FMEA Chapter 227

Chapter 227 This Misfortune

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 With the geese flying south, the autumn leaves were numerous, and the weather had changed from sultry and humid to the coolness of autumn. The Mid-Autumn Festival on August 15th was also approaching quietly.

On this day, the palace of Xia Kingdom was brightly lit and the palace maids came and went. There were lanterns everywhere and countless officials were whispering in each other’s ears, topics ranging from astronomy, geography to anecdotes.

Xia Mingyuan took Liu Yixiang and sat down in the first spot under the main seat, talking in a low voice.

“I wonder if Royal Cousin and Qing Jiejie have returned to Ye Country?” Liu Yixiang looked at the lively crowd and couldn’t help thinking of Xia Yuqing and the others who had left the capital not long ago.

“If there are no accidents on the way, they should have arrived home by now. Don’t you have a mechanism bird to exchange letters with Little Royal Sister? Don’t worry, they will definitely report to you their safety when they get home. If you are really worried, when we go back, you can send them a letter asking about their safety.” Xia Mingyuan stretched out his hand to hold Liu Yixiang’s hand under the cover of the table and said in a low voice. 

Liu Yixiang nodded, looked around and seemed to notice something. She said in surprise: “Why don’t I see Second Royal Brother? Could it be that he is still lying in bed ill? Didn’t you say that his illness was cured early on? Today is a family banquet, is it possible that he still wants to hide in his mansion and not come out?” 

Xia Mingyuan’s face froze, and he smiled dryly: “He… he, ran away from home.” 

“What? ?!” Xia Mingyuan said the words in a really low voice. Liu Yixiang only heard the rough response and exclaimed out loud. 

“Shhhhh…” Xia Mingyuan hurriedly grabbed her hand and made a silent gesture. This time Liu Yixiang remembered that she was in a public place and her shouting would attract the attention of many people. She hurriedly covered her mouth and asked in a low voice, “What did you just say?” 

Xia Mingyuan was helpless nodding: “Didn’t the maids in his house secretly come to this prince’s mansion a few days ago…” 

Liu Yixiang was stunned for a while, and suddenly realized: “So he was already…”

Xia Mingyuan sighed softly: “I heard from the maid in his mansion that it was Little Royal Sister who pushed him to run away from home to escape from Father… forcing marriage upon him.”

“…” Qing Jiejie, you really left behind a big mess!

The corner of Liu Yixiang’s mouth twitched slightly. Thinking for a moment, she felt that Xia Yuqing couldn’t be blamed entirely for this.

The face of that kid Xia Mingxi is quite deceptive. Before interacting with him, Liu Yixiang always thought that he was a handsome young man who was completely different from Xia Mingyuan, but only after contacting him did she realize that this person was just dressed in a noble and glamorous manner but was a fool! They were the exact same brand as Xia Yuqing!

In the end, she was still too naive and expected good bamboo shoots! With this world’s genetic mutation, you can see anything everywhere! Every time she thought about it like this, Liu Yixiang was very worried that her two brats would become creatures similar to this nest of fools in the future!

Liu Yixiang sighed inwardly: “Does Royal Father know about this?”

“Maybe he knows, maybe he doesn’t. Anyway, we are the only ones who knows now. Let him go.”

Xia Mingyuan meant what he said. No matter whether Xia Haotian knew it or not, at least it hasn’t been announced now, so they can pretend they don’t know.

“En.” Liu Yixiang nodded, and once again felt that this family was not very reliable.

The two were chatting when suddenly they heard a familiar voice: “The relationship between Royal Brother and Royal Sister-in-law is still as good as ever. This kind of love is really envious for others.”

Liu Yixiang and Xia Mingyuan at the same time turned their heads to face Xia Mingxuan’s handsome face that had a half slight smile on his face.

Xia Mingyuan’s face also quickly put on a polite and distant smile: “Fourth Royal Brother is here too.”

“Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival family banquet, how can I not come? But why don’t I see Second Royal Brother? Speaking of which, Royal Father has not seen Second Royal Brother for a long time.” Xia Mingxuan looked around and said with a light smile, “Royal Brother is the closest to Second Royal Brother usually, so do you know what Second Royal Brother has been busy with recently where he can’t even find time to attend this banquet?”

