FMEA Chapter 220

Chapter 220 getting more and more brutal! 

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Xia Yuqing pinched her thigh vigorously and bit her finger. Feeling the pain, it was as if it was only in this way that she could be sure that she was not dreaming, so she could stop her exclamation. 

WTH, she was accidentally trapped in a small cabinet and she heard such a powerful thing? Those who know more these days will die faster, yiii, please let me go! This was a huge amount of information! She just wanted to cover her ears and throw it out the window.

Xia Yuqing wanted to madly scratch the walls in the cabinet, but she couldn’t do anything. Who could understand her internal struggle? 

Xia Mingxuan was obviously taken aback by the surprising words of Royal Concubine Roujia, but immediately he noticed the small movement from the side. 

He narrowed his eyes dangerously. He swept over the wardrobe where Xia Yuqing was. After seeing the small corner of clothes that peeked out underneath the wardrobe, he was taken aback. He twisted his eyebrows, then turned his gaze back without a trace. 

Xia Yuqing saw Xia Mingxuan look over and her heart jumped violently. Using her shaking hand, she covered her mouth to prevent herself from screaming accidentally. 

Xia Mingxuan’s probing gaze made Xia Yuqing think she had been discovered. At this time, if she was discovered, she would be silenced, for sure! 

Fortunately, Xia Mingxuan’s eyes didn’t stay on the closet for too long. He took it back, which made Xia Yuqing feel relieved. 

“Mother, what did you just say? She… is the daughter of the former princess? Wasn’t the former court long since destroyed? How could there be a former princess, how could she…” 

Royal Concubine Roujia seeing Xia Mingyuan ask about this matter had a cold light in her eyes, even a little bit of resentment: “Yes, the former court had been destroyed long ago, there should be no previous princess. Now there is only one scum, just this little b*tch!”

Xia Mingxuan looked at the undisguised hatred on his Mother’s face, “Mother, what is going on?” 

Royal Concubine Roujia gave Xia Mingxuan a deep look, and chuckled: “Xuan Er, you must also know that the country of Xia is actually not very glorious, and the time of establishment of this dynasty was not very long. The founding emperor, that is, the first emperor, your grandfather, forcibly snatched this country from the hands of the previous emperor.” 

Among the four kingdoms, the time of Xia Country’s establishment was the shortest, just two dynasties. The first emperor of Xia State was the Father of Xia Haotian. He was a general with heavy power. Due to his achievements in battle, he was given a title to rule and because of his uprightness, his charm, and love for the country and the people, he attracted many people. In the end, when the former emperor lost power, he won the support of the citizens. Thus with an uprising, he broke the former dynasty in one fell swoop and ascended to the throne.     

“The youngest daughter of the former emperor and empress, the former dynasty’s princess, because she was sent to a Buddhist nunnery outside the city and was raised by a nun because of congenital deficiencies at birth, she escaped the rebellion.”     

Xia Mingxuan’s face changed slightly. He asked in a low voice: “Is that little princess…”     

“Yes, that little princess is the Mother of that little b*tch.” Royal Concubine Roujia seemed to remember something and the resentment in her eyes grew stronger and stronger, “That b*tch escaped by hiding in the nunnery. After that b*tch grew up, she found out about the previous court affairs and disguised herself as a maid in the palace. Then when the new emperor was enthroned, she intended to assassinate the new emperor.” 

When Royal Concubine Roujia said this, her face was distorted for a moment. If… if she was able to see the situation clearly at the beginning, if she could have been one step earlier than that girl, if she acted first and cut off all possibilities between them, then everything… would it not have happenned? 

It’s a pity that there were not many what ifs in this world. When things happen, they happen, and no one can change them.     

“The former dynasty’s princess tried to assassinate the new emperor, this is a sin on top of a sin!”

Xia Mingxuan’s timely interruption pulled Royal Concubine Roujia back from her past memory: “Yes, sin on top of another sin. No matter which crime, it was enough for that little b*tch to die thousands of times. It’s just that no one thought that the emperor would like that b*tch, hahaha. Just one glance, just once and the emperor was actually fascinated by that vixen. Head over heels, he didn’t care for the safety of his life or his country. Ignoring all opinions, he vowed to save that b*tch.” 

