FMEA Chapter 224

Chapter 224 You are not married and he is not married

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 The next morning, when Xia Yuqing woke up again, all the charm and warmth were swallowed up by her.

D*mn Ultra Seme Lord, d*mn beast, d*mn seven times in one night, d*mn… Well, there really wasn’t seven times in one night yesterday, but it was one completely thorough once.

But this time, that dead b*stard condensed the weight of seven times a night. Xia Yuqing stroked her devastated waist and strongly despised a certain beast for a while.

For this reason, she didn’t give Feng Tingye a good expression for the whole day.

In fact, this time, Feng Tingye cannot be blamed. Considering that Xia Yuqing and Feng Tingye have been married for so many years, they are considered an old husband and wife. During this time, Xia Yuqing basically resisted more and complied less. Isn’t this rare initiative like a piece of extraordinarily tender and plump flesh placed in front of a dying beast? At this time, if the beast was still reserved and did not eat, can it still be regarded as a beast?

It’s a pity that Xia Yuqing didn’t think like this. At this moment, she only thought about mourning her waist which was devastated by cruel hands as soon as she came back.

With Cui Er’s support, a dense dark cloud appeared on the long table of Xia Mingxi’s house, and Xia Yuqing’s whole face was black.

“Oh, look, quick look, we survived the disaster! Fortunately, Little Junior Sister came back, tsk tsk tsk… Little Junior Sister, you have suffered recently, come and make up for it.” Yun Zhongyue saw Xia Yuqing appear, and immediately passionately brought some dishes to her.

Xia Yuqing was in a bad mood at first, but after hearing Yun Zhongyue’s words, her face became more and more ugly. However, all the anger was not comparable to seeing the dishes in her bowl.

“F*ck you, Second Senior Brother, what do you mean? Don’t you know that leeks are aphrodisiacs? I see that you have been sallow and thin recently and your mind must be tired. You should eat more of these leeks, otherwise how can you marry a wife in the future, they definitely won’t want you!” Xia Yuqing raised her hand and slapped the bowl in front of Yun Zhongyue, wanting to directly feed him.

Yun Zhongyue was taken aback by Xia Yuqing’s sudden anger, the smile on his face was slightly stiff. He swallowed hard, but he forgot to refute, so he took the bowl in Xia Yuqing’s hands with a blank face. 

Hua Nongying saw that Yun Zhongyue was in an unfavorable situation and his eyes narrowed slightly. Then, he took out a polished spoon in front of him with a light smile and scooped a bowl of soup for Xia Yuqing: “Little Junior Sister, don’t be angry, don’t be angry. It’s easy to get wrinkles when you are so angry and hurt your body. Look at your beautiful face, you have two big dark circles under your eyes. It’s better to get some rest. As a woman, you have to be better to yourself. You can’t just toss around like this just because you are young. When you are old and faded, you will know the pain.”

“…” Third Senior Brother, don’t make it seem like you’re a woman as well, okay? ! Why are you trying to be a good female friend, those assassins in your killer building will cry if they found out.

Feng Tingye glanced at Hua Nongying indifferently, then looked at Xia Yuqing with a cheeky expression and said affectionately: “No matter what Ai Fei becomes, in my eyes, she will always be special.”

If these words were said at normal time, Xia Yuqing might still be moved to tears by this rare sweet talk, but now Xia Yuqing just wanted to give him a roll of her eye.

Angrily, she took the bowl of soup handed over by Hua Nongying, took a sip and spit it out in fright.

Feng Tingye twisted his brows, glanced at Hua Nongying, and hurriedly reached out to help Xia Yuqing and patted her back for her sake.

“D*mn, what is this thing? Why does it smell so bad?”

Hua Nongying wiped his hands that had just been accidentally stained with dust: “Bullwhip stewed ginseng soup. I was thinking how last night Junior Sister must have worked very hard, so I specially asked the kitchen to help you stew it. Junior Sister, you must drink it all today, don’t let down the painstaking efforts of your Senior Brother!” 

 Drink, drink, drink… dink your sister! What do you want this girl to drink by herself? Even if someone was supposed to drink it, it should be…

Xia Yuqing gritted her teeth and threw the soup bowl in front of Feng Tingye, gritted her teeth and said, “You drink!”