Xia Mingyuan and Liu Yixiang’s faces quickly changed but recovered in a short time. He said with a calm smile: “Second Royal Brother? He is always unwell when he comes, so he rarely goes out and has been staying in the mansion. Fourth Royal Brother, as you know, since Second Royal Brother fell from the horse a few years ago, his body has not been as good as before. On the eve of this evening banquet, Second Royal Brother felt unwell again. As not to bring over his sickness, he decided not to come to dampen everyone’s excitement. This time, Second Royal Brother will not come.” 

Xia Mingxuan nodded knowingly, then smiled and said: “Second Royal Brother is so thin, he should take good care of himself. With Second Royal Brother being ill for so long, I have never visited him and feel really guilty. Well, in two days, when I’m free, I will visit Second Royal Brother in person.” 


Xia Mingxuan saw the difficulty in Xia Mingyuan’s eyes, and smiled slightly: “What’s wrong Royal Brother? Is it inconvenient? Or is there some unspeakable secret in Second Royal Brother’s home?” 

Xia Mingyuan’s heart skipped a beat, but his face did not change in the slightest: “Royal Brother has been thinking too much. The doctor said your Second Royal Brother’s illness requires rest. It’s better if we don’t bother him when we have nothing to do. It’s fine if you have the heart, and I believe that Second Royal Brother will not care about such a small thing.” 

“Rest?” Xia Mingxuan smiled, “If that’s the case. It’s really not appropriate for myself to visit.” 

Before Xia Mingyuan could breathe a sigh of relief, he heard him add: “However, if this is not the case, if Royal Father asks later and if Royal Brother answers like this, it is a big crime to deceive the king….” 

Xia Mingxuan whispered in Xia Mingyuan’s ear, “You can be beheaded, Royal Brother!”

Xia Mingyuan’s eyes tightened slightly, and before he had time to react, Xia Mingxuan had already swishly backed, turned his gaze to Liu Yixiang, and said with a light smile, “Sister-in-law, why didn’t my two little Royal Nephews come to the family banquet today? If Royal Father sees them, he will be very happy.”

Liu Yixiang listened to Xia Mingxuan asking about the two children, her expression stiffened, and she forced a smile: “The two of them, just before going out, felt a little uncomfortable, so I didn’t bring them together. Besides, there are adults at the banquet today, so even if the two children came, it wouldn’t be any fun, they would only get in the way.” 

“Aren’t feeling well? What a coincidence! Second Royal Brother is not feeling well and my Royal Nephews are also not feeling well?” Xia Mingxuan frowned slightly, making a worried look, “my Royal Nephews are the darlings of Royal Father and Royal Brother, the future heirs of Xia Kingdom. Royal Sister-in-law, you have to take good care of them, don’t let them make mistakes, otherwise no one can take this responsibility!” 

Liu Yixiang listened to Xia Mingxuan’s words and her face changed radically. 

Xia Mingxuan saw that his goal had been achieved, so he was not going to stay here any longer. He smiled sweetly and said, “There are a few Da Rens over there waiting for me to pass by. I will go first, Royal Brother and Royal Sister-in-law take your time.” 

Xia Mingxuan left. Liu Yixiang silently stretched out her hand to Xia Mingyuan’s body and twisted it hard. 

Xia Mingyuan was caught off guard and almost screamed. His handsome face was slightly distorted, and even his eyes became massive. He gritted his teeth and said, “Sh… Sh… Sh Shrew, what are you doing?”

“Nothing, I just felt a bit stifled and was venting.”

“…” Wife, can you pinch something else when you have to vent your anger, don’t always take it out on me! I’m not a punching bag for you to round and flatten! Also, don’t you know that your hands are very strong? With such a pinch, this prince will be green for several days. With such domestic violence, can we still be happily married? ! 

Xia Mingyuan felt extremely distressed and aggrieved in his heart, but he did not dare to show the slightest on his face. He was still a dog-legged 24-year-old husband, and said thoughtfully: “What are you angry about? Tell this prince and this prince will stand up for you. Who is it to dare provoke our family’s shrew? Do they not want to live?”

Liu Yixiang glanced at him with disgust. Remembering what Xia Mingxuan said just now, she couldn’t help but sigh: “It’s nothing, I just heard him talk about the two children, so I suddenly felt uneasy and wanted to go back and have a look.”