“…” Shoot, there was such a beautiful love story between her Father and Mother?! Love at first sight? Rather have the beauty than the throne, what dog blood drama is this? ! 

No… that’s not right! What is the situation now? Her Mother that she had never met was really the former dynasty’s princess? Isn’t she the enemy of Xia Country who has the blood of the previous era? ! If someone finds out, she will definitely die. Ultra Seme Lord, come and save me, Xia Country is scary, let’s go back to Ye Country! 

“What happened later?” 

“Later, what else could happen? Your Father lost his mind. He was fascinated by that b*tch and lost his mind. He concealed that b*tch’s identity under the pressure of everyone and let the outside world know that she caught the emperor’s eyes at the enthronement banquet. They said that she was just an ordinary maid who turned into a phoenix from a pheasant.” 

Royal Concubine Roujia looked more and more ugly when she thought of the situation at the time. She had also just entered the palace. Outstanding appearance, distinguished status, coupled with the empress dowager’s support for herself, in this palace, how glorious was she? No one could compare. However, because of the appearance of that woman, she seemed glorious on the surface, but who would guess how much she hated those days when she was alone!

“That b*tch can basically be regarded as his exclusive pet after entering the palace, so it didn’t take long for the b*tch to have a little b*tch. She must be considered lucky to have such a fortunate life. Since the b*tch got pregnant, many people tried to hurt her, yet in the end she gave birth to that little b*tch in peace.” 

As soon as Royal Concubine Roujia said this, Xia Yuqing, who was hiding in the closet, was startled. 

Was born peacefully? Her Mother gave birth to herself peacefully? Then why did the Ultra Seme Lord tell herself that…her Mother died in childbirth to give birth to herself… Uh original owner? 

“Your Mother originally thought that since that girl married out Mother had gotten rid of all her troubles, but Mother was too naive. The little b*tch returned to Xia country again and again, and it is very likely that she already knows…” 

” …” No, in fact, she really didn’t know anything at the beginning, but now she knows everything and found out from your mouth. 

Xia Yuqing was stunned. If Royal Concubine Roujia knew the cruel truth, would she cut herself to pieces to vent her hatred first? Or will she die first from anger and vomit blood out? 

“So, Mother, that is all you wanted to say?” Xia Mingxuan listened to Royal Concubine Roujia’s stimulated explanation, then pursed his lips.

Royal Concubine Roujia was taken aback for a moment. Looking at Xia Mingxuan’s lukewarm appearance, a bad premonition rose in her heart. She became a bit triggered: “Aren’t these enough?” 

Xia Mingxuan glanced at Royal Concubine Roujia. He took a look and raised his eyebrows: “What Mother just said were the grievances of your previous generation, this has nothing to do with your son or her.” 

Royal Concubine Roujia gasped. Looking at Xia Mingxuan unreasonably, it seemed as if she had just met this son she had raised for more than ten years for the first time in her life: “What are you talking about? Xuan Er, are you like your Father? Are you fascinated by that little b*tch? How can you say such a thing?” 

“Mother, this matter doesn’t concern you.” 

“You are my son, how can your Mother not mind your affairs? Especially this matter that is related to that little b*tch.” 

“Mother, don’t call her a b*tch. She is not a b*tch. Why did your previous generation involve her? She doesn’t know anything, she is innocent!” 

“Innocent?” Royal Concubine Roujia couldn’t help taking two steps back, looking at Xia Mingxuan with a panic, “You said she was innocent? You have only met a few times, yet you dare to raise your voice against your Mother who has raised you for her; yet, you still say she is innocent? That vixen is definitely a vixen. What kind of fascination soup did that Mother and daughter duo give this Father and son duo? Why are you all so desperate for them?!” 

“… ” What’s the situation now? Did she just create this Mother and Child battle?

Xia Yuqing, who was hiding in the closet, became more and more speechless listening to the fierce quarrel outside. God knows how innocent she was! In a daze, she was forced to put on the big hat of a former dynasty’s princess. Not to mention, she didn’t do anything. Why was she called a vixen for no reason? 