Feng Tingye was stunned for a moment, then suddenly smiled, “Ai Fei, it turns out that even though Zhen worked so hard last night, Zhen still hasn’t satisfied you.”

Xia Yuqing was startled, glanced at the soup in her hand, and then at Feng Tingye, and once again she cried stupidly because of her momentary fever.

Su Wuduan, who had just arrived, had just stepped into the door when he heard such an explosive remark, and was stunned on the spot. After reacting, he flew towards Xia Yuqing, the two of them.

His eyes lingered between Xia Yuqing, the two of them for a while, then floated directly to the bowl of bullwhip soup on the table. He immediately gasped and patted Feng Tingye on the shoulder and said, “Junior Brother-in-law, it’s not me saying this, a man doing this… you won’t even eat the meat placed by your mouth, are you a pig?”

Xia Yuqing looked at Su Wuduan’s expression of hating iron but not steel (not meeting expectations). Just as she was about to open her mouth to explain, she saw Feng Tingye curl his lips into a smile: “Young Master Su is right, Zhen has written it down. .”

“Pata—” A thick blue vein appeared on Xia Yuqing’s head in an instant.

Seeing Feng Tingye’s cooperation like this, Su Wuduan was also startled. He glanced suspiciously at the content expression on Feng Tingye’s face, turned his head to look at Xia Yuqing, and gasped again.

“Oh, I misunderstood my Brother-in-law. Junior Sister, it’s not brother saying this, but look at your two black eye circles that look like black charcoal and your pale little face, you obviously…cough cough , this is Little Junior Sister’s wrongdoing. Junior Brother-in-law is being considerate of your body, but you… tsk tsk tsk, I really didn’t expect that Little Junior Sister, you look so innocent usually, but how can you become like this when you go to bed…” This passionate? If his wife could do this, he wouldn’t mind dying on the spot! Su Wuduan thought about it longingly, but did not notice that the face of the person in front of him was as black as the bottom of a pot because of his words.

Who’s going to collect these beasts for me? ! Xia Yuqing clearly heard the string of reason in her mind completely break.

“Cui Er…” Xia Yuqing let out a low voice and pointed at Su Wuduan with gritted teeth, “Throw this guy out for me.”

“Yes!” Cui Er followed the order and without another word, pinched Su Wuduan and blasted the person out.

“Hey? Little Junior Sister, what are you doing? Senior Brother is doing this for your own good, you don’t need to be so angry. If it’s a big deal, I won’t say it anymore. Little Junior Sister, Little Junior Sister…Oh, wife, don’t hit me! If you kill me, you will really be a widow! Ow…”

Xia Yuqing listened to Su Wuduan’s pained cries that gradually disappeared. Her face was gloomy when she heard a small low laugh behind her.

Xia Yuqing turned her head abruptly, facing the smiling handsome face of the culprit. The anger that had finally subsided a little, burned again, and Xia Yuqing, who was burned out by the anger, naturally stretched out her hand and twisted hard against Feng Tingye’s thigh.

When everyone in the house who had been watching Xia Yuqing saw this scene, their eyes widened in unison and they stopped their movements in disbelief.

“…” It’s over! Little Junior Sister was so angry that she lost her mind and dared to pluck the hair from the mouth of the tiger, or was it the tiger king who specialized in eating meat, and didn’t want to live anymore? ! This was Yun Zhongyue who was just recovering from Xia Yuqing’s riot and being scared into almost peeing.

“…” Qing Jiejie is so amazing, I haven’t seen anyone who dared to pinch Royal Cousin’s thigh for so many years! Qing Jiejie is the best, Qing Jiejie is the best! This was Liu Yixiang, who was also frightened, but her eyes were clearly flickering with excitement.

“…” I didn’t expect to see Feng Tingye’s shriveled appearance, you really didn’t waste your Royal Brother’s care for you over the years and finally vented your Royal Brother’s anger! This is Xia Mingyuan, who felt delighted.

“…” Little Royal Sister (Empress), have you considered the consequences of doing this? This is Xia Mingxi and a group of people with clear and pragmatic minds.

Just when everyone thought that Feng Tingye was about to get angry, Feng Tingye just laughed at Xia Yuqing’s “rebelliousness”, reached out and touched Xia Yuqing’s unrecovered waist with some hidden intentions.