Xia Mingyuan was stunned for a moment. Thinking about what Xia Mingxuan meant just now, his face was also a little ugly: “It’s okay, the defense of this Prince’s Mansion has always been strict. Before coming out, this prince also specially dispatched a few secret guards to protect the two children. Nothing will go wrong , don’t scare yourself.”

Liu Yixiang nodded reluctantly. Knowing that with the current situation, she couldn’t do anything even if she wanted to leave, she had to hold back her temper temporarily and look at the lively scenery all around.

At the same time, in the Prince’s Mansion, several figures quickly passed through the intricate room, accurately found the room of the two buns and glanced at the scene inside the house from the window.

On the large soft bed, the two children were sitting face to face, chatting boredly, with a wet nurse standing beside them.

“Father and Mother went to the banquet, but they didn’t take us with them. Hmph, when we grow up, we will go by ourselves.” Xia Yuze complained with a look of righteous indignation.

The cute Second Bun replied sullenly: “Well, go by yourself.” 

The little Jiejie is gone, so he doesn’t care about going to that banquet, he just wants the little Jiejie to come back. Xia Yuhan’s mouth was flattened, with an expression of “I’m very unhappy, don’t bother me, and let me be in peace and quiet”.

“Uh…” As expected of twins, when Xia Yuhan pouted, Xia Yuze knew what he wanted to do, and immediately raised his face in disgust for him failing to meet his expectations. Sitting in front, he said, “I tell you, can you be a little better? How long has it been since little Jiejie has been gone, and you still look like you are dying, really…” 

As soon as Xia Yuze’s words came out, Xia Yuhan’s mouth was deflated, his eyes were reddish, and tears rolled in his eye frame. 


Just when Xia Yuze thought that Xia Yuhan was going to cry, he heard a swooshing sound, and a green leaf flew by quickly, approaching the nurse who was taking care of the child.

The nurse who was looking after the child fell to the ground before she could make a sound.

The two children sitting on the cot were frightened by this change and their small bodies froze. Before they could recover from the shock, they saw a few swish shadows falling from the top of their heads, blocking in front of them all at once.

“Tsk tsk tsk, it seems that Xia Mingyuan is not too stupid. He knew to leave some powerful characters at home to watch the children.” With a playful male voice, the other men in black lying in ambush outside the window looked like crows shot by shotguns. They fell from the tree in a rush, and was stacked on the ground to form a tall pagoda, and directly above the pagoda, a heroic shadow stood against the wind, which was quite eye-catching.

“You killed them so quickly? I didn’t expect you to be of any use, Third Senior Brother!”

“…Second Senior Brother, what do you mean?” Hua Nongying’s brows trembled when he heard the words, and he looked down with a bad expression to Yun Zhong Yue.

“It’s nothing, just a sigh. Senior Brother, I, knows that Junior brother, you, have been surrounded by women in the past few years. So I thought you have long lost your mind and have already thrown your martial arts into the clouds.” Yun Zhongyue spread his hands and looked innocent. 

Hua Nongying’s eyes were slightly cold, and he said with a cold smile: “Speaking of falling into lust, how can I compare to you, Second Senior Brother. You have left the Sixth Prince’s Mansion and ran to Junior Sister to eat and drink, and you even wanted to hook up with a little palace maid in the palace. That’s okay, but the little palace maid is not willing to talk to you. Tsk tsk tsk, it’s really pitiful to think about!”

“You…” Hua Nongying’s words clearly hit Yun Zhongyue’s achilles heels and Yun Zhongyue’s face darkened.

“What? Do you want to fight?” Hua Nongying stood on top of the crowd and asked arrogantly.

“Hey, I have a violent temper, so why can’t we fight? If I don’t beat you all over the floor today until you beg for mercy, I’m really being your Senior Brother in vain.”

“Is being a Senior Brother amazing? It’s uncertain who will win or lose!”

“Come on!”

“Come on!”

“…” The secret guards who stood in front of the two buns were stunned, looking at the two people who had already turned against each other before the battle started.

“Enough, are you two here to be jokes? If you continue to be noisy, then get lost!” Xia Muyun, who was hiding below holding the baby, wasn’t going to speak but couldn’t bear it any longer. With a low voice, she managed to shut the two men up.