Your sister’s a vixen, your whole family is a vixen! Although this sister often says she wants to climb the wall (have an affair), this sister is also a very ethical person. She has already chosen the Ultra Seme Lord, how can she hook up with other men? Moreover, she, herself, didn’t even know when she hooked up with her brother, so convicting herself would be too hasty, right? She really can’t afford to take such a crime! 

“Mother, Er Chen already knows what to do, don’t…” 

“Know what to do? Is it possible that you still want to follow in the footsteps of your Father and protect that little b*tch? Your best “know what to do” is to hand over the little b*tch to your Mother now and let your Mother deal with it!” 

“!” Xia Yuqing was shocked. Royal Concubine Roujia cursed herself and her Mother. At first glance, it was obvious she had been grieving for a long time. If her Fourth Royal Brother really softened up and handed her over, then wouldn’t she be tortured to death in the hands of Royal Concubine Roujia in a matter of minutes! 

Xia Yuqing’s heartbeat was thunderous. She was scared that if she was not careful, she might never see the sun again.

Xia Mingxuan was silent for a long time. He bit his lip and turned to Royal Concubine Roujia: “Mother, give your child some time…” 

Royal Concubine Roujia couldn’t bear to look at Xia Mingxuan’s difficult appearance. She couldn’t bear it, but even more was the anger she felt for her son being affected by Xia Yuqing. 

Back then, Xia Yuqing’s Mother robbed her of her man and made Xia Haotian oppose her. The husband and wife were no longer as close as before and causing envy from bystanders. Now the sl*t’s daughter had come to seduce her son that she had raised herself for so many years. Her son that had always been compliant with her was now resisting herself. The two most important men in her life were both affected by that Mother and daughter duo. Royal Concubine Roujia hated her so much, she wished she could pinch her to death.

Thinking about it this way, the little bit of unwillingness that Royal Concubine Roujia felt disappeared. Her gaze at Xia Mingxuan became sharp: “Xuan Er, it’s not that Mother deliberately wants to make it hard for you. You also know that the Tuoba clan was originally a clan of the former dynasty. When the first emperor conquered the throne, how could he ascend to the throne so smoothly if he did not have the help of the Tuoba clan? It can be said that half of the Xia throne was obtained by the Tuoba clan. The Tuoba clan was a benefactor to the royal family of Xia, but in the eyes of the remnants of the previous dynasty, they were an indomitable enemy!” 

As soon as Royal Concubine Roujia said this, Xia Mingxuan’s expression turned somewhat ugly.

Royal Concubine Roujia naturally wouldn’t miss this. She couldn’t help raising a smile on her face. She stepped forward and patted Xia Mingxuan’s shoulder, “Xuan Er, it’s okay if she doesn’t know her identity, if she does, how could it be possible to live in peace with you, a person of Tuoba clan blood. Mother is also thinking for you. There are thousands of women in this world. There are many people with better looks and character than that little b*tch, why should you let such an extremely dangerous person stay by your side for a moment’s pleasure, causing endless troubles? Listen to the words of your Mother, hand her to your Mother and your Mother will find you someone better than her in the future. A thousand times better for you.” 

“…” Well, I already know everything now. Your idea can only develop towards the second possibility, that is to say… Fourth Royal brother, are you going to kill me? Hey, the more you know, the faster you die. The ancients didn’t deceive me! 

Royal Concubine Roujia’s persuasive temptation was obviously effective, but Xia Mingxuan’s face still struggled a bit. Royal Concubine Roujia also knew that pressing too hard could easily backfire, so she sighed: “Mother also knows that you are reluctant. It is really difficult for you to make a decision at this time. So Mother will give you a day. If you really can’t do it after a day, your Mother will do it for you.”

Saying this, Royal Concubine Roujia turned and wanted to leave when Xia Mingxuan paused and temporarily compromised: “En, Er Chen will send you out.” 

Xia Yuqing listened to the last conversation between the two, feeling relieved. Thinking that the two big Buddhas were gone, she hurriedly attached her ears to the closet, listening to the opening of the door. When it was closed and the footsteps gradually faded away; then, did she completely relax. 