Xia Yuqing’s whole body was jolted. She recovered from the momentary joy and glanced at the hand that was still on someone’s thigh. Her face changed, and she quickly retracted her hand.

Carefully looking at Feng Tingye, she found that he was not as angry as she had expected, so she felt a little unhappy.

Just now, she was really muddle-headed and she forgot the strength of her hand. Now that she thought about it, she must have done it a little bit fiercely, and she was afraid that he would be bruised for a while.

Thinking like this, Xia Yuqing stretched out her hand over Feng Tingye’s thigh, and gently rubbed him a few times, as if doing so would temporarily relieve the pain on Feng Tingye’s body. 

Feng Tingye obviously noticed this too, smiled sweetly, stretched out his hand to hold Xia Yuqing’s hand on his leg, and said softly, “It doesn’t hurt.”

Xia Yuqing was stunned for a while, then cursed with a blushing face: “As expected, thick skin is nice.”

Having said that, Xia Yuqing’s hand movement still tried to be as light as possible. Feng Tingye didn’t point out her duplicity. Looking at the people not far away whose jaws had dropped due to this sudden change, he gave a pampering and indulgent smile, a smile of success. That’s why it’s said, fighting a big bad wolf with high skills, the little white rabbit will only end up falling into a trap and being eaten!

Everyone on the table looked at the two people who were arguing at one moment, and the next moment it became a world of only them two with pink bubbles floating in the air. The people are blinded!

When Xia Yuqing raised her head again, she was greeted by the eyes of everyone who was either resentful, sad or disappointed, teasing or watching the excitement. She suddenly woke up from their two-person world, her face flushed with blush, then she coughed lightly and changed the subject: “Why did you all run here?”

Yesterday, Feng Tingye was too impatient that he couldn’t wait and carried her back to the Prince’s Mansion and gave her a rectification on the spot. She was still staying in Xia Mingxi’s mansion, so why did all these people who were originally staying in the Crown Prince’s Mansion come here one by one?

“Well, we were worried about your safety, little Royal Sister. Your sudden disappearance terrified all of us. You finally came back, but you didn’t return so we were all worried about you. We didn’t even eat breakfast in the morning, and all came to see how you are. Shrew, don’t you agree?” Xia Mingyuan poked to the side after speaking, and asked Liu Yixiang to testify for himself. 

“Uh…” Liu Yixiang laughed dryly and said with a guilty conscience, “That’s right, we were all worried about you, Qing Jiejie.”

In fact, these people really didn’t come for this. Although it was true that they were worried about Xia Yuqing, after Xia Mingyuan went back yesterday, he told them that Xia Yuqing had been rescued and now they were in Xia Mingxi’s mansion, so they were relieved. The reason why they rushed over without having ate breakfast was purely because they wanted to watch the fun!

When Xia Mingyuan went back yesterday, Liu Yixiang learned that Xia Yuqing was in Xia Mingxi’s mansion and would not come back at night. She felt something strange, so she curiously asked why Xia Yuqing and Feng Tingye stayed overnight.

It’s okay if you don’t ask, but as soon as she did, Xia Mingyuan added fuel and vinegar to the cause and effect like pouring beans. How can they miss such a good show?! They will go to the Second Royal Brother’s mansion in the morning to see how Royal Cousin had bullied Qing Jiejie!

Therefore, it is said that it is an error to make a bad friend, a big error! With such a statement from Liu Yixiang, Xia Mingyuan, who had completely fallen into strict control of his wife, naturally followed suit. Even though he mobilized everyone in the mansion to come rescue Xia Yuqing, they also formed a team to go to Xia Mingxi’s mansion early the next morning to watch Xia Yuqing.

However, these words naturally cannot be told to Xia Yuqing, the concerned party, otherwise, with Xia Yuqing’s current violent temper, a certain someone would kick them out. And even if she doesn’t mind, the narrow-minded big bad wolf behind her will definitely not let them go!

Xia Yuqing had no idea what the two couples had in mind. She glanced suspiciously at the two of them. She always felt that the matter was not as simple as they said, but she didn’t get into it. She nodded and replied, “That’s right. Where are the children? Why didn’t they come together?”