Originally, it was enough to make her annoyed that she was left behind because her body had not recovered not long after she gave birth, but these two men didn’t know how to die and dared to provoke her anger at this time?

“… Royal Uncle, can you stop being so embarrassing?” Yun Xi, who was left to look after the two little buns, couldn’t help but complain.

Just when the fighting levels were going off the charts, the aggressive Yun Zhongyue broke into pieces on the spot when he heard these words. He silently crouched in the corner and drew circles: “Xiao Xi actually dislikes your little Uncle right? Xiao Xi actually thinks I am embarrassing? Xiao Xi, Xiao Xi, where is the cute and sensible Xiao Xi from before?”

“…” Royal Uncle, have you been with Qing Jiejie for too long and have been assimilated? Yun Xi silently rolled her eyes to the sky, and secretly complained in her heart. I don’t know him, I really don’t know him. 

“Oh, little Jiejie, little Jiejie, little Jiejie is back! After the two buns were briefly shocked, Xia Yuhan saw Second Baby in Yun Xi’s arms at a glance, and instantly revived on the spot. He slipped off the bed and rushed towards Second Baby.

The secret guard who was left behind was stunned, and recognized that these people were those who had lived in the mansion for a while before; there was a bit of surprise in his eyes. 

When Second Baby saw Xia Yuhan rushing over, her face twisted. Holding onto Yun Xi’s neck with both hands, she refused to come down. 

“Little Jiejie…” As soon as Xia Yuhan looked up, he saw Second Baby twisting her little bum to face him, and didn’t want to pay any attention to his arrogance. He petrified on the spot. 

After finally reacting, the small mouth was deflated and tears were dripping; it was an expression that was ready to flood the entire country at any time.

“…” What’s going on now? What is this dog-blood love drama in which the man chases a woman across a mountain, the flower has interest but the running water is ruthless (idiom for when one side is interested and other is not)? Are all children of this age so precocious? Really…this is enough!

A group of adults on the side stared at the interaction between the two buns in a stunned manner, and froze on the spot.

Only Big Baby, who was held by He Wenzhong’s hand, looked at the bitterness of the Second Bun of the Xia family. He rolled his eyes in disdain, and spat out one word in a noble and glamorous manner: “Idiot.”

As for Xia Yuze, before his younger brother took the initiative to stick to her, he had already covered his eyes and couldn’t bear to look directly.

“Cough cough…” Xia Muyun was the first to come back to his senses and coughed softly: “Okay, don’t make trouble, now that the Prince’s Mansion is surrounded, let’s think of a way to get these two children to a safe place first. You guys are the secret guards left by Royal Brother to protect the two children, so come and help us.”

The secret guards who were left behind were surprised when they heard the words and looked at each other. Glancing at Xia Muyun, they nodded silently.

“Let’s go from the backyard. The front yard is surrounded by Xia Mingxuan’s people. After a while, they’ll come here.” Hua Nongying thought for a moment and whispered.

“Xia Mingxuan is also quite cautious to send an assassin to come to kill the person first, and then have his team rush in. Does he want to try to clear his relation with the event?” Yun Zhongyue glanced at the black-clothed killers who were trampled by Hua Nongying, squinting slightly.

Leng Ruofeng protected Xia Muyun and their child, looked around, looked at the two guards and asked, “Are there many people guarding the backyard now?”

The guard was stunned and replied, “His Royal Highness and Royal Prince Consort has already entered the palace, and there should be no one in the backyard at this time.”

Xia Muyun nodded: “Well, then we’ll go there now.” 

A group of people bringing along the children rushed to the back. Yet when they haven’t even reached the door of the backyard, a commotion could be heard not far away.

“D*mn it, why did they come so quickly?” Yun Zhong Yue cursed in a low voice, hugging Xia Yuze to the side to hide.

He Wenzhong pulled Big Baby aside who was watching the bonfires that were approaching not far away. He then took another look at the thing that looked like a fishing net in front of the small kitchen in the backyard; there was a shimmering light.