Eavesdropping was really tiring! Xia Yuqing took two deep breaths, then her heartbeat went off again.

Just now, Royal Concubine Roujia said that in one day, if Xia Mingxuan didn’t get rid of her on his own, he will…

No, she can’t sit here and wait for death anymore, she must quickly find a chance to escape! Thinking like this, Xia Yuqing hurriedly stretched out her hand towards the wardrobe door. 

Unexpectedly, before the hand could touch the closet, the originally closed closet was opened from the outside with a whistling sound. 

Xia Yuqing was taken aback. Her eyes widened. She looked at the figure that opened the door of the cabinet. The figure against the light seemed to be coated with a faint mist, which was too beautiful. 

However, after Xia Yuqing saw the man’s face clearly, she shrank in fright. The man who opened the cabinet, was the person who left and returned…Xia Mingxuan! 

“!” D*mn, didn’t this man leave? Why did he come back so soon? 

“Have you listened enough? Are you going to come out?” Xia Mingxuan looked at Xia Yuqing who was shrinking in the closet, no longer wearing his fake mask.

Xia Mingxuan, who had curtailed his nature, had already made Xia Yuqing panic. Now that the man showed his real nature, it made Xia Yuqing instinctively want to escape. 

Danger, danger! The man in front of her is very dangerous! Her little animal’s instincts told Xia Yuqing this. 

Xia Yuqing’s hands and feet were stiff. She wanted to move back, but she found that she was unable to move under the gaze of Xia Mingxuan’s vulture like eyes. 

“Come out!” Xia Mingxuan’s voice was not loud, let alone harsh. On the contrary, it was gentle and coaxing, but Xia Yuqing was so frightened that she could only hear the threat from his words. If she didn’t follow his words to get out, she would definitely be the one who would suffer this time. 

In line with the principle, while there is life, there is hope and a wise man knows better than to fight when the odds are against him; even though Xia Yuqing was extremely reluctant, she crawled out of the closet tremblingly. 

After squatting nervously in the closet for a long time, as soon as Xia Yuqing climbed out of the closet, she felt her legs and feet turn numb. She leaned forward unconsciously. 

Xia Mingxuan was taken aback. He hurriedly stretched out his hand to hold Xia Yuqing, but Xia Yuqing was frightened by the hand he suddenly stretched towards her. Too late to think about it… 

“Paa…” The loud sound resounded throughout the room. 

With this force, Xia Yuqing stood firm, staring dumbly at her murderous hand and Xia Mingxuan’s hand that was quickly swatted away by her. Her whole body was petrified. 

D*mn it, if you do this kind of thing at this time, you really deserve to be the model for “if you don’t court disaster you won’t die”! What should she do now? Fourth Royal Brother wouldn’t just kill herself like this in a fit of anger, would he? ! 

Xia Mingxuan obviously didn’t expect Xia Yuqing to resist himself in this way. A trace of craziness was hidden in his eyes.

There was a suspicious silence in the room. Just as Xia Yuqing’s expression turned pale with tension, Xia Mingxuan finally broke the deadlock between the two with a loud voice. 

“Did you hear everything just now?” Xia Mingxuan’s question was smooth, as if he was talking about the weather. 

Xia Yuqing only felt her heart jump. She raised her head to look at Xia Mingxuan and reluctantly stretched the corner of her mouth: “If I said I didn’t hear anything just now, would you let me go, Fourth Royal Brother?” 

Xia Mingxuan was taken aback. He smiled, “What do you think Little Royal Sister?” 

“…” It seems that… she revealed the truth herself! Ahhhh, why does she always drop the chain  at the critical moment, it’s impossible for her not to cry! Xia Yuqing’s inner person completely fell to the ground, tears streaming down. 

“I… I didn’t mean it! I just came over to say thank you for what happened last night. I was only focused on eating in the morning and didn’t thank you personally. I felt sorry, but who knew…who knew before I could see you, I heard……the voice of the Imperial Concubine …then my brain just…” 

“Oh, you come to say thank you to this prince?” Xia Mingxuan gave Xia Yuqing a meaningful look and said with a chuckle. “Little Royal Sister, are you sure you didn’t try to escape and was taken to this prince by someone?” 