“They’re all still sleeping. You didn’t go back for a day yesterday. Dundun has already started looking for you, but we didn’t say that you were missing. It was Dudu who seemed to have noticed something, but didn’t say anything. But last night, before going to bed, Dudu was making noise to find you. The children struggled for a while and fell asleep very late. They couldn’t get up in the morning, but I think it’ll be better to let them sleep more, so I didn’t bring them with me.”

Xia Yuqing was not surprised when she heard Liu Yixiang’s answer. Big Baby was always shrewd and had a fatherly style, it’s not easy to deceive him. As for Second Baby, she has been clinging to herself since she went out this time, and seldom separated from herself. She must be very worried when she suddenly disappeared. Thinking of this, Xia Yuqing felt a little distressed.

“Last night…cough…” Xia Yuqing recalled the rare act of herself last night, she couldn’t help blushing and said embarrassedly: “It’s an accident, tonight…no, later, I’ll return with the Emperor.”

As long as she stays in this mansion, Xia Yuqing can’t help but remember what she did yesterday and she can’t wait to make a hole in the ground and jump in. She must leave as early as she can.

   Yiiii, Second Royal Brother, I’m sorry, I found out… I can no longer face your mansion!


At this moment, Xia Mingxi, who was completely unaware that his mansion had been despised by someone, was lowering his head and digging into the rice. Because of Liu Yixiang’s answer, a completely different emotion from Xia Yuqing’s rose in his heart. He was relieved. Fortunately, those little devils didn’t follow. If possible, he really doesn’t want to deal with those soft, angel-like appearances in his life that were actually completely devils!

After rejoicing, Xia Mingxi carefully raised his head from his rice bowl, glanced at the dining table that suddenly became lively in his own house, and silently complained: “Wow, Little Royal Sister is so silly, but I’m not silly at all. You guys said that you couldn’t help worrying about Little Royal Sister and came to see if Little Royal Sister was safe and sound, but hmph, I can see the gossip in your eyes. What worries and coming over before breakfast was even served? I think you are all here to freeload! Don’t you know that the price of rice is getting more and more expensive recently? Why is it so natural for you to go to another person’s house to eat rice casually, don’t you all feel a little bit ashamed?

And it’s okay for your group of people to come and freeload, but who the h*ll is that stranger? It’s okay to give him food, but why is he so rude and picking and choosing. It’s really disrespectful to see how badly he eats.

As soon as Xia Yuqing and Liu Yixiang finished talking about their children, when they turned their heads, they saw their Second Royal Brother staring at their Third Senior Brother with fiery eyes. Why did those eyes look like… the beginning of love!

Xia Yuqing’s long-silent chicken blood boiled suddenly, and she said, “Senior Brother, what do you think of my Second Brother?”

“Huh?” Hua Nongying lifted his eyelids and looked at Xia Mingxi up and down. At a glance, Xia Mingxi gave birth to the illusion that he was being looked at as pork in the market.

After a long while, Hua Nongying groaned slightly: “You look pretty decent.”

“…” Royal Brother, it is indeed an outer appearance society!

“…” What does it mean to look decent! Lord, this is a natural beauty that is hard to give up, and he looks very good, okay? !

After being stunned for a short time, Xia Yuqing suddenly cheered: “Senior Brother, my Second Royal Brother is about twenty-five years old and he is in his youth. Although he sometimes make mistakes, he is definitely a good person. Look at his face, look at how beautiful and delicate he is, he is not inferior to a girl at all. Also… balabala…” The following tens of thousands of words of praise were omitted.

Xia Mingxi, who was praised by Xia Yuqing to the sky and the ground, couldn’t help but feel a little fluttering, but soon he found out that something was wrong. Why does this opening remark sound a bit strange?

Everyone on the side watched Xia Yuqing spare no effort in praising the man. Even if this man was her blood-related brother, to a certain big vinegar jar, it didn’t make any difference who he was.

Therefore, when everyone listened to Xia Yuqing’s increasingly exaggerated remarks, they all focused their attention on Feng Tingye. However, what was disappointing was that this time Feng Tingye was not angry at all, and took it calmly. He rinsed his mouth with the tea on the table, and looked at Xia Yuqing, who was impassioned not far away, with interest. According to his understanding of this girl, this must be some scheme and she must have made a glass shattering plan.