As soon as Xia Yuze, who was in Yun Zhong Yue’s arms, turned his head, he saw his nemesis giving him a rare look. He looked in the direction of his winking, facing the things on the ground. Seeing Big Baby point at his stupid and cute brother again, then turn his hand and point at himself again, he suddenly understood something.

Two buns with high intelligence quotients reached a consensus in a moment of staring at each other.

“Put us down.”

Yun Zhongyue and the others were distressed when they suddenly heard a sound in their arms. They froze for a while, then looked down at the two steamed buns. Before they could ask anything, they saw the two buns approaching their ears and whispering a few words.

Several people were stunned for a moment, and after reacting, they whispered: “No, this is too dangerous.” 

When they were about to refute, It was already too late. The two buns slid directly from the adult’s arms and ran out hand in hand. The adults could only helplessly watch these two little peas rush outside, revealing their target.

“Search, search quickly, the person above has an order. If you find the person, you will be rewarded!” The soldiers swarming from the front yard quickly rushed to the front of the crowd. The fire on the torches was like clusters of sparks, reflecting the faces of the guards. It lit up the entire yard as bright as day.

“You guys go there to search, some of you go over there, some go to the front, and the rest follow me to guard the door.”

With the order of the leader, a group of soldiers was preparing to spread out. Suddenly, not far away, there was a burst of crying from a child.

Everyone’s movements stopped, and all of them looked at the source of the sound at once.

Located in a bush not far away, two gorgeously dressed little beans were covering their faces with golden beans falling (tears). They seemed to realize that they had become the focus of everyone. The two Little beans raised their heads timidly and stared at those guards with big eyes.

After a dead silence, someone shouted: “Catch them!”

Everyone woke up like a dream. Big Baby took Xia Yuze and ran directly out, and the soldiers chased after them and shouted loudly: “Don’t run away. Don’t run, over there, over there!”

“Ah? Didn’t you say that the two children in His Royal Highness’s family are twins? Why is one of them so big and the other so small?” Chasing after the two little buns, a soldier suddenly asked a question as if he had discovered something. 

“!” An exclamation mark suddenly appeared on Xia Yuze’s head, who was dragged away by Big Baby. Small? Is that person saying that he was small? Xia Yuze glanced at Big Baby running in front of him, and found that he was indeed a head taller than himself, and instantly felt not good. Is it amazing to be ten months older than him!? Is being taller than him good?! In the future, he must be taller than everyone else, so that no one dares to say that he is smaller than others! 

“Don’t care who is big or small, just catch the child first!” Another soldier next to him heard the man’s words and rolled his eyes at him. 

The two children, with their small arms and calves, were naturally incomparable with a group of adults, and they were overtaken by the group of soldiers in no time. 

However, before the group of soldiers were about to meet the two children, to everyone’s surprise, the two children stopped one step ahead. 

Seeing this, the chasing man hurriedly braked, and when he came back to his senses, he saw the two children turn their heads at the same time, raised a smile like an angel and asked, “Uncles, are you here to capture us?” 

Everyone was stunned and didn’t respond for a while, but nodded obediently. 

“Oh, that’s it!” The two children put their fingers on their mouths and said innocently, “These days, those who kidnap children will be punished.” 


Before waiting for these people to understand what the two children meant, accompanied by a gust of wind, a wide fishing net wrapped everyone into the net and rolled them into a ball.

Yun Zhongyue and Leng Ruofeng threw the fishing net away, clapped their hands and said, “Done!”

“Look, I said you would be punished, but you still didn’t believe it.” Big Baby looked at the people who were rolling on the ground and spread his hands helplessly.

“…” Children of this age really can’t be underestimated at all!

“I say, you two are too daring, you even used yourself as bait! If this…” Yun Zhongyue said before he could see Xia Yuze rushing to the soldiers who were caught in the net. He kicked hard: “Let’s see who said I’m small, try saying that again. You are small, your whole family is small.”

“…” Boy, can you let me finish first? ? Yun Zhongyue twitched the corners of his mouth, helplessly.

Xia Yuhan sucked his little finger, looked at Xia Yuze not far away, and asked curiously, “What is brother doing?”

Xia Muyun hurriedly reached out and covered his eyes and said, “Good boys shouldn’t copy that.”


“If you have anything to talk about, you should wait for us to leave first before speaking, the people outside seem to be coming.” Hua Nongying’s words reminded everyone.