“…” Fourth Royal Brother, are you a fortune teller? How can you be so accurate? This is irrational! 

Seeing Xia Yuqing’s guilty appearance, Xia Mingxuan knew that he had guessed it correctly. His eyes were slightly cold. He walked towards Xia Yuqing.

Xia Yuqing laughed dryly. She tried her best to delay time: “Ahahahaha, Fourth Royal Brother, you are really good at joking. At this place, where can I go? Besides, Fourth Royal Brother, you have said it clearly, you have already sent people to inform Eldest Royal Brother and Xiang Er to come to pick me up, why should I escape? Ahahahaha…” 

Xia Mingxuan didn’t say a word, but moved towards Xia Yuqing. 

The expression on Xia Yuqing’s face completely froze. She couldn’t help backing up. Xia Mingxuan took a step forward, and she backed away two steps. 

“Four…Four…Fourth Royal Brother, what do you want to do?” Isn’t it too fast for you to want to follow that old witch’s orders and get rid of her on the spot? No…No, she doesn’t want to die yet, especially not die in this manner! 

The corners of Xia Mingxuan’s lips twitched, and there was a charming expression on that face that was somewhat similar to Feng Tingye’s days of molesting herself. 

It’s a pity that when such an expression was placed on Feng Tingye’s body, Xia Yuqing would be confused by Feng Tingye’s beauty and let him do whatever he wants. But now on Xia Mingxuan’s face, Xia Yuqing felt frightened. The look in his eyes where he can’t wait to swallow herself in his stomach only made her feel a chill down her spine. She reflexively wanted to escape, but her legs had no strength at all. 

“What do you think?” Xia Mingxuan raised his lips with a smile, then suddenly pounced forward. Xia Yuqing was caught off guard. She slipped and fell backward. Just when Xia Yuqing thought that the back of her head would hit the hard floor, she suddenly felt that she had fallen onto a soft place. 

Xia Yuqing was taken aback. She opened her eyes and looked down, almost bursting out into foul language. When did she retreat to the bed? Did she just walk into the trap herself? And this posture is easy to misunderstand, OK! 

“Fourth Royal Brother, can you get off me first?” Xia Yuqing asked with a frozen face, frightened. 

The corners of Xia Mingxuan’s lips lifted, he said with a smile, “What if I don’t get up?” 

“…” Is it possible that Fourth Royal Brother is ready to do something in this place? So in the end, her soul’s final destination turned out to be a bed? Moreover, not the Ultra Seme Lord’s bed, but the bed of a stranger? ! If the Ultra Seme Lord knew, what will he think of herself when he hears the news of her death? Having an affair? Adulteress! 

Xia Yuqing was so scared that she looked at Xia Mingxuan with a pale face and struggled: “Fourth Royal Brother, I really didn’t eavesdrop on purpose. Okay, I admit that I heard it, and I know everything. But I swear, I am a weak woman who has no thoughts towards Xia Country at all. You must believe me. So, for the sake of our brothers and sisters, spare my life, okay?” 

Xia Mingxuan didn’t say a word. He stared condescendingly at Xia Yuqing, motionless. 

Xia Yuqing saw that he didn’t say anything, and her heart was cold. She bit her lip and as if she was not afraid of dying: “Well, since Fourth Royal Brother you are not willing to let me go, then seeing that we are brothers and sisters, can you not kill me here? Can we change the location?” 

As soon as Xia Yuqing said this, Xia Mingxuan finally had a slight reaction: “Do you think I want to kill you?”

“Huh?” Isn’t that the case? 

Xia Mingxuan saw the suspicion in Xia Yuqing’s eyes, then his eyes darkened. He grabbed Xia Yuqing’s wrists, and pulled her two hands over her head, completely restrained. 

“Why do you want to change location? Because of that man? Are you worried that if he knew that you are being pressed on the bed now, he will be angry?” 

Xia Yuqing’s struggling movements stopped. Xia Mingxuan naturally noticed this. The smile on his face disappeared and a dangerous aura filled his whole body. 