Sure enough, Hua Nongying, who was a little confused by Xia Yuqing’s words, frowned, and asked succinctly, “So…”

Xia Yuqing took a deep breath and patted the table to reveal her true purpose: “So … You are not married, he is not married, Third Senior Brother, if you are tired, just accept him!”

“Pfft…” Xia Mingxi’s rice got stuck in his throat and he choked, so he had to lower his head into the bowl to cough.

When everyone looked at it like this, they could only see Xia Mingxi’s entire face buried in the bowl, leaving only red ears outside. Feng Tingye was not surprised when he heard the words, and there was a hint of such an expression on his face.

Xia Yuqing only said that Xia Mingxi was too shy and apologized. She looked at Hua Nongying with bright eyes. It was as if as long as he nodded, she would immediately pack Xia Mingxi to his room.

Hua Nongying looked at Xia Yuqing’s eager eyes, his eyebrows trembled and said, “Little Junior Sister, this person is male.”

“I know!” If you weren’t a man, I wouldn’t want to hand over my Second Royal Brother to you! Xia Yuqing thought helplessly that if her Second Royal Brother was not facing the crisis of forced marriage, she would be reluctant to put Second Royal Brother into this Narcissistic person’s hand! Alas…she’s given him the advantage!

She didn’t even know that she had been looked down by Hua Nongying. Looking at Xia Yuqing’s not joking appearance, the smile on his face subsided: “Your Second Royal Brother is also a man.”

Xia Yuqing admired Hua Nongying for a while. Looking down at Hua Nongying with a look of contempt, “Nonsense, I’m not stupid, how could I not even know whether my brother is male or female”.

The smile on Hua Nongying’s face disappeared completely, he gritted his teeth and said, “This person is not a homosexual.”

“Ah!” Xia Yuqing was stunned, looked at Xia Mingxi and then at Hua Nongying, and smiled lightly: “Oh, ah, this kind of thing can be cultivated. A study in later generations showed that more than 70% of people have the same… The tendency to bend and this kind of thing can also be cultivated. IThird Senior Brother, didn’t you just say that my Second Royal Brother is decent? Since that’s the case…”

Xia Yuqing’s mouth was covered by Feng Tingye before she could finish speaking and was dragged back into his arms.

Hua Nongying looked cold and sullen. He looked at Xia Yuqing in Feng Tingye’s arms, and sneered: “Emperor Ye, take care of my Little Junior Sister. Although master loves her and I also want to spoil her, but the sword is really blind and it would be bad to accidentally hurt her.”

Feng Tingye smiled and said, “I will naturally take care of my people, but I don’t like others touching my things. If you touch it once, I will make you return it tenfold.”

Feng Tingye and Hua Nongying’s eyes suddenly intertwined in mid-air, and a strong smell of gunpowder permeated all around in an instant.

Xia Yuqing nestled in Feng Tingye’s arms, and only then did she see the black aura that filled her Third Senior Brother’s body! Oh no! Although she really wanted to offer a sacrifice for a great cause, she still needs her life to complete this arduous task, ahem…

Xia Mingxi, on the other hand, had already buried his head in the rice when he knew that the situation was happening and pretended he couldn’t hear or see anything. 

Just as the battle between Feng Tingye and Hua Nongying had just ended, Xia Mingyuan, who held back from joining in, looked at Hua Nongying with a frown, “This is…”

Yesterday was too rushed to investigate the identity of the person before him. He only heard Xia Yuqing keep calling him Third Senior Brother, so he should be one of their own. But at this moment, seeing the aura that permeated his body, he didn’t dare take him lightly.

“Uh… Eldest Royal Brother, he is the Third Senior Brother of my family, and the owner of the No. 1 Killer Building in Jianghu!”

“Pfft…” As soon as Xia Yuqing said these words, Xia Mingxi, who was dedicated to the great cause of rice-eating, choked again.

Xia Yuqing looked at Xia Mingxi’s appearance of choking on rice, and her eyes were full of sympathy. Second Brother, I know that you have already fallen in love with my Third Senior Brother. Your deep affection and infatuation are truly a tragedy in the world. Don’t worry, what you lose now is for a better gain in the future. Even though you missed Senior Brother, there is still Third Senior Brother, if you miss Third Senior Brother, there will be better ones waiting for you in the future!

