed to be pleased, he chose to go with his younger brother. There was no other reason. He was just worried that his too simple brother would be bullied by the “treacherous villain” Big Baby. 

Xia Yuqing without the four followers had to pin her hopes on Ye Shuyan. She was ready to let the two peerless boys in her own mind have a historical meeting. It’s a pity… 

“Although I really want to go with Niang Niang, but unfortunately this little person has some important things today, I’m afraid I can only disappoint Niang Niang’s kindness.” 

Xia Yuqing was splashed with cold water on her face. Under Ye Shuyan’s apologetic gaze, she had no choice but to take Cui Er alone and head straight to Xia Mingxi’s mansion. 

Because of Xia Yuqing’s last visit, the maids in Xia Mingxi’s mansion had a very good impression of this little Gongzi who looks like a smaller version of their Royal Highness. After learning that she was here to visit Xia Mingxi, they didn’t even notify him and led Xia Yuqing into the mansion with a smile. They went straight to Xia Mingxi’s bedroom.

“Your Royal Highness, the young Gongzi who visited you last time has came.” Yingge led Xia Yuqing to the door of Xia Mingxi’s room, knocked on the closed door gently, and whispered to report. 

Suddenly there was a ping-pong-pong sound in the room, then a dull response came out: “Um, did those children come with?”

Xia Yuqing heard Xia Mingxi ask about the children. She thought he must be thinking of Second Baby and frowned: “They wanted to come, but the weather has changed recently, so the children were a little uncomfortable, so I didn’t bring them over. Second… If your Royal Highness wants to see them, I will bring them here next time.” 

“…” Who wants to see them?! 

Xia Yuqing didn’t know that Xia Mingxi was greatly relieved when he heard this, tears burst into her heart. Fortunately, those little demons didn’t come with her. 

“Ahem, come in.” 

Yingge pushed open the door and allowed Xia Yuqing in alone. She then closed the door and followed Cui Er to guard at the door. 

Xia Yuqing glanced at the empty room, but found no sign of Xia Mingxi. She couldn’t help but frown. She just clearly heard the voice of Second Royal Brother, how come his figure disappeared? Is it possible that Second Royal Brother was seriously injured and was still bedridden? 

Thinking like this, Xia Yuqing couldn’t help but feel a little worried. She walked towards the inner room. As expected, she saw a bulging ball on the antique bed.

“Second Royal Brother, you… are you not better yet?” Xia Yuqing looked at the large silkworm on the bed that had wrapped himself in an airtight ball from beginning to end. She couldn’t help but feel a trace of worry in her heart. Was your face really ruined? 

“Ahem, Second Royal Brother, I know you must be very disappointed now, very sad. But no matter how lost and sad you are, there is nothing you can do. Although disfigurement is not your intention, but now that it’s already like this, you don’t have to be too sad, there will always be people who won’t care about your external appearance and see your internal beauty. Don’t commit suicide because of this! Come, let me see, what is this…” 

Xia Yuqing said as she stepped forward. She tore Xia Mingxi’s pink quilt, which was very girly, and directly dug out the boy who was buried on the bed. 



The two of them stared at each other for a few seconds. Xia Yuqing was the first to react. She pinched her thumb and middle finger together and cursed: “What, who is this evildoer on my  Second Royal Brother’s bed?” 

Xia Yuqing seemed to have thought of something, and sucked in a cold breath: “Could it be that this enchanting evildoer swallowed my Second Royal Brother alive? You evildoer, return my Second Royal Brother right now! Quickly return my Second Royal Brother!” 

A certain enchanting devil on the bed looked at Xia Yuqing fascinatingly for a while, then tremblingly asked: “Little Royal Sister, have you become muddled?” 


Xia Yuqing was stunned for a few seconds, then put down her hands that were crossed and asked uncertainly: “Second Royal Brother?” 

“…otherwise, who do you think it is?” 

Xia Yuqing was taken aback. Pointing to Xia Mingxi’s face, she exclaimed: “Weren’t you disfigured?” How come you look better than before? This is not scientific at all! 