“Do you care about that man so much?” 

“!” Fourth Royal Brother is… angry? Xia Yuqing’s eyes tightened, she suddenly remembered the words she had heard in the closet, Fourth Royal Brother…likes herself? 

Before Xia Yuqing could explain anything, she heard Xia Mingxuan chuckle: “It doesn’t matter, I will have you forget that man. From now on, you can only think of me, and you can only have me, Qing Er……” 

“!” Xia Yuqing was shocked. Not waiting for her to understand the meaning of Xia Mingxuan’s words, Xia Mingxuan had already leaned over and pressed her down. 

“Um…” Xia Yuqing felt a heavy pressure on her lips, a familiar feeling. Her eyes widened suddenly. She looked at Xia Mingxuan’s close face in disbelief. 

She was kissed by someone other than the Ultra Seme Lord…? This information resembled an atomic bomb in Xia Yuqing’s mind, bursting it open with a bang, leaving her in a state of shock.

When she came back to her senses, someone was already ready to take advantage of her and pry her mouth open. Xia Yuqing was so scared, she shook. It was the same action, but when Feng Tingye did it to her, she felt seduced by it. However, when the person in front of her did it, she was incredibly…disgusted. 

With her hands restrained, Xia Yuqing didn’t have the strength to fight back, but even so… Xia Yuqing stared at the person pressing on her. Her eyes flashed, then she opened her mouth to bite down on someone’s mouth fiercely…… 

Blood and pain spread in his mouth at the same time. Xia Mingxuan became stiff and reflexively got up from Xia Yuqing. He reached out to touch the blood oozing from the corner of his mouth, and muttered in disbelief: “You bit me?” 

Xia Yuqing grimaced with pain. She really wanted to bite someone until they had a mouthful of red just now, but unfortunately she wasn’t careful and bit herself too! There was blood in her mouth at this time, and her pain was so painful that she couldn’t speak. 

Seeing Xia Yuqing not answering, Xia Mingxuan’s expression became more gloomy. He repeated it again with a gloomy face: “You bit me!” 

“!” Xia Yuqing was shocked. She watched Xia Mingxuan’s body continue to spread a dangerous aura. There was only one thought in her heart, did Fourth Royal Brother blacken just now? ! 

Regardless of the pain on her lips, Xia Yuqing tried to escape from the bed, but Xia Mingxuan got an insight into Xia Yuqing and held onto her hands again and sneered, “Want to run?” 

Xia Yuqing was sneered by Xia Mingxuan. The cold gaze made her whole body feel cold. She wanted to turn her head away, but suddenly found that a hand had stretched to her waist, and was…

“!” F*ck, where is your hand touching! 

“Fourth Royal Brother, you can’t do this, we are brother and sister!” Xia Yuqing roared, almost screaming. 

“Brother and sister?” Xia Mingxuan’s actions paused. He chuckled in a low voice, “Brother and sister? Qing Er, didn’t you hear it all inside? There is no blood relationship between us at all.” 

Xia Yuqing was taken aback. She didn’t dare to look at Xia Mingxuan’s gaze at all, and said dumbly, “Uh, even if you say that, we can’t…” 

“Why can’t we? Because of that man?” The craziness in Xia Mingxuan’s eyes became more obvious. He stretched out his hand. He caressed Xia Yuqing’s cheeks and chuckled lightly, “It doesn’t matter, you will forget him soon.” 

Xia Yuqing tried to move her face to avoid the touch that made her have goose bumps all over. Xia Mingxuan seemed to feel it too. When she resisted, he slowly lowered his hand from the top… 

“!” F*ck, is he trying to force himself on me? 

Xia Yuqing’s face paled, her eyes full of fear. She stared at the man who was pressing on top of her motionlessly. Something settled little by little in her eyes, then finally broke out completely. 

Xia Yuqing’s right leg hanging down on the edge of the bed flexed little by little. Her eyes narrowed slightly dangerously. As Xia Mingxuan stretched his hand to her waist and was about to untie her belt, she targeted the man’s achilles heel and kicked up …… 


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