But the truth is…

Xia Mingxi coughed with red eyes, and complained inwardly with a bitter face. Little Royal Sister, Royal Brother didn’t save you yesterday and now you are cruelly pushing me into the wolf’s den and letting me be slaughtered by a group of killers, woo woo woo…

“How could the owner of the killer building be in Second Brother’s mansion?” Xia Mingyuan’s eyes narrowed, becoming more alert.

“If this person tells you that this person is only here to experience life, would you believe it?”

“…” Are you f*cking kidding me? !

The men in this room were busy fighting with their eyes and arguing with each other, but Liu Yixiang on the other side saw the bruises on Xia Yuqing’s neck and was startled: “Qing Jiejie, what’s wrong with your neck?”

“Uh……was pinched.”

“Which b*stard was so cruel to pinch so hard?”

“Uh…” Xia Yuqing didn’t know what to say and looked at Feng Tingye for help.

Feng Tingye immediately withdrew his gaze from confronting the person beside him, turned his head and said, “Xia Mingxuan pinched it.”

“Fourth Prince?” Liu Yixiang gasped.

Before she could finish being surprised, Feng Tingye added: “Xia Mingxuan has taken a fancy to her, after knowing that Ai Fei’s identity is that of the little princess of the Xia Kingdom.” 

With a shout, everyone in the room felt a gust of gloomy wind sweeping across the back, and everyone shivered.

Xia Mingyuan didn’t care about confronting Hua Nongying anymore. He turned his head with wide eyes, and looked at Feng Tingye with a look of astonishment. Yesterday, he heard Xia Mingxuan kissing Xia Yuqing forcibly and still hadn’t reacted, thinking it was because he lost his temper for a while without knowing Xia Yuqing’s identity, but now…

“What did you say? They are brothers and sisters!”

Xia Mingyuan’s exclamation shocked everyone present, and invariably turned their attention to inquiry. He asked Feng Tingye, hoping he could give an explanation.

Unexpectedly, Feng Tingye dropped another bombshell: “No blood relationship.”


“Xia Mingxuan said it personally and Imperial Concubine Roujia did not refute, he and Ai Fei are not related by blood.”

Xia Mingyuan thoroughly was stunned. He was an astute person and Feng Tingye said it so bluntly, so how could he not understand. Although he was shocked in his heart, his face quickly tightened, and he said solemnly, “This prince will investigate this matter as soon as possible.”

Feng Tingye nodded. He said this so Xia Mingyuan can go find out the truth himself, after all, this was not Ye Kingdom.

Xia Yuqing listened to the conversation between the two, subconsciously pursed her lips, hesitated for a moment, and then said in a low voice, “Well, I have something to tell you alone.”

Everyone was startled, glanced around, and then they all focused their attention on Xia Mingxi. Xia Mingxi hurriedly swallowed the meal in his mouth, glanced at Yingge and the Ya Tous who were guarding all around, and said, “You withdraw first, don’t let anyone get close to here.”

Yingge was taken aback for a while, knowing that the next thing was not what they should listen to. If they want to live safe and sound with the royal family, they have to learn to distinguish what to listen to and what not to listen to. If they have just heard some things they should not listen to, listening to it any longer will only speed up their death.

Several maids bowed obediently and left, and even closed the door behind them.

Everyone was sure that there was no one else around, so they all turned their attention to Xia Yuqing.

Xia Yuqing lowered her head a little uneasily, and twisted the clothes under her with both hands. Just when she didn’t know how to open her mouth, a broad and slender hand stretched out from the side, wrapping her wiggly hand softly and strongly.

Xia Yuqing was stunned for a moment, then looked up to her side, only to see Feng Tingye staring at her tenderly. It was amazing… the unease that was originally in her heart had settled down.

Xia Yuqing took a deep breath, looked around at everyone, and finally fixed her gaze on Xia Mingyuan. She didn’t know if she was doing the right thing, but she wanted to take a gamble and tell these people, she wanted to believe in everyone she trusted.

“While I was hiding in the closet, I overheard Imperial Concubine Roujia talking to the Fourth Prince that I…I am the daughter of the previous dynasty’s princess.”


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