“…Little Royal Sister, are you eager for my disfigurement?” 

“Of course not!” Xia Yuqing answered reflexively. She couldn’t help but curiously approach Xia Mingxi’s face and muttered, “How? Your skin is slippery and whiter than before, the face even seems a little smaller. It looks better! Second Royal Brother, did you self-cultivate, then beat yourself back to this original state?” 

Obviously, you were a pig head not long ago, but now not only did you restore yourself to your original state, but you’re even better-looking. This setting is too defiant of nature! 

Xia Mingxi was embarrassed by Xia Yuqing’s ridiculous thoughts and groaned helplessly: “Little Royal Sister, you think too much.” 

Xia Yuqing was startled, a little disappointed: “No? If that isn’t the case… you got plastic surgery.” Nowadays, to become so perfect, the remaining thing is either likely makeup, but no matter what they person in front looks like…

Xia Mingxi sat up from the bed. He rolled his eyes to the sky: “Do you think in this desserted place I can have the opportunity to experience a high-tech thing like plastic surgery?” 

“Then how…” Xia Yuqing sat down beside Xia Mingxi. Staring at Xia Mingxi’s picture becoming more and more perfect, she looked at Xia Mingxi’s face sharply. She looked at Xia Mingxi until he had goosebumps all over. He coughed unnaturally: “According to those girls in my house, it may be because the honeycomb just hit my face that day. Cough cough, hornet’s honey is purer than normal honey, plus the sting of a hornet, although the pain is unbearable, the face is swollen would cause blood circulation by accident. Honey is better absorbed and you know that honey is a kind of whitening and beautifying thing, so…”

“…” Could that explanation be more cheating? Xia Yuqing felt that she was once again confused by this broken world. 

After a short astonishment, Xia Yuqing was somewhat puzzled: “No, honey can indeed beautify your face, but what is going on with your face becoming smaller? Is it possible that honey also comes with a chin sharpening function?” 

“…if your face is swollen for more than half a month, and just eating would cause you to roll on your bed in pain unable to sleep, your face would also shrink.” 

Xia Yuqing was taken aback. She suddenly understood something. She cast a small sympathetic look at Xia Mingxi. Buddy, you have suffered! Sure enough, no matter what you do these days, there will always be a price to pay and to pay for beauty and weight loss is often a bloody price! 

Xia Yuqing silently admired Xia Mingxi’s weak appearance for a while. She sighed in her heart. As expected, the more you look at it, the more he is an Uke. Second Royal Brother, let’s find someone for you to marry! 

“Since Second Royal Brother, you are all well, why is it that Third Royal Sister has given birth to a little princess for so long, but you didn’t go and take a look at her?” Xia Yuqing stared at Xia Mingxi for a long time, then remembered Xia Mingxi and Xia Muyun’s relationship has always been good. However, Xia Muyun has given birth to a baby for so long, yet Xia Mingxi hasn’t even taken a glance. It’s a little bit… 

It’s okay if Xia Yuqing didn’t say anything. However when it was mentioned, Xia Mingxi resentfully stated: “I want to go too, but unfortunately, Little Royal Sister, you don’t know, but your Royal Brother has been hiding from Father recently… hiding in the mansion, how can I send myself to the door to die?”

He heard about Xia Mu Yun giving birth to an unusually pink and cute little Lolita, so he wanted to take a look, but it was a pity that he had the will but not the strength… 

Xia Yuqing was startled then she remembered that he was still an older man who was being forced to marry. She patted Xia Mingxi’s shoulder sympathetically, “My buddy, I understand. But Second Royal Brother is so repulsed of arranged marriages? Could it be you…” Don’t like girls, and like boys? ! 

The more Xia Yuqing thought about it, the more she felt that her idea was right. She stared at Xia Mingxi with bright eyes and looked critically at Xia Mingxi: “Second Royal Brother, it’s not me criticizing you, but look at your small arms and legs. When you stand up, you’re not taller than me…cough cough, okay, just a little bit taller, are you sure that a girl will look at you?” 