Yun Zhongyue quickly picked up Xia Yuze who was on top of the soldiers and left quickly with everyone.

On the other side, in Xia Kingdom Palace, under Liu Yixiang’s impatient waiting, Xia Haotian and Royal Concubine Roujia arrived late.

As soon as Xia Mingyuan saw Xia Haotian, he thought of Xia Mingxuan’s words and couldn’t help but be a little worried. However, fortunately, Xia Haotian just glanced at Xia Mingyuan and did not ask about Xia Mingxi’s whereabouts, which made Xia Mingyuan slightly relieved.

After a ceremonial greeting, the dinner officially began. On the resumption of the noisy night banquet, no one noticed that there were several figures staring in the direction of Xia Mingyuan and the two had their eyes light up in a corner where wine was served.

“Hey, why didn’t the Royal Brother take a look at us?” From time to time, Xia Yuqing waved her arms in the direction of Xia Mingyuan while the people around her were not paying attention, but Xia Mingyuan’s attention turned left and right; he just didn’t turn to her side.

Aiming before night fell today, Xia Yuqing and the others were able to rush back to Xia Country’s capital before the city gates were locked. As soon as they got out of the carriage, they ran non-stop towards the Prince’s Mansion, then they got the news that Xia Mingyuan and the others had entered the palace.

With no other choice, they had to divide their group into two. One went to the Prince’s Mansion, to prevent Xia Mingxuan from doing anything unfavorable to the Prince’s Mansion, and the rest went to the palace, to try to inform Xia Mingyuan of Xia Mingxuan’s plan in advance.

At this moment, Feng Tingye and the others were busy paying attention to the state of the imperial guards at the side in case the situation changes; they had no time to take care of Xia Yuqing. She was simply handed over to Cui Er and Yan Tingfang to take care of, thus it was already too late when they turned around and wanted to find someone.

Xia Yuqing was frustrated because her wave of beckoning failed to get the attention of Xia Mingyuan when she heard a scolding: “You guys…”

Xia Yuqing and the three were stunned for a while, and invariably followed the sound. They saw a woman dressed in a bewitching manner walking over from behind and she pointed at herself in surprise.

“Yes, don’t look around, there’s only just the few of you.” When the person saw the three of them looking dumbfounded, they raised their eyebrows, and shouted, “What are you doing here? Did you want to pour wine like those girls and seduce some nobles? Come on, if you do well later, there is no need to worry about not being able to fly up the branches and become a phoenix. Come with me!”

Xia Yuqing looked at the aunt pointing not far away to a shy and timid little girl who was being molested by a certain pervert. They were speechless for a while, Aunt, you are thinking too much!

“Alright, alright, don’t act up, come with me, go, go. If you don’t come on the stage, the person above will come and punish us.”

“Go to the stage?” The three of them paused. They then realized that although they were in the dress of palace maids, it was not the same as those palace maids who were serving wine not far away.

In short, they were so anxious just now that they knocked unconscious any palace maid who passed by in front of them, and ripped off their clothes, but they didn’t realize that the clothes were actually… the clothes of a female entertainer.

What misfortune!! Xia Yuqing, who knew the truth, instantly burst into tears.

Thanks to this outfit, the three of them seemed to be ducks rushed onto the shelves; they were hurriedly sent to the high stage for singing and dancing performances not far from the banquet.

Xia Mingyuan sipping the fine wine in his glass glanced at the high platform casually. After seeing Xia Yuqing, who was dazed above, holding a guqin, and looking absent-minded, the wine spurted out of his mouth: “Pfft… “

D*mn, what are you doing? You’re so dirty!” Liu Yixiang hurriedly ducked to the side when she heard the movement, and said with a look of disgust.

“No… No, it’s…”

“What is it? What’s wrong with you? Do you have a seizure?” Liu Yixiang looked at Xia Mingyuan’s claws that seemed like they were convulsing, and asked speechlessly.

“No, look over there!” Xia Mingyuan swallowed hard and said in a low voice, pointing not far away.

Liu Yixiang looked in the direction he pointed with a puzzled face, and after seeing the three people on the stage and the musical instrument in someone’s hand, their eyes almost fell out.

My god, why is Qing Jiejie there? Something big is going to happen now!

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