“…” Xia Mingxi was hit by an arrow at his left knee without warning. It hurts! 

“Also, look, your biceps, triceps…” Xia Yuqing pulled Xia Mingxi’s arm and gestured, then slapped his shriveled belly with a slap, “People have an 9-pack, while you’re a skinny chicken, are you sure you can find a wife in the future?” 

“…” Xia Mingxi was hit by another arrow in his unprepared right knee and almost fell to his knees. 

“At the end of the day, are you sure that your weak chicken body is really strong enough to satisfy your future wife to prevent her from climbing the wall (having an affair)?” 

“…” With his pride of being a man questioned, Xia Mingxi felt that his back was now full of arrows.


With a hunch that Xia Yuqing was about to say something that would make him suffer, Xia Mingxi wisely shouted: “Stop!” 


“In fact, I have an ideal spouse selection standard in my heart.” 

Xia Yuqing was a little curious and asked: “What?” 

“Ahem…” Xia Mingxi said with a straight face: “The goddess in my heart, even if her personality is not as pure as Aria, she must be like Louise, a tsundere. Even if her small face is not as cute as Yuemiya Ayu, she must be as fresh as Senshi Nadeshiko. Her figure, even if she is not as perfect as Ichihara Yuko, she must be as attractive as Robin…” Just saying all this, Xia Mingxi was holding his face and starting to drool. 

Xia Yuqing looked at the appearance of her own Second Royal Brother and a drop of cold sweat slipped down her head. She secretly complained in her heart: Second Royal Brother, why are you like a fool rolling over your bed because of your own fantasy? ? 

What about a good temperament man? What about the beautful flower? If you let those girls outside of your house know that the beautiful owner of the house thinks about these things usually, how would they feel? 

A little contrast is a bit cute, right, but a huge contrast is not a surprise but a fright! And, what the h*ll is that you just described? Are you sure that you putting together such a large number of second-dimensional goddesses will still be goddess, not a crazy female? 

Xia Yuqing felt strongly that her Second Royal Brother’s aesthetics continued need to be saved, so in the following time, Xia Yuqing tried to brainwash Xia Mingxi time and time again. She was trying to completely straighten this otaku with only 2D people in his head. She needs to thoroughly bend him.

It’s a pity that Cui Er reminded Xia Yuqing that it was time to return home when the night fell. Xia Yuqing was unable to finish her plan. Alas, the revolution has not yet succeeded, this comrade still needs to work hard! 

For this reason, as soon as Xia Yuqing got into the carriage on the return journey, she began to formulate a new round of grand plans in her mind to “save her Second Royal Brother’s aesthetics, and bend the perfect Uke”. It is a pity that this plan was doomed to fail. 

Not long after Xia Yuqing got into the carriage, she felt the carriage sway, causing her to almost fall out. Finally holding on to the side, she stabilized her body. Then, she heard Cui Er’s voice come from outside: “Niang Niang, don’t get out of the carriage.” 

Xia Yuqing was startled, before she had time to ask, she heard a sharp sound of sword strikes outside. 

Xia Yuqing was frightened. She hurriedly wanted to lift the curtain to take a look at the situation outside. Before she touched the curtain of the carriage, the carriage that had been stopped suddenly started to move, causing her to fall backwards. She almost fell to the ground. Fortunately, someone stretched out a hand behind her and helped her. 

There were still people in the carriage? Xia Yuqing was able to stabilize her figure, then her whole body stiffened. She wanted to turn her head back to see the person when she felt a slight pain in her neck. Her eyes blurred. She could only see the other side faintly. 

Before she fainted, Xia Yuqing had only one thought: F*ck, it’s fine being mounted a sneak attack before, but this time they were stealing in public! She really shouldn’t run around casually, this world full of kidnappers really can’t be messed with! 

The people fighting outside the carriage and the kidnappers in the carriage who focused on kidnapping did not notice, but at the moment Xia Yuqing fainted, a small black figure whizzed past from inside the carriage to the small corner hidden on the roof of the carriage. A pair of different-colored eyes quietly watched everything that happened.

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